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it's about how to open a lounge and what all factors are needed to analyze..what should be done in order to recover the service & how to promote our business.

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Mbi prjct

  1. 1. LOCATION •Girgaum chow patty in Mumbai •The location is ideal for a cafe lounge as it is located in the prime area with a good frontage and area of 10,000 sq. Ft along with parking area available for 10 cars Timings : 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM 5:00 PM – 3:00 AM Address: H2O Water Complex, Chowpatty GirGaum, Mumbai.
  3. 3. Qualifications  Head manager –Jenisha Tated has acquired an MBA  Senior manager- Anam Mukadam has studied diploma in management.  Manager-Ekta Singh has done diploma in management  Head chef-Priyank shah has done hotel management  Supervisor –Anusha shetty has done MBA in hotel management  Cash and Accounts manager –Hiral oza has done certificate in cash management
  4. 4. Staffing Approximately the staff consist of 7-8 servers on weekdays and 10-12 servers on weekend. There will be two chefs, 4 bartender 6 cocktail servers, one hostess and, 3 dish washer , one kitchen helper, 4 bouncers,3 busy boy and one floor manager Target market The target in this market is upper middle class from ages ranging between the ages of 18- 50 in a sharp atmosphere with a great friendly service.
  5. 5. Chocolate Theme And Outside View.
  6. 6. Crystal Theme
  7. 7. Kitchen And Washroom
  8. 8. Disc Area
  9. 9. Entrance Of The Lounge
  10. 10. “Why Choose Us”  Food  Bar  Offers  Music  Other facilities  Valet parking  WIFI  Separate smoking zone  Accept all major cards
  11. 11. What We Offer!!
  12. 12. SIZZLERS  Momo’s 150  Mexican red hot nachos 250  Red hot chicken 300  Milanese pasta bowl 250  Honey chilly crispy 150 french fries  Italian delight pizza 250  Oriental rice bowl 435  Crispy chicken 400  Crispy veg steak 200 BEVARAGES  Black coffee 70  Mimosa 200  Beer starting from 170  Juices 120  Cappuccino 75  Soft drinks 30  Hot chocolate with whipped cream 200  Premium coffee 90
  13. 13. SMOTHIES  Strawberry banana smoothie 250  Strawberry smoothie 210  Chocolate smoothie 250  Protein berry smoothie 275 SALADS  Greek salad 135  Asian chicken salads 200  Mexican salad 145 BAKERY ITEMS  Mimi’s classic muffins 100  Blueberry apple nut 125  Chocolate chip cookies 150  Cup cakes 65  Chocolate crunch 120  Brownie 105  Chocolate croissants 65  Chocolate chip cakes 100
  14. 14. DAILY OFFERS
  15. 15. We don’t say no for what you need, but if you get sick, oh man!!! 1000 bucks extra fine you pay for every puke indeed!!!!
  16. 16. Marketing Plan:
  17. 17. Product:  Offers a wide variety of products such as hot and cold beverages in the morning and starters and drinks at night.  Has an exquisite selection of hot and cold chocolate drinks, which also includes a wide section for alcoholic drinks.  With our lounge transforming from day to night, what remains is our good service and our exclusive quality.
  18. 18. Price:  Crystal lounge” seeks to attract customers who can afford to pay for our high quality.  Our target customers are mainly middle to high class people.  We can afford to increase prices , thus increase revenues on one hand.  On the second hand, target those highly classed people  Cover charges – Rs.2000, Free for couples.
  19. 19. Place:  It is full of students,office goers and many tourists who wander on its streets.  We intend to open our lounge in Girgaum Chowpatty.  Our strategic location will allow us to be comfortable exposing our products to our target customers
  20. 20. Promotion :  Distribution of pamphlets outside malls, nearby colleges & offices.  Magazines & Newspaper  Have our own website.  Ads on online Sites such as Facebook & Google  Tie up with SnapDeal(for inaugural offers)  Issue VIP cards.
  21. 21. SWOT Analysis Understand Your Business Better Through
  22. 22.  A new idea!  Attract Customers  High quality Products  Best suited for Students. STRENGTHS
  23. 23. •People may not grasp it easily. •Many Competitiors •Possibility of failure •Targets a single social class •Extra cost Weaknesses
  24. 24. Opportunities
  25. 25. •The bad economical situation in the country •Increasing taxes will increase our start up costs •Competitors copying on the idea •The high influence of word of mouth
  27. 27. Because the market is saturated with likes of our café we find ourselves facing many competitors that also bring a special concept into the market. Our competitors are all cafés, pubs and lounges in the are surrounding our store. Coffee Houses: Costa Coffee, samrat cafe, moshes café,Tease café, Barista. Pubs: the traven, vodoo pub, geofferys pub
  28. 28. We Offer High Quality Products at Reasonable Price Constant Innovation Coordination Improving Performance Promotion At Extreme Level Generate Goodwill
  29. 29. Total Quality Management Our aim is to make sure that we are taking corrective action and achieving our objectives and goals. That is why a process of evaluation is needed from time to time. Customer-focused. Process-centered. Continual improvement. Fact-based decision making.  Communications.
  30. 30. What should be controlled By which activity How often Customer approval and Satisfaction Suggestions and surveys Monthly Sales analysis Financial data Sales data Monthly Marketing & advertisings response Observation and response from the customers 2 months Competitors Investigation and Observation 3 months Employees Training 3 months Performance and Market research 3 months Service Recovery
  31. 31. Conclusion  Crystal provides a perfect & sombre ambeiance for all.  Spend your entire day here with the sea.  A Place to relax.  We know Our Customers very well!
  32. 32. Anyone looking for a Perfect Place to Chill & Party…. All We can say is that This Is the Place to Be!!!