Game U 2009 College Gaming Fall Tour


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Game U 2009 College Gaming Fall Tour

  1. 1. 2009 Fall College Tour
  2. 2. 8th Successful Year The Game U College Tour is now Presenting G3 Games Gear & Gadgets The World’s Largest Live Gamer College Lifestyle Tour
  4. 4. Gaming as a Subculture Sponsoring Games Gear & Gadgets offers your Brand a compelling platform to engage College Students and Leverage the Cultural Influence as “Gamers” Video Games have Evolved from just an Entertainment Medium to a Significant Barometer of Cultural Relevance which is now Larger than Music and Movies Combined Our Tour is Expanding to Meet the Desires of College Students and will include: Video Games, PC Games, Hardware, iPods, Plasma Screens, Music Gear, Cell Phones, Headsets, Digital Gear, GPS & Stereo Gear
  5. 5. Gaming as a Synthesis “College Students” are an arbiter of Lifestyle Trends, “First Adopters and First Movers” and users of “Tech Gear” One (1) out of every Four (4) Male Students is an Early Adopter of Electronic Devices and Gear Over 45% of all Students feel that Sampling a Product is the Leading Factor in their Purchasing Process College Students spent $10.2 Billion “Gearing Up” for the School Year.* 50% of College Students use a Laptop, 1.3MM have Cell Phones, And, 41% Own an MP3 Player** *National Retail Federation **National Center for Education Stats
  6. 6. The Game U DNA Ten (10) Major College Campus Tour Five (5) Hour Live Event on College Campus University Center and/or Outdoor Quad Unlimited Video Game Play all Day Hourly Competitive Gaming Tournaments Cool Product Giveaways / Sampling Live Music – Professionally Staged DJ/MC „Pumping up the Crowd‟ Best Buy Environments & Demo First Look at New and Unreleased Games 25+ High Tech HD Gaming Kiosks Organic. Authentic. Unique.
  7. 7. Game U 09 Potential Campuses U.C.L.A USC Arizona State University University of New Mexico University of Kansas University of Nebraska University of Oklahoma Ohio State University Boston College Penn State University * Tentative Schedule – Subject to Change, Approval and Routing
  8. 8. Hottest in BEST BUY Gamer Lifestyle Best Buy Game Lounge PC Laptop Cyber Bar Launch of the New Best Buy Game „CRIME CRAFT‟ Launch of Best Buy Used Game Program Best Buy Mobile Gaming Student Promotion
  9. 9. Tour Media & Marketing Professionally Produced TV spots Aired on Networks such as SPIKE, MTV & WB Web Partnership 1.5 Million Web Impressions on Game Spy Full Page Ad in Video Game Magazines such as GamePro Campus Invasion Street Teams with Flyers Promotional Posters National PR Newswire Campaign Online Social Networking Campaign Integration into tour websites:
  10. 10. Campus Marketing Student Organization Official Event Sponsorship Promotional Posters on Campus Facebook Invites when available Email Blast to Event Calendar Subscribers when available Sidewalk Chalk Ad Campaigns when available MySpace Group Invites when available Editorials in Campus Newspapers when available TV Spot used on Campus as Movie Trailer when available
  11. 11. Sponsor Rationale Turnkey Event Marketing Solution High ROI through Product Demonstration Ten (10) Major Colleges 25,000+ College Student Attendees 250,000+ Student Enrollment Over 2.5 Million College Student Impressions Access „Hard to Reach‟ Demographic Connection to First Adopters and Movers Association with Popular Campus Event Fully Integrated Tour and Event Branding
  12. 12. Game Live Producers Game Live Events, based in Sausalito, California, is a leading edge video and computer game software marketing and production company. Our firm specializes in creating, producing, managing and marketing live software presentations and exhibits for third party software publishers and hardware manufacturers in the Electronic Entertainment Industry. The Game Live national tour presentations encompass high impact software demonstrations, cross media campaigns, integrated brand building and ROI conversion programs that provide software and hardware companies with efficient marketing programs that expand product awareness, evaluate consumer response and increase sales. The Game Live Events state-of-the-art Gameport Touring System features a scalable 30+Screen PC and HD Video Kiosk System that enables end users in the 8 to 42 demographic age group with the opportunity to qualitatively preview XBOX and PC game titles from top tier software publishers. The scope of Game Live Events is to bring interactive, multi-platform „game play‟ preview experiences to purchase oriented consumers via exciting summary live events and presentations. Corporate clients include THQ, Creative Labs, Axe, Ubi Soft Entertainment, Take Two Interactive / RockStar Games, Electronic Arts, (EA Sports, EA Games and EA Big), Midway, Activision, Eidos, Majesco, Universal Vivendi, AMD, Alienware Computers, ATI Technologies and Logitech to name just a few. Currently Game Live Events has produced 20+ national tours in over 200 venues.
  13. 13. Thank You for Reviewing our Presentation Game Live 2009