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Social Sourcing with HireVue OpenVue - A Detailed How to Guide


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52% of employers use social networking sites to research candidates. -CareerBuilder What are you waiting for? Your active and passive candidates are on social media. Take advantage of this by using HireVue's OpenVue video technology to recruit top talent. Learn more at

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Social Sourcing with HireVue OpenVue - A Detailed How to Guide

  1. 1. Social Sourcing with HireVue OpenVue A Social Media Guide
  2. 2. Social Media’s Impact on Recruiting We all know the incredible impact that social media plays in recruiting. Social channels are increasingly becoming the new job marketplace. Half of all job seekers turn to social for job search purposes, with 70% of recruiters using social for their daily HR activities.* But with the growing number of social channels, and different rules of engagement for each one, reaching candidates effectively can become tricky and time consuming. *Adecco 2014 Global Social Recruiting Report How HireVue Can Help HireVue OpenVue lets you easily broadcast a pre-configured link to candidates – wherever they may be. Whether it's LinkedIn, Facebook, Google +, or Twitter, candidates simply click on your OpenVue link, are launched into your branded digital interview- ing experience, and introduce themselves to your organization by answering your pre-configured questions. Candidates simply use their social profile information (or self-register) and take the “interview” – anywhere, anytime and from their favorite mobile device. It’s an awesome, easy way to: ★ Continually source great talent ★ Build a digital talent pool to have at your fingertips for busy times or urgent hiring manager requests ★ Casually connect with passive candidates ★ Expand awareness of your brand across social channels ★ Extend your company’s “cool factor” by giving candidates a fun, digital, social, and convenient way to introduce themselves to you
  3. 3. The Purpose of This Guide Engaging across social channels isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. This guide takes the guesswork out of posting your OpenVue link across social channels. We’ll walk you through how to post your OpenVue links in the most impactful and effective way in each social channel. We’ll give you tips on when you should post, how often, and what sort of detail to include with each posting to maximize its impact and reach. As always, your Customer Success Manager is available to help guide you through the process. Table of Contents Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Google+ Blogging
  4. 4. STATUS UPDATE LIKE • COMMENT • SHARE COMMENTS http://[INSERT OPENVUE LINK] ENGAGE & BE RESPONSIVE. Closely follow comments, answer questions quickly, and engage in the discussion. PIN POSTS. Pin your OpenVue link to the top of your page to keep your OpenVue call to action visible. INCLUDE IMAGES. Make your posts stand out by adding an image. Tempt your followers to re-post. Ideal size is 800 x 600 pixels. Keep images simple to ensure that they translate well to mobile devices.   INCLUDEOPENVUELINK&TRACKIMPACT. The OpenVue link allows those reading your post to register for a digital introduction. Make this call to action clear in your post with language like “Get Started”, “Register Here” or “Introduce Yourself.” Be sure to your link to track how many people are clicking through from Facebook. BE POSITIVE & INFORMATIVE. Inspiring posts will showcase your company culture and encourage prospects to join your candidate pool. In addition to your OpenVue link, provide access to exclusive and useful information to reward your followers and create more brand awareness. Facebook Post 3-5 times each week, between 1-4pm in your local time zone. Helpful Tip!
  5. 5. LinkedIn STATUS LINK LIKE • COMMENT • SHARE COMMENTS http://[INSERT OPENVUE LINK] ENGAGE. Track comments and respond quickly. Post questions in the comment section to further engage your audience. KEEP IT SHORT. Aim to use no more than 50 characters in your headline. your link to track how many people click through from LinkedIn. INCLUDE OPENVUE LINK. This is your call to action on every post or update. Ensure your audience knows what you’d like them to do next with language like “Introduce Yourself”, “Register Here”, “Get Started.” SHOW OFF YOUR CULTURE. Keep updates professional with a personal touch. This is an opportunity to relate to your potential candidates, show off your company culture and encourage those interested in your company to introduce themselves through your OpenVue link. OFFER VALUABLE CONTENT. If you decide to write a post (> 300 words) to show off your company culture, ensure your headline does your post justice and you have something of value to say. Think of what potential candidates will want to click to read. COLLABORATE. Your updates should be informative, positive and engaging. Be interesting! Ask questions and use @mentions to collaborate and gain visibility. Post 3-5 times each week. Best times to post are 7-9am and 5-6pm in your local time zone. Helpful Tip!
  6. 6. PIN YOUR TWEETS. Pin your Tweet to the top of your page to keep it most visible. SHORTEN OPENVUE LINK. Be sure to your OpenVue link to both shorten it to fit in the required character limit but also to track click throughs to your OpenVue from Twitter.   INCLUDE IMAGES. Add an image or fun photo to grab your audience’s attention. The image should reflect your brand and what it’s like to work at your organization. USE HASHTAGS. Hashtags make content searchable. Search which hashtags are trending on Twitter and join the appropriate conversations. Take advantage of buzz already created. Use only one or two hashtags per post. ADD A CALL TO ACTION. Be sure your Tweet provides clear call to action, e.g. “Say Hello!”, “Get Started”, “Let’s Go!” BE ENGAGING & USE @MENTIONS. Use questions or interesting facts and figures to drive retweets and increase visibility for your tweet. Use @mentions to engage your readers and increase your visibility. Twitter MESSAGE LINK PIN Post 3-5 times each week. Best time to post is between 1-3pm in your local time zone. Helpful Tip!
  7. 7. Google+ STATUS UPDATE +1 • SHARE COMMENTS COMMUNITIES HOT #HASHTAG FIND COMMUNITIES. Find communities to engage with and contribute in; you’ll be more likely to meet quality candidates through targeted outreach and common interests. TRENDING TOPIC. Get involved with the ‘hot topics’ to show your company is keeping up with events as they happen. This will help increase your visibility. INCLUDE IMAGES. Add an image (800 x 600 pixels) to grab attention. Tempt your followers to re-post – the perfect candidate could be in their circle.   INCLUDE OPENVUE LINK. Be sure to your OpenVue link to track how many candidates came through G+. Make your call to action clear with wording like “Introduce Yourself Now”, “Say Hello”, “Get Started”.   USE HASHTAGS. Increase your page’s reach by adding relevant hashtags to your post, e.g. #hiring. G+ automatically adds a hashtag to key/trending topics. Post 3-5 times each week. Best time to post is between 9-11am in your local time zone. Helpful Tip!
  8. 8. Your Blog CALL TO ACTION SHARE TITLE 1st PARAGRAPH BODY COPY COMMENTS INCLUDE YOUR OPENVUE LINK. Your call to action should be clearly defined at the end of your post. “We want to get to know you, register to introduce yourself HERE”. BE CONCISE. Aim to use fewer than 70 characters in your title. Your message should range from 500 – 800 words. SHARING & COMMENTING. Ask team members to comment, like, tag and share your blog post with their networks. This is a sure way to expand your reach and attract potential candidates, especially since they’ll come across your post through one of their friends. ADD IMAGES. Make your post appealing by adding a visual aid. Add photos or corporate videos that will encourage readers to find out more about your company and introduce themselves via OpenVue.   CONTENT. Write a blog post about your company’s culture and why team members love working there, or tie your content to other recruitment initiatives you may have underway. Best time to post is 11am in your local time zone. Helpful Tip!
  9. 9. Happy Posting! Visit The Hub If you have any questions at all, please contact your Customer Success Manager. Curious how other customers are using OpenVue? Want to hear their tips on what works best and what to avoid? Ask them on The Hub customer community: