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What's New in Hippo's Latest Release: July 2016


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In July, Hippo released V11 together with Hippo onDemand, our new cloud platform.

In this webinar, Adrian Collier, Hippo's Product Manager, will cover everything that's different: all the ways in which we've improved the Hippo platform since our last release.

This includes the features you will find in Hippo V11, as well as explaining our new cloud platform - and why we're so excited about it.

Still have questions? For a deeper dive into the technology of the whole platform -- all the nuts and bolts of Hippo's latest release -- check out our webinar "Understanding Hippo onDemand and V11":

Register for Hippo.Connect Boston to hear more from Adrian about Hippo's current and future releases:

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What's New in Hippo's Latest Release: July 2016

  1. 1. What’s New Hippo 11 1
  2. 2. What’s New Hippo 11 2
  3. 3. What’s New Hippo 11 3
  4. 4. What’s New Hippo 11 What’s New in Hippo 11
  6. 6. What’s New Hippo 11 6 3D pen for USD 99 Teaching robots pain onDemand Manufacturing INNOVATION IS UNSTOPPABL E
  7. 7. What’s New Hippo 11 7 DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION is the changes associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society.
  9. 9. What’s New Hippo 11 9 Improved Global Operations Language and Locale Hippo 11 offers improved support for our growing client base of globally operating organizations with distributed business users. A redesigned localisation implementation means Hippo can now provide a localized user interface in any left-to-right (LTR) language. As a first implementation of this, based on customer feedback, we are offering Hippo in Simplified Chinese and Spanish. Further languages can be requested by customers. Hippo 11 is also localized to match a user’s time zone to support users that are in a different timezone than the Hippo installation whilst ensuring no conflicts arise in the underlying data stores.
  10. 10. What’s New Hippo 11 10 Improved ROI & Time-to-market For Hippo Relevance Hippo 11 includes a native relevance store and drops 3rd party dependencies for the relevance module. This significantly speeds up adoption of the relevance module, as no additional procurement, training and implementation is necessary for customers. Naturally, removing additional cost for licensing, capacity and maintenance burden also substantially reduces the TCO and thus ROI for a relevance implementation.
  11. 11. What’s New Hippo 11 11 Relevance Consultancy Package Get Relevant in 5 Simple Steps Find out how your organization can leverage Hippo Relevance best and define a tailored program to offer your customers a targeted and personalized experience. Hippo Services helps you define your own roadmap to relevance, including: 1. Define the goals 2. Technical preparation 3. Implementation & Creation 4. Execution 5. Analyze & Optimize
  12. 12. What’s New Hippo 11 12 Optimized User Experience The New Channel Manager As part of our ongoing effort to create a better user experience and more intuitive interfaces, you will find another big milestone completed with our new channel manager. As the heart of the every-day life of marketing users, the channel manager isn’t just prettier: Based on over 100 suggestions by customers and partners, we have made working with Hippo more efficient and more importantly, much easier. Under the hood, we tackled the largest parts of the move to AngularJS. Next to great performance improvements for our customers, this means more flexibility and speed in developing new features.
  13. 13. What’s New Hippo 11 13 Improved Platform Stability and Security Hippo 11 follows the support policies of underlying technologies, including opening up support for Elasticsearch 2.3. To ensure ongoing stability of the platform, Hippo 11 rolled up nearly 2,000 product improvements, including four security issues.
  14. 14. What’s New Hippo 11 14 Hippo onDemand Digital Experience in the Cloud Hippo onDemand is the digital experience platform in the cloud that allows organizations to roll out personalized omnichannel experiences quickly and continuously innovate for the best possible customer experience. Hippo onDemand allows to instantly build, test, and deploy digital experiences globally without infrastructure overhead. It scales with ease and offers optimal performance, reliability and security. The open architecture of Hippo onDemand caters to the complex interoperability and connectivity demands of modern digital experience ecosystems.
  15. 15. What’s New Hippo 11 15 Open Interoperability: Modern, Connected DX Architecture Digital experiences that stand out from the competition are continuously optimized and harmonize a range of different solutions in the background. That is why Hippo onDemand facilitates a fully customizable delivery tier for no-limits digital innovation. Open APIs ensure that Hippo onDemand provides interoperability with third-party data and solutions for seamless connectivity with the overall organization.
  16. 16. What’s New Hippo 11 16 Digital Operational Excellence Increases Business Agility By standardising complex procedures our customers can carry out complex activities without needing to learn and understand the technical complications involved. Whether it's traversing the Development, Testing, Acceptance and Production (DTAP / SDLC) pipeline, providing global delivery locations, migrating from on-premise to cloud in minutes or adopting hybrid cloud and on-premise solutions, Hippo onDemand makes it happen. Hippo onDemand supports continuous integration and as such facilitates continuous delivery models through open REST APIs. Paired with automated testing, this means successful deploys can be automatically rippled down the DTAP / SDLC stream for fully automated deployments.
  17. 17. What’s New Hippo 11 17 Best-in-class Performance and Uptime on World Leading Platform Built on Amazon AWS and docker technology, Hippo onDemand benefits from best-in-class cloud infrastructure. Hippo onDemand is geared for the best possible performance, scalability, reliability and security. A team of Hippo experts constantly monitors and improves the platform to ensure highest quality of service.Data centers around the world mean Hippo onDemand is always close to end-customers and our clients can decide where their data is stored. Hippo onDemand makes global roll- outs a matter of a few clicks and leverages CDNs to further accelerate your digital delivery.
  18. 18. What’s New Hippo 11 18 Digital Experience Innovation. The Cloud Flavours The Hippo approach to DXP in the cloud is the only solution to offer organizations the marketing power, flexibility, efficiency and speed necessary to win the digital experience innovation race. A calculation: Innovation Delivery Hippo Managed Lead time deploy (min) through SLAs etc 0 120 Effort deploy entire SDLC (min) 5 120 Deploys per weekday 4 4 Overhead per month 0.8 days 40 days Effort per month 0.8 days 20 daysSaving 1 FTE ~ $104,000 (average DevOps salary) SaaS Me-too Experiences Hippo onDemand Own Digital Innovation Managed Services Too little too late Freedom of Innovation Control Time to Deployment Delivery Overhead Bottom line Limited to configuration Vendor Not happening Not applicable Not designed for innovation microservices open cloud interoperability You As fast as you can go APIs supporting Continuous Delivery Best of both worlds: flexibility and agility Limited due to old school architecture Vendor or vendor partner Throttled by vendor or partner Cost or effort for full DevOps overhead Too slow to keep competitive edge
  20. 20. <topic> Feature overview 20
  21. 21. What’s New Hippo 11 21 Versions at a Glance: Business & Marketing 7.8 7.9 10 10.2 11.0 Device Preview √ √ √ √ √ Editing in Device Preview √ Landing Page & Navigation Management √ √ √ √ Page Move & Copy √ √ Fine grained locking √ √ √ √ Improved content layout management √ √ √ Multiple time zones in the CMS √ System for multiple CMS languages (Chinese, Spanish) √ Relevance: Targeting & Personalization √ √ √ √ √√ Relevance: Trends & Experiments √ √√ √√ Persistent Visitor Storage √ √ √ √ Enterprise Forms √ √ √ √ Advanced Search √ √ √ √ Optimized editing experience (CK Editor) √ √ √ √ User Interface Refresh *** **** *10 Performance & Scalability **** ***** ***** ***** *****
  22. 22. What’s New Hippo 11 22 Versions at a Glance: IT 7.8 7.9 10 10.2 11.0 Page Diagnostics √ √ √ √ √ Distributed Caching √ √ √ √ √ Big data stream processing √ √ √ Parallel workspaces for developers and users √ √ √ √ LiveReload for template development √ √ √ Content REST API √ √ Page Move & Copy Custom Actions √ √ Secure Content Replication √ √ √ √ Repository Synchronization √ √ √ Two-factor authentication √ √ √ Improved password strength (SHA256) √ Setup & Feature Library √ √√ √√ √√
  23. 23. What’s New Hippo 11 23 onDemand v2 onDemand v1 Amazon AWS based PaaS offering Managed services hosting in local datacenters Standardized Solution with dedicated extension APIs Many customer specific customizations Developer freedom to innovate in the cloud without infra dependencies Dependent on Hippo Services Self Service for DevOps, reducing process overhead for DevOps to deploy a Continuous Integration model Call Hippo for every deployment API-first model, exposing all self-service functionality to DevOps team No API Development Agility Statistics No insight into dev performance Self Service and Automated Backups / Restore etc Call Hippo for every backup / restore Dynamic resource allocation depending on demand Manual allocation of additional capacity Potential for future 3rd party service integration Not available due to high degree of customization Designed for DTAP / SDLC streams and continuous delivery Promotion through development process manual, cumbersome and dependent on Hippo availability Can run in any Amazon AWS region Limited to Hippo datacenters
  24. 24. What’s New Hippo 11 24 Choosing an Upgrade Path Major vs Minor Releases Hippo is released three times a year: a major release before summer and two minor ones in autumn and spring Minor releases are backwards compatible and upgrading is effortless. Major releases can break backwards compatibility, which means a larger upgrade effort might be needed for the customer. Customers can choose to follow minor releases to ensure they always have the latest features available. Alternatively, for customers that do not want to update often, the option is offered to stay on a supported release for one or two years (depending on their support contract).
  25. 25. What’s New Hippo 11 25 Your Road to Hippo 11 Upgrade Assessment A Hippo Solution Architect assess your current code base to determine the impact of an upgrade and mitigate potential risk factors by recommending solutions using standard interfaces and Hippo best practices. The Upgrade Assessment includes ● Expert analysis of your current implementation. ● Concise Audit of items to address including suggestions on which custom code can be replaced by Hippo standard software thereby enhancing overall maintainability of your project ● 4 hour on-site assistance of an architect for knowledge sharing and additional support ● Optional further on-site developer assistance
  26. 26. What’s New Hippo 11 26 Moving to Hippo onDemand Hippo onDemand is currently in beta phase available for new projects. As of Q4/2016, Hippo Professional Services will create a migration service to assess the move of both onPremise and onDemand v1 customers to the cloud.