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Gerard Hind's CV showing many years of experience in a variety of roles. Technical Director running site and offices teams building large As-Built computer models for engineering. Now concentrating on Web Development, Design & Hosting.

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Gerard Hind's CV

  1. 1. Gerard Phillip Hind 01642 473 222 19 Granville Terrace Redcar Cleveland TS10 3APProfileI enjoy challenging situations and helping others achieve the best they can. I have many years ofexperience of being both a team leader and a team member. I take pleasure in finding out what peopleneed and then delivering it. I am a problem solver that thinks laterally and finds humor in mostsituations. I get on well with people and I consider myself a good listener. During my 34 years inindustry I have worked in the Power Generation/Transmission, Chemical, PetrochemicalPharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Military, Nuclear reprocessing and Nuclear Decommissioning industries(job list below). I have worked with and managed model build solutions in PDMS, AutoCad,MicroStation and several others. I have been involved with business development and sales of bothengineering services and products for over 20 years, as well as managing both areas of the metrologyindustry. I have been involved with various companies web site design and implementation and havebuilt up a great deal of knowledge concerning what and what does not work when building web basedcontent.ExperienceSeeview SolutionsHome BasedWeb Designer & Business Development Consultant June 2009 – PresentDuring the later part of 2009 I started my own business, Web and Animation Design using the Abodesuite of software CS4 and other software package for audio and video presentations.. I use my newskills in creating animations and web based sales material to support my business developmentconsultancy. Currently on contract to Quantapoint Europe a joint venture company providingprofessional engineering services and software sales.(contract finished October 2010) My role withinthis organisation was Business Development Executive in the Laser Scanning services and softwareenvironment. (Contract finished October 2010)Career BreakHome Based May 2008 - May 2009I took a 12 month career break to concentrate on house renovation.NB Surveys Limited
  2. 2. AberdeenBusiness Development Manager January 2006 – April 2008My role was to support the existing extensive client list and to develop new clients. The companyspecialised in providing Dimension Control Surveys for the Oil & Gas industry working in the NorthSea Sector and worldwide. My role was to diversify the client base into non Oil & Gas businesssectors. I steered the company into BioFules, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical and NuclearDecommissioning business where I procured 3 profitable jobs at Sellafield. I sought out and coachedseveral software modeling partners overseas and undertook proficiency testing so that our clientsreceived the most cost effective solution. I undertook bid proposal/estimating from small jobs to verylarge multi-million pound proposals and presented these to clients directors, managers and engineers. Iproduced a PowerPoint presentation file so that the very complex technologies could be shown toclients no matter their level of experience in Photogrammetry, Laser Scanning and Dimension Control.Offset Services LimitedWarringtonTechnical Director January 1986 – November 2005My role was to manage teams of engineers using ICI’s Licensed CAMS software in the creation of 3DAs-Built models for Plant Design, Retrofit and Asset Management Projects. The technology wasdeveloped into a world leader in the field of as-built software and systems. These packages were sold toalliance partners and I undertook support training of client’s staff all over the world. I produced aPowerPoint presentation file so that the very complex technologies could be shown to clients no mattertheir level of experience in Photogrammetry, Laser Scanning or Dimension Control. On manyoccasions our remit was to customise our as-built techniques and create bespoke engineering solutionsfor clients in the onshore and offshore industries. Experience gained in all aspects of business andsoftware development, and running projects in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical,Military/Defence and Nuclear plants. Several years experienced in Nuclear Decommissioning andRobotic Design and Deployment feasibilities studies. During my period at Offset Services I wasresponsible for all aspects of project success from conception to final deliverable. I was heavilyinvolved with clients engineering staff both on site and in the design office. I was also involved inmanaging engineers undertaking conceptual and detailed design and providing the 3D model as adeliverable in PDMS and other systems. I undertook bid proposal/estimating from small jobs to verylarge multi-million pound proposals and presented these to client’s directors, managers and engineers.I.C.I Engineering DepartmentTeessideMechanical Designer - CAMS Service Manager 1978 - 1986Gained experience in Vessel & Piping design and minor projects group. Involved in the developing ofthe as-built I.C.I Photogrammetry system CAMS and switched from being a Mechanical Designer tobecome a CAMS analyst and eventually the CAMS Service Manager.C.E.G.B (Central Electricity Generating Board)Teesside
  3. 3. Technical Staff Trainee 1974 - 1978I was posted to various Power Stations within the north east and north west regions and underwentengineering skills training covering both Mechanical and Electrical/Instrumentation Engineering and afitting and turning course at Harrogate Centre. I spent several months on deployment with the PowerTransmission and Control Room engineers.Skills and achievements Problem solving and solution Engineering Client Facing Estimating, bid proposal and presentation to clients senior staff Project management and project team development Technical presentation of products, software and services to clients staff of all levels Business Development and software alliance partner start up and training Developing on ship surveying so that battle ships could be modelled for the Royal Navy Project planning, monitoring and QA/QC Project management and project team development Vessel Design using BS 1500, 1515, 5500, ASME VIII and TEMA Piping Design using PDMS and constructability studies using REVIEW Familiar with most CAD Design packages Drawing production GA’s, Isometrics and Bills of materials using PDMS Finding out what people really want and how much they are willing to pay Software development, testing and maintenance In house staff and client’s staff training and mentoring Working in or visiting 45 countries Experienced in MS products NDT inspection and Corrosion monitoring Company procedure writing and management of Technical and Quality documents. Dimensional Control Surveying Laser Scanning and Laser Safety Photogrammetry Worked in Oil & Gas (offshore/onshore), Nuclear, Petrochemicals, Defence, Marine & Submarine, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Pulp & Paper.Education1975 – 1976Technical College NewcastleONC in Mechanical & Electrical Engineering1977 – 1978Polytechnic LeedsHNC Mechanical Engineering
  4. 4. TrainingDriving LicenseRPS course SellafieldManaging for Safety SellafieldCrane escape (Abseiling) SellafieldInterestsDo It Yourself, Web Design, Walking & Science.ReferencesAvailable on request.Experienced in the Nuclear Sector as project manager, site engineer andbusiness developerSellafield B212/4 Wash manifold and adjacent areaTVA Nuclear Power Huntsville (USA)Sellafield B215 South Dissolver Cell – Charge Tube SurveySellafield B215 South Dissolver Cell – Complete As-BuiltSellafield B214/5 Highly Active DuctCogema Le Harve Highly Active StorageEDF Paris Technology Evaluation Study (Non Active)Sellafield B30 North / South Wall SurveySellafield B30 South Active Drain TrenchSellafield Thorp Receipt & StorageSellafield B35 PondSellafield B215 North Raffinate DiversionAldermaston Photogrammetry & 3D Dimensional ControlSellafield EP1 & Nuclear License procurementFukishima JNFL Power StationRaoshako ? JNFL Reprocessing Plant (Non Active)Torness nuclear Power StationJNFL Reprocessing Plant (Japan) Technology AssessmentMHI & IHI Technology AssessmentSellafield B211 Roof SurveySellafield B30 Inlet BuildingSellafield B30 Main Process BuildingSellafield Pile Cap Feasibility StudyMOD projects for the Army, Navy and RAF