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This Is Modern Recruiting via HireVue


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This Is Modern Recruiting via HireVue

  1. 1. On Demand Digital Interviews HireVue’s an awesome new way to interview - on demand! Simply invite candidates to record responses to standardized questions via webcam – whenever, wherever. Then just watch, rate, share and compare the ones you want – on your own time. It’s just like streaming previews of your favorite movies. You can even watch them from your smart phone or at 30,000 feet. Plus, HireVue’s Digital Interview Platform™ helps improve interviews of all types -including in person, phone & video. SIMPLY WATCH, RATE & SHARE THE INTERVIEWS YOU WANT - WHEREVER, WHENEVER. SIMPLY WATCH, RATE & SHARE THE INTERVIEWS YOU WANT - WHEREVER, WHENEVER. 10X FASTER Reduce interview cycle time by up 90%. 9X CHEAPER Save over $1000 per interview - no travel, scheduling or wasted interviews. 100% BETTER Double hiring manager satisfaction & deliver a “WOW” candidate experience!
  2. 2. ON DEMAND Stop scheduling! Simply email standardized questions to candidates and empower them to record responses rate and share the candidates you want, on your your favorite movie. No more bad interviews! ALL-IN-ONE PLATFORM HireVue’s Digital Interview Platform™ helps modernize and improve interviews of all types: in person, phone, video and on demand. Digital interview guides, question libraries, real-time evaluation and collaboration tools MAKES LIFE EASIER No scheduling. No blind questioning. No bad interviews. HireVue’s Digital Platform™ removes Recruiters, managers and candidates LOVE it. DO MORE WITH LESS HireVue is up to 10X faster, 9X cheaper and 100% better than much faster and create a powerful digital talent pool. Save millions in time and travel costs alone. It’s time to be your CFO’s best friend! INTERVIEW CONSISTENCY Help an interviewer out! Digital interviews ensure consistent use of scientifically validated questions POWERFUL INSIGHTS Stay on top of your interviews. See what’s happening with all your candidates, managers and evaluators. Closed-loop analytics provide powerful insights into interview feedback, progress and decisions. MORE THAN A RESUME Bring candidates to life! Stop submitting lonely resumes and profiles and supplement them captured digital interviews and evaluation feedback SAFE & SECURE Designed for users… built for business. HireVue was compliance management tools safely support even the the preferred choice of most Fortune 500 companies. ★ Super Fast ★ Whenever ★ Wherever ★ All Interview Types ★ Safe & Secure ★ Save Money ★ Powerful Insights ★ Amazing Feedback ★ Mitigate Risk ★ Better Questions ★ Interview Studio ★ Share & Compare ★ Mobile Apps ★ Interview Exchange ★ Enterprise Ready ★ Quick & Easy Setup Customers