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  1. 1. Petition to Remove Judge Robert J. MatthewsPaid Community Service Announcement Ad running in Philly.com Tri-Classified 03/11/10 through 04/09/10.Source: philly.com Petition to Remove Judge Robert J. Matthews Philly Tri Classifieds Paid Community Notice Contact Roxanne Grinage HireLyrics Administrative Services U.S. Citizens Public Docket Database PO Box 22225 Philadelphia PA 19136 DignityForTheHumanSpirit@HireLyrics.org http://YouTube.com/HireLyrics www.HireLyrics.org Listen To HireLyrics on Blog Talk Radio Sundays at 11:00 A.M. Call In Number 646-200-4377 http://BlogTalkRadio.com/Born-To-Serve Telephone: 229-395-0039 Telephone: 267-216-8525Philadelphia families who have been harmed by orders of Court of CommonPleas Philadelphia Family Division Judge Robert J. Matthews are organizingCitizens Signature Gathering Campaign to demand removal, recusal,impeachment, investigation and discipline of Judge Robert J. Matthews for hisfamily destroying prolonged child abuse orders inflicted upon Philadelphiafamilies. If you have been persecuted, terrorized, locked up by Judge Robert J.Matthews because you tried to protect or rescue your children from the abusivesituations Judge Robert J. Matthews is deliberately ordering children into,contact www.HireLyrics.org, Roxanne Grinage, U.S. Citizens Public DocketDatabase for how your Judge Matthews victimization can be included ineventual criminal and civil court class action lawsuits against Judge Robert J.Matthews. DignityForTheHumanSpirit@HireLyrics.org; 267-216-8525 or 229-395-0039 Listen to HireLyrics on BlogTalkRadio.com/Born-To-Serve Sundays at 11:00A.M. Call In Number 646-200-4377. A New Civil Rights Movement is underway in the United States Sundays 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM, HireLyrics is Born To Serve on Blog Talk Radio. http://BlogTalkRadio.com/Born-To-Serve Call In Number for talking or just listening to radio show is 646-200-4377
  2. 2. Blog updates and radio show players at www.HireLyrics.org03-12-2010. A new civil rights movement is underway in the United States forced byCPS Corruption in Government and has American and Philadelphia PennsylvaniaFamilies scrambling to collaborate lawful administrative tools for "talking to our courts"and for slowing and eventually stopping the Child Slaughter U.S. Economy Fraud CourtReform State of Emergency consuming U.S. Economy Careers and Work ForceContributors of the middle class, working poor, student and entrepreneurial communitiesand defrauding U.S. Recovery Act Stimulus Funding to overburden Social SecurityDisability Administration, Mass Identity Theft and Fraud of Internal Revenue Serviceand Mass Welfare and Medicaid Fraud. Instead of showing up in viable U.S. EconomyEnriching industries of Education, Military, Defense, Space Travel, Medicine, Science,Health care, Engineering, Community Development and Mentorship; our children arebeing siphoned into U.S. Economy depleting industries of sex entertainment, pedophilia,addiction to psychotropic chemicals, neurosis and post traumatic stress injuries,physical and wrongful death injuries and the protector parents and grandparents whofight to rescue the children are destroyed systematically by tyrannical family courtjudges in collusion with financially motivated Department of Human Services DHS TitleIV foster, evaluator and adoption contractors. This new Civil Rights Movement utilizesthe collaborative powers of the internet technologies that allows Victim Families to sharelearning, brainstorm strategies, share mistakes and give each other the administrativeforms and tools developed for one state, city, court or jurisdiction to be tweaked,customized and evolved for use in other towns, processes, and jurisdictions. HERE ISHIRELYRICS ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES U.S. CITIZENS DOCKET DATABASECONTRIBUTION DEMONSTRATING MODUS OPERANDI USED BY CORRUPTJUDGES TO PROLONG THE ABUSE OF CHILDREN FOR PROFIT AND COVER UPOF THEIR COLLEAGUES (IN THIS CASE CUSTODY MASTER FERN BROWNCAPLAN, ESQUIRE AND PRIVATE DEFENSE COUNSEL TIMOTHY E. POSSENTI,ESQUIRE. (1)Look at Judge Robert J. Matthews Orders of March 8, 2010 and March 9,2010 against protector mother Lorraine Grinage and against appointed durable power ofattorney guardian grandparent Roxanne Grinage to impose prolonged child abuse uponEzekiel and Arriyel Brown while terrorizing protectors with jail time and decimation ofbusiness earnings. (2) Then, look at the following pages which show how CitizenFamilies in a city oR county (in this case Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) can organizecommunity specific targeted families signature gathering campaigns to demand theremoval, judicial review, judicial discipline of the Judges in other jurisdictions for whichfamilies have voluminous data in U.S. Citizens Controlled Dockets, destroying AmericanFamilies and systematically abusing immunity language in 1983 Civil Rights Act to poseChild Slaughter U.S. Economy Fraud Court Reform State of Emergency. After this, wewill post Pennsylvania Superior Court Notice of Appeal and Petition for Writ ofMandamus with Certificate of Service that will include from the very onset of the appealour recording with Pennsylvania Rules Committee Philadelphia Citizens challenge forapproaching our Courts for redress without being dismissed because we are notlicensed bar association attorneys; and we will include Court of Common PleasPresident Judge who maintains the disbarred and disqualified attorneys lists for thecourts and administrates 125 First Judicial District Court of Common Pleas Judges; andwe will include from the very onset on every Certified Service of Every filing in Pa
  3. 3. Superior Court Appeal to Over Turn 03/08/10 and 03/09/10 Orders of Judge Robert J.Matthews in Family Court Division No. 0C0705124 and Writ of Mandamus nullifyingFern Brown Caplan willful reckless child endangerment 08/17/2009 order signed byLisette Shirdan Harris, Judicial Discipline Board in Harrisburg; and simultaneously wewill continue to certify service with CPS Corruption in Government Victim Disclosures toPresident Barack Obama in re State of Emergency caused by systematic abuse of 1983Civil Rights Act; First Lady Michelle Obama in re quality of life for American Familiesand Attorney General Eric Holder, United States Department of Justice in re thehomeland security issues posed by growing civil unrest bred in American middle classand working poor families being unable to protect their children from rapacious creditorconsumptive Family Courts and Department of Human Services Title IV contractors.Roxanne Grinage can be emailed at DignityForTheHumanSpirit@HireLyrics.org andTelephones are 229-395-0039 and 267-216-8525.US Citizens Docket MBOs (HireLyrics Management Based Objectives)Strategy Planning Active Define Organize Implement Family Team Community TargetPresentation Zones Citizens Signature Gathering CampaignsMarketing Brand Recognition Active Prototype Citizens Docket Marketed As Court Reform Administrative SolutionAdministrative Forms Design Active Standard Access to Free Citizens Families Jurisdictionsand Technical Database Customizable Petitions Declarations Requests forImplementation Investigations Discipline and AuditsNetwork Partners Active (1) Publish Official Statements of Gratitude AcknowledgementCollaborators Customized for every person who acts professionally, ethically and withEmployment Agreements dignity for the human spirit during the tumultuous drive to slow and stop Child Slaughter U.S. Economy Fraud Court Reform State of Emergency (2) Broadcast weekly invitations to network collaborate brainstorm solutions freely sharing learning, mistakes without obligation.Demonstrate Stand and Hold Active Republish and Update HireLyrics Invention of BusinessStandard Access Method Standard Access to Administrative Services that whenMechanism...Survive and Hold rendered contingently raise quality of life by enabling fair entryOn Is A Business Rationale into competitive process that cause exposure and earnings opportunities for the previously unseen unmeasured and unaccommodate Worldwide Population of Disadvantaged Creators and do not waiver from "Dont lower any standard...Standardize The Access!" and "Success is no longer a function of who you know or what you have." and "Business practices are evolving to accommodate Dignity For The Human Spirit" and "Support with all your might those teachers who cause the learning...We Are More Alike Than We Are Different."