Building an Online Marketing Foundation


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  • Poll – Which online marketing techniques do you focus on most heavily? A. Social Media B. SEO C. Blogging D. Paid Search E. NoneSylvia first question: how to wade through this? How many times have you heard someone say, “you need facebook for your business, you have to be blogging, you must send X amount of emails for your firm, you need to pay for Google ads…. After awhile it just seems like web clutter, doesn’t it?
  • We talk to executives of prof serv firms all the time. Hear the same concerns come up.
  • We saw this in the last webinar, won’t spend too much timeToday really want to focus at the top. What you’re seeing is a variety of marketing techniques that were rated by participants on effectivness for lead gen. 20 expert interviews, ask them to rate these things on 10 point scaleLook at the discrepancy between average firms and high growth firms.
  • Traffic gen, traffic convert, traffic retain. Can’t have any of it without the first. Not only looking for things like lawn services and car towing. Now seeing people searching for practically anything, from construction services to mgmt consulting. Education as well in these areas. Things like Google pay per click you keep paying. SEO, you don’t.Not only the number of searches in general, but the number that are coming to your site, the number downloading by keyword, contacting by keyword. Tie it back to leads and revenue.
  • Other factors – structure of the website that makes sense to search engines, XML sitemap, internal linking Within each of these high level categories there are more granular steps, but this is about as much as you need to know as an executive. For a full break down, find the webinar in our library I gave on SEO for Professional Services Firms.
  • Sylvia question – what’s different from prof. services? SLR cameraTips for using Sharepoint 2010
  • Must optimize top level pages, but also think about content optimization – shout out to next item in the series.
  • Link building: directories, partners, press releases, guest blog posts, create something amazing
  • Start with Cybersecurity Company. Then move on to mobile security consulting. Then move on to ‘The Future of Cloud Security’ The more pages you create, the more you can optimize, the more traffic you can generate. Endless flow.
  • Looking for top 10 at least, then top 5, 3, 1 – most people are clicking in first 3 results. Nobody past the homepage. Not only ranking, but actually producing traffic. Just googling something doesn’t mean it matters. ‘Geospatial business intelligence in healthcare 2012’Look at final actions. Stress so much setting up goals from the beginning. Sylvia - Also media mentions. Client last week had someone find them by searching BIM DC
  • “Been doing seo for about a year now…don’t know if it’s working.” If one keyword is leading to more conversions, focus on similar keywords. Ongoing experiment. Sylvia question – inhouse or out of house? For social, inhouse may be fine. For SEO, find a specialist.
  • Sylvia – intro to the experts.
  • Short: ‘marketing services’Long: ‘marketing services for construction companies’
  • More keyword rich content you produce, more changes of index….blogs. Also more things to link to! Over and over they said this. LONG TERM! Sylvia segway – content and nurturing
  • If someoneguarentees you rankings quickly, turn away.
  • We’re practicing what we preach, pushing out more and more content through our blog these days….only going to get better. -specific tips and content on twitter.
  • Building an Online Marketing Foundation

    2. 2. Today’s Moderator and Speaker: Sylvia Montgomery Sean McVey Partner, Hinge Directory of Online Marketing, Hinge Follow Me on Twitter: Follow Me on Twitter: @BrandStrong @SeanTMcVey
    3. 3. What We’ll Cover › Finding Your Foundation › Understanding SEO on a High Level › Get Started with SEO and Analytics › Measuring Success › Bonus Tips from the Experts
    4. 4. Web Clutter – How is this Helping My Firm?
    5. 5. Key Concern for Executives: “Ithink online marking is important, but I don’t have the resources to do it all.”  Few firms have both the time and money to execute on a full range of online marketing techniques  Executives want to carefully invest in marketing that produces new business consistently  So… what techniques are most effective?
    6. 6. What is your foundation?
    7. 7. SEO Serves as a Solid Foundation  Without web traffic, nothing else matters  More and more are using Google to find services  SEO can be highly profitable  SEO is measurable People are searching for your services! Keyword Monthly Search Volume Architecture Dallas 9,900 Tax Services New York 4,400 Electrical Engineering Services 4,400 Data Warehousing Services 1,300 Law Firm San Diego 14,800
    8. 8. How SEO Works on a High Level ① Conduct keyword research ② Optimize web page with keyword phrase ③ Build inbound links to page ④ Track rankings of page ⑤ Repeat
    9. 9. How is SEO Different for Professional Services? Buying Process for Most Products and Services Start Buy! A little research Buying Process for Professional Services Start Buy! Research and Education for a Year or More
    10. 10. An SEO focus on early and late stage leadsEarly Stage Keywords Late Stage Keywords “Benefits of sustainable  “Memphis architecture firm” building”  “General contractor DC” “How to hire a green architect”  “MEP services” “What is the better buildings challenge?”  “Green design services” “BIM definition”
    11. 11. Where to start? Start by optimizing your home page ① Conduct keyword research and select 1 – 2 keyword phrases for the home page. ② Implement the phrases into the page in several ways, including the page title, headers, and paragraph text. ③ Run a link building campaign to the home page, acquiring quality links pointing to your site. ④ Track rankings for target keywords.
    12. 12. Then what? As you secure homepage rankings, begin to focus on sub pages and rich content pages such as blog posts. ① Select pages with a specific focus that will drive the right traffic ② Repeat the same steps from the home page
    13. 13. What types of results are we looking for here? › Rankings › Traffic from organic search (by keyword) › Conversions (soft and hard) › New Business
    14. 14. Finding your core metrics Website Traffic by Source Contact Us Conversions by Source4500 Organic Search Direct Referral 16 Organic Direct Referral4000 663 143500 12 33000 1222 102500 3 82000 61500 4 81000 2130 2 500 0 0 1/14-2/14 1/14-2/14
    15. 15. Finding your core metrics Core Keyword Rankings unranked 4th and later 2nd or 3rd First Page100% 9.09% 9.09% 13.64%90%80% 22.73% 22.73%70% 31.82%60% 22.73%50% 100.00%40% 27.27% 68.18%30%20% 45.45% 27.27%10% 0% 1/30/11 2/6/11 2/13/11 2/20/11
    16. 16. Visits and Quality of Visits by Keyword
    17. 17. Conversions by Keyword
    18. 18. Total Conversions by Goal
    19. 19. Analytics – A Key Foundational Piece › SEO is pointless without analytics › Download Google Analytics right now! › Evaluate key metrics on a weekly basis › Continually change your strategy based on where conversions and business are coming from
    20. 20. Bonus Time!TIPS FROM THE EXPERTS
    21. 21. How long should SEO take? “It should take no more than three days to get a page indexed in search engines. In terms of ranking improvements, you should start to see results after a month. SEO campaigns can go on indefinitely however, with rankings continuing to improve throughout time.” - Danny Dover Author, Search Engine Optimization Secrets
    22. 22. How long should SEO take? “The time it takes to see SEO results depends on the competitiveness of the industry. In a less competitive space you should start to see results in a month or two. In a competitive space, you’re looking at three or four months.” - Brad Geddes Author, Advanced Google Adwords
    23. 23. Where should I focus my SEO efforts? “For professional services firms, focus on the homepage first. This is your highest priority. After securing initial rankings, focus 50% of your efforts on the homepage and 50% on sub services pages.” - Eric Enge Author, The Art of SEO
    24. 24. Where should I focus my SEO efforts? “We focus on a mix of long tail and short tail keywords. For professional services firms, targeting broad keywords on your home page is a solid start. However, nailing those more specific sub page keywords is also a huge part of the process.” - Kristopher Jones Author, Search Engine Optimization
    25. 25. The Most Important Aspect of SEO “Both parts of SEO are extremely important. If you get the keywords wrong, everything else is futile. And without quality inbound links, you’re not going to rank. You need both pieces for success.” - Jim Boykin CEO, We Build Pages
    26. 26. Best Way to Build Quality Links “Start by obtaining links from credible directories such as Yahoo’s directory. Then focus on creating white papers and blog posts. Rich educational content is the best way to attract links and build authority in the long run.” - Loren Baker VP, Blue Glass
    27. 27. The importance of content for SEO On a scale from 0 – 10, rate the importance of consistently publishing content on a website to increasing search engine traffic. › James Beswick: 10 › Jim Boykin: 7 › Kristopher Jones: 8 Average: 7.57 › Loren Baker: 10 › Danny Dover: 7 › Brad Geddes: 3 › Eric Enge: 8
    28. 28. PPC vs. Organic “We favor organic to PPC, focusing about 95% of our efforts on organic. PPC is great for targeting very specific terms. However, the majority of people searching are clicking in organic results.” - Jim Boykin CEO, We Build Pages
    29. 29. Biggest Misconception About SEO “The biggest misconception is that you can go out and buy a lot of links and rank very quickly. People think link building is like media buying. It’s not.” - Loren Baker VP, Blue Glass
    30. 30. Best Piece of Advice “There are no shortcuts. If it’s a shortcut, it won’t work. Roll up your sleeves and stay in it for the long run.” - Jim Boykin CEO, We Build Pages
    31. 31. To Learn More… 1. Subscribe to the Professional Services Marketing Blog 2. Download the report, “Online Marketing Research Study” 3. Follow us on Twitter: @SeanTMcVey @BrandStrong
    32. 32. Thank you! Questions? Sean McVey Continue the Conversation @SeanTMcVey Sylvia Montgomery @BrandStrong Join our LinkedIn Group, the Professional Services Executive Forum Give us a Call! Search for it in LinkedIn Groups now! 703-391-8870