Blood cancer webinar 2013


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An awareness about blood disorders, blood cancer and its treatment methods.

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Blood cancer webinar 2013

  1. 1. Blood CancersDr. Farah JijinaConsultant Hematologist & Hemato-oncologistMDHinduja Hospital, Mahim, Mumbai
  2. 2. Hematology ???• The science encompassing the medicalstudy of the blood and blood-producingorgans• Diseases of the blood
  3. 3. Hemato + Oncology – Blood CancersCancers :LeukemiasLymphomasPlasma cell dyscrasiasMyelomasBenign hematologyDisorders of:Red cellsWhite bld cellsPlateletsCoagulation
  4. 4. Hemato-oncology – Blood CancersLeukemias•Acute leukemias•Chronic leukemiasLymphomas•Non hodgkin’s lymphoma•Hodgkin’s lymphomaMyelomas
  5. 5. NO !!! Every blood cancer is different• How the patient presents is different• Treatment is different• Prognosis is differentAre all Blood Cancers same ???
  6. 6. • Very few cancers have genetic predisposition• Most of the cancers are nothereditaryAre Blood Cancers Hereditary ???
  7. 7. • Cancers are not contagious at all• Do not affect any family members who comesin contact with patient– Other children– Spouse– Care giverAre Blood Cancers Contagious ???
  8. 8. Blood Cancers…Leukemias…• Acute– ALL– AML• Chronic– CML– CLLLymphomas…• Non hodgkin’slymphoma• Hodgkin’s lymphomaMyelomas…
  9. 9. Diagnosis - Blood Cancers…• May be asymptomatic – NO COMPLAINTS• Diagnosed on “R” health checks
  10. 10. Acute Leukemia…Short course of symptoms
  11. 11. Chronic Leukemia / Lymphomas …Usually longer course ofsymptoms
  12. 12. Common Presenting symptoms• Fatigue / tiredness (50%)• Anorexia / no appetite (30-40%)• Weight loss (30-40%)• Fever without evident cause (10%)• Bleeding (5%)
  13. 13. Bleeding
  14. 14. Other Common Symptoms• Bone pain• Infections• Enlarged glands• Enlarged liver / spleen• Non-specific cough• Headaches• Night sweats– Weight loss– Anorexia– Lassitude– Night sweats
  15. 15. Clinical Features
  16. 16. Myeloma• As they age, people oftencomplain of increasingaches and pains• But ….• Chronic back pain, notresponding• Anemia• Renal failureEspecially in older persons
  17. 17. Laboratory Work-up• CBC• Uric Acid level• Routine biochemical tests• Clotting studies (PT, PTT, D-dimer, fibrinogen)• Biopsy of any swelling• X rays / CT Scan / MRI
  18. 18. Bone Marrow Aspirate and BiopsySpecialtests doneon thesample
  19. 19. • ALMOST ALL !!• Some blood cancers one needs to wait andwatch; they do not require immediate treatment• They are slow, chronic cancers• Treatment is instituted only when symptomsdevelop• Regular check up is a must !!!All cancers must be treatedIMMEDIATELY !!!
  20. 20. Treatment – Blood Cancers...• Supportive care• Chemotherapy– No of cycles– Phases of chemotherapy• Bone marrow transplantation
  21. 21. What about the Side Effects ?• Yes, there are side effects– Nausea– Vomiting– Infection– Bleeding• There are better medicines now to control theadverse effects of chemotherapy
  22. 22. Oh, but I will go bald !!!• Yes, you may, depending onthe treatment• But the hair ALWAYSCOMES BACK !!!• AND BETTER, CURLIERTHAN BEFORE !!!
  23. 23. Immediate Reaction• Doom• Despair• Fear
  24. 24. • Hope• Determination• Grit• Fighting Spirit
  25. 25. Many Blood Cancers can be Cured
  26. 26. New technologiesin the treatmentof cancer !!!
  27. 27. The Future• Clinical trials• New drug treatments• Vaccines• Immunotherapy• Leukemia type-specific therapy• Gene therapy– Block encoding instructions of an oncogene– Target the oncoprotein• Blood and marrow stem cell transplantation– Bone marrow transplantation provides long-term, disease-free survival among patients in remission
  28. 28. • First aim of any cancertreatment is to achieve cure• Second aim is to make patientlead a normal, sociallyacceptable and productive life• Any treatment plan deviatingfrom these goals is not state ofthe art treatmentUndergoing cancer treatment means onecannot lead a normal life or work ??
  29. 29. Life does triumph !!!
  30. 30. Dr. Farah JijinaConsultant Hematologist & Hemato-oncologistAppointment Helpline: 022-39818181/67668181/24451515VOPS Schedule: Every Thursday, 11:30 am to 12:00 pmOnline Appointment: any Queries, please write us on: info@hindujahospital.comThank You