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Metal fit

  1. 1. Ductile and Gray Iron Foundry “Commited to Continuous Customer Satisfaction”
  2. 2. Our Company: Metalfit was established in Monterrey, Mexico in 1990 as a manufacturer of flanged pipe fittings for distribution to both the U.S. and Canadian markets. Much of the original tooling was purchased from Kuhn's, Inc. in Dayton, OH. Initially the company relied on outside foundries to supply its casting requirements. It soon became apparent however that in order to offer the high level of service Metalfit wanted to achieve we would need our own foundry. Since the principals of Metalfit all had strong foundry backgrounds it only made sense to vertically integrate into the foundry business. In 1995 we purchased a small cupola gray iron foundry in a suburb of Monterrey which is Pesqueria. The site is now approximately 9.2 Acres and has been under constant growth and development since our acquisition. We produced our first induction melt ductile iron in April of 1996. In January of 2000 Griffin Pipe Products acquired Metalfit and subsequently invested an addition $3MM in P&E over the next three years. After 3 years and several top management changes Griffin decided to discontinue it's participation in the fittings market with the exception of their large diameter proprietary fittings which Metalfit still produces today. The original owners of the company were offered the opportunity to buy the business back as Griffin realized its potential strategic value to a competitor. The company currently has approximately has 160,000 square feet under roof and 195 employees.
  3. 3. Markets & Products Waterworks Residential & Commercial Water
  4. 4. Markets & Products Industrial Agricultural
  5. 5. Products (Alloys & Sizes) - Gray Iron ASTM A48 – Class 20, 30 and 40 - Gray Iron ASTM A126 – Class A, B, C - Ductile Iron ASTM A536 – Grades 65-45-12, 70-50-05, 80-55-06 - Capability of Pouring: Min. 5 lbs Max. 2.5 Tons
  6. 6. Customers
  7. 7. Location: Property: 9.2 Acres Under Roof: 160,000 Sq. Feet Address: Carretera a Pesquería Km. 3, Pesquería N. L. México
  8. 8. Production Capabilities: -Tooling Production -Tooling Storage -Induction Melting -Green Sand Molding -No-Bake Molding -Floor Molding -Coremaking -Cleaning and Grinding -Machining (Conventional Equipment) -CNC Machining -Hydrostatic Testing -Painting and Lining
  9. 9. Tooling Production: Complete patternshop for the production of traditional manual pattern making, as well as with state of the art computer assisted design and tooling manufacture with CNC equipment. Materials for tooling available in wood, resin, and aluminum
  10. 10. Tooling Storage: In our 37,000 square feet tooling warehouse we store around 3,000 different patterns and core boxes
  11. 11. Induction Melting: Inductotherm Furnace Dual Track 1,250 KW Inductotherm Furnace Power Track 1,250 KW Combined Melting Capacity: 4.2 Tons/hr.
  12. 12. Green Sand Molding: - Semiautomated molding line flask size 30” x 30” – 12”/12” for castings from 5 to 150 pounds. - Semiautomated molding line flask size 42”x44” – 16”/16” for castings from 150 to 300 pounds.
  13. 13. No Bake Molding: Semiautomated flaskless molding line. Molds up to 64”x64” – 24”/24” for castings from 300 to 1,000 pounds
  14. 14. Floor Molding: Floor Molding Flasks up to a maximum of 110”x110” – 45”/45” for castings from 1,000 to 5,000 pounds
  15. 15. Coremaking: Shell and No-Bake Coremaking
  16. 16. Cleaning and grinding: 1 Wheelabrator Turntable Blast Machine 2 Pangborn Tumbleblast Machines
  17. 17. Machining (Conventional Equipment) 13 Conventional Machine Tools: 1 Horizontal Boring Mill 1 Horizontal Lathe 3 Vertical Lathes 2 Boreface Machines, 4 Multiple Spindle Drills 2 Radial Arm Drills
  18. 18. CNC Machining: 7 CNC Machines: 1 Horizontal Lathe 2 Vertical Turret Lathes 2 Vertical Machining Centers 2 Horizontal Machining Centers
  19. 19. Hydrostatic testing: Hydrostatic testing for parts that service under pressure.
  20. 20. Painting and Lining: Coatings and linings applied by brushing, spraying or dipping.
  21. 21. Quality Control: Our Quality Control System provides the framework to ensure quality throughout our process. Our laboratory is fully equipped for: - Sand testing - Chemical analysis (Spectrometer and Leco) - Mechanical testing (Universal Machine, Brinnell hardness) - Metalographic Analysis - Ultrasonic Testing - Dimensional Lay-out and Inspection We will be certified ISO-9001:2008 by the end of 2011.
  22. 22. Quality Control: We offer 100% traceability of our products
  23. 23. Storage of Finished Product: Inventory of finished product to provide the best possible service to our customers