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  1. 1. Presentation by [ HARSH TOSHNIWAL]
  2. 2. THE INDIAN FOOD [Balanced]- India has various kinds of food in each state. I live in West Bengal. In West Bengal people mostly eat non-vegetarian food like meat, fish mutton etc.We eat rice, curry, vegetables, chapattis and fruits . .
  3. 3. In west people eat hot parathas, drink lassi[ made of milk],sarson da saag[made of mustard leaves], makki di roti[roti made with maize flour], potatoes and many other vegetables.
  4. 4. In north people eat rajma [ red kidney beans] mutton koftas, yakhni, rice, vegetables and daal.In south people eat idlis, dosas, vadas with coconut chutney and sambar.
  5. 5. In my house I eat healthy food like fruits, upma, poha, bread toast, pav bhaji, drink milk and eat noodles. I eat fruits on time like apples, bananas, oranges and guava, which gives us vitamins and minerals as well as roughage. For my lunch I eat chapaties curd, vegetables and curry. For my tea time I eat snacks and drink milk. For my dinner I eat chapaties, vegetables, rice, daal or curry. MY AVERAGE DAILY EATING HABITS
  6. 6. MY SCHOOL DIET CHART In my school I eat food that gives me energy to do my work. On Monday I bring fruits, aloo chat or veg cheese sandwich. On Tuesday I bring upma, Dhokla, fruits or fried rice. On Wednesday I bring burger or poori-sabji and fruits in my Tiffin. I eat noodles or salads and fruits on Thursday. On Friday I bring frankies or stuff parathas and fruits.There are food inspectors who will see that we are bringing the correct food on each day.
  7. 7. EATING HABITS Healthy eating habits lead to healthy digestion. We must follow healthy eating habits to make our digestive system work properly- 1.We should eat food at fixed hours. 2.We should always eat a balanced diet. 3.We should not overeat. 4.We should always eat fresh, clean and well- cooked food. 5.We should always drink plenty of water.
  8. 8. THANK YOU Your E-pal Harsh Toshniwal