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Making Your Strategy Work


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Successful strategy execution requires people doing something different. Savvy change leaders know how to set the direction to get everyone onboard so people work in the new way to achieve the business outcomes. This presentation provides leadership tips and tools to make your strategy work.

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Making Your Strategy Work

  1. 1. Making Your Strategy Work Leadership Strategies with Hilary Potts
  2. 2. 3 out of 5 employees rate their company weak at strategy execution. Booz Research Study
  3. 3. Challenges Leaders Face
  4. 4. Leaders Don’t Want to Talk About “Change”
  5. 5. Leaders Want Results... To grow the business, launch a new product, improve processes, or enhance the bottom-line, means people need to do something different. …but many leaders are uncomfortable addressing the changes necessary for growth. For a strategy to work, people and leaders need to make changes.
  6. 6. It’s Hard to Get Everyone “On Board”
  7. 7. Getting People on Board While the strategy and initiatives may fit neatly on one page, people can get overwhelmed by all the work that’s required to deliver the results. Getting everyone bought-in, onboard, and executing the strategy can be a challenge that can be overcome by leaders setting direction and working alongside their people.
  8. 8. People Nod “Yes” BUT, Really Mean “No”
  9. 9. Great Leaders Invite Opinion Sometimes it’s easier to say nothing or nod your head ‘yes’ than to articulate the challenges you see that lie ahead. When people feel they can’t raise issues, you are sure to see problems later on. It’s better to step into these crucial conversations to create frank and honest discussions.
  10. 10. Through awareness, understanding and creating a safe place for people to process and assess the situation…
  11. 11. people will be in a much stronger position to make informed decisions about how to participate.
  12. 12. To Make Your Strategy Work… Acknowledge the Changes Engage Everyone in Strategy Execution
  13. 13. 4 Actions to Build a Bridge from Strategy to Results
  14. 14. 1. Ensure the Strategic Direction is Understood
  15. 15. Strategy Requires Collaboration Determine how the strategy impacts the business, customers, and employees. Build awareness and understanding of the changes. Facilitate discussions to surface perspectives and develop agreement and alignment about what will happen, why it’s important, and how you will collectively implement the solution.
  16. 16. 2. Build Acceptance Throughout the Organization
  17. 17. Help Others Overcome Resistance Communicate and translate messages to address concerns to handle the natural resistance to change. Facilitate discussions and get people talking. Be transparent and set expectations to help people understand the benefits to people and the business. Get people started with small actionable tasks they can handle. Don’t take the resistance personally. Instead, give people a forum to understand the changes and the opportunities ahead.
  18. 18. 3. Prepare Leaders to Lead the Change
  19. 19. Prepare Leaders to Communicate & Support the Strategy Don’t assume a head nod means leaders are bought in and prepared to communicate. Prepare all leaders to cascade messages and overcome objections. It’s not enough to communicate the changes from the top and expect leaders will figure out how to lead the change.
  20. 20. 4.Give Leaders the Tools to Lead the Change
  21. 21. Critical Questions Are people clear on what to do? Are people ready and capable to execute the plan? Do people have a clear path to execute the work? What will motivate and keep people moving ahead? Use these four questions to check the organizational change readiness to perform in the new way.
  22. 22. Choose to Lead Change Don’t go it alone. Make sure everyone understands the direction. Get people engaged to build acceptance and accountable. Give people the information and tools. Provide ample positive feedback as people try new approaches.
  23. 23. Looking for more ideas…. Download the Leader Change Toolkit Now…
  24. 24. Inside the Toolkit You’ll Find… • Ways to Get Prepared to Lead Change • Create a Roadmap to Navigate Business Changes • Use the Five Change Leader Behaviors to Lead Your Next Strategic Initiative
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