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TNU IAC operation report by July 2014


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This is a brief report of Thai Nguyen University Information Access Center from Nov 2012 up to July 2014 on the occasion of the visit of NIA Vice President

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TNU IAC operation report by July 2014

  1. 1. TNU IAC’S ACTIVITY REPORT for the period Nov 2011 – Jun 2014 Thai Nguyen, July 2014
  2. 2. 1. Brief Introduction of TNU and TNU LRC 2. What have been done at TNU LRC? 3. Current situation 4. Proposals for future cooperation
  3. 3. TNU is located at the CAPITAL of THE Thai Nguyen University NMA of Vietnam ~ 14 million people living in 15 province: mountainous, rural, poorest
  4. 4. TNU = The central hub for training, scientific research and technology transferring in the NMA of Vietnam  Total students: ~ 90 000 coming from 15 northern provinces (30% are ethnic minority)  4000 lecturers & researchers First direct beneficiaries from TNU IAC
  5. 5.  A member of TNU  A modern library & information center established through a $10 million project financed by Atlantic Philanthropies  Missions:To support educational and training institutes for better developing human resources, improving scientific research and promote technology transferring Main activities/Interest • Library and Information service/resources • Training in ICT • E – learning, E –library, E-government
  6. 6. The launching of 2nd Vietnam-Korea Information Access Center at TNU LRC on November 21, 2012.
  7. 7. What have been done? • Training course for TNU students, local government officers: Fundamentals of IT ( Computer usage and public internet access, Microsoft Office application) information literacy • Free internet access for TNU community • Space and facilities for study, group discussion/presentation • TNU IAC has been recognized as a well-known representation for a good friendship between Korean and Vietnamese
  8. 8. ADVANTAGES • HR: – Good leadership – Key staff: young, dynamic, hard-work • Modern facilities • A larger numbers of users, business partners CHALLENGES • Gorvemental budget has been reduced sharply • Operating cost has been increasing steadily • Limited cooperation activities between TNU and NIA Current situation
  9. 9. Proposal for future cooperation • New development projects in the areas of • E-learning • E-government • Promoting application of ICT • Students, staff exchange: 2 ways V  K • More activities in the area of education/culture exchange to enhance mutual understanding between K and V: Korean film/music/art festival at TNU
  10. 10. Let TNU & NIA create another successful project to enhance the mutual understanding & friendship between Vietnamese and Korean people! Thank you very much for your consideration!