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Anshul's B'Day ppt


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Anshul's B'Day ppt

  1. 1. Presenting the “DEVIL CR”
  2. 2. Ctrl C+Ctrl V Smile 
  3. 3. Yeh height ka mamla hai ….Kash mummy ne complainpilaya hota Yay!! I’m a Complan Boy!! I am a Complan Girl!!
  4. 4. Once we had a hit song from ROCKSTAR …. O ya ya … No one sings it now …. Kisi bhi gaane ki ‘Mother-Sister one’ kar de!
  5. 5. Abhi pata chala Chandrakanta ka Kroor singh kahan gaya …. Image Match
  6. 6. Naughty Tracker Abb to ghoor ghoor ke dekhne ka licence mil gaya .. 
  7. 7. Our Devil CR getting his first Kiss on 31st nite……… Story behind the horns… Random Girl: Can I have those horns? Devil CR: Nothing comes for free, HONEY! One kiss and the horns are yours. And the rest is History ;) Yeaaahhhh… Ab to yeh gaal kabhi nahidhounga main…..
  8. 8. Wishing CR a very happy birthday and morekisses through out the year …