Reading skill lesson plan


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Reading skill lesson plan

  1. 1. Lesson PlansDiploma TEFL Workshop Hira Mukhtar Allama Iqbal Open University, Raza block, Allama Iqbal town Lahore
  2. 2. Lesson Plan No. 1• Class: 9th• Skill practiced: Reading skill• Time duration: 45 minutes• Resources: Word cards, substitution tables, text books, written dialogues, board marker etc.
  3. 3. Objectives• Read thoroughly and effectively• Find answers in the text after reading and re-reading• Find meaning of the given text
  4. 4. • Methodology: Gap filling, reading silently, reading aloud, matching words• Activities: Substitution table, playing cards and reading game
  5. 5. Presentation - 15 minutes• Activity No. 1: Making sentences by filling gaps in the substitution table• Activity No. 2: Reading passages from text books silently and telling in their own words what the passage is all about
  6. 6. Practice – 15 minutes• Activity No. 1: Substitution table (increased difficulty level as that of presentation stage)• Activity No. 2: Sentence making with the help of cards• Activity No. 3: Gap filling in passage written on board
  7. 7. Production – 15 minutes• Activity No. 1: Utterance of dialogues (without actions)• Activity No. 2: Reading to get the main idea of the passage
  8. 8. AssessmentThe students will be assessed informally on their ability to – read correctly• Word cards game (2 marks for each card they have in the end)