Character Profiles by Hollie-Jade Higgins


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Character Profiles by Hollie-Jade Higgins

  1. 1. Character Profiles...
  2. 2. <ul><li>Four friends find themselves caught in a chain of terrifying events, after participating in a Ouija Board. It is only a matter of time before they fall victim to the evil forces that surround them. The barrier of the spirit world and the physical world collide and the climax is explosive. </li></ul>Film Synopsis
  3. 3. Name: Blair Fox Age: 18 Height: 5ft 5 Body Type: Slim Face Type: Heart Eyes: Green/ Blue Hair: Dark Brown shoulder length Fashion Style: Stylish and Chic Speaking Style: Southern- West London accent General Demeanour: Very Opinionated and extreme, she likes to be in control of situations and is very protective over her friends. Blair doesn’t always take other peoples feelings into account and can be very mischievous.
  4. 4. Name: Angel Yates Age: 19 Height: 5ft 10 Body Type: Tall and Slim Face Type: Rectangle Eyes: Brown Hair: died dark brown/ black with extensions Fashion Style: Stylish and smart Speaking Style: Southern General Demeanour: Angel has a bubbly personality and is very outgoing, she is easily influenced by Blair which can sometimes land her in sticky situations.
  5. 5. Name: Courtney Anderson Age: 18 Height: 5ft 4 Body Type: pear Face Type: oval Eyes: Brown Hair: Dark Mid Length bob Fashion Style: Casual Speaking Style: Southern General Demeanour: Courtney is quiet and can be sensitive. She is a very loyal friend and hates people who are two-faced.
  6. 6. Name: Gem Dawson Age: 18 Height: 5ft 7 Body Type: Pear Face Type: Square Eyes: Blue Hair: Shoulder Length died brown Fashion Style: Casual Speaking Style: Southern General Demeanour: Gem is caring and good natured and goes out of her way to help other, she also strongly disagrees with animal testing and is very intelligent.
  7. 7. Name: Aerial Age: 7 Height: 4ft 1 Body Type: slim Eyes: Green Hair: Long mouse brown General Demeanour: Aerial is a demonic child who is trapped inside a Ouija board. Once released she kills.