Monster legends breeding guide


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A brief guide on breeding the different monsters for Monster Legends.

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Monster legends breeding guide

  1. 1. Breeding Guide Monster Legends Here is a brief breeding guide for Monster Legends. In case you haven't played it, it is a breeding game that is very similar to Dragon City. Breeding can be tough if you want to get the best monsters in the game. They are the legendary and epic monsters. These are usually better monster to use in combat. Below is a brief guide to help you get them. Fire Combinations Firesaur + Treezard = Greenasaur or Pandaken Gorilla = Firekongor Freetle Thunder Eagle = Gigram or Thundernix Mersnake = Sealion or Vapwhirl Tyranno King = Flickie or Firetaur Genie = Pyrook or Djinn Nature Combinations Treezard + Firesaur = Greenasaur or Pandaken Gorilla = Rarawr or Tarzape Mersnake = Sheluke or Bumblesnout Tyranno King = Utochomp or Dendrosaur Genie = Bloomskips or Pandalf Light Spirit = Vixsun or Rudicius Earth Combinations Gorilla + Firesaur = Firekong or Freetle Treezard = Rarawr or Tarzape Thunder Eagle = Electrex or Bonbon Mersnake = Gastosquish or Musu Tyranno King = Obsidia or Beefcake Light Spirit = Light Sphinx or Goldcore Electric Combinations Thunder Eagle + Firesaur = Gigram or Thundernix Gorilla = Electrex or Bonbon Mersnake = Shock Turtle or Koopigg Tyranno King = Terror Dactyl or Shanky Genie = Raydex or Sparkwedge Light Spirit = Pelitwirl or Pulseprism Water Combinations
  2. 2. Mersnake + Firesaur = Sealion or Vapwhirl Treezard = Sheluke or Bumblesnout Gorilla = Gastosquish or Musu Electric = Shock Turtle or Koopigg Genie = Dolphchamp or Octocrush Light Spirit = Blesstle or Raane Dark Combinations Tyranno King + Firesaur = Flickie or Firetaur Treezard = Utochomp or Dendrosaur Gorilla = Obsidia or Beefcake Thunder Eagle = Terror Dactyl or Shanky Genie = Giragast or Haze Light Spirit = Succuba or Fayemelina Magic Combinations Genie + Firesaur = Pyrook or Djinn Treezard = Bloomskips or Pandalf Thunder Eagle = Raydex or Sparkwedge Mersnake = Dolphchamp or Octocrush Tyranno King = Giragast or Haze Light Spirit = Flawless or Zim Light Combinations Light Spirit + Treezard = Vixsun or Rudicius Gorilla = Light Sphinx or Goldcore Thunder Eagle = Pelitwirl or Pulseprism Mersnake = Blesstle or Raane(Rare) Tyranno King = Succuba or Fayemelina Genie = Flawless or Zim As of right now, the only combinations I know of for epic monsters are the following: Pandaken + Bonbon = Rhynex or Rabidex The only Legendary monster I know how to breed is Arch Knight. Scorchpeg + Skipples = Arch Knight Razfeesh + Duchess = Lord of Atlantis If you know any more good combinations for the epic and legendary monster, be sure to let me know at the comment section below! There you have it! Good luck!
  3. 3. For more info, check out pictures/