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How to become successful with Digital Marketing Platforms


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How to become successful with Digital Marketing Platforms

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Published in: Marketing
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How to become successful with Digital Marketing Platforms

  1. 1. How to become successful with DIGITAL MARKETING PLATFORMS
  3. 3. A Digital Marketing Platform is a centralized enterprise system for managing and optimizing your marketing efforts
  4. 4. A Digital Marketing Platform provides capabilities to help marketers be effective
  5. 5. Which is not the same as efficient from a content management perspective, but rather having velocity, agility and insight into your business
  6. 6. A Digital Marketing Platform… (as opposed to a Content Management System) includes multiple channels also channels that are beyond the control of the Content Management System, because…
  7. 7. …A Digital Marketer typically deals with one or more websites social media campaigns email marketing campaigns and paid search Advanced Digital Marketers might also have added bloggers, SMS campaigns or even Telemarketers into the mix
  9. 9. Contrary to popular belief… a websites (or any digital channel) is NOT a SINGLE channel
  10. 10. In fact, almost every Digital Marketing Channel can be broken down into 4 DIMENSIONS
  11. 11. CONTENT or WORDS
  12. 12. IMAGERY
  13. 13. LAYOUT
  15. 15. Which can be managed, shared and optimized distinctly
  16. 16. The capability of the Digital Marketing Platform ties specifically to how much agility it provides Marketers in their ability to create, manage and share assets in support of and across these dimensions to each of their digital channels
  17. 17. Part Three HOW TO SELECT
  18. 18. When going out to select a new Digital Marketing Platform look for these 3 vital features
  19. 19. True Multi-Site Capability including the ability to manage only the differences between sites and across multiple locales
  20. 20. Ease of Use (for the Contributor) including in-context preview and contribution and Agility A clear separation between Developer and Contributor capabilities is important, so functionality and layout elements can be continuously developed and delivered
  21. 21. Native Targeting & Personalization The ability to provide contextual changes to the experience relative to either the visitor or the providing organization
  22. 22. Part Four CHANGES TO MAKE
  23. 23. But – as always – it is not only about the tools. Your organization needs to change too…
  24. 24. Develop a test-driven optimization strategy
  25. 25. Introduce a continuous integration and deployment model
  26. 26. BALANCE It’s security-driven and Marketing’s experiment-driven view of infrastructure (in many cases by moving to the cloud)
  27. 27. Take Agile Marketing to the next level
  28. 28. Part Five HOW TO START
  29. 29. We recommend you start your Digital Marketing Journey with these 4 steps
  30. 30. STEP 1 Select a Digital Marketing Platform
  31. 31. STEP 2 Understand how each dimension of the digital experience is managed in your organization
  32. 32. STEP 3 Adopt a test-driven optimization strategy
  33. 33. STEP 4 Look to The Cloud
  34. 34. THANK YOU.