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What Do Results and Your Availability Have in Common?


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Don't let your lack of availability stall business outcomes. Be more productive by leveraging your busy schedule. The Visibility Matrix helps leaders finds opportunities to connect with colleagues to enhance conversations and improve decisions.

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What Do Results and Your Availability Have in Common?

  1. 1. Visibility Matrix: Stay Connected, Accelerate Outcomes, & Enhance Productivity Leadership Strategies with Hilary Potts
  2. 2. If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. —Lucille Ball
  3. 3. CHALLENGE #1 Not Enough Time
  4. 4. NotEnoughTime There is not time in the day to connect and talk with others. The calendar is overflowing – we’re double booked, juggling our schedules and jumping from meeting to meeting. We can’t find time for ourselves much less a conversation to check in and help others.
  5. 5. No Hand on the Pulse CHALLENGE #2
  6. 6. No Hand on the Pulse Without a firm handle on the pulse of the organization, we have no way of knowing if the work is getting done. Issues can fester and potentially stall our business success. Without valuable conversations and input from YOU, people are left to figure it out for themselves.
  7. 7. No Leadership Engagement When we aren’t engaged, we have no real input. Our colleagues don’t have the information to accelerate the very changes that will enhance the business. We certainly don’t want surprises nor can we afford our colleagues heading in the wrong direction only to have to redo the work.
  8. 8. Cascading Messages throughout the Organization CHALLENGE #3
  9. 9. Cascading Messages… Messages can get misconstrued as they are cascaded throughout the organization. If you don’t have time to connect with people, you will be out of the loop. Without getting involved, you are leaving strategy execution to chance.
  10. 10. The Solution The Visibility Matrix: Being Strategic About Increasing Your Visibility
  11. 11. 1) Use Your Time Wisely
  12. 12. UseTimeWisely Set an intention for your day. Then review your calendar often to see where you can make strategic shifts. Move away from blocks of time. Instead set meeting appointments based on the time required to cover a topic. At the end of every day, review and plan your next day. Make appropriate shifts to find small 5-10-15 minute pockets of time to connect with others.
  13. 13. Client Example Shortening appointments, refocusing the conversation and cancelling some appointments. Going to bed and getting up 15 minutes earlier using the beginning of the day for time to think, workout, and plan his day. Blocking the last 15 minutes of the day for personal wrap-up versus talking on the cell phone as he ran out the door. He left the office with a game plan and was able to transition into his evening activities. Executive shifts from being locked in meetings and at his desk all day to finding 5, 10 and even 15 minutes to strategize and meet informally with others. He accomplished this by….
  14. 14. 2) Make the Most of Transitions
  15. 15. Make the Most of Transitions Using transitions throughout the day are critical times to regroup, and connect. Not to get personal but how are you using your trips to and from the restroom, the trips to pick up a cup of coffee or better yet a glass of water? Those breaks AND in between times can be very valuable for a brief check in with others. Instead of arriving just in time for a meeting, consider, arriving 5-10 minutes early to speak with a colleague.
  16. 16. Taking It One Step Further Take your discussions for a walk. Get out and stretch your legs. Handle a business matter. Come back feeling energized and refreshed.
  17. 17. 3) Reach Out Virtually
  18. 18. Reach Out Virtually Get creative and use technology to help connect. Use text, your company’s messenger apps, call a colleague or send an email to dialogue with team mates. Plan ahead – identify people and topics. Keep things brief by using a timer to stay focused, on topic, and on time. With many people working virtually, face-to-face may not be an option…
  19. 19. 4) Communicate Early, Often & Consistently
  20. 20. Communicate Early, Often & Consistently Get engaged and create a two-way dialogue to find out what’s going on. Ask questions, provide insights, and give feedback to others. Convey consistent messages about where the business is headed, share status updates, and help people see the value and importance of their work to the business.
  21. 21. Visibility Matrix Strategies
  22. 22. Moving Toward Success Download the Leader Change Toolkit Now…
  23. 23. Inside the Toolkit You’ll Find… • Ways to Get Prepared to Lead a Significant Change in Your Organization • A Framework to Help You Create a Roadmap to Navigate Business Changes • Five Change Leader Behaviors You Need to Know to Lead Your Next Strategic Initiative
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