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Blogher Food 2013
How and Where to Distribute your Video

Published in: Technology, Design
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Salon f how-distribute-video_sat_230-400-edited

  2. 2. How and Whereto Distribute YourVideoHILAH HELEN BILLIS –
  3. 3. • Why do you want to make videos?Fun; profit; building relationships; buildingaudience; increasing site traffic; branding• What purpose will the videos serve you?What about your audience?• Making money from your videos vs Makingmoney because of your videosPurpose
  4. 4. • Several video hosting options for your site:YouTube, BlipTV, Vimeo, self-hosted vs directupload to Google + or FaceBook• Google + Hangouts for live events/classes• When should you upload to multipleplatforms? When should you choose only oneplatform?Platforms
  5. 5. • Live events vs. Web series• Advertisements: On or Off?• Video SEO (Search Engine Optimization)• Social Media Platforms: Facebook, Twitter,Google +, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube,Vimeo, VinePromotion
  6. 6. Basic SEO for YouTube:Create and upload a custom thumbnail that shows an accurate representation of what the video is about.YouTube automatically grabs 3 options, but they are usually bad.© Hilah Cooking, LLC
  7. 7. Basic SEO for YouTube:•Get your keyword or keyword phrase in the title•Make sure keyword also appears in the first sentence or two of your description•Tag your video, putting your keyword and more specific tags first and more general keywords later•Choose an appropriate category (cooking will usually go under HowTo)© Hilah Cooking, LLC
  8. 8. Advertisements on YouTube:•Info and Settings --> Claiming Options•You must click "Claim this Video"Then "Monetize in all Countries"•Choose Overlay ads; TrueView (skippable pre-roll); and/or Standard (non-skippable pre-roll) ads© Hilah Cooking, LLC