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Hilary's April 2012 Newsletter - Patterns


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Hilary's Newsletter, how patterns are everywhere in our lives.

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Hilary's April 2012 Newsletter - Patterns

  1. 1. Welcome to my newsletter for April 2012.In this issue: • Patterns in life • Something new and exciting for 2012 Patterns in life. I love patterns. They are everywhere, from Mathematics to Music, to the patterns in a flower. Here is a range of examples that show how we experience patterns from childs play to career choice. (This is an excerpt from a blog by The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics that I thought interesting.) The toddler separates red blocks from blue blocks. The separation is a pattern: the reds go here, the blues go there. The kindergartner learns to count: the numbers are a pattern. A first grader makes a pattern with stamps or stickers: tree, turtle, tree, turtle. The fourth grader notices that multiples of five end in five or zero— another pattern.
  2. 2. Sixth graders make tessellations: patterns that cover a plane. High school students learn that mathematics from algebra to calculus is all about function, which is the pattern of how one number changes into another. The college chemistry major studies how symmetry in a molecule—a pattern in space—affects its infrared spectrum. The stock trader looks for trends—patterns—in the stock market. Designers of all kinds create beautiful and functional patterns, ranging from the pattern in fabric to the way rooms are arranged in a house to the order of images in a TV commercial. And the physician does her best to decide who is well and who is ill, and recognize the patterns of health.I see patterns everywhere, do you? Ilove to create patterns using myphotographic images. But the patternsthat are of most interest to me arebehavior patterns. We all have them.Some of them are useful and some ofthem are not. Sometimes we continue to use behavior patterns that stop usfrom having the fulfilling and happy life that we want. We continue to goaround and around the same circle without even being aware that is what weare doing; and then wonder why we are not getting the results that we want.This is when we have to stop ourselves and think about the issue. A goodquestion to ask your self is: “What am I doing that is not working?” Anothergood question to ask your self is: “What is it that I am afraid of?” The good news is that we can change our behavior patterns and try another tack. However, before
  3. 3. we can change, we need to identify the behavior. Having done that, all youhave to do is invent a different way of doing or being. And, if plan A does notgive the desired result, create plan B and give that a go. When you think ofit like that, it becomes easy. Try it and see what happens. You might besurprised at the result.Something new and exciting for 2012. During the last couple of months, I have been working with my friend Fran West, to create the “Flourishing Relationships Retreat” for couples. The Retreat is aimed at allcouples who wish to grow and enhance their relationship; reconnect witheach other and resolve issues that may be causing some disharmony withintheir relationship. The Retreat will begin on the day of arrival with a shortintroduction session and then continue for two full days. The venue is atFran’s four star Bed & Breakfast facility at “The Gums Bed and Breakfast”Coromandel Valley, here in South Australia. We have been able to engage thehelp of Chef Jonathan of The Artisan Café in Blackwood, who will prepareour lunches and afternoon teas. So our couples will be able to enjoy top classfood. We will be catering for one couple at a time, creating a completelyprivate and intimate environment. Bookings can be made at a time that ismutually convenient for both parties, ether during the week or at a weekend.I believe that we have created something quite unique, and a first for SouthAustralia. We are now ready to take bookings and both Fran and I areexcited and passionate about offering this service. If you know of anyonewho would be interested and like more information, please forward this
  4. 4. newsletter. They can contact us at: andwe will send them our Information Pack. Thank you for reading my newsletter, I hope you enjoyed it. Until next time, Best Wishes, Hilary. Just for fun, here is a jigsaw for you: Kaleidoroses