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How To Hire Like Fortune's Most Admired


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How To Hire Like Fortune's Most Admired - Learn how to decrease vacancy time by 25% with HireVue:

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How To Hire Like Fortune's Most Admired

  1. 1. FORTUNE’S MOST ADMIRED LIST How do you make the list? Companies are ranked on 9 different attributes by 15,000 executives across the globe. THESE 10 COMPANIES ARE THE WORLD’S MOST ADMIRED LARGELY BECAUSE OF THEIR TALENT: “ABILITY TO ATTRACT AND RETAIN TALENTED PEOPLE” is the No.1 attribute in the ranking.
  2. 2. THE TALENT DIFFERENCE What is the impact of attracting the world’s most admired talent? An employee at a “Fortune’s Most Admired” company BRINGS IN A STAGGERING $593,150.21 IN REVENUE. This may be why investing in FMA companies over the last 3 years would have yielded an 11%+ better return than the S&P 500. FMA 63,3% 51,68%S&P 500
  3. 3. THE FORMULA What’s different about talent acquisition at the world’s most admired companies? The world’s most admired companies attract this incredible talent by continuously investing in these 5 areas: WORLD CLASS BENEFIT PROGRAMS NEW RECRUITING AND TALENT MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGIES EMPLOYMENT BRANDING INITIATIVES AN AMAZING CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE HONEST EMPLOYEE AND CANDIDATE FEEDBACK
  4. 4. OFFER WORLD CLASS BENEFITS Benefits may seem like standard practice but with an increasingly competitive environment they’re becoming more important and candidates are looking for the best. Breakfast, lunch, dinner Transportation Employee stock purchase Tuition assistance COMPANIES ON FORTUNE’S LIST THINK ABOUT MORE THAN JUST TRADITIONAL OFFERINGS LIKE 401(K) MATCH AND INSURANCE TO MAKE SURE THEY STAND OUT.
  5. 5. FOCUS ON YOUR EMPLOYMENT BRAND Find ideas and inspiration from the career sites of these stand out brands: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Nike, J.P. Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs – companies known for their talent and brands. Employees are joining your brand when they join your company. At every step in the recruiting process you need to let them know WHAT IT MEANS TO JOIN YOUR BRAND. with custom career pages, mobile pages, interview experiences, all the way through to the final offer. of Fortune’s list have created a completely branded hiring experience >70%
  6. 6. EMBRACE NEW RECRUITING TECHNOLOGIES MOBILE SOCIAL VIDEO In HireVue’s Global Talent Acquisition Report we noted 3 major technology trends that are shaping the recruiting landscape. Fortune’s Most Admired companies have been the first to realize that these trends will require their talent acquisition teams to invest in these key areas: have mobile friendly career site use LinkedIn for reaching candidates post their job openings on Twitter use HireVue for digital interviewing
  7. 7. DELIVER AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE For a long time it has been hard to meet the needs of a busy candidate. Many of them have had to accept the poor experience of an interview interrupting their day or worse, they have had to just turn down the interview. On Demand technology allows you to reach candidates when they are available including both before work and after work. Based on data pulled from over 50,000 HireVue interviews we found that 46%of candidates prefer taking interviews outside of business hours
  8. 8. CANDIDATES ARE YOUR CUSTOMERS What is your NET PROMOTER SCORE (NPS)? Will they want their friends to go through the same hiring experience? Subtract the % of candidates that give you a score from 1-6 from the % that give a score from 9-10. Will they become advocates of your company from their very first impression? Ask your candidates “HOW LIKELY ARE YOU TO RECOMMEND THIS EXPERIENCE TO A FRIEND OR COLLEAGUE?”
  9. 9. CANDIDATES ARE YOUR CUSTOMERS How are you reviewed? Facebook, Twitter, and Glassdoor have opened the doorway for customers, employees, and candidates to speak up about their experience with your company. These sites and others have made it more important than ever to take control of the way the world experiences your brand. In a survey conducted by HireVue, 9,000 candidates were asked about the digital interviewing experience and how it made them feel about the companies who were interviewing them. Appreciate the time flexibility Appreciate the fairness and consistence Agree it’s an effective way for companies to get to know them Agree perceptions of the company were positively affected
  10. 10. TECHNOLOGY’S EFFECT The Result of a Candidate Driven Experience with HireVue Recruiters at Fortune 500 companies using HireVue say “Better gauge of candidate’s personality, character, and fit.” “Improved submit to hire ratios. More strategic.” “Rave reviews and praise from my managers.” “More candidate insights earlier, speeds time to fill.”
  11. 11. TECHNOLOGY’S EFFECT The Result of a Candidate Driven Experience with HireVue Managers at Fortune 500 companies using HireVue say “Great intro to our company. Helps employment brand.” “More efficient, better candidate insights, more strategic.” “Can consider candidates from anywhere, highly convenient.” “Watching interviews gives me a better sense of candidates.”
  12. 12. 14 OUT OF 50 FORTUNE’S MOST ADMIRED COMPANIES USE HIREVUE. They trust HireVue to improve their candidate experience while simultaneously streamlining their hiring process. Contact HireVue for a demo today.