Amy Poehler Season Two 05 2009


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The second season of the hit series starring Amy Poehler, Smart Girls at the Party

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Amy Poehler Season Two 05 2009

  2. 2. Smart Girls at the Party gives your brand the the opportunity to be a part of a proven series that connects to today!s savvy Moms. These women are plugged in, communicating and shopping online.quot; To date, the pilot series of Smart Girls at the Party has been viewed over two million times, primarily by women age 22 to 44 yrs. quot; With the launch of the next season, that!s only the beginning.#quot; CONFIDENTIAL!
  3. 3. The Smart Girls crew takes their show on the road to Los Angeles!quot; Seven amazing girls share their creativity, talent and laughter with Amy Poehler and Friends in a show sure to delight moms and daughters everywhere.quot; CONFIDENTIAL!
  4. 4. Maggie and her horse Chase share a special connection. It!s all about taking care of each quot; other and trust between friends.quot; Scientist Novelist Seven all-new episodesquot; Ballerina Creative Sisters Anna loves cooking for many reasons: quot; it gives her a chance to express her creative side, and also helps her to relax.quot; CONFIDENTIAL!
  5. 5. Sponsored !Smart Mom Momentquot; Segment # Based on the theme of each episode, the Smart Mom Moment brought to you by your brand gives moms tips about new ways they can spend quality time with their daughters.quot; CONFIDENTIAL!
  6. 6. And of course, quot; Dance Party!!quot; CONFIDENTIAL!
  7. 7. Whatquot;s in it for your brand? # What!s not to love about Amy Poehler? She!s one of today!s hottest performers, and alignment with her brand is a rare and valuable opportunity for your brand.quot; Emmy-nominated star of Saturday Night Live.quot; Star of new NBC comedy Parks & Recreation! Starred in popular films Baby Mama and Blades of Glory! Recently became a new mom with husband Will Arnettquot; CONFIDENTIAL!
  8. 8. Whatquot;s in it for your brand? # Brand integration into targeted content is the surest way to reach your desired audience. quot; Target Audience: Mom!s with girls age 6-12quot; As key influencer for a variety of purchases for their family, mom!s rely on the internet and spend a lot of time on the internet.quot; quot;32 million moms are online*quot; quot;Over 1/3 of moms with children under 12 engaged with Online Videos in the last 3 months*quot; *Findings from ”Digital Mom” Report by Razorfish and Café Momquot; CONFIDENTIAL!
  9. 9. Whatquot;s in it for your brand? # As part of the sponsorship, your brand will have the opportunity to integrate the following ad units into Smart Girls at the Party. quot; Brand advertising travels with the show, offering complete control of context and placement of messaging to the target audience. quot; quot; quot; quot; quot; quot; quot; quot;In-Video Ad Unitsquot; quot; quot; quot; quot;Show Cover Art quot; quot;Pre-Roll quot; quot;In-video Overlay quot; quot;quot; quot; quot; quot; quot;Sponsored $Smart Mom! Segment quot; quot;30 Second Post Roll quot; Plus, due to the “lean forward” experience of the viewer self-selecting the show, response rate to ad messages range from 1%-5%.# Additional value- add includes: quot; • Promotion and brand impressions through AllScreen Syndication Network • Polling quot; • Show Microsite with Comments • Brand Banner Ads • Branded Viral Player/Widget quot; CONFIDENTIAL!
  10. 10. Other Opportunities for Discovery and Interactivity:# Branded Show iPhone Appquot; Blog Outreach to Mom Bloggersquot; Show PR quot; Programs to further build the Smart Girls at the Party Communityquot; Twitter Campaignquot; Facebook Campaignquot; Branded Eblasts to Show Subscribersquot; Viewer Contestsquot; CONFIDENTIAL!
  11. 11. AllScreen™ Syndication# ON Networks! AllScreen Syndication Network is a global multiplatform system reaching millions of people daily across nearly every and any screen available. quot; ON will work with your brand to develop the right horizontal and vertical partner mix to reach your demographic target. quot; HORIZONTAL PARTNERS:% PARTNERS TARGETED TO MOMS AND TWEENS:# iTunes% Zoo Vision% Hair Boutiquequot; Cartoon Doll Emporium#quot; iPhone % Buzzwire% Beauty Novaquot; Minyandland#quot; AppleTV% Miro% Its#a Moms Worldquot; Urbaniacsquot; Cablevision% Blip.TV% Diva Villagequot; Gossip Girlsquot; Microsoft Zune% Metacafe% The Family Groovequot; Miss O and friends#quot; Adobe Media Player% Cool Iris% Mommy Track!dquot; Yomodquot; TivoCast% MS Live% WorkingMother.comquot; 4Kids.comquot; Daily Motion% Seven% Houston Family Magazinequot; Imbee% Truveo% YouTube% Working Motherquot; Fortune Girlsquot; Vuze% Facebook% Hollywood Mom Blogquot; Synacor % ON Site Player% Crib Rock Couturequot; Blinkx% ON Widget% Odeo% ON RSS FEED quot; CONFIDENTIAL!
  12. 12. Data and Analytics Monthly Reporting# On a monthly basis, ON Networks will aggregate and normalize data from all AllScreen Partners and deliver a report that covers:quot; !quot;#$%&'(&)*+,-./& quot;Monthly Total Viewsquot; quot;Views by Platformquot; quot;Plays by Episodesquot; quot;Engagementquot; quot;Survey & Poll Responsesquot; quot;Click Thru Ratesquot; 15% 19% 16% quot;Ad Impressionsquot; 36% 14% CONFIDENTIAL!
  13. 13. Project Scope and Pricing:# Sponsorship Period quot;12 weeks (with an addition 2-3 week set up time once all creative is received)quot; No. of Episodes quot;7 episodes (6 interviews, 1 behind the scenes with Amy and Friends) +% 8 episodes from Pilot Seasonquot; Guaranteed Video Views quot;1,500,000quot; Guaranteed Brand Impressions #35,000,000quot; Production #License to 7 episodes of Smart Girls at The Party with Amy Poehler (Season 2) and 8 episodes from Pilot Season quot;# Advertising Units (Created by ON Networks)quot; quot;Branded Show Cover Art, 6-10 second Pre Roll, In-video Messaging (shown 2x per episode), 30 Second Post Roll# Additional Brand Value-Addquot; quot;Show Microsite with Comments, Polling, Promotion and brand impressions through AllScreen Syndication Partners as well as www.smartgirlsattheparty.comquot; quot;Branded Viral Player/Widget quot;quot; quot;PR, Blog and Social Network Outreachquot; quot;Branded Eblast campaign to Show Subscribersquot; quot;Branded Blog written by Smart Girls at the Party Cast# Ingest, Transcode, Host and Syndicate to AllScreen Network# Reporting Normalize data from all AllScreen Partners and deliver 1 report on a monthly basis# Total Cost: $850,000quot; CONFIDENTIAL!
  14. 14. Appendix: $ Smart Girls at the Party Pilot Case Study# CONFIDENTIAL!
  15. 15. Smart Girls at the Party Case Study$ Overview:! Season 1 of Smart Girls at the Party was an opportunity for Amy Poehler to test the web with a show she was passionate about and inspire young girls to be themselves.quot; The 9 episode pilot was sponsored by Barbie to support their “Wanna Play” nostalgia campaign targeting moms.quot; This sponsorship was a grassroots initiative for Barbie to test their brand in the digital video space and to associate their brand with a different message (girl empowerment vs. fashion). quot; While PR and marketing was intentionally not a priority, Smart Girls at the Party was viewed over 2 million times in 3 months, primarily by women age 22 to 44 yrs. quot; And with the launch of Season 2 on the horizon, that!s only the beginning.#quot; CONFIDENTIAL!
  16. 16. Smart Girls at the Party Case Study$ Scope of Barbie Sponsorship:! Support Barbiequot;s “Wanna Play” nostalgia campaign targeting moms# Term: three months# Nine episodes# 1.5 million views guaranteed# CONFIDENTIAL!
  17. 17. Smart Girls at the Party Case Study$ Ad Innovation:! Pre Roll: Created by ON In Video Overlay: to Drive Networks using Barbie Digital Audience to % Post Roll: Barbie provided their 30 Campaign Assetsquot; Playquot; second TV Spotquot; Other opportunities for Ad Innovation:quot; •& Product Integrationquot; •& Branded Features / Segmentsquot; •& Midrollsquot; CONFIDENTIAL!
  18. 18. Smart Girls at the Party Case Study$ Interactivity:! While ON Networks syndicates content through our AllScreen Network we also create an experience through our Show Microsite and Viral Player to allow fans to interact with the show, post and share.quot; Branded Smart Girls at the Party Website with IAB Adsquot; Technology to embed Branded viral player for social networks, blogs, websites, etc.quot; Polling Capabilities for consumer insightsquot; Viewer Commentingquot; Show blog to connect fans to showquot; CONFIDENTIAL!
  19. 19. Smart Girls at the Party Case Study$ AllScreen Syndication:! Smart Girls at the Party was syndicated to over 60 sites which included a mix of horizontal partners (iTunes, Zune, Metacafe) as well as targeted niche sites for Moms and Tweens. Samples are provided below.quot; Hollywood Momquot; You Tubequot; iTunesquot; Urbaniacsquot; The Family Groovequot; Tivo quot; CONFIDENTIAL!
  20. 20. Smart Girls at the Party Case Study$ PR:! Even with limited budget the Smart Girls at the Party buzz was apparent with over 100+ pick ups across blogs, websites, print and broadcast.quot; CONFIDENTIAL!
  21. 21. Smart Girls at the Party Case Study$ Results:! The primary goals for Barbie were achieved.quot; •& ON Networks over delivered on the 1.5 million guaranteed, engaged views over 3 monthsquot; •& The engaged viewer was predominately female, age 25-44quot; •& Syndication to 50+ AllScreen Partnersquot; In addition, by associating the Barbie brand with Smart Girls at the Party the brand achieved:quot; •& Nearly 5 Million Engaged In-Video Brand Impressions and approximately 10 Million Brand Impressions through AllScreen Partnersquot; •& A much stronger than average Click Through Rate to Playquot; •& A positive halo effect to Barbie!s image through association with the SGATP Girl Empowerment messagequot; •& Over time all episodes continue to grow as new fans discover the show.quot; CONFIDENTIAL!