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Permanent makeup expert and hair replacement clinic


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Now-a-days, Semi-permanent makeup has become the latest trend amongst the fashion conscious people. The best part about this procedure is that it is a time-saver and can enhance everybody's personality. If we take an example of a Permanent eyeliner tattoo, you don't have to spend endless hours for putting and retouching the eyeliner. What's more, there is no need to get bored of applying this eyeliner. Plus, it looks same as the makeup that gives an attractive look to the user. Furthermore, it is a painless procedure. But all you have to do is to approach a top cosmetic surgeon. Hina Solanki is one of top cosmetic surgeons that help all the patients to transform their lives.

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Permanent makeup expert and hair replacement clinic

  1. 1. LONDON’S LEADING MICRO-PIGMENTATION CLINIC Led by renowned artist Hina Solanki, Sol Cosmedics is an internationally-regarded provider of permanent and semi-permanent cosmetics. Our specialist services, including eyebrow tattoo and medical scar camouflage, transform the lives of our patients. The work of Hina Solanki has made a lasting impression on the semi- permanent cosmetics industry. Ms. Solanki frequently works alongside London’s top cosmetic surgeons, Alex Karidis of the Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth Hospital and Yannis Alexandrides of 111 Harley Street. She has a number of celebrities among her clients.
  2. 2. Makeup forms an indispensable part of the daily routine of millions of women all across the globe. Whether you are going to your college, office, shopping, for a get-together, party or just an outing with your family, you surely do your makeup, including applying lipstick, lip liner, mascara, eye liner and so on. But doing your makeup takes time and requires patience.
  3. 3. With any shape lips, as we get older, the natural skin pigments fade, and can draw colour away from the face. It is now possible to change the shape and shade of your lips.
  4. 4. Modern men are now discovering the benefits of permanent cosmetic enhancements. Whether it is to correct a medical problem such as scarring or whether you’re simply looking for a cosmetic procedure to enhance your appearence, Hina has the solution you are looking for.