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How to Hire Like Fortune's Most Admired 2017


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Fortune's 50 Most Admired companies consistently outperform their competitors. Here's how they hire the talent to do that.

Learn how to increase quality of hire, decrease time to fill, and provide a great candidate experience:

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How to Hire Like Fortune's Most Admired 2017

  2. 2. TOP 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 FORTUNE’S MOST ADMIRED How do you make the list? Companies are ranked on 9 different attributes by 3,800 executives, directors, and securities analysts. “Ability to attract, develop, and retain talent” is the #1 attribute in the ranking.
  3. 3. THE DIFFERENCE IN TALENT What value does an employee at one of Fortune’s Most Admired bring to the table? An employee at one of the top ten “Fortune’s Most Admired” companies brings in a staggering $981k in revenue each year. This may be why investing in these FMA companies over the last 5 years would have yielded a 21% greater return than the S&P 500. 23% 19%FMA S&P 500
  4. 4. WHAT SETS THE MOST ADMIRED APART 2 1 4 3 5 Participating in employment branding initiatives that make their brands stand out from the crowd. Providing great benefits and perks, encouraging employee engagement and productivity in the workplace. Attracting the best talent with an A+ candidate experience. Leveraging recruitment and talent management tech to get to the best talent faster. Providing feedback, not only to employees, but to candidates.
  5. 5. WORLD CLASS BENEFITS The Fortune’s Most Admired do more than provide great health and 401k benefits. They also provide: It’s hard to work when you’re hungry - Fortune’s Most Admired ensure no employee goes hungry on the job. No employee has trouble getting to work. When possible, employees are also given the opportunity to work remotely. Employees feel more invested in their work when they’re invested in company stock programs. Employees are given help pursuing education so they are up to date in emerging fields. Part of “retaining” top talent is providing avenues for their continued success. Food Perks Transportation Stock Options Tuition Assistance
  6. 6. EMPLOYMENT BRANDING INITIATIVES 100% of Fortune’s Most Admired have a completely branded hiring experience with custom career pages, mobile pages, and employee stories. Candidates find the employer, not the reverse. When employees join your company they align with your brand. You need to make sure every candidate knows what it means to join your brand. More than 75% of candidates conduct their own research. Fortune’s Most Admired make it easy for them to learn exactly what they want to know about working there.
  7. 7. EMBRACE NEW RECRUITING METHODS AND TECHNOLOGIES They leverage recruiting and talent management tech to get to the best talent faster. Fortune’s Most Admired companies stay ahead of the game and take a forward-thinking strategy on talent acquisition investment. 96% of Fortune’s Most Admired have a mobile friendly career site. Identify skills and attributes that really matter. Focus on providing a stellar candidate experience. 40% use HireVue for video interviewing.
  8. 8. 31% 60% 47% of candidates said they would re-apply for their current jobs. of candidates take interviews outside of business hours. of candidates are still waiting to hear back from employers 2+ months after they apply. Candidates who experience video interviews rate them higher than all interviewing combined (3.84 vs 3.75). THEY ATTRACT THE BEST TALENT WITH AN A+ CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE 3.84 In the average company… Fortune’s Most Admired know that:
  9. 9. CANDIDATES ARE YOUR CUSTOMERS What’s your Net Promoter Score (NPS)? NPS asks candidates: “On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend this experience to a friend or colleague?” Now subtract the % of candidates that give you a score from 1-6 from the % that give you a 9-10. A “good” or “average” NPS is considered somewhere between 25-35. HireVue customers consistently rank 2-3x their industry average. 41% 64% of job seekers with a terrible candidate experience said they would take their business elsewhere. of job seekers with an awesome candidate experience plan on increasing their relationship with the employer.
  10. 10. CANDIDATES ARE CUSTOMERS How are you reviewed? The omnipresence of social media has opened the door for customers, employees, and candidates to speak about their experience with your company on their terms. Sites like Glassdoor, Facebook, and Twitter have made it more important than ever to take control of the way the world experiences your brand. Candidates who take a HireVue interview Appreciate the time flexibility. Agree it’s an effective way for companies to get to know them. Agree perceptions of the company were positively affected. Appreciate the fairness and consistency. 88% 80% 85% 83%
  11. 11. The Result of a Candidate Driven Experience with HireVue. Recruiters at Fortune 500 companies using HireVue say: TECHNOLOGY’S EFFECT “No other initiative has impacted our hiring teams like digital recruiting.” “Better gauge of candidate’s personality, character, and fit.” “Improved submit to hire ratios. More strategic.” “More candidate insights earlier, speeds time to fill.”
  12. 12. The Result of a Candidate Driven Experience with HireVue. Managers at Fortune 500 companies using HireVue say: TECHNOLOGY’S EFFECT “The magic is you put so much in the hands of the candidate - and they want it that way.” “It’s essential to be able to gauge their excitement and behavior.” “Great intro to our company. Helps employment brand.” “Watching interviews gives me a better sense of candidates.”
  13. 13. 20 OF FORTUNE’S 50 MOST ADMIRED USE HIREVUE They know a great candidate experience is critical and you don’t have to sacrifice speed or quality to provide that positive experience. Contact HireVue for a demo today