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Hadley Gustin Brochure Web

  1. 1. 00 EBO E1 FRE OK S (A $1,000 Value) NG WIT H KI EV ERY B O O Hadley Gustin The World’s First Holistic Anxiety Speaker, Author & Coach!  Hadley, to me, is a peaceful warrior. She is a courageous, strong woman who KNOWS who she is and embraces it. How many girls her age were so connected with their personal growth? I know I wasn’t when I was her age! I have so much respect for Hadley for following her dream and starting her own business helping to heal anxiety. It took me a LOT longer to find that confidence within myself (well into my 20’s). I have SO much respect for Hadley; it’s almost not possible to express it. She’s a very old soul with infinite potential to impact the world. Not only does Hadley offer practical tips for healing anxiety, but she offers a holistic approach incorporating “do-able” shifts such as diet changes. Hadley is such a visionary and understands every aspect of total wellbeing. Hadley is a true healer.”  - Chrissy Harmon, M.Ed. & Founder of Clueberry WorldAuthor of the New eBook,Wild Wisdom: 22 Love Lessons from My Naked Heart to Your Anxious Head
  2. 2. Hadley Gustin is a holistic anxiety speaker, author and coach. After suffering from severe and chronic anxiety for over a decadeof her childhood and young adulthood, Hadley healed her disorder at age 20 by using holistic methods. Today, she dedicatesher personal and professional life to the principles of holistic living and empowering other anxious young women like herself tolive healthy, happy and mentally free.Hadley has been featured by the Hippocrates Health Institute’s online magazine, ElephantJournal, The Minnesota Daily, La Dea Vita, Libre Living, Do You Yoga, and Clueberry World.She has given numerous press interviews on radio talk shows and in online print publications.Recently, she was named on Elephant Journal’s “Editor’s Picks” list and “Top 10 Blogs of the Week”list respectively.Some of Hadleys most notable followers include financial teacher and Hay House author KateNorthrup, womens leadership expert Tabby Biddle, Hay House author Dr. Lissa Rankin, New YorkTimes Best-Selling author Dr. Daniel Amen, nationally-known holistic author and speaker Dr. Ginger,motivational speaker Jennifer Thompson, transformation expert Terri Cole, author Jenny Blake, HayHouse speaker and Harper Collins author Alisa Vitti, fitness and lifestyle coach Liz DiAlto, founder of Stratejoy Molly Mahar, Inc.500 List Member & Forbes contributor Fabienne Fredrickson, entrepreneur Derek Sivers, and author of The Fire Starter SessionsDanielle LaPorte. What People Are Saying About Hadley Gustin:“I love your site! I will be following your blog and using it as a reference point. I am setting sail to get my masters inpsychology. I plan to be a licensed therapist helping young women in college. I’m inspired by people like you, thatare sharing themselves and helping others.” -Brynn Andre, Graduate Student in Psychology“Gustin marvelously redefines anxiety through the beautiful, transparent & honest poetry of her experiences. I lovehow she has reframed something that is generally thought of as destructive and done so in a way to help us thriveand learn from it.” -Mishel Herrera, Founder of La Dea Vita"Believe it or not, this amazingly wise, insightful, articulate woman is only 21... Get inspired by her, and read herstory. Hadley Gustin is on track to make a massive, positive impact on the world!" -Chrissy Harmon, M.Ed. & Founder of Clueberry World"Hadley Gustin: Inspiring young ladies to be confident and kick anxiety." -Chef Ariella, Founder of Healthy Creations"Sending Hadley love!" -Alissa Vitti, Hay House Speaker and Harper Collins Author"You are an inspiration." -Jaime Slavin, Nutritionist & MPH Candidate"I love your soul... You are such an inspiration!" -Jennifer Mitchell, Clueberry Empowerment Leader"Love the work you are doing." -Alissa Finerman, Speaker, Life Coach, MBA & Author of Living in Your Top 1% To check availability, contact: (847) 691-7620 Email: assistant@hip2bhol.com www.hip2bhol.com
  3. 3. The Event: Riveting, Empowering Dear Meeting Planner: I am committed to helping you present a dynamic program for your organization. Weeks before the event: 1. I will conduct telephone conversations to find out exactly your specific needs and to learn important facts about your organization and employees/members. 2. I will customize my presentation to include this information. 3. You will receive 100 FREE eBook vouchers to give to your attendees at the Event. 4. I will take the time to meet with you to discuss any last minute details. 5. I will weave real-life stories from my own anxiety experience with powerful and practical holistic healing tools to stimulate and challenge your audience. 6. I will sign every eBook voucher after the presentation. My goal is to help you have the BEST program ever. Please, refer to the contact information on the back of this brochure to schedule me for your gathering. Sincerely, Hadley Gustin Topics (a brief overview of the points covered)1) Anxiety Speaks (Motivational) "Over 40 million Americans are diagnosed with anxiety disorders. Its everywhere!From the overwhelming office to the hectic home to the negative thoughts sounding inour minds, anxiety lives and breathes wherever we go. Deny it, and it will persist. But if yourecognize its constructive role in your life, you can start to heal it for good."-Points covered: Hadleys personal anxiety story, acknowledging anxiety and redefiningmental health and the anxiety epidemic2) Finding Calm in Corporate (Business) "Sitting at a desk for hours everyday is taxing on anyone. Now, add in physical symptoms like full-body tension,spontaneous sweats, headaches, shakes and queasy stomachs, and life becomes absolutely unbearable in the confines of youroffice space."-Points covered: How to relieve anxiety and stress at work and handling office panic attacks3) Anxious Ambition (Personal/Professional) "Too often we allow anxiety to get the better of us and stop us from reaching our highest capabilities. Believe it or not,you can check your anxiety at the door and achieve your greatest goals amidst your worst fears."-Points covered: Uncovering your deepest fears, overpowering your anxious mind, having fun with fear4) Healthy Minds Heal the World (Leadership/Motivation) Hadley uses her own personal experiences of maintaining a healthy diet and everyday practices like yoga, meditationand exercise to demonstrate how you can serve others by healing yourself.
  4. 4. Enthusiastic and Enlightening!Hadley Gustin is available for: E1 00 EBO FRE OK S• Keynotes • Public seminars (A $1,000 Value) NG WIT• Conferences (global, nationwide, regional, state or local) • Team-building events H KI EV ERY B O O• Meetings (any time of the year) • Banquets• Incentive trip gatherings • Leadership gatherings• Health and wellness events • Any other function where an "outside" speaker is• In-house presentations feasibleHadley is a contributing writer for the up-and-coming dailyyoga blog, Do You Yoga. She is also the #1 teacher on theinteractive, empowerment website, Clueberry World. Hadley signs every eBook voucher after she speaks. Hundreds of People Can’t Be Wrong..."Hadleys efficient, competent, creative and cheerful at the same time." Linda Yu, Anchor/Reporter, ABC7Chicago (WLS-TV)"Hadley is extremely professional and personable. Id highly recommend her to anyone looking for a bright, risingstar. She has tenacity, vision, good work ethic, and shes definitely "going places." Diane DAndrea, Account Executive, ABC Television"Hadley has helped me define what it means to be a modern-day goddess." Mishel Herrera, Founder of La Dea Vita"An inspiring holistic anxiety coach, speaker and now the author of this breath of fresh air work, Wild Wisdom." Lindsey Lewis, Founder of Libre Living"The poetry Gustin uses to exhibit her inner most thoughts and feelings is absolutely riveting! You can sense theraw energy and emotion pulsating out of each and every word; Wild Wisdom is pure truth about what it means tofind, accept and love yourself." Gayla Miller, Writer"Release your stress now with the best anxiety coach. You, too, will be hip without the mess just like Hadley." Freddie DeGrate, Actor: Las Vegas, CSI: NY, The Holiday"Love what Hadley has got going on!" DeAnne Lynn Englezos, Life Coach"I love the message of Hadley’s book!!! I’m excited to get my hands on it! She is awesome!!" Leigh Hall, Author