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7220, McCallum Blvd
+1 (717) 216-1720 | ...
• Technical consultant acting as a bridge between different development partners, release management and system engineerin...
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Profile : Himanshu kandwal


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My profile description mentioning relevant work experience and skill-set.

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Profile : Himanshu kandwal

  1. 1. 7220, McCallum Blvd Dallas TX HIMANSHU KANDWAL +1 (717) 216-1720 | EDUCATION Dallas, TX The University of Texas at Dallas Fall 2015 - Spring 2017 Master of Science in Computer Science GPA – 3.92/4.0 Coursework : Implementation and Analysis of Algorithms, Algorithm Analysis and Design, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Database Design, Machine Learning, Video Analytics, Virtual Reality. New Delhi, India Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University Fall 2006 - Spring 2010 Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science TECHNICAL SKILLSET Enterprise Technologies JEE, Design Patterns, Spring (MVC) Framework, Spring boot, Hibernate 4.x , JPA, Apache Storm, Log4J, JUnit 4.x, Arquillian 1.x, Mockito 2.x, Android, JHipster, JBoss Seam 3.x Programming Languages Java, PL/SQL, Python, Shell Scripting, C#, Javascript (AngularJS) Cloud Computing Services Amazon Web Services (AWS) Game Software Unity 3D 5.x, OpenCV 2.x Middleware Technologies Oracle SOA Fusion Middleware (BPEL, OSB, OWSM) Build Technologies Apache Maven 3.x, Gradle 2.x XML Technologies JAX-WS, JAXB, Apache Axis2, XML Schema Design, JAXP, XQuery, XSLT, XPath. Application Servers Oracle Weblogic 10.x, Apache Tomcat 6.x, Jboss 6.x, Jetty Databases Oracle 10g, MySQL, Mongo DB, Apache Cassandra Operating Systems Windows, Solaris, Linux (Red Hat) Source Control Systems Git, CVS, Perforce SDLC Methodologies Agile, Waterfall Others Tools Jenkins, Team city, SOAP-UI, Sonatype Nexus, Autodesk Maya, Nginx WORK EXPERIENCE 1. Wal-Mart Inc. Arkansas, US Software Developer - Intern June 2016-August 2016 • Developed a centralized and generic analytic-framework that could assist application developers and technical support team to understand any critical application and device level events, in the wider context of performance and utilization. • Lead developer for the Spring web-MVC application (REST) and the Android OSGI component development. 2. ACSL CVBA Belgium Java Developer September 2014 – June 2015 • Developed REST APIs and business logic for the application modules and projects that govern critical operational flows such as Order Intake, B2B, Product Catalog management, mailing service engine etc. • Chiefly responsible for development and management of Organization’s cloud infrastructure on AWS. This included activities such as: • Integrating Reverse proxy servers, No-SQL DB servers, JEE Application servers and Spring boot apps in EC2 Instances. • Creating and managing AMIs (Images) and Snapshots of the Instances and EBS Volumes on environments. • Configuring Securities, roles, Network protocol policies and Elastic IPs across the internal cloud. 3. Infosys Limited India, Belgium Senior Software Developer June 2010 – August 2014 Role - Technical Release Programmer • Lead developer for the creating JEE applications and plugins for improved governance and smooth release installation process. • Developed Java and Shell (Bash) utilities for the various release management tasks like source management (code reconciliation), artifacts deployment, and servers management.
  2. 2. • Technical consultant acting as a bridge between different development partners, release management and system engineering. • Actively provided techno-infrastructural solutions and designs that facilitated the seamless integration of software solutions provided by the participating vendors. Role - SOA Middleware Developer • Developed Oracle SOA BPEL and OSB artifacts for business requirements. • Planned and implemented the strategies to evolve the installed SOA setup to greater maturity such as: • Creating efficient and automated purging techniques for maintaining the BPEL databases. • Carrying out Proof of Concepts to analyze the security features of Oracle SOA Suite components (OWSM, OSB). Role - Software Developer • As a member of core server-side development team, worked on application modules implementing Agile methodology to meet business requirements. • Gained rich experience in enterprise frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate, Axis2, Maven, Weblogic and Junit. • Managed the configuration of Weblogic instances on various development and local environments. 
 • Mentored new team members, provided knowledge transfers and resolved technical issues during testing. 
 ACADEMIC PROJECTS 1. NLP : A Chat-Bot answering queries of UT-Dallas Students Graduation Course Project Developer Sep 2015 - Dec 2015 Based on the idea of Dialog-based information retrieval, developed an android application with a Java engine that generates relevant and well-reasoned answers by understanding natural language elements of the user query. 2. Virtual Reality : First Person Shooter (FPS) Game using Wearable Graduation Course Project Developer Oct 2015 - Dec 2015 Developed a First person shooter (FPS) Virtual Reality Android application, for Samsung Oculus Rift, by integrating the user motion control using Bluetooth paired Samsung Android smart watch. 3. Video Analytics : Emotion Recognition using Machine Learning Graduation Course Project Developer Apr 2016 - May 2016 Developed a model, using SVM classifier on CK+ dataset, for automatic emotion recognition based on facial expression patterns. 4. Algorithms : Multi-Dimensional Search Structure Graduation Course Project Developer Apr 2016 - May 2016 Developed an efficient data structure to address the problem of storing entities and searching them by using multiple parameters. 5. Machine Learning : Anomalous weather sensor data detection Graduation Course Project Developer Mar 2016 - May 2016 This project aimed to find the accuracy of different machine learning algorithms for the given anomalous dataset and to find out the best algorithm which can be used with high effectiveness. 6. Artificial Intelligence : Pacman Graduation Course Project Developer Sep 2016 - Dec 2016 Implemented fundamental AI concepts and programmed an intelligent (Pacman) search agent in Python to achieve optimal solutions for different goals. 7. Twitter Sentiment Analysis CodeRed Hackathon’15 Developer Used twitter APIs and Alchemy API to find the trends and to compute sentiment analysis on an input hashtag. ACHIEVEMENTS • Honored with ‘Most Valuable Player Award’ of Infosys, FY 2012-2013, by the Telecom Division Unit Head. • Honored with ‘Bravo Award’ of Infosys, financial Year 2011-2012, by the Project Delivery Head. • Honored with ‘Certificate of Achievement’, Year 2012, by the Project Head for proactive task engagements. • Achieved 5/5 CGPA in Infosys Global Training. Trained in Enterprise Java Technology.