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Hillside-Quadra News Spring 2017


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Welcome to the Spring 2017 edition of Hillside-Quadra News! Inside you’ll find articles on the opening of Quadra Village Neighbourhood Gym, beekeeping right in our neighbourhood, the upcoming and always exciting Quadra Village Day, a conversation a new safe place for all kinds of wheeled fun and much more!

Hillside-Quadra News is a forum and information source about projects, issues, meetings, events, history and people in Hillside-Quadra and surrounding neighbourhoods of Victoria BC, Canada. Our printed editions come out 4 times a year through Quadra Village Community Centre.

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Hillside-Quadra News Spring 2017

  1. 1. HILLSIDE-QUADRA NEWS ALL ABOUT YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD Scan for our website. Beekeeping right in our neighbourhood! Page 2 Another exciting Quadra Village Day is coming up! Page 4 A new, safe place for all kinds of wheeled fun? Page 8 Spring 2017 Quadra Village Neighbourhood Gym Now Open! By Alex Heimburger O n February 1st the gymnasium at the former Blanshard Elementary School opened its doors to the community as “The Quadra Village Neighbourhood Gym”. Under new management, through the Quadra Village Community Centre (QVCC), the gymnasium is now widely available for community use. Since the closure of Blanshard Elementary in 2003, the property at 950 Kings Road has been occupied by private educational institutions, and the gym was never a primary focus of interest. The QVCC is committed to using this space to provide residents with affordable opportunities for recreation, in a way that meets the neighbourhood’s unique cultural demographics and needs. Due to the efforts of an active and engaged community in the Hillside-Quadra area this is now becoming a reality. Over the next four years, the QVCC is determined to energize the gym with an expanded mix of activities, including cultural clubs and events, fitness classes, kindergym sessions, subsidized child and youth programs, special events, and many other programs. Our main goals are inclusion, community engagement, and the increased wellbeing of people in the neighbourhood. The Quadra Village Neighbourhood Gym belongs to the neighbourhood. QVCC aspires to provide something for everyone with the gym-based programming. T h e Q u a d r a V i l l a g e Neighbourhood Gym is a multi-use venue with approximately 6,300 sq. feet of floor and stage space to work with. A number of groups are already regularly providing programming in the gym. Maybe you’d be interested in being involved in one of these: i Zumba classes – Studio VZF i Kung Fu classes – Sheung Wong Kung Fu Club i Jazzercise classes – Vicki Waters Jazzercise i Chinese cultural dance – Chinese Dance Victoria i Sunday community dinners – Living Edge Church i Youth recreation nights – Quadra Village Community Centre Do you have an existing group or program – or an idea for one – that fits our vision? The gym is available for Kids enjoy floor hockey at the neighbourhood gym (Photo by provided by Kelly Greenwell) (Continued on page 2)
  2. 2. Spring 2017 Hillside - Quadra NewsPage 2 By Jessica Goerzen M y partner, Corbin and I h a v e b e e n i n t e r e s t e d i n agriculture and the local food system ever since we worked on organic farms in California a n d I t a l y. F r o m t h e s e experiences, we saw how local food can build community in many ways. Corbin started beekeeping five years ago in the Okanagan and I had been i n v o l v e d i n c o m m u n i t y development work for over 10 years, so it seemed like a natural fit to combine our s h a r e d h o b b i e s i n t o beekeeping with a community focus. We turned to the Hillside- Quadra community for hive hosting and to share the experience of beekeeping with other locals. We are inspired by other urban beekeeping models, such as Hives for H u m a n i t y i n V a n c o u v e r ( and Beekeeping Like a Girl in San Diego, CA ( As beekeepers with a local focus, we plan on having hives located within walking or biking distance in the Hillside-Quadra neighbourhood. We also plan to expand next year and will eventually start selling honey and pollen, and other bee products locally as well. There has been an amazing response from the community with the result that we are now at capacity for hosts this year and have started a wait list for next year. If you would like to host a hive or are interested in learning more, please email Jess and Corbin at Did you know? The City of Victoria’s Animal Control Bylaw permits an unspecified number of backyard beehives, with f e w r e s t r i c t i o n s .  ( w e b s i t e : arks-rec-culture/parks/growing-in- the-city.html) You can also learn more about local beekeeping and how to get started by connecting with Capital Region B e e k e e p e r s o n F a c e b o o k ( ekeepers/). Beekeeping in the City Meet the news team Co-Editors: Tracy Byrne Rowena Locklin Assistant Editor: Helen Cowley Design & Layout: eresa CowleyT Committee Members: Kelly Greenwell The Hillside-Quadra News is a forum and information source about projects, issues, meetings, events, history and people in the Hillside-Quadra and surrounding areas. Hillside-Quadra News is produced through Q u a d r a V i l l a g e Community Centre. Our Website Contact Us hillsidequadranews@quadravillag Follow Us on Facebook Scan for our website. HILLSIDE-QUADRA NEWS ALL ABOUT YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD The deadline for submissions is Monday May 1, 2017. Interested in writing for us? Perhaps you would write one article or maybe you a r e i n t e r e s t e d i n c o n t r i b u t i n g m o r e regularly. We publish 4X per year and general guidelines are 500-800 words with a tie in to the neighbourhood. The theme for our summer issue is: “Summer in the Neighbourhood.” Contact Tracy and Rowena to contribute at: hillsidequadranews@quad Quadra Village Neighbourhood Gym Now Open! both one-time and recurring rentals. Tables and chairs are available to all those renting the space for an event, and, for long-term rentals, there is a secure storage space. The gym is also equipped with speakers and stage lighting. Let us know if you feel strongly about a neighbourhood need for programming. QVCC would love to work with you on your idea in support of our community. For more information on how to rent the gym and the current rental rates or to find out more about the programs already running, contact Alex Heimburger, Recreation Coordinator at the Quadra Village Community Centre. Call 250-388-7696 or email: (Continued from cover) HILLSIDE-QUADRA NEWS ALL ABOUT YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD Check out our website for more content that’s all about your neighbourhood!
  3. 3. Spring 2017Hillside - Quadra News Page 3 Welcoming your Rental, Event and Program Inquiries. Contact Alex at 250 388 7696 or email Affordable opportunities for recreation. By Marilyn Campbell, Principal É cole Quadra Elementary is a busy place with 430 students involved in many activities. The months of December, January and now February have been fabulous, as we have celebrated everything from Hanukkah to Christmas to Kwanzaa and Chinese New Year! In December we had great concerts. Students sang, danced and played violins as families enjoyed the celebration of learning through music. In January our school started off the New Year with a bottle drive. This was organized by our Parent Group and was very successful, supporting our community to recycle with a purpose. During the winter, we also held our Ready, Set, Learn event – an afternoon of activities for preschoolers and their parents. We are already looking forward to next September, as many new kindergarten students have registered for our English and French Immersion programs for the 2017-18 school year. Our current students have been busy, during the lunch recesses, playing soccer, basketball and floor hockey, working on their learning, and singing in our choir. We have also had opportunities for some exciting outdoor learning in the magical snow, thanks to the (unusually cold) local weather. February sees us focusing on the school-wide theme of Kindness as we celebrate Valentine’s Day and Pink Shirt Day (the latter in recognition of Anti- Bullying Day). In February, we also hosted our Aboriginal Dinner at which we celebrate the achievements of our Aboriginal students. Students in our Music Program are currently preparing for a grand Canada 150 Music Concert that will celebrate our diversity, both nationally and here locally at Quadra. Our diversity strengthens our school in so many ways. We are proud to have welcomed so many students to Quadra from all over the world. Together, a l l o u r s t u d e n t s d e v e l o p t h e i r u n d e r s t a n d i n g , p a t i e n c e , a n d acceptance. These are valuable life-long qualities that prepare them to be global citizens. Conveying these qualities through music will be spectacular!We are all looking forward to our spring break, and we hope that sunshine and warm weather are just around the corner! Update from École Quadra Elementary Hearts in February snow near École Quadra (photo provided by M. Campbell) Finding Phoenix – a poem by Patrick Hamilton We are pleased to help fulfill one of Patrick Hamilton’s goals by publishing his poem, Finding Phoenix, in the Hillside-Quadra News. Patrick has had two of his poems published in the Poetry Institute of Canada’s Traceries of Trees Anthology 2017. Patrick says of “Finding Phoenix”, “It is about relieving oneself of the stigma that brings one down through self- reinforcement. It demonstrates mirroring, i.e. viewing one’s self head-on as in a mirror, then removing the negative connotations and embracing one’s self again. I hope you enjoy this poem.” Finding Phoenix Moving toward one’s goal piercing the veil approaching one’s self’s darkened shade mirrored then receding away Embracing one’s true self holding tight The vision reflected as waking from sleep Sights sounds colour the light of day Casting away the darkened shade The joyous spirit within rising just like a phoenix out of the ashes Into the wonderment of the world filled with loved ones
  4. 4. Spring 2017 Hillside - Quadra NewsPage 4 By Kelly Greenwell he buzz is real! Quadra Village TDay 2017 is coming to you on Saturday, May 13 from 9:30 am to 1pm. Everyone is invited to experience the fun, celebration and community spirit embodied by Quadra Village Day. Hundreds of organizations from the neighbourhood and around 4,000 people come to the event to participate in a broad range of activities, including: a pancake breakfast; children’s activities and games; and over four hours of music and arts entertainment on two stages. Whether you come every year or have never been before, consider checking out Quadra Village Day this May, and soak in all the smiles. Quadra Village Day is a 100% free event where (refreshingly) it is impossible to make a purchase. Our Planning Committee generates thousands in cash sponsorship and approximately $50,000 worth of in- kind donations and discounts to ensure that all the fun happens at no cost to participants. The success of the fundraising owes much to the a m a z i n g g e n e r o s i t y o f l o c a l businesses and individual sponsors. In addition, the time given so freely by the Planning Committee and other event volunteers is a key ingredient in ensuring the event is free. It is so heartening to know that a child can attend an event and participate in all aspects of it without their parent or guardian feeling stressed about money or affordability. Confirmed elements of this year’s e v e n t s o f a r i n c l u d e : pancake/continental breakfast; ice cream; Caffè Fantastico coffee; live dance performances; live music; kids haircuts and braiding; community booths; photo booth; inflatable slides; button making; face painting; art making; and bumper ball soccer. A lot more is in the planning stages. Many community groups will be in attendance and you’ll have a chance to connect with a variety of local p r o g r a m s . T h e r e w i l l b e a n opportunity to check out the Topaz Park Improvement Plan. As always, volunteers will be the heart and soul of this year’s event. Jennifer Regular is this year’s Volunteer Coordinator and can be r e a c h e d a t if you’re interested in helping out. Volunteer roles include: event setup; serving food; recycling station attendant; barricade attendants; area coordinators; and more. If you would like to join the Quadra Village Day Planning Committee for this year (or future years), please e-mail: Last year, 87% of participants at Quadra Village Day surveyed stated that they would visit an area business during the event. This means that the D a y r e p r e s e n t s a n e x c e l l e n t opportunity for local businesses to launch a sidewalk sale or other kind of promotion on event day and in the week leading up to May 13. Our hope is that Quadra Village business owners will take advantage of the chance to connect with the 4,000 people who will attend the event. There will be an appreciative acknowledgement of all businesses that support Quadra Village Day in the summer edition of the Hillside Quadra News. On behalf of the Quadra Village Day Planning Committee, we look forward to seeing you at this year’s Quadra Village Day! Quadra Village Day 2017 Dressed up and bee framed ready for Quadra Village Day 2017 (photo by August Miles)
  5. 5. Spring 2017Hillside - Quadra News Page 5 Highlights from Quadra Village Day 2016 Just some of the many highlights of Quadra Village Day 2016. Imagine the fun we’ll have this year! (photos by Helen and Teresa Cowley)
  6. 6. Spring 2017 Hillside - Quadra NewsPage 6 By Kayla Siefried (Education C o o r d i n a t o r a t t h e C o m p o s t Education Centre) he New Year is well under way! TThough it’s hard to believe, the cold windy days are getting longer, and soon the gardener – both the novice and the well-seasoned – will begin dreamily looking at the hundreds of different seed packets at garden centres, leafing through seed catalogues, and cruising Seedy Saturday booths. Some will take their time wondering what to plant or how to plant, while others will be so eager about their garden plans they’ll happily be risking nettle stings as they dive into their garden patches. I’ve been thinking a lot about seeds ever since I saw the film SEED: The U n t o l d S t o r y . ( It’s an extremely beautiful film that uses various forms of art to interweave stories from a diverse array of people and cultures. The central theme is the relationship between people and seeds and the importance of seeds to all of humanity. While the film raises alarms about the loss of seed diversity and the privatization of seeds by huge companies, it also tells inspiring stories of ordinary folks making a significant difference. The film inspired me to look very differently at the sunflower seeds that I have sitting on my desk in a bowl and which I diligently harvested from a giant sunflower. When, the day after I saw the film, I held a seed in my hand, a wealth of inspiring knowledge sprung forth. I was holding generations and generations of a plant – an endless cycle of seed, leaf, flower, seed… food for generations. So while it’s likely we’ll get caught up on figuring out which cucumber is easiest for a newbie to grow, or which carrot may grow the straightest, let’s also remember the importance of the life force we hold in our hands when we cradle a seed. To q u e n c h y o u r t h i r s t f o r gardening know-how, here are definitions of some common terms you’ll see in seed catalogues and on the backs of seed packets. (All definitions have been sourced from the West Coast Seed Company, resources/glossary). Open pollinated: Plants produced by crossing two parents of the same variety, which in turn produce offspring just like the parent plants, are referred to as open pollinated. Many growers prefer open pollinated v a r i e t i e s b e c a u s e t h e i r characteristics are extremely reliable from year to year. Gardeners who like to save seeds should select open pollinated varieties. Hybrid: When pollen from one plant variety is used to fertilize the flowers of a different variety, the resulting seed will produce a hybrid variety. The resulting plant (known as F1 hybrid) will have characteristics from both of its “parent” varieties. Hybrid plant varieties will not produce seeds of a predictable or reliable quality. Hybridization is altogether different from genetic modification, as genetically modified / engineered organisms have been modified via human actions with the gene of a separate species. Organic: Organic is a broad term given to food that has been grown w i t h o u t t h e u s e o f s y n t h e t i c c h e m i c a l s , f e r t i l i z e r s , s e e d treatments, pesticides, herbicides, etc. Vegetables (and other plants) grown in this way produce “organic” seeds. Certified Organic growers, seed handlers, and packers must adhere to strict rules regarding the methods they use, and they are subject to audits by regulatory bodies i n o r d e r t o m a i n t a i n t h e i r certification. Germination rate: The germination rate for any given variety of seed is calculated by taking samples from specific lots and germinating them in a controlled environment. The “rate” refers to the number of seeds out of 100 (or more) that germinate successfully within an acceptable period of time. Heirloom: This describes any vegetable variety grown consistently for over 50 years that is not under patent, and has particular qualities that make it desirable. For example, an heirloom tomato variety grown today should produce fruits with all the characteristics of flavour, texture, and aroma as the same variety grown 50 or even 150 years ago. Heritage: This term is used to describe Heirloom seed varieties that boast a particular ethnic or cultural lineage. Some people use the two terms interchangeably; however, “heritage” implies nationality, as in “Italian heritage tomato” or “French heritage squash.” Seeds for Thought
  7. 7. Spring 2017Hillside - Quadra News Page 7 s it prepares to launch its ninth Aseason of professional classic summer theatre, Blue Bridge Theatre Society recently announced that the unsecured creditors of Blue B r i d g e T h e a t r e S o c i e t y h a v e generously and overwhelmingly voted to accept a proposal to reduce the theatre society’s debt load over a three year time period. “Arts and entertainment are vitally important to our community,” said board President Christopher Mackie. “Blue Bridge is taking steps to ensure that its award winning productions will be available to the audiences of Victoria for the long term by working to improve our financial health.” In the meantime, plans for the 2017 summer season are well underway. Included in the upcoming four-play season are productions of Harold Pinter’s The Caretaker (April 25-May 7), Garson Kanin’s Born Yesterday (May 30 - June 11), Thornton Wilder’s Our Town (July 4- 16), and a new musical revue of the songs of Cole Porter entitled Red, Hot Blue! (August 2-13). “I am very excited by the wide range of talent of the directors, designers and actors who have agreed to bring these four great plays from the past to the audiences of Victoria,” s a i d A r t i s t i c D i r e c t o r, B r i a n Richmond. “I truly believe we are poised to have one of our most entertaining and thought-provoking seasons to date.” S i n g l e t i c k e t s f o r a l l f o u r productions are available for p u r c h a s e o n l i n e a t Season tickets and single tickets can be purchased over the phone at 250-382-3370, or in person at the Roxy Theatre (2657 Quadra Street, Victoria), Tuesday to Saturday, between 12 am to 4 pm. Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre Takes Steps to Ensure Ongoing Entertainment By Carol Pickup, Coordinator SES L yne England, a long time a d v o c a t e w i t h S e n i o r s Entitlement Service (SES) at Quadra Village Community Centre, passed on December 27, 2016. Lyne was born in England and came to Canada at an early age. She trained as a nurse and taught and mentored nursing students at Camosun College.  Lyne was an active volunteer in our community for many worthwhile organizations. These included: S a a n i c h P e n i n s u l a H e a l t h Association; South Island Health Coalition; Greater Victoria Seniors OAP Branch 191; the Lions Service Club; Vancouver Island Association of Family Councils; and Marches for Cancer.  Lyne was awarded the UVIC Centre for Aging’s Valued Elder Recognition Award (VERA). SES and the Greater Victoria Seniors OAP Branch 191 has established a bursary in her name with the Camosun College Foundation to assist a nursing student with tuition expenses.  Lyne England made a positive difference in our community and in the world, and she will be sorely missed. Remembering Lyne England This house on Vista Heights is Qualicum-bound. First Nickel Bros. take the house to their yard near the airport, from where it gets transferred to a barge for the sea journey to Qualicum. Bon voyage, house! Vista Heights house on the move to Qualicum
  8. 8. Spring 2017 Hillside - Quadra NewsPage 8 A letter from the Coordinator of Youth P r o g r a m s a t Q u a d r a V i l l a g e Community Centre Hello, Hillside-Quadra Community! T his is Tara, Coordinator of Youth Programs at the Quadra Village Community Centre. I interact w i t h y o u t h e v e r y d a y i n o u r neighbourhood. I am also a member of t h e V i c t o r i a S k a t e b o a r d i n g Committee. I am writing to all community members because I am hoping that you will consider supporting the creation of an All- Wheels Park in Topaz Park. An All- Wheels Park would provide suitable terrain for skateboarders, BMX riders and scooters of all ability levels. As some of you may know, young people living close to the Community Centre use Kings Road on a daily basis a s t h e i r s k a t e b o a r d p a r k . Unfortunately, this is unsafe – both for the youth and for drivers. Drivers have told us that they feel anxious driving by the young skateboarders for fear they may hit them. While Vic West Skate Park is easy to get to by car, it’s a challenge for youth from our neighbourhood to get there under their own steam. The population of youth in our community, and across the City of Victoria, is increasing and is expected to continue to grow over the next several decades. Young people from all parts of the Hillside-Quadra neighbourhood ride BMX bikes, scooters and skateboards. It’s important that youth have a safe All- Wheels Park to go to for fun and exercise. This is especially so for youth who can’t afford to participate in formal team sports and those who may be drawn more strongly to sports such as scooting, skateboarding and BMXing. (Did you know that BMX riding became an Olympic sport in 2008 and that skateboarding is being r e c o m m e n d e d f o r t h e 2 0 2 0 Olympics?) One young person from the Community Centre has joined the Victoria Skateboarding Committee with me, and we’ve begun talking about what we can do to generate support for an All-Wheels Park in Topaz Park. There are a number of reasons why Topaz Park is a good fit for this type of facility. First of all, it’s close to where our neighbourhood youth live, so they can easily walk there. Our community hosts the l a r g e s t l o w - i n c o m e h o u s i n g development in Victoria; Topaz Park is within walking distance of this development, making it accessible for people who have multiple barriers. Topaz Park already has washroom facilities that skateboarders, riders and scooters can use. Finally, there are fewer park amenities in north Victoria than there are in the southern part of the city. It’s our hope that, with a new City Parks Master Plan in the works and your support, this idea will gain momentum, and the community will join together in the creation of an All- Wheels Park that will provide people of all ages and abilities with an additional reason to use and enjoy Topaz Park. The Victoria Skateboarding C o m m i t t e e w i l l b e m a k i n g a presentation at the Neighbourhood Action Committee meeting on April 3 and at the City of Victoria Council meeting on April 27. As well, we are hoping that you, as community members, will show your support for an All-Wheels Park by signing a petition at Quadra Village Day on May 13. If you’re interested in learning more about our ideas, or would like to join the Victoria Skateboarding Committee, please contact Tara S k o b e l b y e m a i l i n g or by calling 250 388 7696 ext. 224. In kindness, Tara Skobel (in support of the youth in our community) Time for an All-Wheels Park in Topaz Park? Soon there could be a new place for kids to skateboard in the neighbourhood (photo by Tara Skobel) “If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?” asks the narrator of Shelley’s poem Ode to the West Wind. While the snows of February have long melted, spring this year in Victoria seems reluctant to make its grand entrance. These photos capture some first signs of a late spring in Quadra-Village and offer a reminder of the beauty of all that white stuff! (photos by Tracy Byrne, Rowena Locklin and Teresa Cowley) Farewell snow, greetings spring?