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Employer Branding by HRBoss

  1. 1. WelcomeEmployer Branding - The PollEmployer Branding – HR’s Responsibility alone?Employer Branding – How does it link up?Networking
  2. 2. Finally a globalHR solution thatworks in Asia
  3. 3. Say ‘hello’ toHiringBoss
  4. 4. Introducing HiringBossFounded in 2011 in AsiaBrainchild of, and run by, industry expertsBacked by Asia’s leading investor JAFCOHR software for Asians by AsiansSimplicityLocalizationAffordableSaaS – software-as-a-serviceIn the CloudSoftware for HR practitioners and recruitersHosting, Release Management and Support
  5. 5. Our flavours
  6. 6. Asia’s No1 choiceHiringBoss
  7. 7. Employer Branding -The Poll?
  8. 8. Yes No Unsure63%23%14%The PollIs Employer Branding part of your HR strategy?N=60
  9. 9. The PollWhich company in Singapore is doing a great jobwith Employer Branding?#1InternationalEmployerBrand inSingapore#1SingaporeanEmployerBrand inSingaporeN=60
  10. 10. The PollAnd what about real Singapore brands and theiremployer branding?
  11. 11. The PollAccounts Marketing HRManaging Director N.A./None ManagementSales All not sure26%Marketing32%HumanResourcesWho is currently responsible for the EmployerBrand strategy in your company?N=60
  12. 12. The PollWho SHOULD be responsible for the EmployerBrand strategy in your company?HR EveryoneMarketing and Communication Managing DirectorN.A. Management22%Marketing24%Everyone35%HumanResourcesN=60
  13. 13. Employer Branding –HR’s ResponsibilityAlone?
  14. 14. Employer Branding -how does it linkup?
  15. 15. Employer Branding - Heineken
  16. 16. Employer Branding - Cathay
  17. 17. Cool, cooler, coolestCool brandCool companyCool employerCool jobs
  18. 18. Cool Brand
  19. 19. Cool company
  20. 20. Cool employer
  21. 21. Cool jobs
  22. 22. What if…..you’re less cool
  23. 23. What if…..you’re a candidate in SG
  24. 24. Employer Branding is more…Than having a cool brandThan being voted a cool companyThan pretending to be a cool employerThan offering pretentious jobs“Employer Branding is not a stand alone item. It willonly work when it’s linked up to a recruitmentframework and when it respects the candidateexperience within an authentic company culture.Every company is cool to someone!”Rolf Bezemer, 2013
  25. 25. The road tosuccess
  26. 26. The only way is up…432CompanyCultureCandidateExperienceRecruitmentFramework1EmployerBranding
  27. 27. Company Culture…Employees become part of cultureWhat is your culture?Ask employees, customers, suppliersWhy do people want to work for youWhy do people not want to work for youTangible and intangible qualifiersCareers, Development, People
  28. 28. Candidate experience…Career Site, Development opportunities, happy futurecolleagues, real people, look-and-feel, brandalignment, information, application process, response,social networks, q&a, actual interview venue,interviewers, office, Starbucks, location
  29. 29. Recruitment Framework…JobRequisitionJobApprovalJobPostingCandidateScreeningCandidateHiringAnalytics1 JOB = 1 CANDIDATE
  30. 30. There’s more to it…
  31. 31. Employer Branding -how does it linkup?
  32. 32. All part of your resourcing strategy432CompanyCultureCandidateExperienceRecruitmentFramework1EmployerBranding
  33. 33. “Doing Business inAsia? You should bespeaking toHiringBoss”
  34. 34. Thankyou!