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  1. 1. Page 1 of 9According to the Columns article on the Undocumented Migration Project (UMP), researchers were able to estimate the number of people moving through the camps more than once determine the health of most of the migrants before they arrived at the border none of these answers is correct determine which towns the migrants were travelling to assess the age and gender of the migrants who passed through the studied campsAccording to lecture, which of the following is NOT true of Fresh Kills, New York? it was once occupied by a large Native American fishing village at one time it was the highest geographic point on the U.S. eastern seaboard it has been studied by archaeologists from the University of Arizona it is being developed into a park it is roughly 25 times the volume of the Great Pyramid at GizaAccording to lecture, the 1906 Antiquites Act was created partly to protect Chaco Canyon from pot hunters protect U.S. Civil War battlegrounds from being looted protect Devils Tower in Wyoming protect and repatriate Native American human remainsAll of the following is true of looters EXCEPT they sometimes use websites such as eBay to sell artifacts they are primarily interested in studying artifacts they dig up more sites than do archaeologists they do not abide laws protecting archaeological resources they make money from the sale of artifactsAccording to lecture, the difference between bad and good biblical archaeology is that bad biblical archaeology seeks to test ideas about the past which are presented in the biblical account provides ideological support for the idea of Lebensraum disregards evidence which challenges the truth of biblical accounts is a very well-known form of historical archaeology focuses mainly on the times and places mentioned in the bibleIn Exorcist: The Beginning, Merrin is possessed by the demon Pazuzu believes in the cultural superiority of white Christians is an archaeologist who once worked for the Nazis is a former priest who had a crisis of faith and then became an archaeologist
  2. 2. is a devout Catholic who wishes to spread the word of GodAs discussed in lecture, which of the following is NOT an insight gained from garbology? far more Valentines Day candy gets wasted than Halloween candy green vegetables get wasted more than hot dogs people often misrepresent their alcohol consumption people with very repetitive diets tend to waste less than others people often waste more food in times of perceived shortageAccording to lecture, before the University of Washington existed, the land where campus is located was used as a large berry gathering patch a well-known Native hunting ground a Native American portage trail a large Native American village the site of Yeslers original lumber millThe Mummy of Ramses I was excavated by looters, smuggled out of Egypt, then never recovered by archaeologists excavated by archaeologists, stolen by looters, then stolen back by archaeologists excavated by looters, stored at Niagara Falls, then discovered by archaeologists excavated by archaeologists, taken to Cairo, then looted from the Cairo Museum excavated by looters, sold to the British Museum, then studied by archaeologistsAccording to lecture, Franz Boas, who is sometimes called the "Father of American Anthropology," was devoted primarily to the study of archaeology was devoted primarily to the study of forensic anthropology was instrumental in helping to pass the Antiquities Act of 1906 was an avowed proponent of unilinear cultural evolution made money robbing graves in the Pacific Northwest
  3. 3. According to the Thomas and Kelly reading, historical archaeology is defined as the study of human behavior through material remains, for which written history in some way affects its interpretation the study of human behavior through material remains in any time period with written (historical) records the archaeological study of African American enslaved peoples, Chinese in Deadwood, or other "people without history" a "handmaiden to history"Information gained through the archaeological study of modern garbage provides insight into the lives and activities of contemporary people in ways that have little practical application the lives and activities of contemporary people in ways that have numerous practical applications landfill management problems, but not modern human consumption patterns all modern behaviors, although it is not as reliable as survey information both the homeless and undocumented migrants, but not the middle and upper classesWhich of the following was NOT presented in lecture as information that archaeologists can learn from humanremains? a persons general migration pattern a persons overall diet a persons social status a persons approximate level of intelligence a persons biological profile (approxmiate age at death, sex, skeletal injuries, etc.)Which of the following real sites and artifacts are claimed by some to be directly related to the death of Jesus Christ? the Shroud of Turin only Tel Beth-Shean only Talpiot Tomb and the Shroud of Turin the Talpiot Tomb only the Grand Ziggurat at Ur only Shroud of Turin and Tel Beth-SheanAs discussed in lecture, the decline of the southern Moche monumental centers coincides with a peak in flood activity due to El Nino rains a surge in the number of mummified sacrifices at important Apu sites a move from defensible hilltop villages to residence in unfortified flat, open grasslands invasion by the Huari state in the central highlands dustbowl-like conditions at the political capitol of Huaca del SolThe study of bone isotopes from human remains at Chavin de Huantar shows that maize (corn) was a very small portion of the local diet most of the people who died at Chavin were born nearby most of the people who died at Chavin were not born nearby the local diet was mostly made up of maize (corn) Chavin was invaded by a group of military elite at around 400 BC
  4. 4. In Exorcist: The Beginning, Nazis are also looking for the statue of Pazuzu are possessed by the demon Pazuzu tortured the doctor in a concentration camp are not part of the film in any way are hunting for Lancaster MerrinWhich of the following has made it more difficult for archaeologists to prevent looting? Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act the growth of decentralized, accessible online markets such as eBay a decline in the global market for artifacts the growing number of archaeologists in the private sector The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation ActIn an archaeological context, CRM refers to cultural resource management context-responsive methods customer relationship management cause-related modeling composite risk managementWhich of the following archaeological sites or museums was NOT looted? The tomb of Ramses I The National Museum of Iraq Chavin de Huantar Huaca del Sol The tomb of the Lord of SipanIn the article on the UMP, Jason de Leon illegally crossed the U.S.-Mexico border to engage in "participant observation" firmly concluded that undocumented migrants are polluting the Arizona landscape has a dog named Willie Nelson is an undocumented migrant worker interviewed by the archaeologist mapped sites and recorded artifacts left behind during undocumented border crossingsIn the BBC clip on Turbo Island, archaeologists discover thousands of years of accumulated debris human remains from a house destroyed in the Blitz a prehistoric site on an island which had been presumed to have been uninhabited a billboard advertising new episodes of Top Gear an Edwardian period coin
  5. 5. According to Thomas and Kelly, archaeological work at the site of the Battle of the Little Big Horn indicates women and children were ignored by all soldiers during the battle "Custers Last Stand" has generally been accurately portrayed in popular media Custers forces maintained orderly defensive skirmish lines throughout the conflict Custers forces were overwhelmed and driven into disarray by their attackers discharged munitions could not be used to trace the movements of individual soldiers across the battlefieldSome archaeologists think Shanidar Cave contains evidence of Neandertal burial rituals involving the placement of flowers on graves Neandertals interbreeding with Homo sapiens Neandertal social stratification Neanderballs, the UW Anthro graduate student intramural flag football team Neandertal manufacture of bone spearpointsIn the fictional film The Body, each of the following is given as archaeological evidence supporting theidentification of the body as that of Jesus Christ EXCEPT skeletal evidence of trauma consistent with crucifiction cranial striations consistent with wearing a crown of thorns a coin from the period of Pontius Pilate association with the ossuaries of Joseph and Mary a ceramic vessel dated to the time of ChristAccording to the Zimmerman et al reading, homeless people in Indianapolis stayed close to the resources they used tended to stay away from the downtown area during the day did not appear to care about their own personal propery appreciated the literature provided by religious organizations were able to use most of the hygiene products they were givenThe main archaeologist character in The Body is a Nazi commits suicide is Jewish is Palestinian is CatholicIn Exorcist: The Beginning, the first archaeologist to excavate at the ancient church is NOT revealed to be working for the British the first to have entered the ancient church crazy and suicidal cured by the end of the movie married to the doctor
  6. 6. Which of the following statements is true of the REAL Imhotep? he was an architect who was later revered as a god he was a cursed mummy found in the 1920s he was a mummy that Boris Karloff imported from Egypt to Niagara Falls, Canada he was the head of a mysterious secret cult plotting to overthrow Pharaoh there is no real Imhotep; it was a name invented in 1932 by Warner Bros. for the original release of The MummyOf the real archaeologists weve discussed in lecture, WALL-Es interests are most similar to those of David Hurst Thomas Howard Carter William Rathje Thomas Jefferson Simcha JacoboviciThe earliest historical documents come from Mesopotamia and Egypt, about 4,600 years ago Greece, about 2,900 years ago Peru, about 4,600 years ago Mesopotamia and Egypt, about 10,000 years agoWhich of the following was NOT presented in class as an example of a social or legal conflict involvingarchaeologists? the Springfield Monorail the Babri Mosque the Burrup rock art Tse-whit-zen Kennewick ManThe National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) of 1966 created which of the following? The Springfield Isotopes The National Parks Service (NPS) The National Register of Historic Places (NHPA) The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) The Works Progress Administration (WPA)Which of the following is NOT typical of CRM? CRM archaeologists are not professionally trained land developers often pressure CRM archaeologists to work as quickly as possible CRM archaeologists are sometimes involved in conflicts between government agencies, land developers, and native groups CRM archaeologists are employed by private companies contracts for CRM archaeology go to the lowest bidder
  7. 7. According to lecture, ancient mummies or bog bodies can be found in all the following places EXCEPT Denmark and Australia Denmark and Peru Denmark Egypt Peru AustraliaEVE checked to see if WALL-E was himself again by testing his reaction to his collection of artifacts testing his reaction to his pet cockroach telling him a joke to see if he would laugh showing him his own reflection testing to see if he remembered the secret handshakeIn the documentary film "Digging for Slaves," archaeology was performed to learn more about a slave-trading fort on the island of Barbados none of these answers is correct the living conditions of Hebrew slaves during the reign of Ramses II the living conditions of enslaved people who once lived on a rice plantation in South Carolina the living conditions of former slaves who lived in New York CityIn Exorcist: The Beginning, who got possessed? the doctor the little girl the archaeologist the little boy the priestThe FAFG is a group of Guatemalans who practice forensic archaeology, also known as disaster archaeology know a good mummy movie when they see one protect archaeological sites and prosecute looters work towards the repatriation of human remains housed in museums like the Smithsonian practice garbology in landfillsAs discussed in lecture, monumental centers of the southern Classic Maya were probably abandoned because of widespread endemic warfare, followed by a peasant revolt several centuries of structural fatigue which rendered their structures unsafe a massive drought which dried up the southern lowlands a combination of drought, political instability, and human-induced environmental degradation invasion by powerful nothern armies from Chichen Itza
  8. 8. The site of West Heslerton, Yorkshire, England was discussed in lecture as an example of none of these answers is correct both the "grave goods" and "isotopes" answers are correct the use of grave goods to examine a persons station in life the use of isotopes in bone and teeth to examine whether a person was born locallyAccording to the interview with Australian archaeologist Ken Mulvaney, Burrup rock art is significant because it records the images of extinct animals provides context for important economic activity depicts early use of fire in Australia is totally pretty, and stuff is at least 40,000 years oldThe investigation of Hamunaptra carried out by the characters in the fictional film The Mummy (1999) is probablybest described as an example of serious archaeological research looters searching a tomb for the objects they value how archaeologists really investigated Imhoteps tomb the recording of provenience and context information the use of the principle of superposition