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PCI Group Advanced Services


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Hill Academy and Hosting Services. HIll Academy is the best place to get Prolog training from the comfort of your own office or home. Learn to manage RFI, Submittals, Contracts and more. For more information contact Eric at 424-245-5606.

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PCI Group Advanced Services

  1. 1. Hill Academy and Hosting Services y g An Interactive Software eTraining Service & State Of The Art Hosting Services The Global Leader in Project Control Solutions Galena Creek Bridge - NV eTraining Sessions www.pcigrp.com Hos ng Center Hill Academy and Hosting Services For the past 4 years PCI Group has provided Tier 1 support PCI ADVANCED SUPPORT - PCI Group has been a key for Prolog Manager. We have appreciated the opportunity technical support provider for Prolog Manager and will now to serve your company and look forward to taking the offer advanced support. These advanced services include next steps in providing advanced Prolog Services. Getting all the items not covered under the standard Prolog support the most out of your software investment often requires agreement: Crystal Support and Customizations, Prolog continual training and consulting. PCI Group recognizes Training, Prolog Configuration, Business Process Questions, the financial burden this can cause on businesses and we SQL Support, Import/Export, and more. We are confident have packaged our core services into a cost effective and that our support expertise combined with eTraining and time efficient offering. additional package options will help save your organization money and ensure that Prolog is providing you the best eTRAINING - PCI Group has developed a comprehensive possible ROI. and interactive eTraining series of lessons for Prolog Manager. Our 10 years of experience are highlighted in HOSTING - With the acquisition of PCI Group by Hill these lessons which are available on demand 24/7. The International in 2008, PCI Group now offers Prolog eTraining is a great tool for newly hired staff or for existing Manager Hosting Services. These services lend great value staff to brush up on their skills. Interactive lessons walk to IT shops looking at validating the infrastructure cost of users through step by step exercises and include entering running Prolog, additionally Hill’s expert IT staff currently data into Prolog screens. Users learn at their own pace host over 1200 employees in a state of the art datacenter. without the need to travel or be away from their jobs to Let PCI Group provide you a quote to determine if this advance their Prolog skills. service can lower your IT costs.
  2. 2. Early Adopter Pricing HILL ACADEMY – BASIC PACKAGE $150 per month/annual contract ❑ Hill Academy, on demand eTraining lessons for Prolog Manager • Project Setup 800-511-1888 • Companies and Contacts hillacademy@pcigrp.com • Contracts • Budget and Revenue General Services • Change Orders So ware Training • Submittals eTraining • • RFIs Live Online • …more to come Custom Onsite • ❑ Study guide (printable) included with each lesson Customized eTraining • ❑ Top Ten Most Frequently requested custom Crystal Reports Prolog Manuals • ❑ Additional Login account $50 per month So ware Consul ng Discovery • HILL ACADEMY – ADVANCED PACKAGE Implementa on Planning • $300 per month/annual contract Business Processes • ❑ Hill Academy - Basic Package Plus... Custom Manuals • ❑ 1 copy of PCI Navigator Dashboard (includes install and introduction) Quick Reference Guides • Custom Reports • ❑ PCI Advanced Support* – 12 Hours per year, 15 minute increments per call minimum. PCI Advanced Support includes: • Crystal Support Support Services Administra ve Support • • Prolog Admin Training Advanced Support • • SQL Support IT Support • • Database Maintenance (Archive, Backup, Restore, and Repair) • Business Process questions answered over the phone Scheduling Services Product Implementa ons • • Weekend and non-business hour availability via email Schedule Crea on & Review • ❑ Live quarterly Q&A session for Advanced Package Customers – Staff Augmenta on • detailed notes documented and delivered via web and email to all subscribers. Claims and Delay Analysis • ❑ Additional Login account $50 per month *Requires a current Meridian Systems support and maintenance contract HILL ACADEMY HILL HOSTING SERVICES PACKAGES (Prolog Manager and Prolog Website) Prolog eTraining • Fees Prolog Study Guide (PDF) • Prolog Manager concurrent $125/month Top 10 Crystal Reports • PCI Navigator Dashboard • Prolog Manager named $75/month PCI Advanced Support • Prolog Website concurrent $40/month Live Quarterly Q&A Sessions • 2:1 cap on concurrent users,$40 each add’l PM user, $20 each add’l PW user One time startup fee $750 Additional Storage per 10 GB, MASTER SERVICE flat rate For Prolog Database $100/year AGREEMENTS (MSA) and Uploaded Files available at volume rates (10GB included with initial startup) Based on annual contract commitment