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OPay Latest Loan Application Form

OPay Latest Loan Application Form as of email with Hindenburg Research dated January 4, 2020

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OPay Latest Loan Application Form

  1. 1. Name SurnameMiddle NameFirst Name Date of Birth Sex Male FemaleDD MM YY Residential Address Phone Number E-mail Address Company Name Business Address Purpose of Loan (Brief description) Passport BORROWER’S CONSENT Applicant’s Signature Date DD MM YY Witness Name Signature Date DD MM YY BankVerification I________________________________________________________________________ agree o To the terms and conditions and Privacy policy on pages 2 & 3 of this document o To authorize Paycom Nigeria Limited (Opay) to debit my Opay wallet on or after the due date for loan repayment (and penalty fees if applicable) on behalf of Blueridge MFB o That, to the best of my knowledge and belief, all information on contained in this loan application on and in the accompanying statements and documents is true, complete, and correct. o To notify Blue Ridge Microfinance Bank immediately of any material changes in this information. o That, whether or not the loan herein applied for is approved, the undersigned will pay or reimburse the bank for the costs, if any, of surveys, title or mortgage examinations, appraisals, etc., performed by non-Bank personnel with the consent of the applicant. o o Authorize the Bank to use any means possible (including debiting their other Bank accounts held in other banks by the undersigned) to recover their loan principal, interest and penalty fee (of 1% daily) in the event that the undersigned is unable to make repayments as at due date. KINDLY SELECT THE APPROPRIATE LOAN PACKAGE IN THE TABLE BELOW LOANAMOUNT INTEREST TOTAL REPAYMENTAMOUNT TENURE N100,000 N1,500 N101,500 7 DAYS N50,000 N750 N50,750 7 DAYS N200,000 N3,000 N203,000 7 DAYS N300,000 N4,500 N304,500 7 DAYS (Your Full Name) LOAN APPLICATION FORM To authorize Paycom Nigeria Limited (Opay) to give the Bank access to my KYC information and also authorize the Bank to contact any Bank and trade creditors it deems necessary without further notice including, but not limited to Credit Bureaus Means of International Passport Driver’s License National ID Card Permanent Voter’s Card PLEASE ATTACH GOVERNMENT ISSUED ID CARDTOTHIS APPLICATION
  2. 2. TERMS AND CONDITIONS 9. We may contact you and/or your referee.You expressly agree that,as part of the Service,you may,from time to time,receive communications from us via text message (SMS) or email, including our promotional newsletters or other information about the Service.You may stop receiving promotional messages by following the opt-out instructions in the message.Even if you choose to opt out of receiving promotional messages,you may not opt out of receiving service-related messages.You also expressly authorize us to contact your referee to verify your information or when we are unable to contact you or when we have not received a repayment from you.You confirm that your referee has consented to the sharing of his/her information with us and to us contacting them with respect to your use of the Service. 1. This is a Contract.TheseTerms constitute a contract.You may not use the Service if you do not accept theseTerms.By using any part of the Service you accept theseTerms. If you are under eighteen (18) years of age,you may not use the Service. 7. If you fail to repay,you will be in default.If you still have not repaid the Loan amount and fees,after the Due Date,you will be in default.This default may be reported by us to credit reference bureaus duly licensed under the Credit Reporting Act 2017, within 28 (twenty-eight) days of your default and such report may affect your ability to borrow money in the future.You will be responsible for the reasonable costs we or our suppliers may incur in collecting the payment in accordance with applicable law. Until you repay,we will charge you Rollover Interest.Overdue amounts will be rounded up to the nearest whole Nigerian Naira. 4. You must keep your account secure.You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and account.Furthermore,you are entirely responsible for any and all activities that occur through the use of your account or password.You agree to immediately notify us of any unauthorized use of your account or any other breach of security. 2. You must accept our privacy policy.To provide you with the Service,you must authorize the provision of certain personal information to us as described in our privacy policy.Our privacy policy governing the Service is attached to and incorporated into theseTerms (“Privacy Policy”).By accepting theseTerms and using the Service,you consent to and authorize the collection and use of your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy. 6. You must repay by the Due Date.You must repay the Loan together with the Interest by the date specified when you take the Loan (“Due Date”).It is important that you repay the Loan and Interest by the Due Date,if you fail to do so,we will charge you an additional fee of 1% (one percent) per day (“Rollover Interest”).You must then repay your loan amount,the Interest and the Rollover Interest. 13. We are not liable for any damages you may incur.IN NO EVENTWILLWE OR OUR SUPPLIERS BE LIABLE FORANY DIRECT,INDIRECT,PUNITIVE,INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, OR ANY DAMAGES WHATSOEVER INCLUDING,WITHOUT LIMITATION, DAMAGES FOR LOSS OF USE, DATA, OR PROFITS,ARISING OUT OF OR INANYWAY CONNECTEDWITHTHE USE OR PERFORMANCE OFTHE SERVICE,WITHTHE DELAY OR INABILITYTO USETHE SERVICE,THE PROVISION OF OR FAILURETO PROVIDE SERVICE,OR FORANY LOAN OBTAINEDTHROUGHTHE SERVICE,OR OTHERWISEARISING OUT OF THE USE OFTHE SERVICE,WHETHER BASED ON CONTRACT,TORT,NEGLIGENCE,STRICT LIABILITY,OR OTHERWISE,EVEN IFAPPSAND GAMESAS ORANY OF ITS SUPPLIERS HAVE BEENADVISED OFTHE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. 10. You must respect our rights in the Service.We grant you a limited,non-transferable,personal right and license to use the Service and any associated software application through which it may be provided.You may not copy,decompile,reverse engineer,disassemble,attempt to derive the source code of,modify,or create derivative works of the software (except as,and only to the extent that,any of the foregoing restrictions are prohibited by applicable law or to the limited extent permitted by the licensing terms governing use of any open sourced components included within the software). The Blue RidgeAgent loan (“Service”) enables you to qualify to borrow small amounts over short periods of time (each a“Loan”).The Service is operated by Blue Ridge Micro Finance Bank (“we” or“us”) subject to these terms and conditions. 3. You must be truthful.You agree to provide true, accurate and complete information about yourself as prompted (“Account Data”) and you confirm that you have full authority to provide theAccount Data including in particular the information relating to the person you have provided as your referee.You agree to indemnify and keep us indemnified in full against all demands or claims that may be brought against us with respect to any information related to third parties provided by you to us during your use of the Service including any information related to your referee.You also agree to update theAccount Data to keep it current.You authorize us and our third party service providers,such as network providers or credit reference bureaus,to verifyAccount Data. 5. Interest is payable on Loans.Following the account registration process,you may be offered the opportunity to apply for Loans in certain amounts.We reserve the right to decline the Loan application for any reason.However,if we accept your application and grant you a Loan,We will charge a fee you must pay to us on top of paying back the borrowed amount (“Interest”).The Interest payable is stated together with the loan amount at the time you apply for each Loan.We will charge you Interest in the amount of 1% (one percent) per day and will be payable for the period we grant you a Loan regardless repayment is made before the Due Date.The Interest payable for a particular loan amount is particular to you. 8. You grant a mandate.You expressly request,instruct and authorize Us to debit from any of your accounts,which has your bank verification number (“BVN”) registered,and in accordance with any direct debit instruction issued and delivered to you by Us herein,the amount of the Loan,Interest,Rollover Interest or any other applicable fees,as necessary for the payment due in respect of the Loan on the Due Date or,before or after the Rollover Period.All such debits from your account by Us in accordance with this direct debit instruction issued and delivered to you by Us shall be treated as though it has been signed by you personally.You understand that the withdrawals hereby authorised will be processed by electronic funds transfer,and you also understand that details of each withdrawal will be printed on your bank statement.You expressly agree to pay any bank charges relating to this mandate. 12. The Service is provided without any warranties or guarantees.THE SERVICE IS PROVIDED AS ISWITHOUTWARRANTY OFANY KIND.WEAND OUR SUPPLIERS DISCLAIMALLWARRANTIESWITH REGARDTOTHE SERVICE,INCLUDINGALL IMPLIEDWARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY,FITNESS FORA PARTICULAR PURPOSE,TITLE,AND NON-INFRINGEMENT. IF YOU ARE DISSATISFIED WITH ANY PORTION OF THE SERVICE, OR WITH THESE TERMS,YOUR SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY ISTO DISCONTINUE USINGTHE SERVICE. 11. We may discontinue the Service.We may in our sole discretion and at any time terminate your access to the Service or discontinue providing the Service or any part of the Service,with or without notice.You agree that we will not be responsible or liable to you or any third party for modifying or discontinuing the Service,or for terminating or suspending your access to the Service. 15. We may modify theseTerms.TheseTerms may be modified without notice at any time in the future.It is your responsibility to remain informed of any changes as you are bound by the latest version of theTerms. 14. This contract is based on Nigerian law.TheseTerms are subject to,and shall be governed by,and construed in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, without reference to the principles of conflict of laws thereof.Any matters arising concerning the interpretation, validity or implementation of these Terms shall be submitted to arbitration in the English language before a sole arbitrator to take place in Lagos,Nigeria as the seat of the arbitration.The arbitration shall be conducted pursuant to theArbitration and ConciliationAct,Laws of the Federation 2004 and the Rules ofArbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce.The arbitrator shall be appointed by agreement between the parties or in default of such agreement within sixty (60) days of the notification of a dispute, by the Chairman of the aforementioned arbitral body.To the extent permitted by applicable law,the arbitral decision shall be final and binding on the parties Please read carefully before using this service.
  3. 3. PRIVACY POLICY Last reviewed Feb. 17, 2019 You hereby consent to, agree and authorize us to share your data with such third parties and you further agree and consent to the disclosure and provision of such information to by us to these third parties. E. Contact information. If you have any questions about this privacy policy or other privacy issues, we can be reached at: A. Why we collect data.We collect certain data to be able to provide the Service to you.We also collect data for use in verifying your identity and creating credit scoring models to determine what Loans can be offered to you.We also use this data for purposes of collections and credit reporting. B. The data we collect.When you register for the Service, we will collect your telephone number and may also collect your name, age, bank verification number (BVN), email address or other contact information.With this information, we may cross-check your identity with third parties including the person you have provided as your referee.We will also collect data from your device for our credit scoring system.This includes information relating to your device, such as device make and model, operating system, and installed software applications.We may also collect your email and phone- book contacts and information related to device activity such as call logs, SMS logs and GPS location information.To supplement this information, we may also collect data from third parties such as credit bureaus and other financial institutions. By registering for the Service, you authorize the collection and processing of the foregoing data. D. Who we share data with.We may share your data with third parties in certain circumstances.We may, for example, share data with: iii. government bodies and law enforcement agencies, to comply with the law; C. How we transfer and store data. Because we are a part of an international group of companies with data-centers around the world, your data may be transferred to other countries including countries which do not have the same level of data protection laws as those in the country where you are located.We will, however, ensure that your data is protected to a strict standard. ii. collections agencies, in seeking to collect overdue Loans; Blue Ridge Micro Finance Bank (“we” or “us”) takes your privacy seriously.This privacy policy explains why we collect data, what data we collect, how we store and transfer that data as well as who we may share the data with.You specifically authorize us to collect and process data in accordance with this privacy policy. i. credit bureaus, in requesting credit histories or reporting Loan defaults in accordance with the provisions of the Credit Reporting Act, 2017, or any other applicable law from time to time; iv. professional advisers, to enforce or defend our legal rights; or v. with a purchaser or seller in connection with a corporate event such as a merger, business acquisition or insolvency situation.