HireVue - Digital Interviewing Best Practices For Candidates


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HireVue Interview Tips: Learn more about HireVue's Talent Interaction Platform at http://www.hirevue.com

How To Take a HireVue Interview

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HireVue - Digital Interviewing Best Practices For Candidates

  2. 2. LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR DIGITAL INTERVIEW It’s your first video interview and it’s your time to shine! HireVue’s On Demand Digital Interviewing is the perfect opportunity to show off your personality and abilities, all from the comfort and convenience of your home. This is your chance to set yourself apart from hundreds of other applicants by telling your story in your own words. Here are some helpful tips to get the most out of your video interview experience.
  3. 3. KNOW YOUR LINES It’s five minutes to show time! Prepare for your video interview much like you would an in-person interview. You’re a person with a distinct, unique story and that’s just what employers are looking for. Just be sure you know your lines before you press record.  KNOW THE COMPANY. Get familiar with their brand, business, industry, culture, and any recent news or press they’ve received.  KNOW THYSELF. Think of yourself as a company. What’s your brand? What qualifications and experience do you bring to the table? Know your top five skills and be prepared to communicate them effortlessly.  PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. Record yourself answering practice questions to get more comfortable with the video experience. Review the playback to make any adjustments and be sure to stay within the designated time limit for each question.  REVIEW YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE. Google yourself. Chances are your future employer will do the same. You might be surprised what comes up. While you’re at it - make sure your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter feeds portray a positive image as well.  DON’T BE A DEER IN HEADLIGHTS. You know that awkward part of the interview when you’re asked if you have questions? Don’t be caught wide-eyed with no response. Prepare a list of questions for the interviewer.
  4. 4. LIGHTS! You’re the star of this show, so set your stage. That means putting yourself in the right environment and eliminating any distractions.  LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. Find a quiet, well-lit room and minimize distractions such as barking dogs, mobile phones, loud dishwashers, or even roommates who might be potential photobombers.  DRESS TO IMPRESS. Well, at least from the waist up, since that’s all the camera will show. No wardrobe malfunctions!  LIGHT IT UP! Create the most realistic and natural light by positioning the lighting source behind the camera, not behind you! Be sure to eliminate any glare that might show on the monitor.
  5. 5. CAMERA! You have only one opportunity to answer questions in the allotted time. Test the technology prior to the interview to make sure that all systems are go.  CHECK THE JUICE. Be sure your computer or mobile device has plenty of battery available or plug into a power source.  TAKE IT OUT FOR A SPIN. Do a test run to make sure the camera, lighting, and application are all working prior to the interview.  BE THE CENTER OF ATTENTION. Position the camera at eye level and frame yourself from the shoulders up. No one wants to see up your nose.
  6. 6. ACTION! Just like in any interview, you won’t get a second chance to make a first impression. On Demand interviews have timed questions, which means you’ll only be able to record your responses once. The amount of time allotted for recorded questions will be displayed on screen.  PACE YOURSELF. Allot enough time to complete the interview in one session. Be concise yet detailed in your answers.  MAKE EYE CONTACT. Look into the camera, not at the picture-in-picture screen.  STAY CALM. It’s normal to be a little nervous. Take deep breaths between questions. Just be yourself and let your personality show.  SIT UP STRAIGHT! Body language says a lot. Don’t slouch. Don’t fidget. Remember to smile. Nod to show that you understand questions.  GOT A TOUGH QUESTION? USE THE STAR METHOD. The STAR method helps you answer difficult questions, especially ones that deal with negative workplace experiences. Learn more about the STAR method and how it can help you in any interview.  AVOID COMMON MISTAKES. Long-winded answers and unnecessary embellishments are just a couple of things that can easily kill your interview. Learn how to avoid the five major interview faux-pas.