Updated October 28, 2010                       HIRELYRICS.ORG™ managed by ROXANNE GRINAGE™             utilizes free and l...
Updated October 28, 2010                                            HIRELYRICS SERVICES                             are re...
Updated October 28, 2010abuse of U.S. and States’ constitutional rights; Federal Funding sources policies and procedures,m...
Updated October 28, 2010110909NoImmunityCapitalCrimesCorruptionFraudPhiladelphiaFamilyCourtCaplanPossentiShirdanHarrisMatt...
Updated October 28, 2010family is able to afford over the period of next six months. Receipt is provided during secure tra...
Updated October 28, 2010                             U.S. CITIZENS    (controlled) PUBLIC DOCKET                  A Pennsy...
Updated October 28, 2010Department of Justice relative to the Child Slaughter U.S. Economy Fraud Court Reform State of Eme...
Updated October 28, 2010□ Corruption in Government Victim Family Disclosure. Self Presenting Appellants Pro Se Plaintiff /...
Updated October 28, 2010 Referral: How long since                                                               Referral...
Updated October 28, 2010before the victimization. (Use as much       and Addresses of who has          records, family or ...
Updated October 28, 2010find their previous civil rights violations (other     subject, - the kids, you, neighbors, friend...
Updated October 28, 2010                                   Certificate of Service                   Child Slaughter, U.S. ...
Updated October 28, 2010HireLyrics is ten years (launched June 23, 2000) demonstrated invention of business method that pr...
Updated October 28, 2010creditor Corrupt Family Court machine. Many American Family Victims of Corrupt Family Court Ordere...
Updated October 28, 2010                                     CLAIMANT’S U.S. CITIZENS DATA    I understand my identity inf...
Updated October 28, 2010             INFORMATION ABOUT THE PERSON(S) WHO HAVE YOUR CHILD/CHILDRENDo you know the name and ...
Updated October 28, 2010                                                   DEFINITIONSI understand these Definitions are a...
Updated October 28, 2010DHS: City of Philadelphia Department of Human Services as managed by Anne Marie Ambrose.DISCRIMINA...
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102810 HireLyrics Standard Access Intake Form State Court with State Agency DHS lawyer corruption malpractice (Roxanne Grinage)


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102810 HireLyrics Standard Access Intake Form State Court with State Agency DHS lawyer corruption malpractice (Roxanne Grinage)

  1. 1. Updated October 28, 2010 HIRELYRICS.ORG™ managed by ROXANNE GRINAGE™ utilizes free and low cost services of the internet to demonstrate standard access to ADMINISTRATIVE SOLUTIONS STRATEGY PLANNING AND PRESENTATION designed to empower WORKING CLASS STUDENT AND IMPOVERISHED PEOPLE LIVING IN UNITED STATES who are victimized by state agencies DHS with state courts corruption PUBLICLY POST INCIDENT REPORTS to U.S. CITIZENS CONTROLLED PUBLIC DOCKET DATABASE© responsibly recorded respectfully reported CHILD SLAUGHTER U.S. ECONOMY FRAUD COURT REFORM EMERGENCY© “A New Civil Rights Movement is underway in these United States… FAMILIES FIGHT BACK SAY NO MORE DHS DEMONIC HORROR STORIES!”© Roxanne Grinage PO Box 22225 Philadelphia Pa 19136 (229) 395-0039 www.HireLyrics.org www.BlogTalkRadio.com/Born-To-Serve www.YouTube.com/HireLyrics www.YouTube.com/WhatIsThereLeftToDo www.YouTube.com/Roxanne.Grinage www.Facebook.com/RoxanneGrinage www.Twitter.com/HireLyrics email: DignityForTheHumanSpirit@HireLyrics.org email: RoxanneGrinage@Yahoo.com email: SupremeCourtClassAction@Hotmail.com(1) Move Forward Nationwide Class Action; build strong Exhibit A Supreme Court Cert Petition;(2) Leverage Individual Criminal Accountability: Federal Investigations, Indictments, Removal and Auditsupon State Agency DHS employees, State Court positioned Misconduct Malpractice Official Corruption FraudCivil Rights Defendants by showing abuse of federal and state funding sources, abuse of immunity language in1983 Civil Rights Act; violations of CPS and DHS published policies and procedures;(3) Gather Compile and Submit DUE DILIGENCE VERIFIED INCIDENT REPORTS (DHS DEMONICHORROR STORIES) document, text, audio and video evidence packaged as active links Due Diligence DataPleading Presidential USOJ GAO IRS OPR Recovery Act Fraud and Waste, Social Security Disability FraudHotlines, States Integrity Commissions Intervention and Audits… CERTIFIED SERVICE CPS CORRUPTIONIN GOVERNMENT CLEAN UP INIATIVE DISCLOSURE TO university, technology, business and think tankcommunities;(4) Individual lawful filings U.S.D.C. Pro Se filed (federal) Petitions proceed Informa Pauperis OFFICIALCORRUPTION FRAUD CIVIL RIGHTS Complaints/lawsuits whose damages demands include reversal ofmalpractice state courts’ decisions; return of kidnapped for profit injured children, dollar damages for personalinjury, trauma, wrongful death, theft of vested interest, projected cost of lost career contributions and punitivedollar amount damages Economy Cost Recovery.gov U.S. or State agencies defrauded or overburdened (SocialSecurity Disability) because of State DHS employee’s misconduct with malpractice State Court domesticrelations judge with taxpayer paid and private lawyer malpractice or ethics misconduct;(5) Coordination of victims counted per jurisdiction to enable CLASS ACTION LITIGATIONREFERRAL. Law Firm and Accounting Firm retained class action Lawsuits and Audits per states where publicview ability of U.S. Citizens controlled Public Docket Database counts victims, identifies wolf pack style of courtpositioned assailants and sorts how many victims are in any municipal, state or U.S.D.C. jurisdiction. Theidentified CLASS of victims in any given jurisdiction are able to afford qualified ethical law firm representationby collaborating fundraising or pooling resources to pay retainer fees as a class/group of claimants/clients.(6) Galvanize Voter and Lobby Group Clout of corruption in government federal crime victims. 1
  2. 2. Updated October 28, 2010 HIRELYRICS SERVICES are rendered in the spirit of our practice model slogans “Fair Recognition – Fair Compensation” © “Don’t lower any standard…Standardize the Access!”© “Sharing learning results in community courage and increased quality of life… HireLyrics shares our Learning.© “Support with all your might those teachers who cause the Learning… WE ARE MORE ALIKE THAN WE ARE DIFFERENT”© “Business practices are evolving to accommodate DIGNITY FOR THE HUMAN SPIRIT” © HireLyrics is Born to Serve the previously unseen, un-accommodated POPULATION OF DISADVANTAGED CREATORS©PERMISSION TO USE FREELY WHETHER YOU HIRE ROXANNE OR NOT: THE INFORMATION IN THIS STANDARD ACCESS FORM IS SHARED FREELY YOU DO NOT HAVE TO USE ROXANNE GRINAGE TO PERFORM ANY OF THESE ADMINISTRATIVE FUNCTIONS FOR YOURSELF. THE VARIABLES IN THIS FORM ARE GROWN FROM A DESIRE TO DESIGN ADMINISTRATIVE SOLUTIONS FOR WORKING CLASS STUDENT AND IMPOVERISHED AMERICAN FAMILIES VICTIMIZED BY CORRUPTION IN GOVERNMENT FOR THE SAKE OF TRUTH IN PUBLIC RECORD AND WITH THE INTENT OF LEVERAGING INDIVIDUAL ACCOUNTABILITY UPON PEOPLE WHO ABUSED THEIR OFFICIAL POSITIONING TO INFLICT FELONY CRIMES UPON AMERICAN FAMILIES PERPETUATING A MEASURABLE CHILD SLAUGHTER U.S. ECONOMY FRAUD COURT REFORM EMERGENCY. FEEL FREE TO KEEP THIS FORM AND TWEAK CUSTOMIZE USE IN WHATEVER WAY WILL HELP RESCUE CHILDREN OF ALL AGES.You have indicated you wanted this information sent by putting your name email address and comments in our Join Our Mailing List ResponseForm or you downloaded the form available free at www.HireLyrics.org or through a link seen on a HireLyrics controlled blog orprofile; YouTube Channel Internet Radio Show Page or linked on Facebook and Twitter. If you have received via email and didnot intend to request emails from us please REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE AND TYPE “REMOVE” IN THE SUBJECT LINE and we will notsend you anything else. Much love and respect, Roxanne Grinage www.HireLyrics.orgIf you are seeing this form pasted into an email, Hit reply, then type your answers – the form expands for as much room as youneed then send back to DignityForTheHumanSpirit@HireLyrics.org or SupremeCourtClassAction@Hotmail.com orRoxanneGrinage@Yahoo.com or all three email addresses. CPS DHS Victims returning this form will be given opportunity to bespecial guest on HireLyrics Born To Serve Blog Talk Radio Show where DHS CPS Victims can broadcast permanent satellite radiorecord testimony of their Child Slaughter U.S. Economy Fraud Court Reform State of Emergency experience.FINALLY, A STANDARD ACCESS INTAKE FORM WORKING CLASS STUDENT AND IMPOVERISHED AMERICANFAMILIES VICTIMIZED BY OFFICIAL CORRUPTION FRAUD CIVIL RIGHTS CAN USE TO(1) LEVERAGE INDIVIDUAL ACCOUNTABILITY for acts of official corruption fraud and civil rights violationsand malpractice committed by State Court positioned taxpayer paid judiciary and lawyers; State Agencyemployees misconduct and malpractice; non-responsive nepotism corrupt plagued municipal electedofficials; (2) Submit evidence responsibly gathered respectfully reported which shows need forPresidential, Gubernatorial, State Legislators and USDOJ Eric Holder, U.S. Government Accountability andInternal Revenue Service Office of Professional Responsibility Emergency and Intervention and Audits formeasuring rampant Recovery Act Fraud and Waste, Personal Injuries Wrongful Death, Forced CommercialTransactions, Theft of Heritage, Career Theft, Theft of Vested Interest in jurisdictions where due diligencedata indicates SYSTEMATIC ABUSE OF IMMUNITY LANGUAGE in 1983 Civil Rights Act is modus operandi ofU.S. Districts Courts nationwide abused to provide tag team cover up colleague protection for officialcorruption fraud civil rights malpractice defendants complained about in the State Court; and (3) continuebuilding STRONG SUPREME COURT CERT PETITION EXHIBIT A FOR NATIONWIDE CLASS ACTION workingclass student and impoverished American Families fed on in vampire like fashion by engorged out of controlretaliatory cash cow State Agencies DHS whose employees and municipality appointed commissionersdeliberately mismanage record keeping and abuse local law enforcement to siphon into Agencycontractors’ CPS and Recovery Act federal funding intended for family preservation way of systematic 2
  3. 3. Updated October 28, 2010abuse of U.S. and States’ constitutional rights; Federal Funding sources policies and procedures,malpractice, etc.OVERVIEW AND RATIONALERoxanne Grinage Explains Administrative Solution GalvanizeVoter Clout American Corruption Victimshttp://www.blogtalkradio.com/born-to-serve/2010/10/20/lorraine-roxanne-grinage-spam-notice-disclaimer-alHireLyrics (1) Administrative Solutions: Collaborators of grassroots cps and court reform campaigns are working with internet technologi es to help eachother guard integrity of due diligence data responsibly recorded respectfully reported pleading Presi dential Barack Obama Eric Holder andhopefully Bipartisan Proposed Pennsylvania Public Integrity Commission (PIC) Intervention and GAO Audits. (2) Phila Family Court Judge KevinM. Doughertys Conflict of Interest Relationships with State Agency DHS Contractor Cora Services Inc 11/23/10 honoring him as a Champion ofChildren after 42 Philadelphia families have submitted due diligence evidence to Eric Holder President Barack Obama U.S. GAO and RecoveryAct Fraud and Waste Whistleblower hotlines of the need for Federal Indictments of Kevin M. Dougherty Margaret T Murphy Judge Robert JMatthews Alice Beck Dubow Marvin L Williams, Esquire CPA PACSES for their U.S. Economy Fraud felony roles in covering up Chil d Slaughtercrimes of private wealthy lawyers Fern Brown Caplan Timothy E Possenti Esquire and taxpayer paid court appointed child advocates to causePhiladelphia Family Courts to be referred to by Working Class Student Impoverished Families as Courtroom Killing Floors.092410 Open Letter President and First Lady Obama Plead Presidential Eric Holder Gubernatorial BipartisanPennsylvania PIC Court Reform Emergency Intervention.pdf https://docs.google.com/fileview?id=0B-34Z89xij26NjE0MDZhNTItOWRkZC00ODNhLWFjMDEtNTk2YmFiYmE3ZjRl&hl=en101810 Lobby PIC HireLyrics Galvanize The Vote Campaign Judge Kevin M Dougherty Conflict of Interest with DHSContractor Cora Services Inc Evidence Links.pdf https://docs.google.com/fileview?id=0B-34Z89xij26YTc0NmUxN2YtMjY0NS00MTcwLWI3OTYtZGJlMjU5YmZmYjIw&hl=en101010 Distributed Obama Move America Forward Rally HireLyrics Galvanize Voter Clout Official Corruption VictimsArrest Fugitives Erick Brown Saundra Sullivan.pdf HTTPS://DOCS.GOOGLE.COM/FILEVIEW?ID=0B-34Z89XIJ26NGE1NTGWY2ETMJY2ZS00OGYXLTLMMTMTMGMWMGYWNTJHNTEW&HL=EN53110RoxanneGrinageMemorialDayInterventionRequestEricHolderUSDOJAppointSpecialProsecutorsChildSlaughterUSEconomyFraudCourtReofrmStateEmergencyPennsylvaniaEasternDistrictPhiladelphiaDHSCorruption.pdfhttps://docs.google.com/fileview?id=0BwkY4FQWX-6pYWQzOTJhYmEtOWQzMS00YzYyLTk2ZGItNGRmY2Y2Mjg0MmFh&hl=en101610 HireLyrics Galvanize Vote Campaign Federal Philadelphia Public Mob Assault Child Abuse Abductor FugitivesErick Brown Saundra Sullivan live in plain sight of community due to Official Corruption Emergency.pdfhttps://docs.google.com/fileview?id=0B-34Z89xij26NTgwYTI3ZGUtODZmOS00OGRiLThlNTAtNmVjMDYzZGI4MTJk&hl=en070610AllPlaintiffsRelatedDockets209cv04119-MSGRecoveryActIRSOPRSSAWhistleblowerInterventionReferrals35WorkingClassStudentImpoverishedDHSLawyerMalpracticeVictims.pdf HTTPS://DOCS.GOOGLE.COM/FILEVIEW?ID=0BWKY4FQWX-6PZWMYYZHHY2ITZTE0ZC00ZGNKLWI0NDUTMGYXMWVIZDIZZWM1&HL=ENGrinage Family Rescue June 8 2010 Erick Brown Saundra Sullivan Diane Lenwood Kearney Public Mob AssaultAbducted Ezekiel Brown and Arriyel Brown https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B-34Z89xij26NGY3M2E0NWMtZTNjYy00YTk2LTk2MmEtY2Y5ZmVmOWIwYzY0&hl=enRoxanne Grinage Standard Access Practice Model A New Civil Rights Movement Families Fight Back Say NO MORE DHSDemonic Horror Stories, Prayer and a U.S. Citizens Controlled Public Docket Database will Rescue Children of All Agesand Docket Never Lies! Child Slaughter U.S. Economy Fraud Court Reform Emergency is Measured In DocketMonitoring. https://docs.google.com/fileview?id=0BwkY4FQWX-6pODBhNTU4OWYtYWQ5Mi00Mzc1LTk1N2EtNzM2NWZiOWVjMmEz&hl=en 3
  4. 4. Updated October 28, 2010110909NoImmunityCapitalCrimesCorruptionFraudPhiladelphiaFamilyCourtCaplanPossentiShirdanHarrisMatthewsClayton209cv04119MSG.pdf https://docs.google.com/fileview?id=0BwkY4FQWX-6pYjI3MWU5MmQtYzkzYi00NzliLWE3ZTItNjhhMjExNTQ1ZTYy&hl=enRoxanneGrinageEvidence13countsChildEndangermentStimulusFraudCaplanPossentiShirdanHarris721to92709.pdfhttps://docs.google.com/fileview?id=0BwkY4FQWX-6pYTUyNTYyNDktZTg5Zi00ZDM2LThmZDItZDEzNDM1ZDcwMjBl&hl=en112309U.S.D.C.209cv05448BMSWillieBrownsonEzekielBrownArriyelBrownvAnneMarieAmbroseJudgeRobertJMatthews$6.2MillionTheftVestedInterestCareerTheftFraudForfeitImmunity1983CivilRightsAct.pdfhttps://docs.google.com/fileview?id=0BwkY4FQWX-6pNTgyYmVkZmMtYjU4Ni00ODBkLTk4ZmQtMmJkOGEwZTIwMzU4&hl=en021210 44 Pages Evidence Motion U.S.D.C. Pa Eastern Should Recuse Itself and Appoint Special Prosecutors fromOutside PaED because Honorable Mitchell S Goldberg Imposes Docket Discrimination in Prejudicial Favor of Aiding andAbetting Official Corruption Fraud Civil Rights Colleague Defendants Fern Caplan Timothy Possenti State Judge RobertJ. Matthews and DHS Agency Anne Marie Ambrose 209cv04119MSG.pdfhttps://docs.google.com/fileview?id=0BwkY4FQWX-6pNGY0ZmE5MmYtNTg5Yi00MmEwLTljMGItNWE2ZDI4ZWJhYWRj&hl=en061810USDCPaED210cv00179-MSGLorraineGrinagevSaundraSullivanErickBrownDianeKearneyJune8ChildEndangermentMobAssaultsLieUSMarshalCitizenFamiliesPetitionRemoveJudgeRobertMatthews.pdf https://docs.google.com/fileview?id=0BwkY4FQWX-6pMGRhZGJjN2EtNGI2Yi00N2JlLTkzYmEtNmUxOTM2MzI0NzJl&hl=en61410MotionConsolidateJune17RuleShowCauseWillieBrownsonRoxanneGrinageRestatementsErickBrownSaundraSullivanDianeKearneyFlashMobChildAbuseEndangerment.pdfHTTPS://DOCS.GOOGLE.COM/FILEVIEW?ID=0BWKY4FQWX-6PNZVINDEZYTQTNZJKNY00MDK0LTKWMWMTM2ZMZTDLZDE2N2RH&HL=ENRoxanneGrinageEvidence13countsChildEndangermentStimulusFraudCaplanPossentiShirdanHarris721to92709.pdfhttps://docs.google.com/fileview?id=0BwkY4FQWX-6pYTUyNTYyNDktZTg5Zi00ZDM2LThmZDItZDEzNDM1ZDcwMjBl&hl=enHOW TO HIRE ROXANNE – INSTRUCTIONS: IF YOU WANT TO RETURN THIS FORM COMPLETED TO ROXANNE GRINAGEFOR INSERTING AND REPORTING WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF HIRELYRICS ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES RESPONSIBLY RECORDEDRESPECTFULLY REPORTED ADMINISTRATIVE SOLUTIONS TOOL, U.S. CITIZENS CONTROLLED PUBLIC DOCKET DATABASE HAVINGTHE SAME INTENT AS DESCRIBED ABOVE WITH ADDED OBJECTIVE MOVING TOWARDS STRONGE EXHIBIT A CERT PETITIONNATIONWIDE SUPREME COURT CLASS ACTION WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY GATHERING AND REPORTING DUE DILIGENCE OFEVIDENCE GATHERING DEPOSITIONS AND WITNESS TESTIMONY IN GRASSROOTS COMMUNITY LOCAL, STATE AND FEDERALDISTRICT JURISDICTIONS TO SHOW NATIONWIDE EPIDEMIC OFFICIAL CORRUPTION FRAUD AND CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONSREQUIRE PRESIDENTIAL, ERIC HOLDER, STATES’ LAWMAKER INTERVENTION. PLEASE: IF YOU DECIDE TO HIRELYRICS ROXANNEGRINAGE BE PREPARED TO BE RESPONSIVE TO ROXANNE’S TELEPHONE CALLS AND EMAIL CONTACTS AND BE PREPARED TOSTAY ON THE PHONE AND WORK WITH ROXANNE TO COORDINATE STATEGY PLANNING REPORTING AND POSTING FOR YOURPARTICULAR CASE. ROXANNE GRINAGE RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CEASE ALL WORK FOR ANY CLIENT WHO IS NON RESPONSIVEOR NON RESPECTING OF THE TIME SENSTIVITY FILING, COURT DATE, HEARING, MEETINGS AND NOTICE DEADLINES WHICH AREPART OF A COMPETITIVE RIGOROUS LITIGATION PROCESS IN WHICH WE ARE CHALLENGED TO ENTER AND COMPETE FOR THESAKE OF QUALITY OF LIFE FOR OUR AMERICAN FAMILIES.Below (or attached or link at top) is a HireLyrics Standard Access Intake Form designed for working class student andimpoverished American families victimized by States’ Agencies DHS CYS ACS, etc. mis-management of CPS andRecovery Act Recovery.gov Agency federal and states’ funding sources corruption that any victim of corruption ingovernment can fill in and build evidence gathering deposition and witness testimony submitted to entities with theauthority to intervene audit and slow a nationwide Child Slaughter U.S. Economy fraud Court Reform State ofEmergency.If you choose to use Roxanne Grinage to perform these administrative functions for you, you must(1) return this form completed and signed (e-signed with your name and email address okay) and (2)pay $120.00 deposit of a total charge of $350.00 using Donation button at the top of most pages atHireLyrics.org. Balance due of $230.00 may be paid in installments of at least $20.00 each as victim 4
  5. 5. Updated October 28, 2010family is able to afford over the period of next six months. Receipt is provided during secure transactionusing Donation buttons at www.HireLyrics.org. Deposit Receipt and this copy of this Standard Access Form and it’sinstructions constitutes our employment agreement and you should keep same for your records. Even though Pay Palfacilitates the secure online donation/payment transaction, you do not need a pay pal account. The donationbuttons receive secure payment transactions from any major credit or debit card.If you choose to mail your payment, only money orders purchased at the U.S. Post Office can bereceived and should be made out to Roxanne Grinage, PO Box 22225, Philadelphia Pa 19136. When adeposit of at least $120.00 is received Roxanne Grinage will begin working on your behalf for inserting your verifiedevidence into U.S. Citizens Public Docket Database which we find is working to slow a Child Slaughter U.S. EconomyFraud Court Reform State of Emergency, utilizing Docket Never Lies! Systematic Abuse of Immunity Language in 1983Civil Rights Act a Congressional Act is measurable in Docket Monitoring; Need for Federal Intervention and GAO auditsis measureable in docket monitoring, A New Civil Rights Movement Is Underway In These United States…Families FightBack…Say NO MORE DHS DEMONIC HORROR STORIES. This HireLyrics Standard Access Intake Form is providedin Word format so it expands as much as you need to type into it. When opening in your email received as anattachment, do a FILE SAVE AS and save the form to your c drive or flash drive and name it HireLyrics Standard AccessForm. Open the form you saved somewhere on your computer that you can get to and work in whether you can get backin the email or not. The attached form you are seeing in your email is a temporary file and will not save what you typeinto the form. Then, Simply Save and close the form as many times as it takes to work in it. When you are ready to sendit back for processing by Roxanne Grinage, compose an email or reply to the email I used to send you the form andattached the filled in form from whatever location you saved it to on your computer.Every place where there is a signature line has to indicate that you have read and acknowledge what comes before thesignature line. Type in your real full name and email address which you used to contact HireLyrics AdministrativeServices to indicate your electronic signature on this form. Don’t worry if you choose not to disclose your social securitynumber; HireLyrics will never enter into any collections procedures against a standard presentingmember of the population HireLyrics is Born To Serve, the worldwide population of disadvantagedcreators (and you have indicated you are a creator of family disadvantaged for entering litigationprocesses which would fairly enable protection of State and U.S. constitutional rights to retain yourvested interest in your family). You do have to indicate your date of birth, state i.d. info, mailing address and alladdresses and as much of the billing information social security numbers and date of birth of the kidnapped for profitchild whose identity is many times stolen and the U.S. Citizens controlled Public Docket tracks the fraud and identity theftof the human trafficked product (the children). Also be sure not to hold back any of the personal data you know about theindividuals who have or had your child so we can order their tax records and put in claims for stolen benefits IRSadoption credit, dependency and earned income credit fraud, etc. The variables measured in this form apply to elderlyas well who are forced out of their homes by DHS contractors for billability in forced nursing home situations when theyhave family who want their seniors and loved ones of any age home. 5
  6. 6. Updated October 28, 2010 U.S. CITIZENS (controlled) PUBLIC DOCKET A Pennsylvania Registered Standard Access Litigation Referral Mechanism www.HireLyrics.orgHireLyrics is a standard access mechanism that raises quality of life by providing standard access to those administrativeservices that when rendered contingently cause fair entry into competitive processes; exposure and earnings opportunities forthe previously unseen, unmeasured and un-accommodated Worldwide Population of Disadvantaged Creators. What areDisadvantaged Creators Creating?....Families, Communities, Education, Technology, Entertainment, Engineering, Military andDefense, Health care Medicine and Science, Twelve Step Recovery, Life Experience and Mentorship.The answer to missed educational opportunities; oppressive contracts and unaccountability horror stories; racism;poverty; and hate-based ideas festering into terrorism, is the responsible development of entities that standardizeaccess, standardize procedures, and standardize services. –roxanne grinage, HireLyrics Schematics 2003.PENNSYLVANIA BUREAU OF CONTRACTS ADMINISTRATION SAP VENDORPennsylvania Department of General Services, Minority Women Business Enterprise Certified 2003-2007PADGS Code 96159 Legal Services Including Evidence Gathering, Depositions and Expert Witness Testimony; www.HireLyrics.orgPADGS Code 91885 Personnel Employment Consulting (Human Resources); www.Facebook.com/Roxanne.GrinagePADGS Code 95238 Employee Assistance Programs; twitter.com/HireLyrics www.youtube.com/HireLyricsPADGS Code 95239 Employment Generating Activities; www.youtube.com/WhatIsThereLeftToDoPADGS Code 94682 Tax Services Including Tax Advisory Services www.youtube.com/RoxanneGrinage www.youtube.com/USCPSCourtReformPADGS Code 96225 Copywriting Services www.BlogTalkRadio.com/Born-To-ServePADGS Code 95238 Employee Development Consulting Roxanne Grinage Hosts HireLyrics is Born To Serve on Blog Talk Radio satellite talk radio where we meet Sundays at 11:00 A.M.PADGS Code 96220 Career Consulting EST to share Administrative Solutions for Market EnteringPADGS Code 91725 Image Consulting Challenges for the previously un-accommodated Worldwide Population of Disadvantaged Creators. Listen or download free anytime. Call in number for listening to show live comments questions and providing testimony of your CPS DHS Family Court or Agency Contractor victimization is 646-200-4377. Free to listen or download anytime. Talk Radio show players play automatically when you visit www.HireLyrics.org. Come to show http://blogtalkradio.com/Born-To-Serve url when live to experience chat and live listening commenting witness statements. I understand I am authorizing Roxanne Grinage to aggressively expose the verifiable facts about my family’sand/or business’ Children’s Protective Services CPS DHS Foster Adoption Evaluator Domestic Relations Family Courtvictimizations and instead of money, Roxanne Grinage has agreed to accept as compensation for her legaladministrative assistant and marketing exposure services of my CPS DHS victimization my authorization andinstruction for Roxanne Grinage to apply every resource available to HireLyrics Administrative Services and in hercapacity as the legal administrative assistant who is demonstrating prototype development of CPS Corruption inGovernment Clean Up Administrative Solutions Tool, U.S. Citizens Public Docket Database. I understand that RoxanneGrinage is not an attorney. I understand that Roxanne Grinage will research verify and produce Courts and ClaimsProcesses Compliant Forms, Letter Notices, Filings, Documents with verified proofs, receipts and exhibits that I signand I file on behalf of myself and my children for whom guardianship has not been lawfully reassigned. I understand that Roxanne Grinage as manager of HireLyrics Administrative Services is demonstrating aquality of life enhancing administrative solution which enables Community Development by utilizing the power ofinternet technologies to network shared information, learning and for sake of truth in public record and for the sake ofmaking this world a better place than how we found it. I also understand that Roxanne will respect will any parts ofmy identity or my children’s identity that I do not want aggressively posted to the U.S. Citizens Controlled DocketDatabase. I understand that Roxanne Grinage will never publish or share my private address, social security number ordate of birth details via the internet but I also understand that Roxanne Grinage will include my HireLyrics Client Filealong with all other HireLyrics Administrative Services client and collaborator case studies when Roxanne Grinage isreporting HireLyrics Community Development “In The Trenches Qualified Contributions Administrative Solutions forTraditionally Evolved Administrative Challenges” to President’s Whitehouse Executive Officers or United States 6
  7. 7. Updated October 28, 2010Department of Justice relative to the Child Slaughter U.S. Economy Fraud Court Reform State of Emergency thatRoxanne Grinage dba US Citizens Public Docket Database is proving. I am a Disadvantaged Creator of a Family whose challenge is fair entry into Litigation, Education, Technology,Engineering, Military/Defense, Health care, Space Travel and Science, Twelve Step Recovery, CommunityDevelopment, Entertainment, Media, Advertising, Commerce, Mentorship and Business Start Up and Development,Protection of my Civil Rights, or Receiving benefits of U.S. Economy Recovery Act Stimulus money. Because HireLyrics Administrative Services and US Citizens Public Docket Database are standard accessmechanisms to litigation referral, I understand that If I choose to retain an attorney to proceed further with any of theissues verified by HireLyrics Administrative Services about my family’s quality of life impacting circumstances, RoxanneGrinage will manage the production of my HireLyrics Administrative Client File on DVD disc for transfer to any attorneyof my choice or directly to me within seventy-two (72) hours after I request my HireLyrics Client file on disc bytelephone or email.Date: __________________ ______________________________________ SIGNATURE ______________________________________ PRINT FULL NAMEEVERY TELEPHONE NUMBER I CAN BE REACHED AT OR A MESSAGE LEFT FOR ME.ADDRESS(ES) I CAN RECEIVE CHECKS, BANK CARDS, TIME SENSITIVE AUTHORIZATION FORMS, COURT NOTICES,IMPORTANT CORRESPONDENCE AND NOTICES ABOUT ANY ADMINISTRATIVE MATTER HIRELYRICS ADMINISTRATIVEIS WORKING ON FOR ME. THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO BE AN ADDRESS WHERE YOU REALLY LIVE – IT HAS TO BE ANADDRESS WHERE YOU ARE SURE TO RECEIVE ANY DISTRIBUTIONS, SETTLEMENTS, CRIME VICTIM COMPENSATION,OR NOTICES ABOUT ANY LITIGATION/COURT PROCESSES OR TIME SENSITIVE IRS OR STATE DEPARTMENT OFREVENUE NOTICES THAT REQUIRE TIMELY RESPONSE. AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE – MANDATORYNAME A PERSON WHO YOU TRUST THAT HIRELYRICS IS AUTHORIZED TO TALK TO ABOUT YOUR HIRELYRICSADMINISTRATIVE ACCOUNT AND WHO HIRELYRICS WILL ACKNOWLEDGE FOR GIVING INFORMATION OR LIST ASBENEFICIARY FOR ANY DISTRIBUTIONS OF AUTHORIZATIONS, RELEASES, AWARDS WHICH MAY COME ABOUT AS ARESULT OF PLANNED FEDERAL AND SUPREME COURT CLASS ACTION LITIGATION, IN THE EVENT YOU ARE NOTABLE TO SPEAK FOR YOURSELF. Does not have to be a relative – just someone you trust.My Authorized Representative is, (write full name and nicknames here)Address (write address here including Zip Code)Telephone Numbers to call, (form expands type as much info as necessary) ,Nature of Relationship to Victim Claimant (by blood, friend, co-worker, neighbor, served in military together, etc.) 7
  8. 8. Updated October 28, 2010□ Corruption in Government Victim Family Disclosure. Self Presenting Appellants Pro Se Plaintiff / Appellant(s) are victimsof corruption in government whose State Constitutional (Inherent rights of Mankind) and U.S. Constitutional and Bill ofRights Amendments have been repeatedly violated to cause the destruction of an American Family. Victim Family Pro Seherein have reasonable hope that the Wisdom and Integrity of this Court will recognize that Victim Family Appellants Pro Sewere not required to know rules of procedures and cite case law when Court of Common Pleas Family Court; City of________________ Department of Human Services and employees of paid foster and adoption contractors as managed by____________________ and Willful Complicit Accessory to Prolonged Child Abuse Attorney Child Advocate, state and cityemployee and clerk of court employee misconduct, mis-administration and malpractice; perpetrated repeated crimes ofconspiracy, denial of due process, professional negligence, employee misconduct and civil rights violations which resulted inthe kidnap for the profit, judicial negligence, aggravated assaults, prolonged child abuse, lost earnings and personal injuri esbeing suffered by _________________________, ___________________,_________________________,_____________________. Therefore, Corruption in Government Victim Family VictimClaimants Pro Se have reasonable expectation and respectful request that This Court is committed to truth finding forsakingand rejecting all attempts of US District Federal Court’s _____________________________ Official Corruption FraudCommerce Civil Rights Defendants and City of __________________ Department of Human Services employees asmanaged by ____________________________ and Bar Association professional corporation attorney Child AdvocateWillful Complicit Accessory Accomplice sharing culpability for the suffering and losses inflicted upon American Family, U.S.Economy Work Force and Careers Contributors proven to have suffered at the hands of the Corrupt Court PositionedDefendants Official Corruption, Fraud, Kidnap For Profit, Judicial Negligence, Willful Judicial Failure to Protect, Aggravate dAssaults, Prolonged Child Abuse, Personal Injury and more. Respectfully, _____________________ Federal Crime VictimWitness Plaintiff natural guardian of _________________________ __________________________________________________ as guardianship is not lawfully reassigned. Obstruction Education  Denial Due  Fraud Dept. of  State Employee or Agency Judicial Malpractice Process Education Contractor Diversion of Federal or Attorney Malpractice  Professional  Employee State funding Sources. Attorney Misconduct Negligence Misconduct  Identity Theft Federal Grant Funds  Kidnap for Profit  Human Trafficking  Conspiracy (form of proof isRecipient Contractor  Child Abuse  Fraud Taxpayer written, audio or video) Privately Owned Contractor  Deliberate funded agency  Theft Extortion Politically Favored Wealthy Prolonged Child  Fraud  Aggravated AssaultCampaign Contributors Abuse Recovery.gov  Home Invasion Clerical Errors  Psychotropic Agency (Agencies)  Forced Commerce Harassment Terrorism Chemicals  Police Brutality  Willful AccessoryStalking  Physical Mental  Racketeering  Theft Earned Income Credit Lying to Local Law Personal Injury  Complacent  Intimidation Coercion DuressEnforcement  Conflict of Accessory  Personal Injury Neurosis Parent Lying in Official Court Interest  Willful Complicit Alienation SyndromeDocuments.  Referral: Child Accessory  Clerk of Court imposed Court Appointed attorney Support  Referral: Internal Flagrant Clerical Administrativeconflict of interest, incompetent Enforcement Revenue Service Errors or Censorship.of financially overwhelmed. Fraud Office of  Gross Conflicts of Interest Posturing as Clergy  Referral: Professional  Theft Careers Wire Fraud Official Responsibility  Theft Past Present Future Fraud Federal Food Stamps Corruption  Involuntary Earnings Vested Interest Accessory to Child Rape Fraud Civil Termination  Fraud SSI SSD Welfare Referral: U.S. Government Rights Federal Parental Rights  Child EndangermentAccountability Office (GAO)  Lying to U.S.  Referral: Whistleblower Hotline Docket Opened Referral: Intervention and Date Marshal Recovery Act Fraud and WasteAudit Request Bulk Due  Summons  Referral: State Court of Judicial _____________ Discipline Judicial Canon Codes ofDiligence Submission  Referral: EvasionDate:_________________ Conduct Timeline Post  Referral: Letter  Referral: ABA Litigant Survey Referral: Supreme Court Incident Table Notice Date Ratings Judicial Competency andRules Committee Notified start date _________ Professional Courtesy Ratings.Date ___________ _________ Letter Notice Date  Referral: State Jurisdiction Referral: Local Newsroom updated and _________ Investigation Request Integrityand Media Distribution Press posted _______ Letter Notice Date Commission or Legislative BodyRelease Dates ________ _________  Referral: Mr. Eric Holder__________ _________ State Jurisdiction Retaliatory__________ _________ Federal Intervention Plead. 8
  9. 9. Updated October 28, 2010 Referral: How long since  Referral: If client saysFamily Court Ruling, Open Appeals were done in lowerInforma Pauperis State courts get those docketSuperior Court Appeal if numbers and order transcriptsstatute of limitations permits. whether open or closed.(Roxanne Grinage checks off the above list as she verifies understands and applied administrative solutions to litigation industryreferral challenges presented by the claims and proofs you give her that she researches after telephone conversations, email, faxes,mail, etc. “Referral” before any phrase indicates what Administrative Service is anticipated needed to occur simultaneously withany Public Post Incident Reporting of Due Diligence Evidence tracked and submitted with growing nationwide Supreme Court ClassAction Cert Petition Exhibit A)HireLyrics Standard Access Child Slaughter U.S. Economy Fraud Court Reform State of Emergency Collaborator Intake Form If Returning This Form By Mail: Roxanne Grinage HireLyrics Administrative Services U.S. Citizens Docket Database PO 22225 Philadelphia, PA 19136 Roxanne Grinage Cell: 229-395-0039 www.HireLyrics.org www.Facebook.com/Roxanne.Grinage www.BlogTalkRadio.com/Born-To-Serve Call In. No. 646-200-4377 www.YouTube.com/HireLyrics DignityForTheHumanSpirit@HireLyrics.orgFULL NAME INCLUDING MIDDLE NAME STATE Telephone Second Telephone Is there another protectiveCOMPLETE MAILING ADDRESS ZIP CODE Contact Contact parent or grandparent or blood relative who was ignored as a choice for caring for your Month and Year of First Date you are child/children, whose civil Encounter with Victimizers completing this rights have been violated? CPS, Family Court, Social Client Data Sheet: Worker or Agency: Relative Name and Address: LIST ALL STATES, CITIES, COUNTIES, WHERE YOUR FAMILY COURT, CPS, DHS, FOSTER ADOPTION AGENCIES, LAW ENFORCEMENT OR INCARCERATION, KIDNAPPING, ABUSE, CUSTODY OR CHILD SUPPORT VICTIMIIZATIONS OCCURRED. Separate with commas. Relative Name and Address:DESCRIBE WHAT WAS DONE TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. Attached extra sheets of paper orsend as many emails as necessary to DignityForTheHumanSpirit@HireLyrics.org. If you areseeing this form pasted into an email, Hit reply, then type your answers – the form expandsfor as much room as you need then send back to DignityForTheHumanSpirit@HireLyrics.orgor SupremeCourtClassAction@Hotmail.com or RoxanneGrinage@Yahoo.com or all threeemail addresses.Full Names of Children and their address Full Names or Business Names Can you produce birth certificate, baptismal 9
  10. 10. Updated October 28, 2010before the victimization. (Use as much and Addresses of who has records, family or neighbors who might sign anspace as you need form expands) your children or is threatening affidavit confirming you are the natural guardian to kidnap your children, if as we prove guardianship was never lawfully known. Use as much space as reappointed? you need form expands.The first and last name of everybody involved, including the official titles and what locations they worked in. Many times, thevictimization spans several states and requires a Federal Diversity Complaint. One Complaint filed in your Federal Districtagainst defendants which span other Federal Court districts. First list everybody from your memory, then go over all yourpapers and pull out full letter head details, stamped names of judges on court papers, the names of the courts usually at thetop of opinions, decisions, denials, summons, subpoenas, etc.; people’s names filled into forms that you probably never met,etc. (Write as much as many names as were involved with harming your family – If more space needed, send emailDignityForTheHumanSpirit@HIreLyrics.org ).Paste all your links to Vlogs and Blogs, photos, profiles where you are telling the crime story of your CPS Family CourtVictimization here.I understand that Roxanne Grinage is going to ask me about the following topics as she gathers evidence for producingthe Proof Exhibits in my Federal Complaint or for understanding my information need during any consultation telephonecall. I do not have to provide this information now but I am getting it together if I have hired Roxanne Grinage fordocument production or telephone consultation.Letterhead or notices that identify addresses and Letterhead or notices that identify any Attorney on either sidename of any CPS DHS Case Numbers and who had any role in your family’s custody or child supportSocial Workers, Case Workers. victimization.Any Court papers that show case caption, case Anything you had notarized or witnessed whether you got anumbers, any judge’s magistrate’s name even if chance to show it to CPS or Family Court or not.not signed but stamped.Bank and Tax Refund Attachments for Court- Bank and Tax Refund Attachments for Student Loan especiallyOrdered Child Support. if you didn’t get to finish school because of CPS Family Court actions against you.Did you file a Federal Case? If So, Put all Social Security, Public Assistance, Food Stamps, Earnedidentifying information here. Did you begin Income Credit, Internal Revenue Service statements youdrafting a federal complaint but didn’t file it yet? received denying or stopping your benefits because CorruptWe’d love to see that too. CPS Family Court gave abusive parent or foster household custody.Anything you took note of, overheard or were told Letters, Journals, email threads, notes in family Bibles, Quran,about or read about while dealing with the corrupt Torah, Holy Texts, of deceased victimized parents andcase workers and attorneys that will help us grandparents; Audio Recordings, Pictures from anyone on this 10
  11. 11. Updated October 28, 2010find their previous civil rights violations (other subject, - the kids, you, neighbors, friends, family, witnesses,people that complained about them, prior etc.disciplinary warnings anddisqualifications and where they live at for serviceof complaints. CPS Victims Class Action seeks toleverage personal accountability instead of theirusing loop hole language in 1983 Civil Rights actabout “Judicial Capacity” to side step criminalaccountability. The corrupt CPS workers andattorneys and judges will be served with CPSVictims’ Complaints at their homes.Use This Room for notes. Roxanne Grinage types notes here if she’s talking to you on the phone working with you to complete this form. 11
  12. 12. Updated October 28, 2010 Certificate of Service Child Slaughter, U.S. Economy Fraud, Court Reform State of Emergency Disclosure Certified Service issued to parties and impacted entities in accordance with Official Published Responsibilities and Policies This Certificate of Service is 5 Pages. 28 USCS 453 Solemn Oath of Justices and Judges"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will administer justice without respect to persons, and do equal right tothe poor and to the rich, and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the dutiesincumbent upon me as under the Constitution and laws of the United States. So help me God." Judicial Oath Canon 2(B): Outside Influence.A judge should not allow family, social, political, financial, or other relationships to influence judicial conductor judgment. A judge should neither lend the prestige of the judicial office to advance the private interests ofthe judge or others nor convey or permit others to convey the impression that they are in a special position toinfluence the judge. A judge should not testify voluntarily as a character witness. CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE and CORRUPTION IN GOVERNMENT CLEAN UP INITIATIVE DISCLOSURE Respectfully forwarded to the Attention of: President Barack Obama in re 1983 Civil Rights Act Abuse First Lady Michele Obama in re quality of life for American Families United States Department of Justice Attorney General Mr. Eric Holder in re Homeland Security Civil Unrest Issues bred in CPS corruption in lower courts state of emergency. Supreme Court Rules Evidence and Procedures Committees Various States’ Judicial Discipline and Judicial Accountability Forums United Nations High Commission on Human Rights U.S. CITIZENS PUBLIC DOCKET DATABASEUS Citizens Public Docket Database is a Citizens Controlled Docket in which Americans have access to postverifiable incident reporting held perpetually and infinitely sorted for the sake of truth in public record andwhose data is touted to Funding Decision Makers; Legislators, Law Schools, Business Schools, CourtReform Groups, Society Preservation Groups, Grassroots Community Development Groups, Think Tanks,United States Department of Justice, President’s Whitehouse Executive Officers, Military and Defensedecision makers; Science and Space Travel industries decision makers, Universities, Technology students,healthcare professionals including and especially addiction and twelve step recovery groups; authors radioand television show hosts engaged in discussion debate or analysis of issues which impact the U.S. CitizensPublic Docket Database recorded and publicly viewable, publicly growing and publicly controlled ChildSlaughter U.S. Economy Fraud Court Reform State of Emergency.Qualified Litigation and Accounting industry professionals are now able to see, measure and accommodate apopulation of claimants who, traditionally, would never have thought to call a civil rights, intellectual property,personal injury, ethics, class action law firm or audit accounting firm for a consultation; having beensystematically taken advantage of and ripped off for unearned retainer fees at the child custody supportevaluator domestic relations family courts levels of a U.S. Economy Fraud Court of Common Pleas FamilyCourt level. U.S. Citizens Public Docket Database prototype is demonstrated to accommodate the Pro SeCPS Corruption in Government American Family Victim whose verified accurate complaints and exhibitproofs are systematically censored by subjective colleague-protecting dockets controlled by Family,Superior, Supreme and United States District (Federal) courts in systematic abuse of 1983 Civil Rights Actand Judicial Conduct Canon 2(B) Outside Relationships. 12
  13. 13. Updated October 28, 2010HireLyrics is ten years (launched June 23, 2000) demonstrated invention of business method that providesstandard access to those administrative services that when rendered contingently cause fair entry intocompetitive quality of life impacting industries to enable exposure and earnings opportunities for a previouslyunseen unmeasured un-accommodated Worldwide Population of Disadvantaged Creators. HireLyricsstandard access mechanism has recorded the existence, characteristics, features attributes and challengesof a demographic of Disadvantaged Creator Population. American Families Victimized by CPS Corruption inGovernment are creators of U.S. Economy Careers and Product Contributors who are missing from U.S.Economy enriching industries and showing up in U.S. Economy depleting industries because the CPSCorruption in Government American Family is disadvantaged for fairly entering the Litigation industry forprotecting rights of ownership to life, liberty and property.HireLyrics applies standard legal secretarial assistant services to a standard presenting population ofclaimants who are disadvantaged for making the litigation industry see the merits of the American FamilyVictim of CPS Corruption in Government Official Corruption Fraud Civil Rights claims. HireLyrics standardaccess mechanism to legal administrative assistant services for the standard presenting CPS Corruption inGovernment Victim Claimant has evolved Pro Se Document Production Administrative Tools developedespecially for the American Family victim of CPS corruption who needs litigation referral to qualified ethicalno nonsense legal industry professionals including civil rights, ethics, intellectual property, personal injuryand wrongful death, class action and audit professionals.Guiding Principles Court Reform Disclosure - Our civil rights laws and principles are at the core of ournation. Our country grows stronger when all Americans have access to opportunity and are able toparticipate fully in our economy. The Constitution of the United States of America is the supreme law of theUnited States. Empowered with the sovereign authority of the people by the framers and the consent of thelegislatures of the states, it is the source of all government powers, and also provides important limitations onthe government that protect the fundamental rights of United States citizens. – Ethics page Whitehouse.govU.S. Citizens Controlled Public Incident Report Docket Database Rationale Statement: Because thefinancial incentives caused by the 1984 CPS laws have systematically poisoned Family Courts nationwide,some American families victimized by Corruption in Family Courts and Department of Human Servicesbelieves a strategic administrative response will offer pro se documents which measure the synergy betweenthe corrupt family courts, lower jurisdiction law enforcement, the appeals courts and the federal courts andeventually U.S. Supreme Court.A systematic US Economy and Family Quality of Life Destroying mechanism is identified by a standardpresenting internet technology enabled population of Corruption in Government CPS victims who are realflesh and blood human beings, disadvantaged for protecting American families constitutional rights to stopthe consumption of Americas human resources (children of all ages) by criminals bearing titles of Esquire,Judge and Social Worker, who siphon good willed Recovery Act Stimulus money from federal and statefunded agencies, courts and law enforcement to divert would be US Economy contributors away fromeconomy enriching industries of education, litigation, entertainment, science, military defense, medicine,engineering, community development to pedophilia, sex entertainment, social security disability, wrongfuldeath, child rape, neurosis and self inflicted injury caused by parent alienation syndrome, auto accident,drowning, torture, addiction and alcoholism...HireLyrics believes that an attack which is identified as mechanical enabled by systematic administration andmisadministration requires a mechanized administrative response. Tracking, logging and publicly reportingthe case management disposition of CPS victims pro se documents production will enable(1) Strong Exhibit A for nationwide Supreme Court Cert Petition;(2) Standard Access to shared learning which results in Community Courage;(3) Kidnapped for profit lifelong abused loved wanted children whose Family and Superior Courtrecords have been "fast tracked" "sealed" "impounded" reduced to initials or real flesh and blood naturalperson names redacted will know their parents and grandparents fought tirelessly against the rapacious 13
  14. 14. Updated October 28, 2010creditor Corrupt Family Court machine. Many American Family Victims of Corrupt Family Court OrderedAbuse suffering from parent alienation syndrome are using the internet technologies to find kidnapped forprofit children in various standard access social networking forums only to find that the mental and emotionalinjuries are extensive and irreversible.Let the internet search engine spiders aggressively advertise full names and guardianship and familycapacities of the real flesh and blood victims consumed by the real full first and last names, criminalindividual criminal capacities and abused official titles of the proven criminal assailants who engorgedthemselves by abusing trusted tax payer funded positioning with courts, law enforcement or foster andadoption agencies to willfully court order children into the nightmare of lifelong kidnap for profit abuseAmericans would be Work Force and Product contributors.Pro Se Documents filed as appeals briefs and complaints provide measurable mechanized response to thetime stealing victimization imposed by the Corrupt Family Court kidnapped for profit, racketeering and childselling systematic corruption initiated with first encounter with corrupt Family Courts and Children ProtectiveServices 1984 law financially incented social workers.(4) Attraction of ethical professionals including qualified counsel who might recognize the pro sedocumented compilation of Victim Families proofs and accept CPS Victims cases contingently, or at leastwork aggressively on your behalf if the initiating pro se Plaintiff or Appellant Victim enters the rigorouscompetitive process of litigation on their own behalf before paying a family court attorney huge retainer touse a template to produce appeal brief document further censoring DHS victims proof exhibit; or dissuadeCPS victim from going into Federal Court with true and accurate nature of the crimes that have occurred;(5) Strip corrupt or incompetent attorneys judges social workers and paid Department of HumanServices contractor foster and adoption agencies of 1983 Civil Rights Act claims to immunity so that theyhave to answer lawfully for the capital crimes of Racketeering, Judicial Negligence, Human Trafficking,Complicit Accessory to Prolonged Aggravated Assaults, Complicit Accessory to Willful Reckless ChildEndangerment, Fraud of several Recovery.gov Agencies; and the list of capital crimes goes on; andCorruption Victims can help to gather the data needed to bring about authentic and lasting Court Reform inthe United States.Strongest prayers for the little children, the adult children who are robbed of their lives and strongest prayersto all those soldiers both victim families and ethical professionals and decision makers who remaincommitted to rescuing children of all ages while rescuing US Economy and the SOUL OF OUR NATION,using free and low cost services of internet technologies collaborators are inspired to utilize. Respect!Roxanne Grinage. U.S. CITIZENS PUBLIC DOCKET DATABASE CLAIMANT. _________________________________________________ SIGNATURE OF LAWFUL GUARDIAN CLAIMANT AS GUARDIANSHIP IS NOT LAWFULLY REASSIGNEDDate: _______ _________________________________________________ PRINTED NAMES OF CPS VICTIM CLAIMANT AND CHILD/CHILDREN AS GUARDIANSHIP IS NOT LAWFULLY REASSIGNED www.HireLyrics.org 14
  15. 15. Updated October 28, 2010 CLAIMANT’S U.S. CITIZENS DATA I understand my identity information: SSN, DOB and State I.D. Number information is not published. HireLyrics Client InformationYour Full Name:_____________________________________________________________(Please show Roxanne Grinage Identification)Your Social Security Number:___________________________________________________(Please show Roxanne Grinage Your Social Security Card or ask for Form for ordering card is lost)Your Date of Birth:___________________________________________________________(Please indicate if there is any issue with your birth certificate – do we have to order a birth certificate?The State Your I.D. Card or Driver’s License was issued and Control Number: _________________Any copies of Tax Returns any year which show your children as your dependent? _____________Any paperwork which shows you paid child support or expenses to anyone about your child includingscrambling to get a place to live or attend some court-ordered class, session, etc. ______________CHILD 1Your Child’s Full Name on Birth Certificate ___________________________________________Do you have copy of birth certificate? ______________ Copy helps identify full birth record we can orderYour Child’s Social Security Number and copy of card if you still have it ______________________Your Child’s Date of Birth ______________The date your child was physically separated from your care and protection regardless of what court or CPSDHS paperwork said ___________________.Do you know the name and approximate or exact location of who has your child now? Write it here.________________________________________________________________________________CHILD 2Your Child’s Full Name on Birth Certificate ___________________________________________Do you have copy of birth certificate? ______________ Copy helps identify full birth record we can orderYour Child’s Social Security Number and copy of card if you still have it ______________________Your Child’s Date of Birth ______________The date your child was physically separated from your care and protection regardless of what court or CPSDHS paperwork said ___________________.Do you know the name and approximate or exact location of who has your child now?CHILD 3Your Child’s Full Name on Birth Certificate ___________________________________________Do you have copy of birth certificate? ______________ Copy helps identify full birth record we can orderYour Child’s Social Security Number and copy of card if you still have it ______________________Your Child’s Date of Birth ______________The date your child was physically separated from your care and protection regardless of what court or CPSDHS paperwork said ___________________. 15
  16. 16. Updated October 28, 2010 INFORMATION ABOUT THE PERSON(S) WHO HAVE YOUR CHILD/CHILDRENDo you know the name and approximate or exact location of who has your child now?Give HireLyrics as much of their information as you can. If they are taken by an agency like CPS DHS or afoster adoption contractor who won’t tell you anything write as many of their full names and addresses andtitles as you have on your paperwork in separate section of intake form:Persons known to have access and control over HireLyrics Pro Se Client’s child / children.Full Name(s):_______________________________________________________________Addresses: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Telephone Numbers, landline, cell, fax:Email Addresses if known (for electronic service of filings)_______________________________ ______________________________Social Security Number if known. _________________ Date of Birth if known: ______________Employer or Source of Income (SSD SSI Public Assistance, etc.) if known: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________Can you provide copies of tax returns or child support records if in your possession that will help us identitytheir assets and their theft of the child’s identity. _________________________Did this person claim to be a temporary care provider or was this person obtained by CPS DHS?________________________________________________________________________________________Names or Description of other people they give access to your kids (their side of the family or hazardouslifestyle): Write details about why you suspect these people having access to your child/children recklesslyendangers the child if applicable:Write a summary of how you know this person if applicable, including date you met and date you last hadcontact with this person: _____________________________________________________________ 16
  17. 17. Updated October 28, 2010 DEFINITIONSI understand these Definitions are applied to any Research Verifications and Document Production Filingsand Publishing Court Reform Case Studies of my claims produced by HireLyrics Administrative Services.ACTIVE LINK: Plaintiff Pro Se does not qualify for ECF filing capabilities which enable filing of cost effectivereadable large exhibits and documents in favor of some of the Official Corruption Fraud Civil Rights DefendantsPlaintiffs are complaining about who are court positioned attorneys with ECF filing privileges. Proof exhibits anddeposition testimony in the form of documents, audio, photograph and video is made available by internettechnology enabled hyperlinks by providing Plaintiff’s filing in PDF format with active links on disc at time offiling. Disc is also provided for each party indicated on Certificate of Service CPS Corruption in Government ChildSlaughter US Economy Fraud Court Reform State of Emergency Disclosure.American Family CPS Corruption in Government Victim Plaintiff Pro Se Declaration: The American Familycomplaining in This Court _______________ and related ____________________ is destroyed by corruption ingovernment and was not required to know or cite case law or procedural rules while suffering repeated denials ofdue process, terrorism, false arrest, falsely deployed law enforcement, police brutality and threat of arrest, slander,and kidnap for profit, theft of earnings, theft of careers, forced commerce, personal injuries and/or wrongful death.As such, American Family CPS Corruption in Government Victim Plaintiff Pro Se Declaration reserves U.S. andStates’ Constitutional rights to petition Courts for redress (to make right what is wrong) without having to becomelicensed bar attorneys or study for years to learn how to recite case law and procedural rules. The crimes suffered bythe complaining CPS Corruption in Government Victims Plaintiffs are no less severe because official corruptionfraud civil rights court positioned defendants/assailants that inflicted the repeated crimes upon the American FamilyCPS Corruption in Government Victim Family never saw fit to interview or ask the Victim Plaintiff Pro Se whetherthey were knowledgeable about case law and procedural rules before targeting the American Family Victim PlaintiffPro Se for repeated denials of due process, aggravated assaults, prolonged child abuse, personal injuries, identitytheft, kidnap for profit and defrauding of U.S. Economy Stimulus funded Recovery.gov agencies.ANTEDATE: To be of an earlier date than; precede in time; A date given to an event or a document that is earlierthan the actual date.BOGUS: fraudulent; having a misleading appearance.CCP: First Judicial District Court of Common PleasCertificate of Service Child Abuse US Economy Fraud Court Reform State of Emergency Disclosure:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania CPS Corruption in Government Victim Plaintiffs Pro Se developed administrativesolutions court reform tool which discloses to one jurisdiction, the CPS Corruption in Government American FamilyVictims’ reservation of rights to enter into any and all designations which would have any chance whatsoever ofdelivering relief, ethical fair and accurate redress, and crime victim compensation without imposing counter intuitivelegal procedures which discriminate against pro se CPS Corruption in Government Victim Plaintiffs.COLLUSION: a secret understanding between two or more persons to gain something illegally, to defraud anotherof his or her rights, or to appear as adversaries though in agreement.CONFLICT OF INTEREST: situation in which a public officials decisions are influenced by the officialspersonal interests.CPS Corruption In Government Victims Plaintiffs: CPS Corruption in Government Victims for whomguardianship is not lawfully reassigned who invoke U.S. Constitution and State Constitutional rights to petitioncourts for redress (to make what is wrong) “in our own right” Pro Se, as CPS Corruption in Government Victims forwhom guardianship has been unlawfully reassigned by the commission of several felony crimes including theft ofvested interest.CPS: Children’s Protective Services as financially motivated by funding incentives starting in 1984. 17
  18. 18. Updated October 28, 2010DHS: City of Philadelphia Department of Human Services as managed by Anne Marie Ambrose.DISCRIMINATION: treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction in favor of or against, a person orthing based on the group, class, or category to which that person or thing belongs rather than on individual merit.DR NO.__________: The CCP Philadelphia Family Court Docket(s) wherein the American Family was victimized.DOCKET NO.:_________________ Properly formatted case caption Case Numbers per State Jurisdiction.DURESS: compulsory force or threat.HOSTAGE: A hostage is a person or entity which is held by a captor.IDENTITY RETAINMENT: The dignity of retaining possession of identity. Freedom to deny abbreviation,censorship or mutilation of the name given at birth to a real flesh and blood human being.JUDICIAL PERJURY – When a Judge abhorrently perverts judicial oaths; Pennsylvania Supreme Court codes ofconduct and court room decorum to say or do anything which aids and abets the cover up and harms caused by thecrimes of his/her colleagues.MODUS OPERANDI: a method of procedure; especially : a distinct pattern or method of operation that indicatesor suggests the work of a single criminal in more than one crime. Roxanne Grinage responsibly records,respectfully reports flagrant docket errors and prejudicial docket manipulation to measure court reformaccountability, work ethic, synergy and intent of Clerk of Court’s collusion with official corruption fraud civil rightsdefendants flowing and functioning back and forth, within and around the courts and processes where serial crimesare inflicted against U.S. citizens and/or Philadelphia residents; and also functioning in the higher courts andprocesses where CPS Corruption in Government Victim American Families seek redress of grievances.NUNC PRO TUNC - (Latin) now for then; deemed retroactive. A Court order or judgment which has beenantedated. This Court has the power to cure administrative failures of the Court, in the nature of a slip or omissionwhere there is no prejudice to the parties, rather than in the cure of a failing of one of the litigants.” It is said that therationale behind the doctrine of nunc pro tunc is that the parties should not be prejudiced by an act or omission ofthe court, especially a delay in delivering reasons or judgment. The Court will in general permit a judgment to beentered nunc pro tunc, where the signing of it has been delayed by the act of the Court.TERRORISM: the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals thatare political in nature; this is done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear.THIS COURT: Jurisdiction or venue in which action is filed whether open or closed.Date: __________________ ______________________________________ SIGNATURE ______________________________________ PRINT FULL NAME 18