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Nmdl slideshow

  1. 1. About American Eagle OutfittersCompetitionDigital Strategy • Goals • Target Audience • The Big Idea • Tactics • Key Performance Indicators • Budget
  2. 2. • 1. Engage more with social media users• 2. Raise search for American Eagle Outfitters through Google• 3. integrate more deals and coupons
  3. 3. • Men and Women• Ages 16-28
  4. 4. Show people how affordable AE clothes areand how easy they are to get.• Make more people aware through social media• Cross consumers mind when online shopping• Make incentives to buy
  5. 5. • Over 8 million likes• 38 thousand people were talking about AE• 177521 people have checked in What does this say about AE? That people already like them and their quality clothingHow to keep a good thing going:• Post about Sales and Deals for the store• Continue posting outfit trends
  6. 6. Social Media #AEtrend
  7. 7. Young adults are all about the sharing looks/ideas,using social media, and online presences so byrelating to them online American Eagle Outfitters canshow them how easy it is to dress in AE, buy it, andwear it.Making contests and including promotions will entice the customer to shop at AE. #AEtrends
  8. 8. • Integrates mix and match design for the contest• Has special coupon and Aerewards• Offer free music downloads of store soundtrack
  9. 9. • Google Analytics• Google Adwords• Mobile App• Social Media
  10. 10. • 6 month campaign• March through August (summer shopping and back to school shopping)• 5 executions• $100,000 total
  11. 11. Mix and Match to create the better you!• Trendy• Affordable• Fun• Easy to buy• Quality Clothing