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Trailer survey

  1. 1. Film Trailer: Survey Results By Hollie-Jade Higgins and Kurt Plumb
  2. 2. Q1: Are you male or female? The good thing about having exactly 10 respondents from each gender is that the overall survey will be less bias.
  3. 3. Q2: How old are you? The age range of respondents for this survey are all around our target audience. The average age of the respondents is 17.9.
  4. 4. Q3: Do you think that the film trailer has been completed to a professional standard? This shows Kurt and I that the conventions and codes that we followed have worked and our film trailer has been completed to a proffesional standard.
  5. 5. Q4: What gender do you think Blood Circle is aimed at? The majority of our respondents said that Blood Circle was aimed at both genders which is what Kurt and I aimed for. This means that we have found the balance that’s needed to attract both genders.
  6. 6. Q5: What genre do you think Blood Circle belong in? Although not 100% of respondents said that Blood Circle looked like a horror movie, it can be hard to distinguish between the horror and thriller genres as they can often overlap. All in all this is a good result.
  7. 7. Q6: Did the sound used add to the overall effect of the trailer? The various sounds that Kurt and I have used in the trailer both diagetic and non-diagetic where clearly effective. I believe that sound is very important as it helps to establish a pace to the text.
  8. 8. Q7: Was the child's singing and sound effects successful in creating an eerie feeling? 100% of our respondents think that the extra sounds and the child's singing added an eerie effect. When talking to our focus group we found that a lot of people found that the child being a killer was very scary as it’s unnatural.
  9. 9. Q8: Would you say that Blood Circle fits into the conventions of a British film? 100% of respondents think that Blood Circle looks like a British Film, this is probably due to a number of factors including the mix in ethnicity, accents and the un-Hollywood style non-glossy look.
  10. 10. Q9: Where there enough cuts and edits to keep you interested? After looking at professional teaser trailers, Kurt and I looked at the number of different cuts and edits that where used and tried to mimic this in our trailer; from our response to this question it appears that we where successful.
  11. 11. Q10: Do you think that the scene with the green tint and the scene with the high contrast where effective? The majority of respondents agreed that the scenes in question where effective, this shows Kurt and I that the use of varied methods made our film trailer more relevant and interesting to our target audience.
  12. 12. Q12: Do you think the ‘slasher’ style font used was effective? 100% of respondents agree that the slasher style font was effective. After questioning our focus group we found that the font suggests a dark and intimidating feel to the film.
  13. 13. Q13: Did you like the use of the dripping sound? The majority of respondents liked the dripping sound. After questioning a number of people we found that the ambiguity of what the noise was intrigued some viewers.
  14. 14. Q14: Did the film trailer leave you in fear? When looking at the results for this question, it is worth baring in mind that half of the people taking this survey are males; naturally they do not like admitting to being scared.
  15. 15. Summary of Survey Results All in all I am very happy with the overall outcome of our teaser trailer for Blood Circle. The survey results show Kurt and I that all of the methods we used to make our trailer interesting and captivating to our audience paid of. After talking to members of our focus group we received great feed back, with a number of people saying they wished they could see the film in the cinema. All in all a very successful project.