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By Kelly Greenwell The first of these is for the CRHD to purchase the discuss the proposed sale of Blanshard
remainder of ...
Winter 2015 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 2
Meet the news team
Co-Editors: Tracy Byrne, Rowena Locklin
Helen Cowley...
controlled by the Capital Regional Hospital
District, not the community.Thus far, the CRHD
has offered the neighbourhood n...
Submitted by Janis La Couvée, on behalf of the Park. redevelopment over the past 3 years. The
Hillside-Quadra Neighbourhoo...
Winter 2015 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 5
By Ben Isitt, City Councillor and CRD Community Centre and the Wark Str...
Winter 2015 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 6
By Corie Potter-Lowden and Tara Skobel and his athleticmentorship. the ...
Winter 2015 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 7
Women with Autism and Asperger's
Syndrome Support Each Other at Santé C...
Winter 2015 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 8
On one of your early excursions in the new
Winter 2015 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 9
Allan & Leona Taylor. The background includes the rocky outcrop lot, th...
Winter 2015 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 10
By Mila Czemerys who needsupport tomeet theirnutritional needs. food i...
Winter 2015 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 11
Parent & Tot Drop-In
Creative play for children 0-6 yrs. and their par...
Winter 2015 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 12
Just a few of the many ways to say
Season’s Greetings
From the Hillsid...
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Hillside-Quadra Community News Winter 2015


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Our Winter 2015 edition with our cover story on the proposed sale of Blanshard School, further editorial on the proposed sale of Blanshard School, upcoming Neighbourhood Small Grants projects, memories of life on wark street and more.

Published in: News & Politics
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Hillside-Quadra Community News Winter 2015

  1. 1. By Kelly Greenwell The first of these is for the CRHD to purchase the discuss the proposed sale of Blanshard remainder of the 99-year lease from the parent Elementary, the adjoining site (955 Hillside) n Monday November 23, School company of CDI College, the Eminata Group, already purchased by CRHD and slated for The District 61 (SD61) hosted a meeting for $5.3 million. The second transaction would Summit at Quadra Village (Oak Bay Lodge Ofocused on the proposed sale of be the $0.5 million purchase of the fee simple replacement) was discussed at length too. The Blanshard Elementary to the Capital Regional ownership of Blanshard Elementary and its 3.5- Capital RegionalHospital Districtpurchased the Hospital District (CRHD). Over 30 residents acre site. All told, the total amount collected by lease for this property from a private attended, along with approximately 10 public the School District from lease payments and the development company for close to $5.5 million officials, and the discussion was lively and fee simple purchase for 950 Kings would come and paid SD61 $0.5 million for the fee simple intense. to$2.9million. rights. The School District also received $1.9 The sale would involve two transactions. While the meeting was primarily set up to Winter 2015 Plant neighbours at Wark Street Commons Story on Pg. 12 Memories of Life on Wark Street Page 8 Inside This Edition... Editorial on proposed sale of 950 Kings Page 3 Neighbourhood Small Grants Events Coming Soon! Pages 5 (Continued on page 2) Proposed Sale of Blanshard School Underlines Value of the Site to the Neighbourhood What was Blanshard Elementary school, now CDI College. What’s next for 950 Kings? (Photo by Teresa Cowley)
  2. 2. Winter 2015 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 2 Meet the news team Co-Editors: Tracy Byrne, Rowena Locklin Helen Cowley T Committee Members: Kelly Greenwell, Assistant Editor: Advertising: Shannon Shylene Schlackl Design & Layout: eresa Cowley Shannon Shylene Schlackl The Hillside-Quadra Community News is a forum and information source about projects, issues, meetings, events, history and people in Hillside-Quadra and surrounding neighbourhoods. WHY ADVERTISE? Advertising in the Hillside-Quadra Community News is a great way to target thousands of potential clients within walking distance, people who value all things local and want you to succeed. Remind your neighbours what you have to offer them. Let them know your latest promotion, why you are unique, why they should visit you again. You can place a small reminder ad for the whole year for just $105; or for the same price as a small ad in other publications, you can get a prominent full page ad outlining your services in detail. Don't miss this opportunity to shine for your most important patrons -- your neighbours. Email to discuss: Kelly Greenwell at or call 250 388 7696 ext.221 HQ News online: Website: Twitter: @QuadraVillage I The deadline for articles and ads in the Summer 2015 edition of the Hillside - Quadra Community News is to be announced. INTERESTED IN GETTING PUBLISHED IN H - Q NEWS? We are looking for story ideas, articles, photos, poems, etc. If you have something you would like to see in an upcoming issue, please e- mail Kelly at LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Do you have any comments on articles or H - Q community news? Are you concerned about something in our area? We’d love to hear from you! Send a letter to the Editor: 901 Kings Rd. Victoria B.C. V8T 1W5 or e-mail Kelly at We work together to nurture community well-being by providing services and programs to meet social, educational, health, employment, environmental and recreational needs of the people in our neighbourhood in a safe and welcoming environment. 3000 copies of the Hillside-Quadra Community News are published quarterly through Quadra Village Community Centre Full colour $150 per issue Publication dates: Spring/Summer//fall/winter millioninleasepaymentsfor955Hillsideuptothesalein2013. Breaking it down, the School District has a maximum potential gross yield of $5.3 million from the sale of the two sites. Past School Board Chair and current Trustee, Peg Orcherton stated that, according to Ministry of Education rules, in 2013 no public consultation on the sale of 955 Hillside was required beyond a SD61 Trustees meeting. This appears to contradict the Ministry of Education’s 2007 policy that states, "Boards of Education must engage in broad consultation and in enhanced planning regarding underutilized school buildings and other property owned by boards prior to property disposition.” Nevertheless, the sale of 955 Hillside was approved by thenEducationMinister,PeterFassbender. School Trustee Orcherton, Trustee McNally and Superintendent of Schools, Piet Langstraat, stated that the key consultation related to the sale of the two properties that once made up Blanshard School occurred prior to the school closure on July 1, 2003. Residents near the school did not endorse the closure but, despite significant opposition, the School District decided on closing the school, citing financial reasons and a shrinking population of school-aged children. Fast forward to 2015, the Trustees and Langstraat said that the population of school-aged children in the neighbourhood is not projected to rise sufficiently to justify the re-opening of the school. This is being described as the reality despite anticipated increases in school-aged children in Victoria, which Langstraat noted would be spread throughout the District. Trustees at the meeting said that they would not be able to re-open the school even if population pressures warranted it, because of budgetary issues. This is notable in view of the resources accessed to build the brand newOakBayHighSchool. Superintendent Langstraat made it clear that it is his role is to take feedback from neighbours about the proposed sale back to the Board of Trustees. When challenged about this appearing to be a one-meeting consultation, Langstraat said that this wasn’t necessarily the case, but that therewouldneedtobeanidentifiedreasontocontinuetoconsult. The CRHD and SD 61 representatives all suggested that the sale of Blanshard Elementary and its lands would represent a major victory, as it would return the property to public hands and, in so doing, benefit the community. Local residents had a distinctly different perspective, referring to the idea of inherent public good as “rhetoric”, and noting that benefits to the community would only be realized if the neighbourhood saw actual results from its feedback regarding The Summit and any potential development of Blanshard Elementary. While Maurice Rachwalski, CRHD Project Manager, was adamant that the neighbourhood would benefit from The Summit at Quadra Village and any future health-related services at 950 Kings, residents at the meeting reiterated that these projects mainly had regional benefits and that assets such as functional, neighbourhood-authored green space and recreation space would have to be part of the developments torealizeatruecommunitybenefit. Interest in a covenant entrenching neighbourhood amenities on the site regardless of future plans appeared to be strong and was later confirmed as a priority at the November 25 Healthy Neighbourhood Working Group meeting of the Downtown Blanshard Advisory Committee (neighbourhood association for Hillside-Quadra). Given the changes in usage at 923 Topaz (SJ Willis changing from a neighbourhood Secondary to an Alternative School), 955 Hillside (the former fields of Blanshard Elementary), and 950 Kings (the former Blanshard Elementary building and land), the neighbourhood is understandably looking for some guarantees to ensure that there will be accessible, well-planned public lands and other neighbourhood spaces. If this is accomplished, and if The Summit at Quadra Village includes meaningful neighbourhood spaces, it will help to ensure a healthy Hillside- Quadraneighbourhoodgoingforward. For more details on the proposed Blanshard Elementary Sale, the Summit at Quadra Village and what you as a local resident can do, please go Proposed Sale of Blanshard School Underlines Value of the Site to the NeighbourhoodI (Continued from cover) In the New Year, we will be exploring other formats for the Hillside Quadra News. Have some ideas or input you want to share? Email:
  3. 3. controlled by the Capital Regional Hospital District, not the community.Thus far, the CRHD has offered the neighbourhood nothing with respect to the imminent construction of The Summit at 955 Hillside (a facility that could also be called “The Oak Bay Lodge & Mt. Tolmie Hospital on Hillside”.). The CRHD is able to build its facility in our neighbourhood because the zoning on the land allows it. There is no public rezoning or any other public process required, such as the one that CRHD faced in Oak Bay when the facility was turned down, not once, but twice. Once the sale of 950 Kings Rd goes through, the CRHD will have two extremely valuable pieces of land in its growing real estate portfolio. How about something for the Hillside Quadra neighbourhood? Are there any opportunities to address our needs? Maybe. Could the community run sports and recreation programs in the Blanshard gym? Could a portable skate park be set up the grounds? What about allotment or community gardens? How about partnering with the Greater Victoria Library for a small local branch? Could there be some funding for enhancements to Quadra Village? Other ideas? Could this be a win-win? Instead of lip service being paid to the return of this asset to the “public good” for an unknownBy Rowena Locklin announcement that CRHD is now in the process public use at some point in the future, why notof buying 950 Kings Rd, the portion of the rd some guarantees in the form of a covenant fromBlanshard Elementary site with the schooln the evening of November 23 , the the School District and CRHD that this transferbuilding. CHRD is describing this purchase as acommunity was invited to a meeting of land to the CRHD will comes with benefits toO strategic acquisition. What emerged from thewith School District 61 and the Captital rd the neighbourhood?Regional Hospital District (CRHD) about November 23 meeting is that residents are CRHD’s second major purchase of land in the concerned that SD61 is again selling school land heart of our neighbourhood. without considering the needs of the neighbourhood. The first CRHD purchase was 955 Hillside, When asked, the representative for the field behind the former Blanshard CRHD, Maurice Rachwalski, stated that Elementary (now CDI College) school site that there are no plans for a second complex faces HillsideAve. The intention for this parcel care facility at 950 Kings and that, in the of land is clear: to build a replacement for two near term, CDI would continue its tenure aging facilities, the Oak Bay Lodge and Mt. for 5 years. However, when questioned, Tolmie Hospital. We have featured this Rachwalski disclosed that CDI could break development in previous issues of the Hillside its lease at any point without penalty. Quadra News and contemplated what this 4-6- Therefore, CDI staying for 5 years is not storey complex care facility will mean for the guaranteed. neighbourhood in terms of greenspace, traffic In the interim, CRHD intends to use the flow, parking and community amenities. siteas a staging area for theconstructionof Concerns have been raised about how SD61 was The Summit, which is slated to begin in late able to sell this land in 2013 without community summer 2016. The site will be used for consultation. parking for construction vehicles, storage We have expressed hope that the new facility of building materials and office space for (called The Summit at Quadra Village) will be the project. Long term plans for the 950 designed to integrate into the neighbourhood Kinds are not known, but potential uses for and contribute to the health of our community. the property could include hospital We hope that the design will meet the needs of facilities, supportive housing for those with the 320 frail elderly residents that will live out mental health and substance use issues, or their last days there and we also hope that the public health facilities (such as those design will maintain connective paths through currently offered at Cook St.). We the site, and keep cars off Kings Rd. We want the recognize that all of these facilities are design process to be responsive to citizens’ needed in the region, but their construction concerns and ideas and we hope that there will be would sacrifice green space and recreation a genuine community engagement process and space inour neighbourhood. not simply a “check box” consultation. The What became clear at the November rd CRHD hosted one Open House on March 28, 23 meeting was that elected School Board 2015 and then… silence. A meeting with the members feel that they inherited a mess. community on 955 Hillside is tentatively Several trustees voiced regret and concern scheduled for sometime in December. We have about the situation, but felt that the deal no details at this point about the format of the with CHRD is the best result possible. meeting, the extent of the opportunity for Much was made of the return of the land to comment by residents, or the scope of “public or community control” with this consultation. deal. Residents attending the event pointed In the midst of this lull came suddenly an out that the land would be owned and (Please see article on the cover.) Winter 2015 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 3 Keep Up with All the Happenings in the ‘Hood! Check out the I Love Quadra Village page on Facebook for all things Quadra Village including posts from the Hillside-Quadra Community News team. ymt_homepage_panel Editorial: Proposed Sale of 950 Kings Road Do you have any comments on articles or H - Q Community News? Concerned about something in our neighbourhood? Share your thoughts with us in a letter to the Editor: 901 Kings Rd. Victoria B.C. V8T 1W5 or email: We’d love to hear from you!
  4. 4. Submitted by Janis La Couvée, on behalf of the Park. redevelopment over the past 3 years. The Hillside-Quadra Neighbourhood Action Group current owners, through their architect, High-Profile Development Proposals in presented plans at an informal preliminary Hillside-Quadra NeighbourhoodAG maintains an e-mail list and sends meetinginNovember. Our group has been designated by the City ofout regularupdates. Ifyou wouldlike to The current proposal is for 24 rental units in Victoria as the contact for developers who areNsubscribe to this list, please em two 3-storey buildings with exterior stairways proposing changes that require the City to alterth SUBSCRIBE and balconies. Under this proposal, access the zoning for the property involved. We hostTOLISTinthesubjectheading. would be from Fifth Street. On-site parking meetings to which neighbours and any other would be retained for approximately 50 2015 Recap interested persons are invited to hear about the vehicles, and some mitigation measures are to be It’s been an extremely busy year in the proposals and provide their comments. After considered (car-share and bike parking). Hillside-Quadra neighbourhood, with a number that, the project goes through a formal review The next step for this property will be a formal of prominent, and ongoing, issues to consider. process at City Hall. Ultimately, City Council community meeting under the CALUC process. The Hillside-Quadra Neighbourhood Action holds a public hearing before any approvals are Group has been active, collectively and as givenordenied. 1066/1070 Finlayson individual representatives to larger groups and The proponents plan to subdivide their two 2560 Quadra (beside the Wooden Shoe)organizations, on the following projects and adjacent lots to create a third lot. The lots meet The newest proposal for this property (4-files: the requirements for subdivision. At a storeys with 15 units and bike parking) falls preliminary meeting in October, two options ! TransportationPrioritiesinHillside-Quadra within the current Quadra Village zoning and were presented. One option requires variances ! Crystal Pool revitalization (Friends of the was recently referred to the Planning and Land and a public hearing; the alternative option does CrystalPool) Use Committee. The owners are seeking a not. The proponents have not yet informed the ! Sheltering in Parks (proposed Topaz Tent development permit with variances (parking HQ-NAG of their decision. City) spots and set-backs). Staff is recommending ! City of Victoria Bicycle Master Plan that, after giving notice and allowing an HowYouCanGetInvolved (#Biketoria) opportunity for public comment, Council One of the best ways to be involved is to ! VictoriaCommunityAssociation Network considers authorizing the issuance of the attend one of the monthly NAG meetings. If you ! SummitAvenuesidewalk construction Development Permit Application. A public are unable to attend a meeting and would like to ! S m i t h H i l l R e s e r v o i r p a t h w a y hearing is to be scheduled. know more or be involved in any neighbourhood improvements land use or transportation matters, please contact 2740FifthStreet! 955 Blanshard (the Summit at Quadra NAG via e-mail. NAG is currently recruiting Currently the site of a single-family home,Village) volunteers to help with community meetings 2740 Fifth Street has seen a number of proposals! City of Victoria Great Neighbourhoods held as part of the rezoning process. If you’re for re-development over the past 3 years.Initiative interested in land use issues, and can help out on In May 2015, a proposal for a 12-unit ASH! Mayor’s Task Force on Housing anoccasionalbasis,we’dlovetohearfromyou. (affordable sustainable housing) developmentAffordability was presented at a well-attended community Contact:! Invasive species removal at Summit Park meeting under the CALUC process. HQ-NAG(withtheFriendsofSummitPark) sent a letter to the City. The developer has! QuadraVillageDay decidednottoproceed.! BlockWatch/VicPD In October, a new proponent presented plans at a! QuadraVillagebanners preliminary meeting. This proposal is for six 2- The Hillside Quadra Neighbourhood Action SmithHillReservoirPathwayImprovements or 3-bedroom townhouse units in two buildings, Group (NAG) is a sub-committee of the The Capital Regional District Integrated Water with a driveway along the right side of the lot. Downtown Blanshard Advisory Committee Services is preparing to start construction on a The next step will be for the developer to request (DBAC) (the not-for-profit that is our public access improvement project, including a formal community meeting under the CALUC neighbourhood’s Community Association and new stairs and paths around the reservoir at process. runs the Quadra Village Community Centre) and Smith Hill (Summit Park). Construction will is comprised of a group of volunteers that works The Residences at Quadra Village (formerlytake place from November 2015 to March 2016 on issues related to land use, transportation, and Quadra Villa), 2835-2855 Quadra Streetand is consistent with the City of Victoria parks in our neighbourhood. Anyone with a The existing buildings (64 rental units) onSummitParkManagementPlan. connection to our neighbourhood is welcome to the property were renovated in 2012-2013. As a come to meetings or join our email list. We meet SummitParkSidewalkConstruction result of the restructuring of the former owners at the Quadra Village Community Centre at 7:00 Construction has recently been completed of (League Assets), the property was sold to Primex PM the first Monday of each month from a sidewalk on the north side of Summit Avenue, Investments in 2014. The undeveloped portion September to June, except we meet on the second from Jackson Street to Blackwood Street. The of the property (the parking lot) has been the MondaywhenthefirstMondayisaholiday. sidewalk enhances pedestrian access to Summit subject of a number of proposals for ail wi Email: Web: quadra-neighbourhood-action-group Winter 2015 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 4 Update from Hillside Quadra Neighbourhood Action Group Neighbourhood Small Grant Projects Please check our I Love Quadra Village Facebook page for details ! Japanese Canadian Cultural and Social Events- first one Dec 5 ! Youth Aboriginal Drum Project- Dec. 11 5-8pm ! Faces of Quadra-Art/Photo project- at Camas Books Dec 15th ! Winter Solstice Celebrations-Neighbourhood get together Dec. 19 ! ! ! Hijab Awareness Fashion Show- January 30th ! Community Clean-up and Breakfast-Dates: Sat. Dec 12, Sun. Jan. 3, Feb 15 Family Day ! Quadra Village Behind the Lens:A Neighbourhood Photo Journey ! Learning to Laugh- Free Laughter Yoga classes ! Community Sandbox- at Quadra Elementary ! Celebration of Friendship- a neighbourhood memorial book box ! Summit and Prior Boulevard Garden ! Community Garden Restoration- garden restoration and replacement of Michael Dunahee plaque ! Bellyfit Training-free Bellyfit classes at Quadra Village Community Centre ! Meditation-free meditation classes at Citizen’s Counselling Centre ! Talent Show-Community Talent Show ! Merritt St Get to know you- Neighbourhood get together ! Plans for a street Mandala in the Fifth Street area Community Palette: Dates Jan 24 and Feb 21 Basil Ave Community Spirit Feb. 21
  5. 5. Winter 2015 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 5 By Ben Isitt, City Councillor and CRD Community Centre and the Wark Street Park, operationandcontrol. Director are ripe for community use. These include the In the months ahead, I look forward to large gymnasium, which includes a stage and discussions in our neighbourhood over how we ith the purchase of the Blanshard kitchen facilities. There are also opportunities can make the most for the community out of the School property by the Capital for food production, sports and potentially a facilities at 950 Kings Road, and what kind of WRegional Hospital District, the door skateboarding facility for youth on the vision people have for this land in the longer is now open for restoring community use of the surroundinggrounds of950Kings Road. term. My opinion is that any long-term vision building and grounds by Hillside-Quadra Working with neighbourhood residents and should include a strong community use and residents. leaders, I am pushing hard for an agreement greenspacecomponent. Since the school board sold a 99-year between the City of Victoria and the Hospital I would encourage you to help make this leasehold interest in the school and grounds to District to allow the gym to be re-opened as a vision a reality and share your views with City private owners over a decade ago, the future public facility, with programming through the C o u n c i l m e m b e r s b y e appeared to be slated for private real-estate Community Centre if it would like to serve in development. that role. I also believe that a substantial portion Now, I believe there is a real opportunity for of the grounds at 950 Kings Road could be a partnership between neighbourhood residents, leased to the City and operated by the the Quadra Village Community Centre, the City Community Centre for community gardens and of Victoria and the Hospital District to provide recreationgrounds. community benefits in the public building and Details for community use would be worked thesurroundingpubliclands. out in consultation with residents and the A portion of the building will likely continue Community Centre, as well as a vision for the to be operated as a career college for a 5-year longer-term use of the land. I think we now have term, and a portion may be used for construction a real chance for an improved and project management for the 320-unit hospital for innovative public realm in the heart of our dementia care on the adjacent land to the north. neighbourhood, and a substantially But several parts of the property at 950 Kings augmented community facility with the Road, across the street from the existing restoration of the gym to public ownership, m a i l i n g, requesting that the City work with the Quadra Village Community Centre and the Hospital District to maximize the community benefit made possible by the restoration of Blanshard School to public ownership. Ben Isitt is a Hillside-Quadra resident and the City Council liaison to the neighbourhood. He can be reached at 250-882-9302 or City Council Update: Restoring Community Use of Blanshard School Neighbourhood Small Grants Approved in Hillside Quadra BySashaGronsdahl people in a specific geographic area within the neighbourhood. For example, one project s the cold months of winter arrive, involves holding a party for a block to plan a when the sun sets early and the sky is community art project and another aims to Aoften grey, several community bring a street together to celebrate the winter projects that will inject a little cheer and solstice. warmth into the Hillside-Quadra Other projects involve sharing ideas or neighbourhood have received funding. Grants skills across culture and celebrating the of up to $500 have been awarded for 16 diversity of the neighbourhood. For example, projects through the Neighbourhood Small a series of workshops to be held at the Quadra Grants program, which is being piloted in Village Community Centre will teach Hillside-Quadra. community members about Japanese- The Neighbourhood Small Grants Canadian food, art and culture, and a “Hijab program has been running in Vancouver Awareness Fashion Show” will educate the neighbourhoods since 1999, and 2015 is the public about the practices of head covering first year that it has been brought to a associatedwiththeMuslimfaith. neighbourhood in Victoria. The pilot in Still more projects will use art, dance and Hillside-Quadra is being co-funded by the music to bring people together. For instance: Vancouver Foundation and the Victoria the “Quadra Village behind the Lens” photo Foundation and implemented by the Quadra project will encourage community members Village Community Centre. Through the to take photos of the neighbourhood that will program, individuals can apply for grants to then be displayed at a local coffee shop; a free fund project ideas that connect and engage belly-dancing workshop will be held for residentsoftheneighbourhood. community members who want to learn how A volunteer Resident Advisory to move their hips; and a drum circle will be Committee, a diverse group of people from started up at the Quadra Village Community the neighbourhood, was tasked with Centre to celebrate the Aboriginal heritage of reviewing all the applications that were many neighbours and to connect local submitted and making funding decisions. Aboriginalyouthtotheirculture. Having neighbours decide where the grant Generally speaking, projects funded by money goes is what makes the program an the Neighbourhood Small Grants program in example of “grassroots granting.” Program Vancouver take place during the summer. Coordinator Rowena Locklin says, “One of However, the timing of the pilot program in the best aspects of the Neighbourhood Small Victoria has sparked additional creativity Grants process for me has been working with within the community for events that are a great group of people on our Residential appropriate to the colder months. “I had heard Advisory Committee. Everyone brings their from Vancouver coordinators that the first unique ideas and perspectives on the projects, year is often mainly block parties, but with the often bringing up things I may not have timing of our grant spanning the winter considered.” months, we have had a really diverse set of A wide variety of projects have been projects coming forward,” Rowena says. “I approved for funding, and all meet at least one am really excited by the amazing variety of of the Neighbourhood Small Grants program project ideas presented.” goals: to connect and engage neighbourhood Many of the projects will be open to all residents; to share residents’ skills and interested members of the neighbourhood. knowledge within the community; to build a Keep an eye open for posters around the sense of ownership and pride; and to respect neighbourhood and check the website and celebratediversity. Some projects are focused on connecting happening/11forlistingsofupcomingevents.
  6. 6. Winter 2015 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 6 By Corie Potter-Lowden and Tara Skobel and his athleticmentorship. the REEL ROCK Film Tour, which brings the In addition to volunteering at our Youth best climbing and adventure films of the year to rior to Harley Gordon’s arriving for his Drop-in, Harley is a key player in the live audiences throughout the world. REEL Thursday night drop-in shift, our youth organization and delivery of Quadra Village ROCK film screening events include prize Pworkers are answering the familiar Day. He has dedicated his time and efforts as giveaways, athlete and filmmaker appearances, question: “When is Harley coming? When is Assistant Site Coordinator for the last two years, and non-profit fundraising activities. Harley has Harley coming?” We KNOW he has arrived and as Volunteer Coordinator this past year. advocated for Quadra Village Community when the youth begin calling out his name and Harley has already expressed a keen interest in Centre throughout his involvement with REEL frantically running tothedoor inexcitement! being a part of the planning committee for this ROCK, and has been raising funds for our youth Harley volunteers his Thursday evenings at celebratedcommunityeventagainthisyear. programs through this exciting and innovative our Youth Drop-in Centre, where he engages in And if these efforts were not enough, Harley initiative. numerous physical activities with our young is one of the newest board members of the We feel so privileged to have Harley on our people, the staff and fellow volunteers at the Downtown Blanshard Advisory Committee Board and on our team. He is an exceptional Centre. Every week, Harley brings with him, Board of Directors. advocate for our community, and a total blast to like a bag of tricks, his stamina, his team spirit, Harley has also been highly involved with bearound.Thank you Harley,for allthatyou do! Quadra Village Centre Volunteer Spotlight: Harley Gordon Update from École Quadra School Harley Gordon with Youth-Centre volunteer, Catriona Addleton, and Youth-Centre participants, Justin, William and Aaron By Cheryl Rolston and Marilyn Campbell of learning. Also, we are lucky this year to (theQuadraAdminTeam) have volunteer tennis instructors, reading club volunteers, and our wonderful mentors hat would it be like if a community from Big Brothers and Sisters, who come into really got involved in a school? the school regularly to teach and help our WWell, here at Quadra Elementary, students. we have lots of experience of this. Our We’ve just finished a successful cross- community certainly has heart! This past country season, with many students and staff term, our students have enjoyed many great taking part in running practices and races opportunities, thanks to our community throughout the last month. A special connections. Here’s a snapshot of what congratulations to Chelsea Mesman, who we’ve been up to in addition to all of our great won the Grade Five Girls City Finals. learning. Also in the area of sports, our fabulous At the beginning of October, the fire coach Mrs. Kivell took a group of students to department came out with one of their trucks play in the Reynolds Family Soccer to help teach our students about fire safety. Jamboree, held at Lakehill Park at the The truck was a huge hit! Then, at beginning of November. This fun event is Hallowe’en, Constable Craig, our school intended to encourage a love of soccer Police Liaison Officer from the Victoria throughfriendlycompetition. Police Department, came to share ideas with Another highlight of this fall term was our students aboutHallowe’en safety. He was seeing some of our students participating in a not afraid to get into his bunny make-up, strings performance. Their excitement about which had everyone giggling. Towards the takingpartinthiseventwasoutofthisworld! end ofOctober, our ParentAdvisory Council As you can see, École Quadra School is funded “Story Theatre”, a dramatic so much more because of all that this presentation for the whole school. They also community does. We’d like to take thisIn addition to these specific events, many hosted a Friday evening movie night for opportunity to thank everyone and wish you all avolunteers give to the school on an ongoing families. The Sierra Club came to the school and marvellous holiday season. Enjoy all the smallbasis. Every day, volunteers come out to prepare connected our students to nature with outdoor andlargemomentsinthecomingmonths!and serve a nutritious breakfast for students who presentations. may need a little extra to get them ready for a day Quadra students taking part in cross country (phot provided)
  7. 7. Winter 2015 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 7 Women with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome Support Each Other at Santé Café By Iris Gray Asperger’s Meetup Group, which is for everyone who is on the autistic nce a month, a group of spectrum, and some attend the women, all on the autism women-only group, appreciating the Ospectrum, gather at Santé slightly quieter atmosphere. Ages in Café in Quadra Village to eat and talk our group range from early 20s to late together and to support each other. 40s. Some of us were diagnosed as This group is called Victoria Women children, some as adults, and some of with Autism and Asperger’s us have never been given a formal Syndrome. diagnosis, but we are all on the Even though there are more people spectrum. being diagnosed with autism than ever Discussion topics in our meetings before, girls and women are still can be anything from experiences in under-diagnosed. Some professionals school, to problems in relationships, to still believe that girls are simply not how to handle sound sensitivity. autistic. If a girl is diagnosed as Sometimes we are joined by parents of autistic, she may find that all the autistic young people who are looking programs and services were designed for advice and support, but the group is to meet the needs of boys. Many mainly for those who are autistic autism support groups are dominated themselves. Sometimes we give by men, which can make some women advice and support to younger people uncomfortable. This is why the aboutgettingalongwiththeirparents. Women with Autism and Asperger’s We are an informal group with no Syndrome group was formed. set agenda. We usually meet one The women in the group come Saturday a month for two to three from all parts of Victoria, as well as the hours. Everyone is welcome, and there Saanich Peninsula, to meet at Santé, is no age limit. Attendees can bring a which is a popular place for many friend or family member along if it autistic people who are on gluten-free helps them feel comfortable. Our next diets. We meet over cups of chai and meeting is on Saturday December 12. slices of gluten-free black forest cake Those who wish to attend can sign up to talk about our lives as autistic at women. Some of us are also members Women-with-Autism-Aspergers- of the Greater Victoria Autism- Syndrome/. Scenes of Fall in Our Neighbourhood Fall in all it’s glory (photos by Helen and Teresa Cowley)
  8. 8. Winter 2015 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 8 Hardwarewassituatedthere). On one of your early excursions in the new neighbourhood, Leona, you came home lovingly holding a small kitten. All attempts to find out where you picked it up were in vain. You firmly maintained that the kitten was lost. We never did find out where that kitten had come from and it becamepartofourhousehold. In late May news came that was not unexpected - Allan’s army unit was given the order for overseas duty and would be leaving Victoria in early June. By that time we had come to a decision that after the war we would make our home in Victoria.Thus it was decided that I wouldremainherewhilehewasoverseas. A leave before his departure gave just enough time for a farewell visit to his mother in Alberta. We made the rush trip in one of the best cars Henry Ford ever put out - a Model A, purchased shortly before the news came. During our visit Allan persuaded his father to leave the farm and come with us to live in Victoria. Jobs were plentiful and he could be sure of finding something to do. Despite our cramped living quarters on Wark Street I made Grandpa Donald welcome. He was such a quiet, unassuming person that I had always felt sorry for him and, moreover, I would be glad to have his company when Allan was gone. He would have to make do with sleeping Written by Grace Taylor (1919-2004) properly changed over to wood burning - it on a couch in our kitchen/livingroom. He was Born Medicine Hat, Alberta, died Victoria, smoked all the time. In the bedroom/living room more than willingto do so. British Columbia there was a little old English-style fireplace - it Allan’s day of departure came. He was to was asmokertoo. join his regiment in Vancouver so you (Leona) his is an excerpt from one of a series of We had no water taps and no sink in our and I took the boat trip with him to the mainland letters that Grace Taylor wrote to her rooms. Water had to be brought from the and there we bid our goodbyes. It was a bright, Tfamily about her memories of Victoria. bathroom at the end of a long hallway and kept in sunny June day but my eyes were clouded with Grace’s husband, Allan D. Taylor, had enlisted a pail. Another pail had to be kept on hand for tears for, despite the differences and in Alberta and was first stationed in Nanaimo. In slops. It was almost like living on the farm. To disappointments, our parting was sad for me. I 1942, Grace and their baby daughter, Leona, improve my state of mind I had to keep couldn’t help but wonder: would he get back travelled by train from Calgary to join Allan in reminding myself - GROUND FLOOR - from overseas? Would he even get there? Troop Nanaimo. Grace wrote an epistolary memoir in FRONT YARD - CLOSE TO TOWN. ships on the Atlantic were a target sought after by 1993. This letter focuses on the family’s move to Our rooms were unfurnished and we had no enemysubmarines. WarkStreetwheretheylivedfrom1943-51. furniture of our own. I found the remedy for that We watched eagerly for the postman every at Maynards Auction Rooms on Johnson Street day, hoping for a letter. Finally it came. He had WARK STREET - New Home - Old House and bought all the most needed pieces of arrived in England andwould be stationed there March 8, 1993 furniture for a grand total of $25. Most prized of in a military hospital. That was good news, for Victoria, BC my buys was a dining room table made of cherry although England was under constant bombing wood with a beautiful finish on its round top - it attacks, hewould notbe inthe frontlines. Dear Family, costonly$4. Mentioning letters makes me realize how Our block of Wark Street was a family much more efficient mail service 50 years ago Hello to all my grandchildren - I have just neighbourhood at that time, houses only,several was compared to our present service. We had learned that you are tuned in to these family of them occupied by families with children of two house deliveries a day and letters within the ramblings.Greetings! varying ages.Theone exceptionto familyhomes city were delivered the same day they were This story begins where the last one left off - was a house across from usthat was occupied by mailed. Airmail from overseas was sometimes the Taylor family is about to move to a new several Chinese men who sold fresh fruit and delivered in only four days - and that was in home. Please do not take the word ‘new’ literally. vegetables door-to-door. They transported their wartime conditions – [with] shortage of postal Our new address was 2525 Wark Street. My produce in horse-drawn wagons and the horses workers andallkinds of otherproblems. first sight of the new home gave warning that we were kept in a barn behind their house - one of Time would have dragged at a snail’s pace would be living in a very old house - the the few residences inVictoria citythat still had a that summer and fall had it not been for you, my architectural design with curly-shaped pieces of barn. ‘Little Sunshine’, to brighten my days. We had wood decorating the front porch was from a by- Our blockofWarkhad alocal ‘character’- an our daily outings but as I grew larger, our walks gone era. We had the two front rooms, our door elderly lady, able in body but not in mind, who grewshorter.[…] opening onto a veranda and a small front yard. was looked after by a relative. She sometimes I was thankful for Grandpa Taylor’s The back rooms were rented by a family named escaped from her caretaker and wandered company. He found a job at Economy Laundry Hamilton. The house was owned by an East happily along the street in her nightgown with on John Street, an easy walk from home, and he Indian lady named Labh, whose daughter not just one hat but two or three piled one on top was like a new person. He enjoyed his work, Deborah came each month to collect the rent.We of the other on her head. At such times she helped me at what he could, and was gradually didn’t know it then but a few years later we always had a following of giggling children - losinghisoverlyreservedmanner. would have further connections with the Labh until the caretaker discovered her absence and The MacAdams (the army family who family. From old letters Grandma Florence tookherbackhome. invited us to Christmas dinner) made McKibbin discovered another odd coincidence - Our neighbourhood had stores nearby for arrangements to take me to hospital and look her aunt Louise had lived at 2525 Wark Street essential shopping. There was a grocery store at after you when the time came. It finally did, and many,manyyearsearlier. the corner of Blanshard and Bay and another at on September 20, 1944, baby Jim was born in Describing our living conditions in the old Blanshard and Kings. At the corner of Hillside RoyalJubileeHospital. house makes me wonder how we stood it for six and Quadra, there was a cluster of small You took a long time to struggle into the years - but we did. The rooms had 12-foot high businesses - Robinson’s Grocery, Landsdell world, Jim, but when you finally got here you ceilings and the walls were badly in need of Baker, Hillside Pharmacy, Hillside Fish & were a healthy baby of average weight and, just redecorating. I soon discovered the reason for its Chips, Harvey’s Meats and Well’s Barber Shop. as I did when Leona was born, I thought you smoke-stained walls - the stove was faulty. It had On the southwest corner of Hillside there was a were the most wonderful baby in the world. been a sawdust burner in its youth but that part of huge pear tree and, in the fall,the ground beneath its equipment was gone and it had not been it was covered with ripe fruit (later, Stelck’s Memories of Victoria: Life on Wark Street Allan Taylor and me, Leona. The car is parked in front of 2525 Wark Street. Across the street you can just see the gate of the Minnie house [middle left] and to the right of it is their garden plot. Next to that was a rocky outcrop – a good place for kids to play. The 2500 block of Wark seems to be all apartments now. (Photo provided by Leona Taylor) (Continued on page 9)
  9. 9. Winter 2015 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 9 Allan & Leona Taylor. The background includes the rocky outcrop lot, then 2534 Wark Street [Creed] and 2540 [don’t remember their name]. (Photo provided by Leona Taylor) Memories of Victoria: Life on Wark Street Medical practices had changed since your birth, Leona, and instead of being kept in hospital and in bed for two weeks as then, I was happily surprised to be allowed up in four days and out of hospitalinonlyoneweek. We had only been home for a day when a neighbour came to the door with a present for the new baby. She introduced herself as Gert Minnie and said she and her family lived directly across the street from us. I thought it was very kind of her to bring a present and was glad to become acquaintedwithsomeonewholivednearby. Gert was a jolly, talkative person, inclined to embellish her sometimes gossipy stories, but was good company nevertheless. She was the first person I had met in Victoria who was actually born in the city. Her stories of growing up here and changes in the city since then were veryinteresting. Weather during the following months varied from damp to downright wet - it was a dreary fall and winter. You, Jim, developed bronchial asthma and suffered constant attacks, sometimes severe enough to require hospital treatment, thus a great deal of my time was occupiedincaringforyou. We’ll lighten up this story in the way I did then - with music. I would get out my guitar, play and sing to you and the music had a soothing effectonusall.[…] My love as always, Grandma Grace Taylor (Continued from page 8) New Year, New Hillside Quadra News! What’s your vision for our community paper? Email:
  10. 10. Winter 2015 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 10 By Mila Czemerys who needsupport tomeet theirnutritional needs. food is increasing at double the rate of inflation. All funds go towards providing a yearly supply Furthermore, 14% of households in Greater he holiday season and the winter months of fruit and vegetables to families who may not Victoria reported they had experienced food can be a tough time for families otherwise have accessto fresh, localproduce. insecurity over the past 12 months. In the face of Tstruggling to make ends meet. The Gift of these statistics, it is encouraging to know that as Why is this fundraiser different from other Good Food holiday fundraiser responds a community we have the power to effect holidayfooddrives? creatively to this need in our community. Quadra meaningful change. Until December 31st, you Village Community Centre has partnered with ! It provides fresh vegetables and fruit that are can donate tothe The Gift of Good Food program nine other Community Centres across Greater not accessible at most food banks. Families and help ensure that families have access to Victoria to raise money in order to give Good accessing food banks generally receive non- healthy,fresh produce. Food Boxes to families we support. The money perishable items. Our goal is to add If you want to contribute, there are 5 ways to raised by Quadra Village will go directly to nutritious produce totheequation. donate: supportingfamiliesinourcommunity. ! Instead of a one-time food hamper, it The Good Food Box program is a non-profit provides food every two weeks throughout ! O n l i n e w i t h a c r e d i t c a r d a t : fruit and vegetable distribution program that the whole of 2016. This gift keeps giving the offers affordable produce through wholesale whole year. ! In-person with cash, cheque, debit or credit purchasing. The program was started 18 years ! Families who receive Good Food Boxes will card at the Fernwood Community Centre, ago by single moms and lower income families pick up their food with all other Good Food 1240 Gladstone Avenue, Victoria, BC V8T who wanted to bring local and organic produce Box customers. They will not feel singled 1G6 to their community at reduced cost through bulk out orface stigmawhen collectingtheir gift. ! By phone with a credit card at: 250-381- purchasing. The program grew from 12 boxes a 1552 ext.100 We are hoping that businesses, individuals, month to 250 boxes a month and it is now ! By mailing a cheque to the Fernwood and community groups will join the campaign accessed throughout the Greater Victoria area Community Centre (address above) and take on the challenge of helping to raise from Sooke to Sidney. The Fernwood ! By connecting with Quadra Village $500 to provide one family in Hillside-Quadra Neighbourhood Resource Group assumed Community Ce with Good Food Boxes during 2016. Every responsibility for the operations of the Good ing a donation, big or small, helps make a difference. Food Box program in 2012 and continues to fundraising group in your office, team, For example, a $20 donation provides one provide affordable access to local and regional family,club– anywhere! family with one large Good Food Box. fruits and veggies. According to Kelly Greenwell, Executive Donations of $20 and over will receive a The Gift of Good Food is a holiday Director of Quadra Village Community Centre, tax-deductible charitable donation receipt. We fundraiser that supports the ability of the Good “Many families struggle with debt and lack of are raising funds until December 22nd (until Food Box program to provide fresh produce st income following the Christmas season and December 31 for all online donations) and theyear-round to families who need it. throughout the year. If neighbours and co- families receiving The Gift of Good Food willWe need your help. Every $500 raised workers team up they can make a big difference be notified in January 2016.provides a family with one large Good Food Box for families close to home.” For more inevery two weeks for a year. We focus on According to Victoria Vital Signs 2014,, or call 250-381-supporting families that are in transition, have poverty is on the rise in our city and the cost of 1552 x 118. Thank you for your contributions!low incomes, are headed by single parents, or ntre (250 388 7696 or and start fo visit, email info@fernwo The Gift of Good Food: You Can Make a Difference in the Life of a Family in Need Quadra Village Community Centre would like to thank our many supporters. The help of generous funders, sponsors, donors and volunteers means we can accomplish so much more! Major Program Funders City of Victoria, Government of Canada, Greater Victoria School District, Province of British Columbia, United Way Program Funders BC Housing, Coast Capital Savings, Farmer Construction, Get Youth Working, Kidsport, Gordon Head Lions, Participaction, The Most Worshipful FreeLodgeofFreeandAcceptedMasonsofBC&Yukon,Telus,VictoriaFoundation,VictoriaHarboursideRotary Sponsors Anawim House, Blanshard Square Liquor Store, Caffe Fantastico, Cascadia Liqour Store, CDI, Cold Star Freight, Esquimalt Kiwanis, Fairfield Gonzales Community Association, Farmer Construction, Horner Foundation, Il Terrazzo, Island Savings, Media Net, Thrifty Foods, T.L.C. Fund for Kids,7-Eleven,Stampers Donors ACD Systems, Akai Hair Design, Art Box, Bootlegger, Carribean Village, Cleo’s, Clothesline Clothing Company, COBS Bread, Collins and Company, Esquimalt Kiwanis, Fairway Market, Jennifer Roberts Florist, Kaboodles, Living Edge, Market on Yates, Mustard Seed, Ricki’s, Sysco, Wal-Martandourgenerousindividualcommunitydonors ByAlexandraHarris angel, Clarence, brings the audience along with even been performed as a live radio play. him to review the course of George Bailey's life. You will be able to see It's a Wonderful Life; am sure you have heard of the classic It's a Wonderful Life has become iconic over The Live Radio Play here in Victoria this IChristmas film, It's a Wonderful Life? For the years as a symbol of the importance of Christmas season at the Blue Bridge Theatre. thosewho havenot,here’sanoverview. friendship, family, romance, and the goodness The show will not only bring back a It's a Wonderful Life was releasedin 1946. It thatcanbefoundinpeople'shearts. heartwarming story, but also the fun and unique was written and directed by Frank Capra and To this day families throughout North feeling of a live radio drama. If you have not seen starred James Stewart and Donna Reed. Rising America cozy up to their televisions around a live radio drama I highly recommend it; it is a in popularity over the years, and repeatedly Christmas time to watch this touching and great genre of theatre that you will not get the being broadcast on television during the loveable tale. The story resonates with people chance to explore every day. It will be exciting Christmas holidays, the film eventually became because it features a dramatic spectrum of the and fun to see what the Blue Bridge Repertory a Christmasclassic. harsher and nastier sides of life as well as the Theatre will do with this show, and I for one am The film tells the story of George Bailey, a most tenderand sweetmoments. And ofcourse, excited to see the Bedford Falls crew back on kind man whose thoughtless self-sacrifice in it always provides a good laugh! stage again! th favour of the wellbeing of the others in his But sitting in front of the television is The show will be running at 8pm on the 17 - th th community of Bedford Falls seems to get him certainly not the only way that you can enjoy It's 19 December and at 2pm on the 20 . The Roxy further and further into trouble. George Bailey's a Wonderful Life. The film has been adapted into Theatre is located on 2657 Quadra Street. comically clumsy but well-meaning guardian stage plays, musicals and radio plays, and has “It's a Wonderful Life”, the Beloved Christmas Classic, Returns at the Blue Bridge
  11. 11. Winter 2015 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 11 Parent & Tot Drop-In Creative play for children 0-6 yrs. and their parents/caregivers. Mon, Wed andThurs 9-11:30 a.m. Tues 9:30-11 a.m. for children 0-3 yrs. Call formoreinformation. Best Babies A pre-and post-natal health program. One-to-one support, dietician, public health nurse and dental hygienist services. Tues 11 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.CallHeleneforinfo(registrationrequired). All Quadra Village Community Centre Programs listed are free of charge except for the Hot Lunch Program (exceptional value) and Out of School Care (affordable fees). Unless otherwise noted call 250.388.7696 or check out for details. Youth Drop-In (Ages 10-18) A safe, fun place for boys and girls to hang out. Activities include: pool, Ping-Pong, board games, air hockey, hoops and Internet. Call and ask for the Youth Programs Coordinator. The CREW The CREW aims to empower youth with job readiness skills and resources, supporting them with the search, maintenance, and excellence for the job of their choosing. Our staff support youth through group facilitation, and one to one support. Mondays from 4-6pm in the Youth Centre. If you are interested or have any questions please contact us at 250 388 7696 ext. 224. Music with Joie Creative drop-in music program for children 0-5 yrs. with parents/caregivers. Fri 10:30-11:30am. Call for more information. Child, Youth and Family Worker Assists children and families in areas such as support, mediation, advocacy, mentoring, goal setting, life skills, coping, safety planning, parenting strategies, healthy relationships and referrals. Call Helene. Quadra Village Community Centre Youth and Family Counsellors School-based Youth and Family Counsellors provide support, counselling and advocacy for youth and their families at S.J. Willis, Vic High,Quadra,Cloverdale,Oaklands,ReynoldsandCedarHillSchools. Family Night Fun activities and snacks at the Centre, Tues 6:00 - 7:30pm. For children ofallagesandtheirparents/caregivers.AskforDeirdre. The Hot Lunch Program A tasty hot lunch (entrée, salad, dessert and coffee/tea) in a welcoming environment. Thurs 12:00 -12:30 pm. Stay and socialize until 1:00 pm. Adults$3.00,VolunteersandChildren$1.00.RunsOctobertoJune. Licenced Out-of-School Care (Ages 6-12) A fun, safe environment for your children. After-school and full-time during Pro D days and school breaks. Activities include: in/outdoor games, music, arts, crafts, baking, and day trips. Pick up available for children from Quadra and George Jay Elementary Schools. Contact Deirdreforavailabilityandinformation. Youth and Family Worker Offers support, mediation, advocacy, mentoring, goal setting, life skills, safety planning and referrals for youth 13-19 and their families. Parenting consultations also available. Residents of Hillside-Quadra and nearbyneighbourhoods,callandasktoleaveamessageforLaurie Step by Step Parenting Supportive discussion group for parents/caregivers based on effective parenting strategies. Childcare provided. Dates to be announced. ContactHelene formoreinformation. Hillside Quadra Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG) The Hillside Quadra Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG) is a group of volunteers that works on issues related to land use, transportation and parks in our neighbourhood. We meet at Quadra Village Community Centre at 7 pm the first Monday each month from September to June, except when the first Monday is a holiday. For more information, Internet Access Computer and Internet access. Printing, copying and faxing service also available. Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (closed Tuesdayfrom1:30-3p.m.) Seniors Entitlement Services (SES) Serving seniors who believe that some essential services are denied them. Open for consultations Monday and Thursday, 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Find out what’s happening in Hillside-Quadra! If you have any upcoming community events, shows, courses or meetings you can promote them FREE of charge on the Community Program and Event Listings! Email Kelly at Community Programs and Events VicPD Block Watch Program A good neighbour is one of the most effective crime prevention tools ever invented. Want to learn more about how you, or your street, can join the VicPD Block Watch program? Contact VicPD Block Watch Coordinatorat250-995-7409orvisit AffordableRoomRentals@QuadraVillageCommunityCentre Planning a special event? Require a meeting space? Just want a comfortable place to gather with a group? We’ve got the room for you, with 6 different rental spaces to suit almost any need. Bright, spacious rooms for private meetings or public presentations. Comfortable couches and chairs for more informal gatherings. Even an awesome Teen Centre to host that perfect birthday party. Call Shawna at 250-388- 7696, or email: for room sizes, on- handequipmentandavailability. Reach for the Stars Free theatre, dance and visual art classes, for youth in grades 3-5 and 6-8. Hosted by artsREACH and held at QVCC. 2016 sessions begin with VisualArts in January. Other dates to be determined. Call 250 388 7696 toregister,orvisitwww.quadravillagecc.comformoreinformation Hillside Urban Farmer For Sustainability (HUFFS) HUFFS is a community of people, interested in food gardening, who live in or near the Hillside-Quadra, NorthPark, Fernwood area. We come together to learn about urban food production by sharing information, success and challenges, seeds, seedlings and tasty food. One of our goals is to foster community through food production (learn more on the about page). We try to organize a monthly event on varying topics such as soil fertility, backyard chickens, beekeeping, winter gardening, etc. For more info check out
  12. 12. Winter 2015 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 12 Just a few of the many ways to say Season’s Greetings From the Hillside-Quadra News Team