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  1. 1. INITIAL APP IDEAOur initial app idea was based on that fact that in India there is a whole lot of craze forcricket and often fight between children and parents (usually mothers !) whereinmothers usually want to watch their daily soaps and children or their father want tosee cricket, news , shares etc. In order to solve this Indian family problem we camewith the idea of application that would display the information part cricket ,news,shares etc in the form of ticker on the bottom of the screen while any channel is beingwatched.
  2. 2. App in short is -News updates, Cricket score, Share Market, Time and Weather information and alsoSocial Network update, all this while you are watching your favourite channel. So thateveryone can sit together for a happy family time and not fight over remote.Just switch this app on and add as many things you want.Features of this app:-1) Upto three vertical bars, two horizontal bars and Social Networking update can beadded to the screen. But more of the bars can be added to screen and the earlierpresent bar minimizes to form a small box with “+” symbol and can be maximized onclicking. And whole app can be minimized or closed at one click. Also each and everybar can be minimized and maximized on a single click.2)It has option to add favourite stocks and only see there updates.3)Cricket Commentary can also be added along with cricket scores.4)Themes can be changed to suit your liking.5)Bars are visible on all channels. So u can keep watching the scores, news etc, evenwhen channels are being changed.BusinessFor business purpose it has a side area specially for advertisement.Also advertisement can be added in marquee.
  6. 6. Main window
  7. 7. Selection of main screen
  8. 8. Main window
  9. 9. THANK YOU!! SUBMITTED BY- Himanshu Bansal Vikas Luthra Mehul Agrawal