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Asia hr big data survey whitepaper report


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As the spotlight continues to shine on HR Big Data and with no sign that interest is waning, the state of Big Data for human resources in the APAC region is, in reality, still very much in its infancy. This is according to a new study sponsored by HRBoss, which exposes the many challenges the Asia-based HR department faces in adopting a data-driven approach in 2014.

Get the full access to the free Asia HR Big Data Survey Whitepaper Report here: http://hrboss.com/asia-hr-big-data-survey-report-2014

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Asia hr big data survey whitepaper report

  1. 1. 45° 30°60°75°90° The HR Reporting Nightmare 92% agree that ‘HR is frustrated by how long they spend on reporting’. creating reports 88 6 days per month 22% % 2 days+ per month Monthly Report of HR spend spend more than on reportsdo not know what HR Big Data is. Consuming HR Data Roadblocks for data-driven HR in Asia Who owns employee data analysis? HR want to be strategic BUT... Doing business in Asia? You should be speaking to About HRBoss: we are Asia’s leading provider of data-driven software for both corporate HR and agencies. EmployeeBoss is our award-winning HR Big Data solution. Take control of your HR data & contact us for a no--obligation demo today. http://www.hrboss.com Get the full Asian HR Big Data Survey 2014 report here. 76% of HR professionals a Big Data strategy is a priority in 2014 79% of HR claim that have no Big Data strategy in place 98BUT % We asked: “What format would the end-users of the report ideally prefer to receive them in?” of end-users want reports delivered via real-time dashboards or mobile85% currently receive HR reports this way9% The ideal: The reality: Real time reporting, dashboards and mobile access But only Mobile App Paper/Printed Email 1% Other 3% 8% Presentations 22% Spreadsheet 28% 15% 23% HR Reporting is stuck in Excel Hell, Email, PowerPoint and Paper HR reports are currently delivered in the following formats Top 7 reasons ...why HR struggles to manage employee data 21% 16% 8%19% 15%14% 7% Insufficient IT systems to manage HR data and reporting Lack of in-house data analysis expertise 71% agree that HR should own employee data & workforce analytics but they don’t know how to Insufficient time/budget/ resources Overwhelming volumes of HR data Data quality and processing of unstructured data Lack of C-level/manage ment buy-in Data ownership and corporate politics The Truth About HR Big Data in Asia Real-time Dashboard, accessed from anytime, anywhere 92% 71% HR want to be strategic BUT 80% believe they do not have the right tools to get there 80%