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Himesh portfolio


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Himesh portfolio

  1. 1. Himesh Singh Though Design is omni present but it’s discovery starts from within........Design Portfolio Education Currently pursuing Master of Design(Industrial Design) Design Programme,IIT Kanpur Internship Projects Current CPI:9/10 Year:2010-12 Furniture Design Bachelor of Architecture BBDNITM,Lucknow. 72.15% Interaction Design Achievements: 1st prize in Bad Design Contest in USID Gurukul’10 Secured AIR 87 rank in Common Entrance exam for Design’10 Visual Communication Secured AIR 227 rank in Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering’10
  2. 2. Design PortfolioInternship
  3. 3. Packaging Design:HUL Project Internship Work Need Statement:To redesign the washing powder packet which should be highly economical and solve the main pain points of research. Process:Qualitative research was done through conduction of interviews of users and their analysis. The research includes the buying,pr storage,pouring,dosing,storage and graphics of current packet. According to the main pain points which were the outcome of the research,the packet was redesigned. Out of 20 concepts ,6 were finalized and their prototype was made. The next step is the user testing and the basis of its success.HUL would launch the new packet in market in one year.Design Portfolio No details of concepts as they are Existing confidential. Packet.
  4. 4. Hostel Research Project Internship Work The idea behind this project is to find out the problems face by the IITK students in the hostels. Need Statement:• “To make the students’ space in IITK more interactive and happening to ease out stress and also to increase the level of comfort through innovative solutions.” Process:Qualitative research was done through conduction of interviews of students. Following process was used: Interact cards Contextual Enquiry Surveys and Questionnaire Interview and Games observe Observe users in their environments CAPTURE Visual Anthropology Video recordings Audio recordings APPROACH Photo montage 12 INTERVIEWSDesign Portfolio Qualitative Research 120 Desert Cooler 100 Oven Photography Water Cooler 80 Depth Coffee Maker Activities 60 A.C. Interview Vaccuum Cleaner 40 Games Waching Machine 20 Fridge 0 Heater Mixer Grinder T.V. Satisfaction Chart Room needs
  5. 5. Design PortfolioFurnitureDesign
  6. 6. Cubest “Cube at it best” Now a days as population is increasing so development athorities are heading towards group housing.In apartment space is limited s Need Statement:To design a furniture that is based on transformation could be used in different situations without taking more space. CUBEST Cubest is a Furniture based on transformation.It comprises of a chair and a centre table which can transform into study table and a lamp.The design factors under consideration are stackability,multifunctionality and portability. Cubest saves space as one can keep 296 cubests in 3m X3mX3m room. It also fulfills two important perspectives of emotional design : DESIGN AND SELF EXPRESSION(“do as you wish”) and DESIGN AND SURPRISE.Design Portfolio Prototype 1:2
  7. 7. Cheese Chair:Emotional Design Need Statement:To design a furniture based on “FUN” Process: Brainstorming on fun elements in life. Categorization and selectionof relevant elements Preparation of Mood board Sketching Selection and rejection Dimension according anthropomatic and ergonomics Cad Drawings Cad 3d model Prototyping Mood BoardDesign Portfolio The design is based on Tom and Jerry Comic scenes which are associated with run and chase due to cheese. Prototype 1:2.6
  8. 8. FurnForm “tranform transport Stackable” Inspiration from Jorge Frascara: “Design is not concerned with objects, but with the impact that those objects have on people. Designers have to move from the design of objects to the design of situations and activities.” Now a days there is social need to provide furniture to the remote villages that can solve daily problems. Need Statement:To design a furniture that can be used in multiple ways which can be stackable and can be transported to remote areas. FurnForm Furnform is series of modular They are series of piles which can be transform into units that can multiply to chair,table or bed. it is high in strengh.The transform into different forms transformation of the module have wide scope of use to serve various human needs such that it can convert community hall in a remote of Sitting,Reading,Sleeping village on high terrain for different purposes- etc.It is easy to transport and -School in a day time. stack as it require the minimum -Panchayat hall in evening. space and light in weight. -Marriage hall in the night. It can also become the part of equipments of the disaster management team going for a rescue. or for installing a polling booth in the tribal areas in the forest orAs the part of travel kit of the camping team.Design Portfolio 360 degree Furnform promotes Design & Citizenship :this product enhance lockable social responsibility and cooperation;and serve as a means of hinge promoting the common good.
  9. 9. Design PortfolioInteractionDesign
  10. 10. Housing Uncomplex:User Experience Design Project This is the project done under User Experience Design workshop. Need Statement:To find a design solution for executing tasks by apartment residents and administration Solution would be helpful in: payment of bills conduction of meetings festivals etc. Process:Design Portfolio Summarization of the process followed. The final product was the website designed for the users includes residents as well as the administration.For both of them there were provisions of personal webpage ithrough which they can socially interact with each other.Apart from this the bills will be send online by admin to the residents in order to incorporate transparency in functioning and freedom from financial discrepancies.
  11. 11. Website Design:4i lab IIT Kanpur Need Statement:To design the website for 4i Lab in IIT Kanpur to facilitate students as well as other users Process:Research was done regarding the needs of the students and administration and about the content. The website site is mainly informative but the facility of downloading projects form is given for students.Earlier they have to go to lab to collect the form.Also other visitor can download brochure for mor information.Design Portfolio
  12. 12. Design PortfolioVC
  13. 13. Brochure & Poster Design BAD DESIGN CONTEST USID GURUKUL:1ST PRIZE 1.Continous and unorganized Digging work on Indian roads. 2.Railway Food Thali 3.Indian Tractor Trolley BROCHURE OF 4I LAB AND IME DEPARTMENTDesign Portfolio
  15. 15. Design PortfolioOtherWorks
  16. 16. HANDS ON EXPERIENCE WORKS DESCRIPTION: Toy design base on color,sound and movement.Sound in Toys offer auditory feedback, enhance language and motor skills, develop spatial intelligence and understanding of cause and effect. Bright colors enhances participation, involvement, engagement, awareness, interest in children.Movement in toys add dynamics to the playing environment and the toy become more interactive. Thermocol carving of Innovative door handle abstract form potraying Carving using the adjective of MDF material. “protective”. M-BUDDYDesign Portfolio Need Statement:To design a product that would help in charging mobile without a base for keeping mobile. D E S I G N SOLUTION: The pouch having a TOY DESIGN handle that can be hanged in the charger itself.The mobile can be kept safe in side the pouch while charging.
  17. 17. Design Portfolio Sketching
  18. 18. Under Graduate Major Projects HOUSING LAYOUT and PLANSDesign Portfolio 300 BEDDED HOSPITAL AUDITORIUM
  19. 19. Under Graduate Thesis:Kalagram”Art & Craft Village” SITE LOCATION Knowledge Park II,Greater Noida TYPE AND SCOPE OF PROJECT It is a place where various activities for social interaction like plays,concerts, arts and craft exhibition and other similar programs are performed. It helps in preserving the culture of a particular region or country. The arts and craft village helps in holding workshops, promoting training in the field of art and culture etc. other activities such as documentation i.e. libraries and museums are a common features of the same. CLIENT Greater Noida Development Authority SITE INFORMATION Area of site 88154 sq m (22acre)Site is along lohia drain towards north-east direction.The site is divided into plots A, B, C, D.The site is easily approachable through 24 m wide road. SPATIAL REQUIREMENTS Art galleryDesign Portfolio Auditorium Library Administration office Workshop Open Air Theatre Food Courts Craft bazaar. Residential units/cottages. LAYOUT PLAN OF ARTS & CRAFT VILLAGE
  20. 20. Under Graduate Thesis:Kalagram”Art & Craft Village”Design Portfolio This is the Art Gallery designe village.Artifacts displayed in these This is the Open Air Theatre designed for the arts & art galleries.They are 4 in no.which will be dedicated to craft village.It is situated in the display zone in the Paintings,Handicrafts,Textiles and Pottery. central part. PLAN OF OPEN AIR THEATRE PLAN OF ART GALLARY
  21. 21. Design PortfolioThankYou