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Application of decimals Pramit and his team


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An example of Integration of Technology

Published in: Education
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Application of decimals Pramit and his team

  1. 1. Rainfall in Kolkata this year is 80.50 cm Our Car consumes 2.2 litres Petrol daily
  2. 2. My wake up time is 6:50 am A Can of Coca Cola soft drink contains 142.5 calories
  3. 3. I play football 0.40 hours everyday I watch 0.45 hours my favourite television program everyday
  4. 4. I study 2.30 hours everyday at home Capsule contains 0.22 ml of vitamin D which I take every alternate day
  5. 5. I play games in my computer for 1.5 hours I stay in my school for 5.15 hours
  6. 6. THANK YOU Mrs Hera Prasad maam for giving such a wonderful and exciting project to our group.