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Fall 2014 
Plant neighbours 
at Wark Street 
Story on Pg. 12 
New Mandela 
Project Graces...
Page 2 Fall 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community News 
Meet the news team 
Co-Editors: Tracy Byrne, Rowena Locklin 
Helen Cowl...
Page 3 Fall 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community News 
Shared Assessment and the Premier’s Award 
n 2001, Quadra Village Commu...
Page 4 Fall 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community News What is Possible When Youth Take the Lead? 
Coast Capital Savings and th...
Page 5 Fall 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community News 
Angels on Wheels - Steering Youth the Right Way 
Angel’s Chopper Bicycl...
Page 6 Fall 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community News Meet Our Creative Neighbour - Carol Sokoloff 
1. Please tell us a bit ab...
Page 7 Fall 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community News 
Our Curbside Community Piano @ Studio Twelve-Nineteen 
By Shannon-Shyle...
Page 8 Fall 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community News Becoming almost as beautiful on the outside as we are on the inside 
Page 9 Fall 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community News 
Camp Blanshard Campaign A Roaring Success 
t was an incredible year for...
Page 10 Fall 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community News Hillside-Quadra Neighbourhood Action Group 
Submitted by Janis La Couvé...
Page 11 Fall 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community News 
Page 12 Fall 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community News Norway House (1110 Hillside) Activities 
By Cheryl Westergard Eidsvold ...
Page 13 Fall 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community News 
Wanted: Quadra Village Day Planning Committee members 
Remember the fu...
Page 14 Fall 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community News Hillside - Quadra Community Board 
Quadra Village Community Centre Quad...
Page 15 Fall 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community News 
Other Community Events ROOM RENTALS @ 
Quadra Village Community Centre...
Page 16 Fall 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community News 
Superheroes and QVCC Out to Prove YOUth Are Worth It! 
he Wonder Woman...
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Hillside-Quadra Community News Fall 2014


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Our Fall 2014 edition featuring articles on the importance of voting in the upcoming civic election, youth happenings in the ‘hood, reflections on the teachers strike, the new Mandela project gracing the neighbourhood and more.

Published in: News & Politics
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Hillside-Quadra Community News Fall 2014

  1. 1. Fall 2014 Plant neighbours at Wark Street Commons Story on Pg. 12 New Mandela Project Graces the Neighbourhood Page 8 Inside This Edition... Youth Happenings in the ‘Hood Pages 4, 5 and 16 Reflections on the Teachers Strike Page 4
  2. 2. Page 2 Fall 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community News Meet the news team Co-Editors: Tracy Byrne, Rowena Locklin Helen Cowley T Assistant Editor: Advertising: Shannon Shylene Schlackl Design & Layout: eresa Cowley Committee Members: Kelly Greenwell, Shannon Shylene Schlackl The Hillside-Quadra Community News is a forum and information source about projects, issues, meetings, events, history and people in Hillside-Quadra and surrounding neighbourhoods. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Do you have any comments on articles or H - Q community news? Are you concerned about something in our area? We’d love to hear from you! Send a letter to the Editor: 901 Kings Rd. Victoria B.C. V8T 1W5 or e-mail Kelly at WHY ADVERTISE? Advertising in the Hillside-Quadra Community News is a great way to target thousands of potential clients within walking distance, people who value all things local and want you to succeed. Remind your neighbours what you have to offer them. Let them know your latest promotion, why you are unique, why they should visit you again. You can place a small reminder ad for the whole year for just $105; or for the same price as a small ad in other publications, you can get a prominent full page ad outlining your services in detail. Don't miss this opportunity to shine for your most important patrons -- your neighbours. Email to discuss: Kelly Greenwell at or call 250 388 7696 ext.221 INTERESTED IN GETTING PUBLISHED IN H - Q NEWS? We are looking for story ideas, articles, photos, poems, etc. If you have something you would like to see in an upcoming issue, please e-mail Kelly at The deadline for articles and ads in the Winter 2014 edition of the Hillside - Quadra Community News is Friday November 7, 2014. 3000 copies of the Hillside-Quadra Community News are published quarterly through Quadra Village Community Centre We work together to nurture community well-being by providing services and programs to meet social, educational, health, employment, environmental and recreational needs of the people in our neighbourhood in a safe and welcoming environment. HQ News online: Website: Twitter: @QuadraVillage I Full colour $150 per issue Publication dates: Spring/Summer//fall/winter Reasons to Vote in the November City Elections By Rowena Locklin hy do so few people bother to vote in the elections that arguably Whave some of the greatest impacts on their day-to-day lives? Here is a sampling of the range of issues that are largely dealt with at the municipal government and school district level. ! A 6-storey building is proposed in your neighbourhood; ! Your neighbour’s dog barking at 3am is driving you crazy; ! The traffic cutting through your neighbourhood has increased; ! A city park you care about has been vandalized; and ! Your school district has adopted the 2-week spring break. On November 15th all municipalities in BC have a chance to elect new Mayors, city councillors and school trustees. However, according to figures on Civic Info BC, in 2011 only 26% of eligible voters in Victoria showed up at the polls. Only 10% of voters cast votes for the school trustees. School trustees make decisions that affect our kids’ education. In School District 61 they have oversight of a $200 million budget, 44 schools, 2,000 staff and 20,000 students, yet hardly any of us exercises our right to say who those people are. Lack of media coverage of City elections and the difficulty in accessing information about candidates on line can be barriers to voting. Because the nomination period runs to October 10th,getting a list of candidates for the City of Victoria election was not possible at the time of writing this article. However as of September 30th you can start to check the City of Victoria website to see who is running. See: departments/legislative-services/municipal-election/list-of-candidates. html So what are the current local issues that should get you out of your homes and to the polling stations on November 15th? In the Hillside Quadra neighbourhood we will be grappling with the largest development in decades in the open field behind CDI College. The building of a 320 bed extended care hospital will have a huge impact on Quadra Village. What green space will remain, how traffic is handled, and what amenities for the neighbourhood will be included are decisions that will be made at City Hall. The way in which this project proceeds is important to all of us. Mayor and council also decide how Crystal Pool, the only recreation centre within city boundaries, is managed and how much money goes towards community hubs such as the Quadra Village Community Centre. How much money is spent on projects such as bicycling and pedestrian greenways depends on whom we elect and how much of a priority those elected officials put on active transportation. An issue to track is the Safe Streets Initiative –a proposal to lower the speed limit on certain streets, including Quadra Street, to 40km/hr. If protecting and increasing green space matters to you, you might be interested to know that community allotment gardens and community orchards fall under the City Parks department. In our neighbourhood a treasured park that is both playground and garden is the Wark Street Commons on Kings Street. This park had new playground equipment added two years ago – a City funded project. The City of Victoria is also an active partner in many affordable housing projects and has contributed substantial funding towards initiatives to reduce homelessness, an issue that is all too visible in the Hillside-Quadra neighbourhood. The city has also contributed to the stock of rental housing through zoning decisions. Other big issues in the City of Victoria as a whole are leadership, amalgamation, sewage, taxes and Blue Bridge costs. Starting in 2014, municipal politicians will serve for 4 years. So whom we elect this time will have even more impact on the neighbourhood and the city in which we live. Take a moment to consider what your vision is for the city. And then go out and vote and make your voice count! More voting information can be found on page 13
  3. 3. Page 3 Fall 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community News Shared Assessment and the Premier’s Award n 2001, Quadra Village Community Centre (then known as IBlanshard Community Centre) was one of the founding partners of a multi-agency group called the Shared Assessment Committee. Today, this committee consists of 20 local social service providers, including the Ministry of Children and Family Development, Umbrella Society, Quadra Village Community Centre and Burnside-Gorge Community Association. Thanks to contributions by committee members such as Helene Bell of QVCC, this committee successfully works to develop creative solutions to help make families stronger and to assess the well being of children and their families. Often this group tries to come up with innovative ways to work on problem situations when progress and/or services have been difficult to find. On Thursday, September 11, this group of dedicated community service providers was recognized as a Premier’s Award Finalist in the category of Partnership for the Vancouver Island Region. While the Shared Assessment Committee did not win outright, it was fitting that this group of unsung heroes who work together to make a difference to children and families was recognized publicly by the Provincial Government. Quadra Village Community Centre is proud of the work of the Committee whose members often find success in what often seem to be “no-win” situations. QVCC staff Helene Bell and Kelly Greenwell accept recognition certificate for work of key committee (photo provided)
  4. 4. Page 4 Fall 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community News What is Possible When Youth Take the Lead? Coast Capital Savings and the United Way, bring it to life in 2015. Based upon community feedback, the Team is focusing on possible projects that encourage youth well being and equip people to live happy and healthy lives. Team members will explore ideas as diverse as: connecting the neighborhood and mixing socio-economic groups; providing youth with work experience and life skills; supporting positive mental health; creating affordable and accessible all-ages activities and spaces; and providing food and fun! The Team will design a project that fills in the space where these objectives naturally overlap. The Youth Action Team will have to determine what can they achieve on their own and what meaningful support from adults and the community looks like. Team members have already demonstrated how a group of young people can have such an immense capacity for innovation, pragmatism, and co-operation. They bring a sense of openness and willingness to learn, and have been deeply attentive to the complexity of issues existing in this community. Beyond everything, the Youth in Action Team Youth in Action meet to set a direction for moving forward (photo provided) By Jordan Perrault, Youth in Action Community community to see what we have been doing for members have exhibited their empathy and Animator the last eight months and how the Team’s creative compassion through their conversations, energy has taken on the task of engaging the thoughtful planning and careful interpretations of n June 29th, the Youth in Action community and identifying where positive what they have heard. Community Celebration kicked-off on changes can be made. Moving forward, collaboration will be even more important. On its own, the Team has the Othe grounds of the CDI College with the The celebration was made possible by the capacity to create innovative solutions to grilling of hamburgers and a line of excited kids at energy of many community volunteers, including community challenges, but as Team members the bouncy castle. It was hosted by the Hillside- folks from the Living Edge Community. A huge collaborate with others, their project ideas lands Quadra Youth in Action Team - a group of young thank you also goes out to The Crew team on firmer ground. Support from the community people actively working to create a project that members and the staff of Quadra Village comes in many different ways. It can be a friendly will make a positive impact on the neighborhood. Community Centre whose ongoing involvement hand to open doors and make introductions, a The event marked a transition from the phase has been amazing! Throughout the process, the sharing of experiences and knowledge, or a gift to where the Team asked the community “What is Centre has played a key role in helping the Team the project in terms of time and resources. already here that you love and what changes do discover what is happening in the community. The Team has ambitious plans. Through you want to see?” to the phase where the Team In May, the Youth in Action Team identified continued collaboration and community support designs and creates something that will make that some key findings and set a direction for moving the Youth in Action team members will create the change happen! forward (please see our Facebook page for type of project they want to achieve! They always As the Community Animator on the project, I details). This was the accumulation of many welcome new additions. have had the immense privilege of watching these community encounters, conversations with If you know someone aged 15-24 who might young people work together, explore their stakeholders, survey responses and feedback be interested in making great things happen and neighbourhood and uncover so much. The sessions with residents. By late 2014, the Team being part of a fun team, please contact celebration was a great opportunity for the will identify its project and, with the support of School’s Out – reflections on the teachers strike By Tracy Byrne under was supposed to “ease the impact of school know or will come to know them, with their Tdays closures” and “help parents with the added cost of friends and peers with whom they have or will here’s more activity on my street these learning and supervision”. But it missed the mark make strong relationships. between 8:00 and 8:30 in the on a number of levels. The delayed payment of Our neighbourhood public schools are much morning and around 3:00 in the afternoon. the financial support meant that families had to more than places of education. They feed our kids Kids are finally back in school and this means a pay upfront for the childcare and education with lunch and breakfast programs. They offer flurry of bodies and voices passing my window services they were accessing. British Columbia counselling and support for students and families with the ebb and flow of the school day. My own has the highest child poverty rate in Canada (and who are experiencing difficulties. They provide children join the throng: one heading to and from has had for many years). One in five of the space for out of school care and after school the bus stop with his friends at Lansdowne province’s children live in poverty. For these programs that enrich our children’s lives and keep Middle School, the other walking the few blocks families – and many more whose incomes keep them safe and connected. They host social and to and from Quadra Elementary with his Grade 5 them above the poverty line but that are cul tur al events – musica l and the atr ica l buddies. nevertheless limited – paying $200 per week per performances, corn roasts, art shows, Aboriginal The Teachers Strike is over and those of us child in childcare costs was simply untenable. For dinners, craft fairs – that bring people together, with school-aged kids or grandkids are settling ma ny fa mi li es in th e Hi ll si de -Q ua dr a showcase kids’ talents and build community. Our back into our normal routines. It’s a huge relief. A neighbourhood, the question of covering the cost public schools are community hubs, anchors of sixteen-week long summer – five missed weeks of childcare was not even on the table – it simply identity and belonging, a crucial node in our of school – presented most families with a wasn’t an option. social network. Forty dollars a day does not logistical and financial nightmare. We scrambled What’s more, $40.00 doesn’t buy a whole lot compensate for the loss of the vital role that to juggle work and family, to engage our kids in when it comes to private or semi-private schools play in our community. other learning activities, to figure out how to find childcare. It buys maybe four hours of While I spent much of the strike worrying and pay for childcare and, in the absence of babysitting, for example, or two hours of private about the impact on my children’s academic childcare, to patch some arrangement together tuition. It does cover the cost of a day at camp, but progress, it is the social role of the public school that would ensure our kids’ safety and well-being. not if those camps aren’t available because there that I realize I have missed most as I watch the We fumbled our way through each day, making isn’t the capacity to meet the demand. To add school kids walking along my street. And up solutions on the fly, worrying about our insult to injury, the Province has decided to not reconnecting with parents and families on the neglected work commitments, putting off our provide payment for Friday, September 19 even school grounds is what I relished most when I chores, fretting about our kids’ lost learning and though schools had not re-opened by that date. accompanied my Grade 5 to Quadra Elementary feeling frustrated by the inability of the Province And what we wanted – as parents, on the long-awaited first day back after the and the BCTF to reach an agreement. grandparents and guardians – was not to have our extended summer break. The $40.00 a day payment offered by the children at camp or with babysitters or tutors. We government to families with kids aged 12 and wanted our kids in school – with teachers who
  5. 5. Page 5 Fall 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community News Angels on Wheels - Steering Youth the Right Way Angel’s Chopper Bicycle Club out and about in the community (photos provided) By Bruce Dean favorite. People marvel at the wide range of Concert B - AC/BC Food Angels provides olling into Quadra Village, too bold not Mustangs, Choppers, and antique oddities. Most ne ed, many in the Quadr a /Hi l l s ide Rto be noticed, is a large pack of cyclists, attention is usually drawn to their many famous neighbourhood. young and old alike, riding some of the celebrity custom builds, including choppers for Spreading the bicycle wealth, AC/BC often bicycles the club has, including classic delicious emergency food supplies to families in coolest bicycle choppers, mustangs, beach stars such as KISS, Elton John, Snoop Dogg, and provides refurbished bicycles to individuals and cruisers, and low-riders you’ve ever seen. It’s a the recent Ghost Buster’s Chopper. Their club families without – keeping as many people as parade of memories as onlookers spot the bike and bicycles are always in high demand at possible riding and smiling. they used to ride, or the bicycle they always community gatherings such as Quadra Village AC/BC goes full cycle: from helping club wanted. This is Angel’s Chopper Bicycle Club Days where AC/BC is always around, but the youth and entertaining the community to the (AC/BC), a non-profit youth group that provides club is more than just cool bikes. community helping the club and the club helping mentorship and real life-skill building, focused Club members are well stocked with stories community members. upon comradery and cycling. of the youth – the laughs shared, the friends Find out more about AC/BC on Facebook, or Although these groovy bicycles are quite made, the skills learned, and the confidence at: spectacular, it’s the smiles on the riders’ faces bloomed. Club meetings include skill that really stand out. There’s something about building in areas such as welding, bike riding a bicycle in the sunshine that makes a maintenance and repair, paint and smile inevitable and contagious. airbrushing, seat and upholstery work, as This parade of chrome and rubber rolls into well as road and workshop safety. Palagio Pizza’s parking lot for one of their The ever-popular AC/BC Dance regular show and shine events. It’s a popular Troupe provides training for members at club ride, largely because of the generosity of the professional facilities, and delivers popular community minded business owner, Elie Rizk, performances throughout the city in a who provides delicious free pizza for AC/BC variety of venues. The Dance Troupe has members. even been up on stage backing rock bands. The bi-weekly Saturday afternoon Palagio Their award winning choreographer, Pizza Run is turning into quite the Quadra Sophia Harrington is the daughter of club Village spectacle due to AC/BC friends who founders, Annabelle and Mike Harrington. show up with, and/or to check out, the cool Along with their equally ambitious son bicycles, motorcycles, hot-rods, and race cars on Tony, the family inspires AC/BC members display. The parking lot is often filled with to give back to the community, and that’s onlookers and the avenue traffic slows to take a just what the club does. gander. Thanks to generous community Even just riding down the street on club support, including food donations from rides, AC/BC's amazing fleet of classic, custom, local operations such as Cobs Bakery, and chopper bicycles are always a crowd Souped Up Cafe, and Community House Quadra Village Community Centre Phone: (250) 388-7696 Website: AC/BC Angels Dance Troupe at Quadra Village Day 2014 (photo by Teresa Cowley)
  6. 6. Page 6 Fall 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community News Meet Our Creative Neighbour - Carol Sokoloff 1. Please tell us a bit about yourself. almost by accident and I immediately felt very at home. I loved that despite being very I grew up in Toronto and lived there for my centrally located, the neighbourhood was very first 30 years, in a musical household with two quiet and serene and that I could walk or bike older sisters. I studied English at the University most places I needed to go. I especially loved of Toronto and my first job after university was that I could see the mountains and proximity to in educational publishing, an “Opportunities a beautiful wilderness park and Garry Oak for Youth” project - a wonderful program that meadow, Summit Park. should be revived. Many enduring publishing companies started out of those projects, by the 4. What inspires you to create? way. I then worked at Toronto Free Theatre and eventually started freelancing for CBC radio, I am hugely inspired by nature, by the where I wrote and co-produced an educational beauty of our landscape, by the ease with which radio series that won their first Peabody Award. we can leave the urban jungle behind and Soon after I moved to Banff, Alberta and escape to pristine forests and beaches. I am worked at the Banff Centre in communications inspired by the very exciting Victoria cultural and later for the Music Theatre Studio scene, with so many extraordinary local Ensemble and the Banff Television Festival. I writers, artists and performers who help keep lived in Banff for five years and loved the one stimulated and evolving. And I certainly mountain air, but the winters were brutal and feel blessed by the opportunity to study with the place was feeling a little small so I began to great artists and to pass along to others some of think of where I would go next. That is when I what I have learned. I am inspired by the wish met Richard Olafson, who was visiting from to make difference in the world, to counteract Victoria. Richard was a poet and publisher and alienation and generate uplifting feelings of before long he invited me to Victoria, where we love and peace through music and poetry and continue to write and make music and publish. dance. In my work for children (both writing and songs) my hope is help them treasure their 2. Tell us about your creative pursuits - what unique nature and also help preserve and value forms / media do you work in and why? singers Kurt Elling and Nancy King at the Port the magical world of the young. My other Townsend Jazz workshop. After several years of inspiration of course is my husband and my two My creative pursuits centre on three very study I started performing with pianist Kenny sons. different but connected genres - writing, music Seidman, and called my group Trio Espresso. and dance. I have occasionally tried to focus on We play regularly at places like Hermann's Jazz 5. Are there any projects or ideas that you're only one area, but I do not seem to be able to do club, and have also appeared at Centennial currently working on that you'd like to tell so. I have come to accept that these three arts are Square and in the Victoria Jazzfest. As I your neighbours about? not really separate, but can all be seen as aspects developed in jazz I found I was able to create of music. new jazz songs. Today's jazz vocalists mostly I'll be performing at Hermann's Jazz Club on As a writer I have published books of poetry sing very old songs because few new songs October 22nd. It will be a fun, swinging evening and history (Eternal Lake O'Hara, A Light rarely have the quality of these jazz standards. of romantic jazz in the style of Ella Fitzgerald. Unbroken); children's picture books (Colours Working on a radio documentary, I had the good For anybody interested in studying creative Everywhere You Go; Anything You Want to Be); fortune to meet and interview some of the great writing or writing for children, I will have metaphysics (New Sufi Songs and Dances); and songwriters including Harold Arlen and Yip courses running at UVic this Fall, They are written articles for numerous magazines and Harburg, who together wrote all the music to the always tremendous fun! See UVic Continuing journals. Several poems have been included in Wizard of Oz. From them I learned about the Studies noteworthy anthologies and I am currently harmonic and lyric sophistication and simplicity, There are opportunities to sing with me. I am assembling for publication a new book of poetry which made the standards so enduring, and I try currently music director of The Victoria Truth I am also working on Jasper's Piano, a chapter to also work in this way, with some success. It Centre on Fort Street and lead uplifting and book for children in the 8 - 11 age range. The lead has been exciting to write and introduce new jazz po pu la r sp ir it ed mu si c fo r th ei r no n- character Jasper plays soccer but desperately songs that are very well accepted by all who hear denominational Sunday morning service. As wants to study piano like his best friend Ryan. them. In 2011 I produced my first jazz CD 'Let well I lead the Jewish Community Choir of Together the boys scheme to help Jasper get his Go! recorded and mixed right here in our Victoria, which welcomes all voices (you wish. It is the first of a series of books I am neighbourhood by the very talented Wynn Gogol needn't be Jewish), and meets on Sunday planning with child characters involved in of One Ton Studio. The album was nominated e v e n i n g s . C o n t a c t m e f o r i n f o a t music, and includes some approaches to the for 'Best Album' in the Monday Awards and it is I also hope to have a piano based on the improvisatory method of available for borrowing at the library or for sale new book of poems published later in the fall so piano instructor George Essihos. I teach on Amazon, ITunes and CD Baby. I am about to watch for a Book Launch from Ekstasis Continuing Education courses in Creative start some new recording projects including Editions. Writing and Writing for Children, through the some of my pop and children's songs as well as University of Victoria and I love sharing the joy some new jazz tunes. 6. Which of your creative achievements are of writing with others. I also work as an editor As for dance, for many years I performed and you most proud of / satisfied with and why? both for our publishing company, Ekstasis taught Egyptian belly dance and led the Oasis Editions, and for individuals working on book Egyptian Dance Ensemble that appeared I am proud of many achievements, such as projects. regularly at Folkfest and other events. While I the Peabody Award winning radio series for As a musician and songwriter I am especially still love this dance and teach small groups CBC, my books and my album 'Let Go!' interested in that remarkable vehicle for occasionally, I no longer run a performing troupe However, there are also many achievements that communication – the song. I play guitar and or perform professionally. I also lead a have never seen the light of day. I will be piano, have sung my whole life and have been meditative circle dance called Dances of especially proud when some of this material writing songs since I was 15 years old. Moving Universal Peace and have created many songs finally gets an airing and an audience. I have to Victoria I had the opportunity to study jazz and dances in this genre. That event takes place written an outer space musical I would like to see piano with one of our treasures, jazz master the first Tuesday of each month at the Quaker produced. I also wish to record dozens of George Essihos (who now lives and teaches in Meeting House (by donation), at 7:30 pm and original songs that have not yet been heard. And our neighbourhood.) I studied many years, but everyone is welcome. I have several new books on the go... So I am found it difficult to practise with young children, proud of the work I have done, but look forward so I became interested in vocal jazz that I 3. What made you choose to make your home to the satisfaction of seeing more of my past (perhaps mistakenly) thought might be easier to in this neighbourhood of Victoria? work produced and to create the work I have in master. From childhood I had listened to and mind for the future. Of all my achievements, knew well a large part of the vocal jazz standards I first moved to the Fernwood area, which however, I am most proud of my two adult sons repertoire, so I thought that that was a good start. reminded me of the Annex region of Toronto. As who are wonderful, talented and thoughtful I first studied vocal jazz with another our family grew we needed more room and I also human beings. Victoria treasure, pianist, composer, singer wished to get more of a view, having enjoyed F o r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n s e e Louise Rose, at the Conservatory jazz five years in the mountains. We found our house workshop, and later studied with American
  7. 7. Page 7 Fall 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community News Our Curbside Community Piano @ Studio Twelve-Nineteen By Shannon-Shylene Schlackl lift of sorts. Our Community Piano will be Rinterest outside to be enjoyed until the rainy season ecently there has been international comes when it will be moved indoors. But even in the idea of the “community after that you can still come by and play it! And piano”. I am sure you have seen such we will re-install it outside in the spring when the pianos around - they seem to be popping up all rains have let up. over this year. I first saw something about street Now, four months after its arrival at our pianos online when British artist, Luke Jerrum, house, this curbside installation has attracted started Since 2008 he has quite the crowd and seen a lot of action. Out of all facilitated the installation of 1300 pianos in 45 our interactive art installations, the Community countries. Each has "Play me, I'm yours" written Piano has hit a right note (pun intended)! We on it. love to hear it played by a huge cross section of As a community engaged artist, I was our community. The young love to tinker away instantly attracted to the idea of a community and the piano lesson-holders among us are piano for our "Operation 1219" (This is an grateful to find a piano they are allowed to play. initiative that involves the goal of doing 1219 Some nights, while the sun is setting low on the things out of this studio space). Earlier this year, west side of Hillside Ave, our community piano there was lots of commentary about community is being played and the rest of us are being pianos on Facebook and I posted and told serenaded. everyone that I would love to install such a thing. Not much later, I received an email, a Facebook message and a photo of a piano in a text from a friend of mine that read: "Up at Cook Street & Mallek. Sounds good. I’ve marked it hold for pick up. Want it?" Well, it didn't take long to convince me that we had all the muscles we needed between the two of us to retrieve the piano, and so my friend picked me up and took me to the location. When we arrived by truck, just six blocks from my house on Hillside, I thought that moving the piano was going to be no problem! Then I was informed that we would have to push the piano back to my house and not use the truck. “WHAT?” With the piano weighing close to seven hundred pounds there was no way we could lift it into the truck ourselves, but we could manage to muscle it down the road. So push it we did. Together and with a little help from a passerby, we moved the piano off the sidewalk and onto a rather skookum dolly. We tied it onto the dolly with bungee cords and began our epic journey down Cook Street and the six blocks (.3 miles by Google Maps) back home. WOW! It was exciting and scary at the same time. The piano was slightly top heavy and the sidewalks were all rising and falling at each driveway, presenting us with a bit more of an obstacle course. At one point we thought of simply putting the dolly directly onto the road and taking over a whole lane, but then realized we might lose control when the piano picked up speed down Cook St. So we stuck to the sidewalks, and an adventurous and sweaty hour later our new community piano had found its home! Later that evening we undid the straps and set the piano into its new place. A week later we adorned the piano with a roof and gave it a face-
  8. 8. Page 8 Fall 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community News Becoming almost as beautiful on the outside as we are on the inside Celebrating the beautiful new mural on the alley side of Citizens’ Counselling (photos provided with others taken by Teresa Cowley) he Greater Victoria Citizens’ Counselling Murphy, the Centre’s Community Liaison, update that the Centre hopes to tackle in the th T Mandela Mural on August 28 , hosting (VISA) to see if they were interested in taking on well, but it is showing some significant wear-an Centre proudly ‘unveiled’ its new contacted the Vancouver Island School of Art coming year. “Our building has served us very afternoon community celebration on the the work. The School’s ED, Wendy Welsh, was and-tear,” says Wilson. Fresh paint on the Wark Street Commons. Quadra Village thrilled to connect the Centre with graduating outside, a new awning, an updated security neighbours, Caffè Fantastico, set-up shop in the VISA artist, Jessica Kuyper. system, bathroom updates, and replacing the 25- garden, offering coffee and Fairways Market “In considering a design, I was asked to year-old carpeting are all on the Centre’s wish supplied tasty treats. mirror the natural beauty of the Wark Street list. “We’ve put some asks out in the community The mural was the long-time vision of the Commons. The use of the mandala seemed to for help and we’re hopeful that an able Centre’s Executive Director, Brenda Wilson, but quite naturally tie in the vivid beauty of the community-minded organization, business or it was only made possible this year through a gardens with the personal inner work that is done citizen(s) will come through. The community CRD IDEA grant, a generous donation from in the Centre,” explains mural artist Jessica has always been there for us in the past,” says a Centre supporters Mike and Shellie Gudgeon, Kuyper. The mural is Kuyper’s first. She adds hopeful Wilson. and WesternOne Rental’s donation of a scissor that she was very grateful for the help of family, The mural can be seen on the alley-side of lift. friends and Village neighbours. the Centre’s building at 941 Kings Road. Once the funding was in place, Michele The mural is the first stage of a building
  9. 9. Page 9 Fall 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community News Camp Blanshard Campaign A Roaring Success t was an incredible year for camps for kids at IQuadra Village Community Centre. Including camps that took place during the June and September school strike weeks, we provided 12 weeks of accessible and fun summer day camp led by this year’s camp leaders, Patrick Boyd and Molly Purser. Having the same camp leaders each week provides great consistency, builds trust and helps build a family-like atmosphere throughout the program. Camp Blanshard offers fun, affordable, exciting and creative activities and outings in a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment for kids 5 to 12. Trips to the water parks, local beaches, regional parks, the fire station, play zone, aquarium and many more fun places were part of the mix for Campers this summer. We even had 4 weeks of tennis lessons this year and will have wrapped up camp with an amazing talent show in the 3rd week of September. Camp was made possible in many ways Fun at the Yates Street Firehouse (photo provided) including grants from Canada Summer Jobs and Get Youth Working. Closer to home we all shapes and sizes but ended up totaling community, you have been able to ensure that no benefitted from the support of the TLC Fund for $6110.71! This money was mainly invested in child was unable to attend Camp Blanshard due Kids, 4 weeks of amazing bag lunches from a the full and partial sponsorship of camp fees. to cost barriers. Because of this support, these partnership of Sodexo foods and St.Michael’s They also supported admission fees for local children were also able to attend special events University School and free tennis instruction activities plus food and other supply needs to and out-trips that would otherwise not be from Society for Kids at Tennis (KATS), and help make the experience positive for young possible. It was gratifying that local support was camperships from Jump’n Start. Amazingly, we campers. able to make such a significant difference in the were also supported by 38 local citizens who Without your help we would not have been lives of the many campers that could not generously showed their understanding of the able to provide our accessible, fun- filled and otherwise afford the opportunity. value of Camp Blanshard. These donations took successful camp. Together with the rest of the QVCC Volunteer Profile – Maureen Whetstone, Clothing Room Attendant By Tracey Campbell memorable employment, Bsmal M a u r e e n s h a r e d h e r orn in South Shields, a appreciation of the amazing l and fr iendly children who always appeared town along the north happy and joyful, despite their east coast of England, difficult circumstances. When Maureen, with her brother and recently asked what she would parents, enjoyed spending free choose to do if she were able to time at the two sandy beaches do anything in the world, close to their home. Her Maureen fondly stated that she fondest memory of that time would return to working for was their very first family trip Child Haven International, t o I r e l a n d . A s a n which oversees the orphanage impressionable teenager, this she worked at several years trip may have been the start of ago, and has eight additional her life-long appreciation of locations in four countries. travelling. When Maureen met Helene After the birth of her first (QVCC’s Child, Youth and child, Maureen and her new Family Worker) back in the family immigrated to Canada, 8 0 ’s , a l o n g - s t a n d i n g where two more children were friendship was quickly formed. born. Although her son now So when Helene mentioned the resides in Australia, Maureen Centre was looking for considers herself fortunate as favourite hobby. To some, this hobby may assistance in the Clothing two daughters still live close by, with two appear to be more of a full time job, as she has Room, Maureen agreed to give it a try to see if grandchildren she can boast about. been known to tackle very large projects. she liked it. When asked if there was anything Maureen’s favourite place to live was Cortez Although her current yard continues to be a work that she would change about her current Island, tucked behind Quadra Island, just west of in progress, the gardens surrounding her house volunteer position she asserted that she enjoys it Campbell River. She built her own house, with on Cortez were considered a “Show Home”, “just the way it is”. Without missing a beat she the help of her son and a local carpenter, where where people would come to view the work she quickly added, “…as long as it’s busy.” It is well she resided for twelve years. During this time had done. noted by staff and volunteers that Maureen she also worked on an oyster farm, which she Truly grateful for her good fortune in seeing appears to thrive when it is most busy, electing to considers to be the most difficult job she has many corners of the world, including Australia, work the two days per week on which the highest experienced. Although the pleasure of eating South East Asia, Europe and North America, volume of donations are received. We are oysters quickly faded, this work was well Maureen is proud that she made her travel uncertain just how she does it, but no matter what rewarded by the extraordinary scenery and dreams a reality. Though considered thrilling by state the Centre may be in when Maureen starts a plentiful wildlife. Being in nature is where most, backpacking your way through a foreign shift, we can always be certain everything will be Maureen feels most at home and she still takes country can also be challenging. With previous back in order before she leaves. pleasure spending summer days camping at the backpacking experience, Maureen decided to do On behalf of the Hillside-Quadra many beautiful sites Vancouver Island has to this once again at the age of 65, after accepting a community, heartfelt thanks go out to Maureen offer. position to work at an orphanage in India. for her tireless efforts. The work she does Maureen considers gardening to be her Considered as her favourite and most benefits many people, in many ways.
  10. 10. Page 10 Fall 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community News Hillside-Quadra Neighbourhood Action Group Submitted by Janis La Couvée, on behalf of the hearing before any approvals are given or Constable Elsner Hillside-Quadra Neighbourhood Action Group denied. Chief Elsner held neighbourhood meetings he Hillside Quadra Neighbourhood 955 Hillside throughout June to address the issue of Action Group (NAG) is a sub-committee 955 Hillside is a replacement for the current community health and safety. Many ideas and solutions were discussed. VicPD will consider Tof the Downtown Blanshard Advisory Oak Bay Lodge and Mount Tolmie Hospital these ideas in formulating its strategic plan. Committee (the not-for-profit that is our facilities and will comprise 320 beds of Chief Elsner will be attending the Hillside- neighbourhood’s Community Association and residential care for seniors with complex needs. Quadra Neighbourhood Action Group meeting runs the Quadra Village Community Centre) and The actual building is likely to be 6 storeys and October 6th and everyone is welcome. is comprised of a group of volunteers that works will probably be similar to the current facility on issues related to land use, transportation, and being built on Carey Road (Mount View Heights Development Summit with the City of parks in our neighbourhood. Anyone with a – a 260 bed facility replacing Mt Edwards and Victoria connection to our neighbourhood is welcome to Central Care Homes). In July, the City of Victoria convened a come to meetings or join our email list. We meet The advisory committee (named earlier this meeting with mayor and council, developers, at the Quadra Village Community Centre at 7:00 year by the DBAC) will meet with Island Health city staff and representatives from the PM the first Monday of each month from and the Capital Regional Hospital District in the neighbourhoods’ land use committees. The September to June, unless the first Monday is a fall. The request for proposal will be issued after focus was on providing input to improve the holiday, in which case we meet on the second these meetings. current processes. The consultants, CitySpaces Monday. 2560 Quadra formerly known as The Seto Consulting, then drafted a comprehensive report Email List: The current owners (who held meetings with that will inform recommendations for changes NAG maintains an e-mail list and sends out the community under the CALUC process) have and improvements. This report is available on regular updates. If you would like to subscribe to not yet presented a proposal to the City of the YAHOO group. If you would like to read the this list, please email Victoria. They are preparing for the demolition report and are not a member of the YAHOO with SUBSCRIBE TO LIST in the subject of the house currently on the lot. g r o u p , p l e a s e e m a i l u s a t heading. 1025, 1029, 1035 and 1075 Tolmie Avenue NAG Executive for 2014-2015 Transportation Concerns (at Fifth Street) Following up on the NAG Transportation This townhouse project has been in process The DBAC approved the following NAG Survey, NAG hopes to meet this fall with City of since 2008 but was put on hold for a time and Executive: Keith Macgowan (Chair), Doug Victoria staff to address concerns about the then revived in 2011. The project – to build 10 Rhodes (Past Chair), Janis La Couvée speed of traffic on Hillside. The proponents of townhouses in 2 buildings – has been approved (Communications Co-ordinator), Riga Godron 955 Hillside have also indicated an interest in under a development permit with the addition of (Board Liaison and Member at Large). Members attending. a covenant on title to ensure the rental of units. at Large: Rowena Locklin, Laura Taylor, Ryan R e a d m o r e h e r e : Taylor and Jennifer Ferris. Summit Park Invasive Species Clean Up How You Can Get Involved The Friends of Summit Park (FOSP) and mentList.aspx?ID=69283 One of the best ways to be involved is to NAG volunteers recently completed an invasive Quadra Villa attend one of the monthly NAG meetings. If you species clean up in Summit Park. Thanks to are unable to attend a meeting but would like to everyone who attended. Additional clean-ups Quadra Villa, now known as The know more or be involved in any neighbourhood will be scheduled as volunteer resources allow. Residences at Quadra Village, was ordered land use or transportation matters, please contact If you can help, please contact us at sold as part of the restructuring of League NAG at the number shown below. NAG is Assets (the former owners). The new owners currently recruiting volunteers to help with High-Profile Development Proposals in are Primex Investments of Vancouver. community meetings held as part of the rezoning Hillside-Quadra Neighbourhood Meetings attended by NAG executive process. If you’re interested in land use issues, Our group is designated by the City as the members: and can help out on an occasional basis, we’d contact for developers proposing changes that The Victoria Community Associations love to hear from you. require the City to change the zoning for the Network (VCAN) has re-formed in order to Contact: property involved. We host meetings to which work on initiatives that are common to all Keith Macgowan, Chair the neighbours and any other interested persons neighbourhoods. The Hillside-Quadra (250) 388-7696 x are invited to hear about the proposal and neighbourhood is represented by the DBAC and 301 provide their comments. After that, the project NAG. Http:// through a formal review process at City Community Meetings with VicPD Chief quadra-neighbourhood-action-group Hall. Ultimately, City Council holds a public Neighbours Take to the Streets ooking back over my summer photographs, I found these Lshots of our Block Watch party, which was held on Prior Street on a quiet Sunday at the end of July. Any block participating in Block Watch can apply for a permit to cordon off their section of road in order to have a community gathering. For our block, it was the first event that we had held at this location and so the first step was to canvass the neighbours for their support. Two residents canvassed door to door and made sure that the majority of the block supported the idea for the party. On the day of the event, cars were cleared from the street, and barricades provided by the City were put up at the end of the road. Neighbours from our block and five surrounding blocks were invited. Would anyone show up, we wondered? We set out the tables and chairs and barbeque, making the most, on this hot, sunny day, of the shade provided by the boulevard trees. Soon people started arriving, the tables were covered with potluck offerings and neighbours were socializing. At one point, our gathering was interrupted by a woman who had manoeuvred her SUV around the barricades and was heading towards the tables. She was unhappy that our party was preventing her from driving down our street and complained that she’d had no warning of the event. After this rather bizarre incident was amicably resolved, we returned to enjoying Successful Prior St Block Party our community meal.
  11. 11. Page 11 Fall 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community News FINLAYSON ST HILLSIDE AVE BAY ST COOK ST QUADRA ST KINGS RD PANDORA AVE Distribution Area CLOVERDALE AVE BLANSHARD ST DOUGLAS ST Newsletter box locations: ! Fairway Market (at Quadra and Kings) ! Italian Bakery ! Blanshard Community Centre ! Crystal Pool (inside facility) ! Bahr’s Peoples Drug Mart ! Rob Fleming MLA Constituency Office ! McGavin’s Bread Basket ! Mixer Food Mart Find us online at: Victoria City Council calls for pathway upgrades at Smith Hill Reservoir By Ben Isitt outlined in the recently approved Summit THill Park Master Plan. he pathways surrounding the Smith Summit Park is a real jewel in our Reservoir next to Summit Park in neighbourhood and city, a large and rare our neighbourhood have moved a step Garry Oak ecosystem in the heart of an urban closer to receiving long-overdue upgrades. area, that offers vital habit for wildlife as well Victoria City Council has voted as a quiet oasis for residents. unanimously in favour of a proposal I put Smith Hill Reservoir is also a very forward with Mayor Dean Fortin calling on interesting heritage feature that can be the City to work with the Capital Regional enhanced for public enjoyment and safety District (CRD) to improve the pathways in the with modest investment to the perimeter int ere sts of enhanc ed saf ety and the pathway and connecting trails to the city park. enjoyment of the public. I would like to acknowledge the work of The reason for the current state of residents of the Spencer Castle building who disrepair is that the CRD owns the reservoir, helped to bring this matter to the attention of which has not been used for water supply City Council and to convince the Council of purposes in nearly 100 years. The land is the need for action. being retained for future water infrastructure, This model of residents identifying but since it is designated for water services improvements in the neighbourhood and then rather than park, the CRD has not invested working to ensure City Council takes action is any money on the pathway around the a formula for success. If you identify an reservoir or trail connections. opportunity for improvement to parks, Victoria City Council and many Hillside- walk in g or cycl in g ro ut es , or other Quadra residents believe this situation is in fr as tr uc tu re in Hi ll si de -Q ua dr a or unacceptable. The motion approved on elsewhere in the city, please be in touch. August 28 therefore calls on City of Victoria Ben Isitt is the City Council liaison to staff and regional directors to engage the CRD Hillside-Quadra and a resident of the to undertake improvements to the pathway. neighbourhood. He can be reached via his This would complement work that the website at, by email at City has undertaken in the last few years to and by telephone at improve trails and stairways in Summit Park, 250-882-9302. which the City owns next to the reservoir, as Some thoughts on growing vegetables during the Pacific Northwest winter months Submitted on behave of Hillside Urban Farmers For Sustainability (HUFFS) If you missed planting leeks in May plant again in August/ September, and try overwintering Walla Walla sweet onions. n milder regions of BC and along most of Both can be planted in September, and Ithe coast, it is possible to grow a harvested the following late spring into early succession of garden vegetables summer. Slugs can be a major problem in fall throughout the year. The growing season can and winter vegetable gardens. Use properly be extended well into fall in many parts of the labelled slug baits until cold weather arrives. Pacific Northwest with a little knowledge Tender greens especially need protection about protecting your plants from the from both slugs and rain. For best results, elements. When planning a winter garden, grow them under cloches, Reemay cloth, or choose the warmest, most sheltered areas in cold frames during the late fall and winter. the garden. When planting winter plants See this spot in the next issue of Hillside-during hot months, choose heat-resistant Quadra News for further gardening tips.We To connect varieties and give shade and water. Greens look forward to hearing from you. such as spinach, Swiss chard, kale, collards, any Chinese mustard greens, and lettuce can be planted in the shade of taller plants for late summer and fall growth. with us and to hear about events, we are on Facebook HUFFS (Hillside Urban Farmers For Sustainability)-Victoria BC or to be on o u r m a i l i n g l i s t e m a i l , July is a good time to put in more carrots Hillside Urban Farmers For S u s t a i n a b i l i t y (HUFFS) is a neighbourhood group sharing information about, and offering practical support for, various aspects of homegrown food production. We support and encourage the understanding of food security and of community involvement in promoting it. We provide a means for discovering like-minded neighbours with whom to build stronger, more meaningful and enjoyable for fall and winter harvest. Broccoli and most of the cabbage family can be harvested in fall or early winter if planted by early July. August is the time to plant many fall garden seedlings. Starting seeds in trays and then planting when developed is the best way to plant your vegetables. Local nurseries will have vegetable starters for sale throughout the growing season. Lettuce and winter greens such as kale and Swiss chard can be put in until mid-August in many locations. Other vegetable varieties that grow through the winter include purple-sprouting broccoli, radicchio, and endive. Many kinds of Swiss chard, even if planted in the spring, will overwinter and re-sprout the following spring. Kales are a very reliable crop to plant in late June into July, and leeks and onions can be harvested throughout the winter. Any vegetable seed package that has “early” on it also means that the seed can be planted in the fall. connections within the neighbourhood. The author of this article, Rodney Malham, passed away September 22, 2014. An active member of HUFFS, he had a passion for growing food and a beautiful productive garden including backyard chickens. Rodney was an accomplished artist, a landscape designer and a warm, friendly presence at any gathering.
  12. 12. Page 12 Fall 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community News Norway House (1110 Hillside) Activities By Cheryl Westergard Eidsvold singers that perform a By Gillian Lawson, Vice Principal/Directrice feel part of the family. orway House is the home traditional Norwegian songs, at Nof the Eidsvold Lodge, Christmas concerts and sing- formed on the 24th of May alongs at senior facilities. Two Television Icons to Join Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre for its Season Opener emini and Genie award winning actor Leading the cast of a story that etches the Gand director Janet Wright will lead an de sc en t in to ne ar ma dn es s of Be ll a al l- st ar ca st when Blue Bridge Manningham at the hands of her unscrupulous Repertory Theatre opens its seventh season with husband, will be another television icon, noted the Victorian thriller Gaslight by Patrick stage actress and Blue Bridge alumnus Thea Hamilton on October 21, 2014. Best known for Gill, best known for her lead role in the hit her recurring role on the hit Canadian TV series television series Queer As Folk. Still Corner Gas (the film of which is scheduled to remembered for her award winning portrayal of open this fall), Wright is also a highly respected Blanche Du Bois in Blue Bridge's 2010 stage actress and director who has worked on production of Tennessee Williams' A Streetcar stages across Canada, including the Stratford Named Desire, Gill is joined by a veteran cast Festival, Canadian Stage and Vancouver's Arts that includes Adrian Hough in the role of Mr. Club Theatre. Manningham, Wes Borg as Detective Rough “I am thrilled to welcome Janet back to and Iris MacGregor-B annerman as the direct for us,” said Blue Bridge Artistic Director, Manningham's faithful servant Elizabeth. Brian Richmond. “In my opinion, her Gaslight plays at the Roxy Theatre from production of Brighton Beach Memoirs in the October 21- November 2, 2014. Tickets can be summer of 2013 was one of the strongest of purchased at Ticket Rocket at 250-590-6291, Blue Bridge's 25 award winning productions to online at or in person at date and I cannot wait to see what she will do #2-1609 Blanshard St. (at Fisgard). with one of my favourite plays in this genre.” École Quadra School Update adjointe It is very exciting that our return to the Abustle Quadra home site coincides with our 100th t the time of this writing, there is a anniversary! We look forward to events of activity throughout the school throughout the year marking this momentous as Kinetic Construction and its occasion. We encourage any Quadra alumni subcontractors work to complete the seismic who would like to get involved to phone the upgrade. In addition, District staff are bringing school at 250.382.8296 and we will put you in over truckload after truckload of our furniture touch with the committee organizing the and resources from our temporary site at the anniversary celebrations. former Richmond School. Slowly but surely, At École Quadra School, our parents are order is emerging from chaos. We are dazzled by members of a very active Parent Advisory the transformation of our beloved building and Council (PAC). Parents of students at Quadra we look forward to showing it off to you when are automatically members of the PAC. Our the new school year begins. In addition, plans parents focus on enhancing the learning are in place to beautify the grounds of our opportunities for the children in our building. school. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Kristi They also organize wonderful family and child- MacMillan, Karen Reynolds and other centred events from movie nights to school committed parents, as well as generous community barbeques to fine arts evenings. contributions from the community, we will see We always feel that the onset of Autumn new landscaping and playground improvements signals the start of our New Year. This is a over the course of the school year. Stay tuned special new year for Quadra as we move back to for further developments! our home site, return to our Quadra community, As with any new school year, we are and prepare to celebrate our 100th anniversary. welcoming new staff and students, along with We hope you will come see our refurbished their families. We are delighted to have you join building and grounds and join us for some us here at Quadra! We are sure you will soon Happy 100th Birthday celebrations! If you would like to help, please email Kelly at variety of music, including 1946. The original Norway House As part of the Adopt a School was a one-room schoolhouse that Program, the Eidsvold Lodge has was brought to the site on Hillside adopted George Jay Elementary Avenue. Over the years a number School. Members of the lodge are of renovations have been executed involved with George Jay and the present Norway House is Elementary in different capacities, the culmination of these efforts. including the reading program and Although many members have collecting donations for the library Norwegian roots or affiliation, a and playground. number of members hail from other Every year, members of the e t h n i c b a c k g r o u n d s a n d Sons of Norway represent Eidsvold membership is open to anyone with Lodge in the Victoria Day Parade an interest in Norwegian culture. and the Canada Parade in Sidney. Member s of the Eidsvold The Viking ship and Vikings are an Lodge are involved the community attraction in both parades. In and throughout the Victoria area in addition, the Sons of Norway Hall general. The Leikarring dancers, Sons of Norway in the Victoria Day Parade (photo provided) is available for rentals. For who demonstrate a variety of example, on Sunday evenings the Norwegian and other Scandinavian Quadra Village Day to provide information Victoria Folk Music Society uses dances, frequently perform at local and cultural about the organization and membership this venue to provide folk music to the public. events such as Quadra Village Day, held in May. applications to interested community members. (See upcoming performances in the Calendar of In addition, the Eidsvold Lodge hosts a booth at The Eidsvold Lodge also has a choir called the Events on page 14.)
  13. 13. Page 13 Fall 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community News Wanted: Quadra Village Day Planning Committee members Remember the fun we had last year? Join us again for Quadra Village Day 2015! (Photo by Teresa Cowley) The 13th annual Quadra Village Day is Our first Quadra Village Day was 13 years tasks outside of meetings which include: co-Saturday May 9th 2015. ago. Its primary purpose was to raise matching ordinating the colouring contest, connecting celebration and has evolved over the years to be relations and communications, setting up Tcommittee members to assist in the City of Victoria Election Information (from City of Victoria Website) What's On the Ballot ! Burnside Campus, 3130 Jutland Road ! Margaret Jenkins School, 1824 Fairfield The ballot will contain four sections where a ! Central Baptist Church, 834 Pandora Avenue Road voter may cast a vote for: ! Cook Street Village Activity Centre, 380 ! Oaklands School, 2827 Belmont Avenue Cook Street ! Quadra School, 3031 Quadra Street ! 1 Mayor and 8 Councillors ! James Bay Community School, 140 Oswego ! St. Barnabas Church, 1525 Begbie Street ! 9 School District Trustees (SD 61) Street ! Sir James Douglas School, 401 Moss Street ! Non-binding opinions on ! James Bay New Horizons Centre, 234 ! Victoria High School, 1260 Grant Street ! 3 Nominees from the City of Victoria to the Menzies Street ! Victoria West School, 750 Front Street Capital Regional District Board ! An amalgamation question, worded as follows: ! Are you in favour of reducing the number of municipalities in Greater Victoria through amalgamation? Advance Voting Opportunities Advance voting opportunities are open to all voters. Two advance voting opportunities will be held at City Hall, 1 Centennial Square. ! Wednesday, November 5, 2014, from 8a.m. to 8 p.m. ! Monday, November 10, 2014, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Two special advance voting opportunities will also be held: ! Thursday, November 6, 2014, from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m., at the University of Victoria, Student Union Building (Michele Pujol Room) ! Wednesday, November 12, 2014, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., at Our Place Society, 919 Pandora Avenue Where to Vote on November 15 Eligible voters can vote at any of the Voting Places on General Voting Day funds for streetscape beautification. After three with community groups, raising sponsorship, he Quadra Village Day (QVD) years the financial goal was realized. Quadra organizing the breakfasts, recruiting and Planning Committee is recruiting new Village Day continued as a neighbourhood managing volunteers, site planning, public many tasks involved in creating this a collaborative effort between business, entertainment, and arranging children’s wonderful community celebration. residents and The City of Victoria (Quadra activities. The committee’s purpose is to help build a Village Community Centre and the Crystal If you are a community-minded healthy, inclusive community in the Hillside- Pool). Our mission statement – “Building and individual who works well with others, and Quadra area. Quadra Village Day is an celebrating our thriving community” – wants to contribute to building a vibrant opportunity for many groups to come together continues to keep the focus on sustainable community culture in the Hillside-Quadra and celebrate the diversity in our immediate growth and long-term success. neighbourhood, please contact us. We’d love neighbourhood. Part of the committee’s mandate The committee meets occasionally in the to meet you! is to involve businesses, individuals and fall, every two weeks from January through community groups in the planning and mid-April, and then weekly as event day Inquiries can be directed to execution of this event. approaches. All committee members have
  14. 14. Page 14 Fall 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community News Hillside - Quadra Community Board Quadra Village Community Centre Quadra Village Community Centre All Quadra Village Community Centre Programs listed are free of charge except for the Hot Luch Program (exceptional value) and Out of School Care (fully subsidy available to eligible families). Best Babies A pre- and post-natal program, in co-operation with Victoria Best Babies and the Vancouver Island Health Authority, that aims to optimize nutrition and health in expectant new parents and families. Weekly meetings on Tuesdays from 11 am-1:30 pm, one-to-one support, plus dietician, public health nurse and dental hygienist services. Please call Helene at 250- 388-7696 (ext. 226) for more information (registration required). Parent & Tot Drop-In Children 0-6 years and their parents/caregivers are invited to join in an atmosphere of creativity and play. Activities include crafts, story time, special guests and songs. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 9-11:30 am. Please call Gillian at 250-388-7696 (ext.225) for more information. Music with Joie Children 0-5 years, with parents/caregivers, are invited to this creative and playful drop-in music program. Join us Fridays from 10 am-11:30 am. Quadra Village Community Out-of-School Care (Ages 6-12) A fun, safe environment for your children. This program provides care after school and full-time during Pro D days, as well as full-time during Christmas, Spring and Summer breaks. Activities include: in/outdoor games, music, arts, crafts, baking and day trips. The Out-of-School Care program picks up children from Quadra and George Jay Elementary Schools. Please contact Deirdre at 250-388-7696 (ext.232) for availability and further information. Child, Youth and Family Worker Assists children and families in areas such as support, mediation, advocacy, mentoring, goal setting, life skills, coping, safety planning, parenting strategies, healthy relationships and referrals. Call Helene at 250-388-7696 (ext.226). Youth Drop-In (Ages 10-18) A safe, fun place for boys and girls to hang out. Activities include: pool, ping pong, board games, air hockey, hoops and internet. Please call Jennifer at 250-388-7696, or visit us at for current dates and times. Youth and Family Worker Offers support, mediation, advocacy, mentoring, goal setting, life skills, safety planning and referrals for youths 13-19 and their families. Parenting consultations also available. For residents of Hillside-Quadra and nearby neighbourhoods, contact Laurie at 250-388-7696 (ext.228). Family Night Join us for fun activities, crafts and snacks Tuesdays in the Teen Centre area from 6- 7:30 pm. For parents/caregivers with children of all ages. Call 250-388-7696 for more information. Youth and Family Counsellors School-based Youth and Family Counsellors provide support, counselling and advocacy for young people and their families at S.J. Willis, Vic High, Quadra, Cloverdale, Oaklands, Reynolds and Cedar Hill Schools. The Hot Lunch Program You are cordially invited to join us at the Quadra Village Community Centre for a hot lunch consisting of a main dish, salad, dessert and coffee or tea. Lunch is served every Thursday from noon-12:30 pm. Stay and socialize until 1 pm. Cost: Adults $3.00, Volunteers $1.00, Children $1.00. Restarts October 16 Knowhow Do you want to know how to do something really useful that can make a difference in your life? This daytime group for adults will help show you how to do what you need to whether it’s sewing, cooking, budgeting, fun activities for less, canning, tasty recipes, basic sign language or other things you really could use. Participants share ideas with each other and help make the plans for the group too. Our facilitators help pull everything together. One thing is for sure, you will leave this group with more knowhow than you had before you started (and the group will learn from you too!) . Wednesdays 1 to 2:30 pm October 22 to November 26. Contact Gillian at 250-388-7696 ext.225 for more details. Internet Access Community members are welcome to use one of four computers, with access to printing. Available Monday to Friday, 9 am-3:45 pm, with the exception of Tuesday closures between 1:30-3:00 pm. Call 250-388-7696 or visit for details. Sensational Seniors Seniors (50 and over) getting together for conversation, activities, information, good times and good company. Our facilitators follow group input to plan each week’s activities. Coffee, Tea and snack provided. Tuesdays 11am to 12pm. Seniors Cards Group For 50 years & over. Cards, games, workshops, crafts and low-cost monthly outings. Mondays 12:30-3 pm. Snacks, tea and coffee are provided. Seniors Entitlement Services Welcomes seniors who believe that some essential service(s) has been denied them. The office is open for consultations Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 9am -3pm. Other Community Events Step by Step Parenting Supportive discussion group for parents and caregivers based on Triple P, S.T.E.P. and other effective parenting strategies and information sources. Topics are based on feedback from parents who attend. Child-minding provided. Mondays 6-7:30 pm October 20 to November 24. Contact Helene or Gillian for more information at 250-388-7696. The Hillside Quadra Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG) is a group of volunteers that works on issues related to land use, transportation and parks in our neighbourhood. We meet at Blanshard Community Centre at 7 pm the first Monday each month from September to June, except when the first Monday is a holiday. For more information, contact us at Live Music at the Victoria Folk Music Society Every Sunday Night ! Oct. 5, 2014 Tania Opland & Mike Freeman ! Oct. 12, 2014 Rick Scott ! Oct. 19, 2014 The Klez ! Oct. 26, 2014 Jeff Warner Our feature acts will be preceded by what is arguably Victoria’s best weekly Open Stage session, where musicians, from fledglings to professionals, can perform a 10 minute set for one of the most welcoming, attentive and participative audiences in town. Aspiring Open Stage performers can sign-up with the VFMS Host between 7:00 and 7:30pm to do a set, but should get there early to improve their chances of getting on the evening’s line-up. Location: Norway House, 1110 Hillside Avenue Time: 7:30 Admission: $5.00 Event Contact: (250) 475-1355 Additional details:
  15. 15. Page 15 Fall 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community News Other Community Events ROOM RENTALS @ Quadra Village Community Centre Planning a special event? Require a meeting space? Just want a comfortable place to gather with a group? We’ve got the room for you, with 6 different rental spaces to suit almost any need. Bright, spacious rooms for private meetings or public presentations. Comfortable couches and chairs for more informal gatherings. Even an awesome Teen Centre to host that perfect birthday party. Washrooms, which are wheelchair accessible, are located on both floors in close proximity to all rooms. Affordable rates, easy access and plenty of options to choose from. Call Shawna at 250-388-7696, or email for room sizes, on-hand equipment and availability. SJ Willis Education Centre Alternative Education serves students who have experienced difficulty in their school and their community. SJ Willis Alternative serves students 13-18 years of age, and offers grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 curriculum. Pho ne: 250-360-4300; Email:; Continuing Education serves adults and school-aged students, 16 years and older, who wish to complete their 2004 or Adult Graduation Program, and/or upgrade their skills in Math, English, Social Studies and Science. Continuing Education also offers English as a Second Language and Numeracy and Literacy programs. To accommodate all learners courses are offered in the evening as well as in the day and as self-paced and teacher directed classes. Phone: 250-360-4300 ; Ema il:; Home Learners’ Link (HLL) and The Link is the K-12 program for the Greater Victoria School District’s distributed learning (DL). HLL/The Link offers a full range of courses leading to graduation for students. HLL/The Link operates on a continuous-entry model, with students beginning courses at any time during the 11- month academic year (September 1–July 31). The school supports the achievement of learning outcomes through a combination of online and/or paper-based course options. At HLL/The Link, communication between students and teachers is ongoing and frequent; email, telephone and face-to-face meetings are used to provide learning support and information. Phone: 250-360-4300 ; Email: (Home Learners' Link) or (The Link) SJ Willis Education Centre students are able to access support from Youth and Family Counselors from Burnside Gorge and Quadra Village Community Centre. Deb Whitten is the Principal for all of the above academic programs. JOIN THE CREW! Ages 13 - 19 Want Help Getting a Job You Love? ! Build up your resume with volunteerism & skill training. ! Gain work experience through fundraising events. ! Work on interview skills and much more. ! Exciting out trips to Colleges, Universities & cool job sites. ! Connect you to new opportunities and resources in your community. Want to Make New Friends? ! Chill environment to meet and hang out with other people your age. ! Parties, paint ball, movie trips, zip lining and other awesome events. ! Safe and welcoming- we are always looking for new people to join. Want to Make Change? ! The Crew believes in youth leadership & supporting the community. ! Learn about different kinds of causes and ways you can help make your community a better place. ! Complete your volunteer/work hours for graduation. ! You decide what you want to change, we help you decide. NO idea is crazy! Check Us Out or Stop By: Quadra Village Community Centre 901 Kings Rd. Victoria, BC V8T 1W5 (250) 388-7696 (Ask for Jennifer) Find us on Facebook: You Quadra Blanshard or check out our website: Meet New People. Try New Things. Get Involved. Quadra Village Community Centre would like to thank our many supporters. The help of generous funders, sponsors, donors and volunteers means we can accomplish so much more! Major Program Funders City of Victoria, Government of Canada, Greater Victoria School District, Province of British Columbia, United Way Program Funders BC Housing, Fairfield Gonzales Community Association, Farmer Construction, Get Youth Working, Kidsport, Kool FM, Gordon Head Lions, Particpaction, The Most Worshipful Free Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of BC & Yukon, Telus, Victoria Harbourside Rotary Sponsors Blanshard Square Liquor Store, CDI, Cold Star Freight, Farmer Construction, Horner Foundation, Il Terrazzo, Media Net, T.L.C. Fund for Kids, 7- Eleven Donors Anawim House, Art Box, Bootlegger, Cleo’s, Clothesline Clothing Company, COBS Bread, Esquimalt Kiwanis, Fairway Market, Island Farms, Kaboodles, Living Edge, Mustard Seed, Ricki’s, Sysco, Thrifty Foods, Tim Horton’s and our generous individual community donors Shop in Your Neighbourhood & Support Sponsored by
  16. 16. Page 16 Fall 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community News Superheroes and QVCC Out to Prove YOUth Are Worth It! he Wonder Woman, Spiderman and TGreen Lantern sightings in Quadra Village are actually real! The Superheroes of Greater Victoria and QVCC are joining forces to create a Halloween spooktacular this October 31st at Quadra Village Community Centre. Details are being finalized at press time but the event is geared to appeal to all ages and will feature a spooky combination of carnival games, Halloween movies and hauntings that will take place on both floors of the Centre. This event will have age specific sections that will make the event appeal to all ages and will build on the success of smaller scale Halloween Carnivals held the last 2 years by QVCC. Quadra Village Community Centre is campaigning to bridge the gap created by a $15,000 temporary reduction in funding in 2015 Youth engagement is the hallmark of the Launch years we have seen the vast majority of youth for our Launch Pad program. The Superheroes Pad project. As Tully points out “we’re involved go onto steadier, better paying and of Victoria are teaming up with QVCC to help constantly checking in with youth about their more fulfilling employment than their parents. reach this fundraising goal. According to Youth needs and preferences to ensure that our This last year has been one of the most Programs Coordinator, Jennifer Tully “with the programs are connected and relevant to the successful years for Launch Pad and the Crew. support of the community, QVCC youth youth that we serve. We know how important it As witnessed by Tully “the youth we have programs will succeed in maintaining the is to listen and meet youth where they are at. worked with and connected with through this momentum that we have worked so hard to Youth are our future and building it starts with program have inspired us and demonstrated how create for inner city youth”. Volunteering, respect for the young people we reach out to far they can come with quality, well thought out attending the Halloween event, corporate regardless of their life challenges.” support. We are committed to being there for sponsorships and donations to the YOUth are The final and key component of the Launch them despite this unexpected funding setback.” Worth It campaign are all part of what’s needed. Pad Project is the Crew. This group of youth sets De t a i l s a b o u t t h e Ha l l owe e n Launch Pad assists youth to develop critical personal and group goals, plays together, works spooktacular fundraiser, YOUth are life skills in a fun, safe and supportive as a team, learns new skills, fundraises, plans Worth It Campaign and the Crew can be environment. This programs starts with safe events and goes out for fun activities together found at opportunities to have fun through youth drop-ins (through the money they raise). The young and structured activities. It is complemented by women and men that dedicate themselves to the Information about the Superheroes of gender specific groups and recreational Crew blossom. They’re able to access Greater Victoria is available at opportunities that help keep youth engaged, out opportunities and career development that are . of trouble and developing in healthy ways. often well beyond what they expected. Over the