Marketing Strategies of Restaurant


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Marketing Strategies of Restaurant

  1. 1. JALLI’S RESTAURANT Presented By:- J.Pradeep
  2. 2. Mission Our restaurant will be an inspiring one, combining an eclectic atmosphere with excellent and interesting food. Have a great food selection. Efficient and superior customer service. Objectives Efficient and superior customer service. Promoting and expanding the restaurant concept as unique restaurant in Bangalore. Mission
  3. 3. Company Summary Company Summary The Interior Design The Restaurant will Feature two venues: One will be in the restaurant mainly for dining purpose and Family. Other will be Outdoor for the Customer who wants something not so heavy like lunch and dinner. Lounge( for waiting)
  4. 4. Product Product The Menu: • Our Restaurant is focused on serving the need of the people of the Bangalore. Exclusive Hyderabadi Biryani & Buffets. Chinese ,Indian Food, Sea food, Continental.
  5. 5. Location and Operations Banshankari Stage III will be strategically suitable because of the following reasons: Situated in Residential Area, In front of Pesit College Bangalore. It also have coaching institutes and computer café. It doesn’t have even a single restaurant near a km area who provides our cuisine.
  6. 6. Operations The restaurant will service lunch,dinner and after-hours dining during the week and and weekends. Buffet will be Provided in lunch and dinner: 449 INR-for Veg. 639INR –for Non Veg. Mid-Night Buffet Will be available in Weekends upto 11.30 pm-12 am. 415 INR-for veg. 499INR-for Non veg. Hyderabadi Biryani will be provide in lunch and Dinner: 160 INR-for chicken,180 INR-Mutton 90 INR- Veg,110 INR – Egg biryani’s. Free Home delivery will be available on the order of more than Rs 300. Within 3 kms from Hotel.
  7. 7. Market Segmentation Market Segmentation • Restaurant and Lounge intends to cater to a wide customer base. We have defined the following groups as target segments that contribute to our growth projections: Youth and Teenagers Families Couples The peoples will generally fall in between 15 to 50 age group.
  8. 8. Marketing strategy Strategy and Implementation We will focus on establishing a strong identity in our community with a grand opening. All menu items are moderately priced for the area. Regular Customers will be Provided a card(MY CARD) through which they can avail 10% discount on every 2 visits. Every Customer will be provided a jalli’s restaurant wrist band and a jalli’s cap for their first vist to our restaurant.
  9. 9. Marketing program Billboard advertisement. Distribution of pamphlets. Advertisement in local newspaper. Advertorial on local cable channel. Providing Sponsorship to the schools and Prizes labeled with the name of the restaurant. To the schools with in 1km radius. Banners and small posters in the sectors.
  10. 10. Sales strategy Our sales strategy requires consistently high quality food service , speed and Good Quantity. We can accomplish this by: Hiring employees who genuinely enjoy their jobs. Continually assessing the quality of all aspects . Interacting with our customers personally , so they know that their feedback goes directly to owners Evaluating food choices for popularity.
  11. 11. Objectives Jalli’s Lounge & Restaurant's objectives for the first three years of operation includes: Keeping food cost under 35% revenue. Keeping employee labor cost between 24-29% of revenue. Stay as a small restaurant with excellent food and service. Averaging sales between 20,00,000-25,00,000 per year. Promote and expand Jalli’s restaurant in various parts of bangalore.
  12. 12. Kitchen: • A North/South Indian chef with considerable experience in different restaurants-(2). • Cooks that work directly with chef(2). • Prepare cooks/dishwasher(2). • People cleaning the restaurant(2). • Waiters.
  13. 13. Financial plan Financial plan • Restaurant’s financial model is based on a business concept to “plan for the worst , but manage for the best.” • Restaurant’s financial plan will include: Important assumptions. Risk analysis Break even analysis Profit and loss statement Cash flow statement Balance sheet
  14. 14. Break even analysis Profit and loss Fixed and Variable Cost: Restaurant Hiring Expenses(Advance and Rent)=10,00,000 and 1,00,000. Salaries to the kitchen team = 1,50,000. Interior and Furniture Cost (20 tables) = 15,00,000. Appliances and tools = 4,00,000. Documentation( insurance,permits etc) = 1,50,000. Raw materials needed = 40,000. Cost Incured For Grsnd Oppening = 5,00,000. Cost incured in marketing = 4,00,000. Cash in hand = 1,00,000. The total fixed cost = 43.4 lacks Maintanace Cost (monthly)= 3.0 lacks Monthly sales = 8,57,142 . Marketing include 15% of sales in first 3 months and then 7 % of sales. Monthly profit for first 3 months = 2.42 lacks per month After 3 months = 2,85,714lacks With this sales I can reach B.E.P at 16 months (1.3 years)
  15. 15. Future Scope Future Scope: • Restaurant will be build with the consideration of its expansion ,as the Profits Built up ,it will be branched out. • After its Presence in many states across India,the objectives will be revised in consideration of converting it into a Hotel chain.
  16. 16. THANK YOU