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Poster Survey

  1. 1. Blood Circle Poster; Survey Analysis By Hollie-Jade Higgins
  2. 2. In order to see if our poster reached the desired affect, I created a survey using ‘Survey Monkey.’ This survey was answered by 22 people in total which is quite a large focus group. The information gained from this group can be used to generalise the overall success of the poster.
  3. 3. Questions and Analysis: Q1: Are you Male or Female? The results from this question show that around 51% of respondents where female and around 49% where male, this is good because the responses to the questions are not gender specific.
  4. 4. Q2: How old are you? By looking at the age of the respondents we are able to see if the people we asked fit into our target audience. The average age of respondents we received is 18.6 which fits into our target market.
  5. 5. Q3: What film genre does “Blood Circle” suggest? By offering a variety of answer choices including 2 similar- Horror/ Sci-Fi we where able to see if our poster fitted the codes and conventions of the horror genre. Fortunately, our results show that our poster does fit with the horror genre.
  6. 6. Q4: What gender does the poster appeal to? The majority of respondents agreed with Kurt and I that Blood Circle would be suitable for both genders. This is good as it allows for a wider audience.
  7. 7. Q5: What attracts your attention to the poster? The fact that this question received varied responses is positive as it shows that it is not only 1 part of the poster that is good.
  8. 8. Q6: Does the film remind you of any professional films? The fact that Blood Circle has been compared to other professional films within the same genre proves to us that we have followed the codes and conventions that are commonly associated with the genre. The percentage of people who said “none” shows us that we have still managed to capture a uniqueness in our poster.
  9. 9. Q7: Does “Blood Circle” look like a British film? The majority of people surveyed agree that Blood Circle looks like a British film.
  10. 10. Q8: Would you go to see Blood Circle at the cinema? The majority of people said that they would go to see Blood Circle in the cinema, however, it is worth remembering that the majority of British films go straight to DVD.
  11. 11. Q9: Does the poster have a professional look? Although the majority of respondents said that the poster had a professional look, Kurt and I felt that we needed to make further improvements to the poster to increase the professional look.