Brijal's report on import n export


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Brijal's report on import n export

  1. 1. <br /> <br /> <br /> ACKNOWLEDGEMENT<br />I want to take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to the<br />organization – “BANK OF BARODA .” to give me such an exciting<br />opportunity to work, explore and learn during my summer internship with<br />the Bank.<br />I would also like to extend my very sincere gratitude to my project guide Miss Mona Jalal – Marketing manager (Zonal office) and Mr. Paul George (Forex department) for all their support and guidance throughout the project. They had played a pivotal role in my project by giving innovative ideas and relevant information.<br />I would like to take privilege to thank Mr.Ajay Shad, The Director of NIS Ahmadabad, to grant me permission to undergo this project and for always being a source of encouragement and guidance.<br />I would like to thank all the staff member of my Ashram Road Branch of Bank of Baroda who has given their precious suggestion for completion of this project.<br />I would like to extend my acknowledgment to the managers, in general, of the different Banks for sparing their time in providing me the valuable information regarding their working.<br />I would also like to thank Miss Bina, a Project Coordinator of my college. <br />Lastly, I would like to thank my parents for there endless support and affection that has helped me all throughout my project and life in general.<br />THANKS.<br /> <br /> TABLE OF CONTENT<br />Sr. CONTENTPg.1.INTRODUCTION42.BANK OF BARODA IMPORT EXPORT5-93.EXPORT DOCUMENTATION10-124.IMPORT DOCUMENTATION13-155.CONCLUSION166.REFERENCE17<br /> INTRODUCTION<br />The project is initiated for understanding the Import Export Documentation to BANK OF BARODA AHMEDABAD branch and its procedure BANK OF BARODA was established in the year 1908,they are old player in banking sector, The bank has various sector namely as – Personal, Business, Corporate, International, Treasury, Rural. The bank follows values such as – Integrity, teamwork, respect, professionalism, and Mission. The segment of bank which I have consider here is – International banking. The sector out of which have chosen for research is Import Export. This research helps in finding out which documents are suppose to be submit by companies to BANK OF BARODA.<br />ABOUT THE PROJECT <br /> The project is carried out in Ahmadabad city with an objective of knowing Import export documents and procedure of Bank. As working on my main project “Marketing of NRI products” I found an interest to know more about working of Forex department at the branch, so with the permission of my mentors I started working on Import Export documentation project as secondary project. <br /> BANK OF BARODA IMPORT EXPORT<br />The BANK OF BARODA deals with Import Export sector under which it provide finance for both Import an Export purpose. Many big companies can avail fund for their Import –Export from BANK OF BARODA.<br />Import Finance<br />Bank of Baroda provides various types of funding/ services to the importers for facilitating the imports in the country. The vast network of Bank's overseas branches/ subsidiaries and Correspondent Banks worldwide facilitate prompt & efficient services to the importers. All the facilities are subject to the prevalent rules of the Bank/ RBI guidelines. The various facilities provided are: <br />Collection of import bill. <br />Opening of Import L/Cs (Sight/ DA) <br />Financing of import by way of Foreign Currency Loans <br />Issuing Guarantees etc. on behalf of importers. <br />COLLECTION OF IMPORT BILLS: <br />The import bills are collected through the 120 authorised branches at very competitive rates. The Bank has correspondent relationship with reputed International Banks throughout the world and can provide the services to importers who may be importing from any part of the globe. <br />LETTER OF CREDIT: <br />Bank of Baroda offers L/C facility for the purchase of goods in the international market. Being a well-known international Bank of repute, the L/Cs of the Bank of Baroda are well accepted in the International market. <br />With the Letter of Credit of Bank of Baroda, importers can build up better trust/ confidence in their suppliers and develop other business relationship at a much faster pace. <br />The L/C facility can be granted to the importers after assessing their requirement/ credit worthiness/ financial strength and other parameters being to the satisfaction of the Bank. <br />BANK GUARANTEES: <br />Bank of Baroda on behalf of importers/ other customers issues guarantees in favors of beneficiaries abroad. The guarantees can be both Performance and Financial. <br />EXPORT FINANCE<br />BANK OF BRODA offers Export Finance in three ways :<br />1. Export Credit (Rupees)<br />RUPEE EXPORT CREDIT (PRE-SHIPMENT AND POST-SHIPMENT) :BOB offers both pre and post shipment credit to the Indian exporters through Rupee Denominated Loans as well as foreign currency loans in India. <br />Rupee export credit is available for a maximum period of -180- days from the date of first disbursement. The corporate, if required can book forward contracts in respect of future export credit drawls. <br />EXPORT BILL REDISCOUNTING: BOB offers financing of export by way of bill discounting of export bills to provide post shipment finance to the exporters at competitive international rate of interest. <br />The export bills (both Sight and Usance) can be purchased/ discounted provided they comply with the norms of the Bank/ RBI. <br />2. Export Credit (Foreign Currency)<br />PRE-SHIPMENT CREDIT IN FOREIGN CURRENCY (PCFC) :BOB provides PCFC in the foreign currency to the exporters enabling them to fund their procurement, manufacturing/ processing and packing requirements. These loans are available at very competitive international interest rates covering the cost of both domestic as well as import content of the exports. The PCFC can be availed in US$, Euro, GBP and Japanese Yen. <br />The corporate/ exporters with a good track record can avail a running account facility with the Bank for PCFC. To qualify for this purpose, the exporter’s overdue bill should not exceed 5% of the average annual export realization during the preceding -3- years. <br />ELIGIBILITY:<br />The corporate/ exporters having firm export orders or confirmed L/C are eligible for PCFC, provided they satisfy other credit norms of the Bank. <br />FEATURES: The forward covers can be booked in respect of future PCFC drawls. The PCFC drawls are also permitted in cross currency subject to exporter bearing the risk in currency fluctuations. The cross currency drawls are restricted to US$. In case, the export order is in a non-designated currency like Swiss Franc etc. PCFC will be given only in US$. For orders in Euro, Pound Sterling and JPY, PCFC can be availed in the respective currencies or US$ at the choice of exporter. <br />Multi-currency drawls against the same orders, are not permitted due to operational inconvenience. <br />3. Baroda Gold Card<br />Golden Opportunity for Exporters<br />FEATURES OF THE PRODUCT <br />ELIGIBILITY: <br />All exporters, including those in small and medium sectors, having a good track record and credit worthiness depending on the credit Rating done as per bank's norms.<br />The account should be "Standard" continuously for three years and should not be in the caution list of ECGC or RBI.<br />However, export firms making losses for the past three years or having overdue export bills in excess of 10% of the previous years' turnover are not eligible for Gold Card. <br />LIMITS <br />Based on the credit needs of the exporter appropriate limits for both Pre-shipment/Post shipment will be sanctioned for a period of three years subject to annual review of account.<br />A stand-by limit of not less than 20 percent of the assessed limit may be made additionally granted for facilitating urgent credit needs for executing sudden orders.<br />Norms for inventory may be relaxed in case of unanticipated export orders, taking into account the size and nature of the export order. <br />RATE OF INTEREST: <br />Base Rate plus 0.75/1.00 % (as per internal credit rating) in case of Rupee Credit or LIBOR plus 200 bps for FC export credit.<br />Concessional rate of interest is available on Post-shipment rupee export credit for 365 days as against the applicable period of 90 days at present. <br />CONCESSION IN CHARGES: <br />10% concession will be given to cardholders in commission and exchange.<br />0.25 % in Pre/post Shipment Interest Rates <br />TENOR: <br />The Gold Card will be issued for a period of three years and will be renewed for a further period of 3 years unless any adverse/irregularities are noticed. Norms for inventory may be relaxed in case of unanticipated export orders, taking into account the size and nature of the export order. <br /> EXPORT DOCUMENTATION<br />Export documentation is an essential feature of all international sales transactions. It can be complex and its preparation laborious, yet accuracy and exceptional attention to detail are required at all times.1.    Enquiry Documents            1.1    Export Enquiry            1.2    Costing Sheet            1.3    Quotation/Full Firm Offer            1.4    Performa Invoice2.    Instruction Documents            2.1    Forwarder's Instruction            2.2    Shipping Instruction            2.3    Bank Instruction            2.4    Packing Declaration3.    Transport Documents            3.1    Mates receipt            3.2    Bill of lading (B/L)<br />4.    Customs Documents            4.1    Export permit            4.2    Special export certificates or permits            4.3    Import certificate from the country of destination            4.4    Bill of entry / export<br />5.    Exchange Control Documents            5.1    Exchange control declaration (F178)<br />6.    Harbour Revenue Documents            6.1    Portent combined export document            6.2    Container terminal order (CTO)<br />7.    Payment Documents            7.1    Commercial invoice            7.2    Certificate of origin (C/O)            7.3    packing list<br /> <br /> EXPORT CHART<br /> <br /> IMPORT DOCUMENTATION<br />The obligation to submit to customs documents covering imported goods<br />An importer shall submit to customs authorities import documents before imported goods are removed from storage at the transporter, placed in a bonded warehouse or removed from a bonded warehouse or a free zone for disposal domestically; the documents shall be submitted to customs no later than 3 months from the date of arrival of the vessel which transported the goods to the country. <br />Import documents shall be submitted to the director of customs in the customs district where the goods are unloaded from the vessel, unless the goods are transported undeclared to another customs district and arrangements are made for customs treatment there. <br />Documents that shall be submitted <br />The following documents shall be submitted with an import declaration, as far as applicable: <br />An invoice <br />A bill of lading or a transport document issued in connection with the transport of the goods; however when there is submitted a bill covering freight charges or a notice from the transporter to the consignee concerning a consignment of goods, and these documents contain the same information as specified in regular bills of lading, a bill of lading need not be submitted unless specially requested, <br />A bill covering freight charges, <br />A certificate of origin when preferential customs treatment is requested in accordance with international agreements to which Iceland is a party, unless a declaration of origin has been entered on the invoice, <br />Other documents concerning the imported goods which are of relevance to their customs treatment, e.g. an import license when required, a confirmation of an authorization for special customs treatment when such is the case, or other certificates required in special circumstances.  <br />After registration of goods by Systems Examining Officer, the B/E will move to the screen of Examining Officer (Physical Examination). Along with the B/E, the importer/CHA shall present documents, as per list below (the documents should preferably be arranged in a file cover in the following order)<br />a.Duty paid Challan in original.b.Copy of delivery order.c.Copy of B/L.d.Invoice in original.e.Packing list in original.f.Certificate of Origin in original.g.Exemption Certificate in original, if the notification so requires.h.Copy of the bond or undertaking executed, if any.i.GATT declaration duty signed by the importer.j.Technical literature, catalogue etc.k.Copy of the request for Green Channel clearance, if any.l.Clearance of ADC or any other agency/authority, where required.m.Any other documents required.<br /> CONCLUSION<br />From the analysis it has been concluded that there is still huge opportunity for BANK OF BARODA to grow. There are more customers who can be a genuine customer of BOB and can include in the list.<br />As Forex desk is limited to some Branch so it must be expanded in order to get quicker and effective result.<br />This project contain limited information as much as I could gather from the employee working in particular department, During my project I found that there is a large number of transactions in import/export section so there is requirement of expanding staff and even more skilled person should be hire, who can work more efficiently.<br />Thus if some of its drawbacks are handled properly, it is sure that the creditworthiness of Bank will increase tremendously.<br /> REFERENCE<br />1. Miss Mona Jalal (marketing manager)<br />2. Mr.Paul George (manager Forex department)<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> <br /> THANK YOU<br /> BRIJAL RAVAL <br /> NIS ACADEMY<br /> AHMEDABAD<br />