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HireVue's 2016 Disruptor Awards Winners


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HireVue congratulates the winners of our third annual Digital Disruptor Awards!

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HireVue's 2016 Disruptor Awards Winners

  1. 1. DISRUPTOR AWARD WINNERS 2016 HireVue congratulates the winners of our third annual Digital Disruptor Awards. These organizations are disrupting status quo with digital video, mobile and predictive analyticstobuildandcoachincredibleteams.Winnershaveembracedteamacceleration and the HireVue digital platform to create stellar candidate and manager experiences. Here are their stories. . .
  2. 2. Recruiter Rockstar Hall of Fame Our newest inductees have reported stellar results, have served as internal experts and have helped increase adoption of HireVue in their organizations. They join other rockstar recruiters from Aon Hewitt, Marathon Petroleum, Red Bull and HealthSouth in the Hall of Fame. SHAY JOHNSON Manager of Talent Acquisition Levy Restaurants, operates restaurants and special events in stadiums, racetracks, hotels, and convention centers all over the U.S. and U.K. Shay Johnson is the company’s digital champion, serving as the Subject Matter Expert for Executive and General Manager Hiring. He built a solid business case and his execs now report that “‘HireVue is the coolest thing we’ve ever done.” Levy Restaurants is building teams 65% faster with HireVue - from campus recruiting to senior executives. HireVue is the coolest thing we’ve ever done.” - Levy Executive Team
  3. 3. Recruiter Rockstar Hall of Fame TRACY DICKENS Lead Clinical Recruiter Children’s Mercy Hospital is one of America’s Best Children’s Hospitals. Under Tracy’s recruiting leadership the hospital is now building teams a staggering 65% faster with HireVue. Tracy was also the lead recruiter who helped implement HireVue several years ago and still serves as a resource to the recruiting team. Building teams 65% faster.
  4. 4. Recruiter Rockstar Hall of Fame ASHLEY KERSTING Recruiting Manager Ashley Kersting joined a team that had limited understanding of the benefits of digital interviewing. Undeterred, she developed solutions that she presented to her peers and leadership and drove adoption from 10% to over 70% during their critical Fall recruitment efforts. Ashley’s work also achieved immediate ROI for UnitedHealth Group - one of Fortune’s Most Admired Companies. Achieved 70% adoption rate.
  5. 5. Digital Newcomer of the Year This award recognizes a company that has been on their digital journey with HireVue for less than 12 months and achieved great results. Sporcle, a top provider of trivia entertainment, is using HireVue to audition trivia hosts and build engaging teams to deliver a fun experience across bars and restaurants in the U.S. Already, they’ve streamlined their hiring process 10 fold and decreased turnover by a staggering 50%. Building a team of great trivia hosts makes pub quiz lovers come back again and again. Since going digital just 9 months ago, Sporcle has more than doubled the number of new clients per quarter. They attribute this in part, to the great talent they’re bringing on board. Decreased turnover by 50%.
  6. 6. Most Innovative Use Case This award recognizes the unique ways our customers are using HireVue. Their ideas inspire others to continue to innovate and disrupt status quo. Children’s Mercy Hospital completely reverse engineered the job search process - breaking down barriers and bias found in traditional online application methods. Its new “Introduce Yourself” program allows candidates to complete a video introduction, which recruiters then match up to openings. They just recently celebrated the 100th hire through this program. One candidate had applied online via their applicant tracking system a dozen times, but then introduced herself to the hospital via video and was hired two weeks later. The program has garnered local and national press attention. Video-first approach has given 100+ candidates their dream job.”
  7. 7. Best Candidate NPS Top Net Promoter Scores are the strongest testament to how candidates feel about their interview experience. These companies netted thousands of candidate survey responses, ranking them among the best in providing a killer candidate experience. With a staggering Net Promoter Score of 81 we had 3 winners in this category: Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta have a streamlined integration with SuccessFactors. They use a variety of question types in their survey and encourage candidates to complete it and share their experience. The resulting 81 NPS speaks volumes for all they have done to create an amazing culture and candidate experience. Ranked among the top 100 employers by Fortune Magazine.
  8. 8. Best Candidate NPS United Airlines integrated with Taleo Enterprise, sped up their recruiting process, and had over 20,000 candidate survey responses. They use fully produced introduction and closing videos and get candidates in for interviews within a week. Proving that it’s not just the skies that are friendly - the candidate experience with United is too. Live interviews within 7 days of video interview.
  9. 9. Best Candidate NPS Delta had over 50,000 candidate survey responses, proving that an excellent candidate experience drives candidates to go the extra mile. Candidates are welcomed by several videos and video questions, making the experience highly interactive and engaging. Their exit video for flight attendants showcases a day in the life - giving a realistic preview of what it’s like to be like on their team. Keep Climbing, Delta Air Lines - just like your NPS score that shows your candidates love you. Over 50,000 candidate survey responses.
  10. 10. Coolest Candidate Experience This award honors an organization committed to a five-star candidate experience. Global telecom company, Vodafone, embraces their company mantra ‘One Company, Local Roots’ in their candidate experience, with market specific branded themes. Not only is each and every candidate greeted by the company’s CEO, they’re also welcomed by local employees in pre-recorded video questions, giving candidates a truly unique, interactive and localized experience. They are reaching larger candidate pools, and driving down costs and time to hire. They use HireVue for all kinds of positions, but have meaningfully improved the graduate hiring process and enhanced candidate experience - resulting in a positive reputation with this important group. Vodafone is also using HireVue Insights to find the best 1% of graduate applicants from a pool of 70,000 applicants, while still providing a top notch experience for candidates. Candidates “meet” the CEO via video and enjoy a country-specific experience.
  11. 11. International Disruptor of the Year This award recognizes an international firm for boldly disrupting status quo recruiting standards. Penguin Random House is one of the largest international publishing firms. This past year, they have continued disrupting status quo recruiting by removing degree requirements from the application process. Instead, they use video to focus on the person and their skills, rather than where they went to school, removing bias in the process. Penguin Random House has been vocally dedicated to overturning assumptions, bravely moving forward with disruptive ideas years before others in their market. Neil Morrison, Group HR Director, UK and International said: “We want to attract the best people to help grow and shape the future of our company, regardless of their background - and that means that we need to think and act differently. Simply, if you’re talented and you have potential, we want to hear from you.”Scrapped degree requirements and reduced bias.
  12. 12. HireVue Coach Disruptor of the Year Once you’ve got the best talent on your teams, they need to be coached to be truly engaged and effective. With operations in 70 countries, Honeywell uses HireVue Coach to foster practice and peer coaching to get sales teams customer ready. If practice makes perfect, this team has got it down, logging over 17,000 digital practice sessions, with team members receiving coaching within 5 days, ultimately decreasing time to customer readiness. Honeywell now reports that sales reps are mastering product messaging much faster. As Don Carte, Director of Business Development for the Center of Excellence told us, “Hirevue Coach allows our reps to get what they’ve learned in training out of their mouths and customer ready, improving our overall salesforce. “ Sales teams receive coaching within 5 days, decreasing time to customer readiness.
  13. 13. Digital Disruptor of the Year The Digital Disruptor of the Year Award honors companies that have fully embraced Digital Disruption in the way they build and coach teams. This year, there were two incredible stories, and HireVue has named both Digital Disruptor of the Year Winners: IBM is no stranger to turning data into actionable insights. When IBM implemented HireVue for their Watson division, they were able to deliver a unified branding message, consistency in selection rigor and eliminate bottlenecks in their evaluation process. In 2016, their focus has been on a full global launch and enterprise-wide expansion. IBM is launching HireVue in 160 countries across 300 teams. They have over 2,000 global users of HireVue, with candidate communications offered in 14 languages. Global roll out of HireVue in 160 countries across 300 teams.
  14. 14. Digital Disruptor of the Year Hilton Worldwide has been disrupting talent processes company-wide. Since going global with HireVue in 90+ countries, they’ve reported a 10x recruiter productivity increase, and a nearly 30% turnover reduction while maintaining an average NPS of 2 times the hospitality industry average. But there’s more. One of the early adopters of HireVue Insights, Hilton has shortened time to hire from 6 weeks to 6 business days, building their teams 85% faster. Time to hire slashed from 42 days to 6 days.
  15. 15. Want to know more about Team Acceleration with HireVue? Check out the next wave of Disruption with Digital Assessments. We’ll be looking for more incredible stories in 2017. Congratulations to all of the 2016 Digital Disruptor Award Winners.