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New Catalogue from Steinert Technology Group

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Steinert Construction

  1. 1. Innovative Competitive BondingProduct guide construction
  2. 2. Background With 20 years experience in application anddistribution of technical industrial consumables and10 years local market experience the Steinert Technol-ogy Group established a strong technical sales, serviceand distribution network in SEA. Today, more than 1.000 buying customers in the wood-working, food & beverage, textile and constructionindustry are proof that Steinert Technology is committedtoprovide regional availability of high quality productswith a superior technical service. Our sales organisations in Thailand,Vietnam andIndonesia are supported from agentsand distributors in allSouth-East Asia countries. Steinert Co.,Ltd , Technology Group Ho Chi Minh City PT. ST-Group Indonesia Indonesia , JakartaCommitment to Qualityand Reliability Long term close corperation’s with leading German suppliers such as JOWAT, WEISS CHEMIE & TECHNIK,CPH-Group and OTTO-CHEMIE are the guarantor for Steinert Technology to offer innovative and costcompetitiveproduct. Beside existing standard high quality products Steinert Technology also develop together with the R&D ofit’s suppliers custom made solution or special for the SEA market adjusted formulations. Product reliability is achieved by offering products made in Europe following general European norms andStandards, a reliable supply is achieved through an extensive distribution network. The Steinert product portfolio for the construction industry, includes adhesives & sealants, foams, specialcleaners and decorative materials.2 | Innovative Competitive Bonding
  3. 3. IndexINDEXST-Bond Sealants 5 Silicones 6 Foams 7 Parquet 8 Natural stone silicone 9 Premium bathroom silicone 11 Premium Neutral silicone 12 Special Silicones 13 Cleaner 15 Special Cleaners 17 Products for PVC window 18 Products for Alu window 19 Construction adhesives 20JowatWater-based D3 / D4 adhesives 23PUR based adhesives 24Equipment 27 Steinert Technology | 3
  4. 4. Introduction of Steinert Technology SuppliersIntroduction ofSteinert TechnologySuppliers Together with the R&D departments of well established European adhesive and sealant manufacturers Steinert Technology developed a product range of special seal- ants, adhesives and foams dedicated for the construc- tion industry in South East Asia. All products are full- Hermann OTTO GmbH founded 130 years ago is a specialized producer of premium quality silicones and sealants. Steinert technology selected a product range for spe- cial and standard sealing application to achieve highest quality and long-lasting construction joints. Weiss Chemie & Technik GmbH established almost 200 years ago is the leading producer of special cleaners and adhesives for the window manufacturing industry. For bonding of various construction materials such as materials, steel and aluminum as well as wood Weiss offers a selection of PUR and Hybrid adhesives. Jowat AG, established almost 100 years ago is a lead- ing manufacturer of industrial adhesives for all kind of industries and applications. For the construction industry Jowat is offering a selec- tion of water-based adhesives for window, door and general wood bondings. The premium Jowapur adhesive range is for the produc- tion of Outdoor materials and for load-bearing glulams.4 | Innovative Competitive Bonding
  5. 5. ST Bond | SealantsST BondMS Polymer 600 - of wood, metal and plastic balconies units, sandwich panels and many other industrial applications where elastic joints are required concrete, wood, aluminium, most lacquered metals, polyester, glass, stone, ceramic etc.ST BondPUR 500 -pound ageing resistance and door connections. plastic, wood, aluminium, natural stone building, container and truck building. Steinert Technology |
  6. 6. STANDARDSiliconesColours : white, transparent, brown, black,ST-BondSilicone NO INTO Good adhesion to many subastrates e.g. glass, wood, ceramic, concrete, PVC etc.ST-BondSilicone AC application. manufacturing. and kitchen areas.6 | Innovative Competitive Bonding
  7. 7. PUR Foam 800 of wood, steel and plastic concrete, metal, aluminium and plastics applicator gunPUR Cleaner Cleaning of PUR residues when still wetPUR Foam Turbo made of wood, steel and plastic damaging gas ! few minutes Steinert Technology | 7
  8. 8. ST Bond | PaquetST BondPUR 900 timber (also tropical wood species such as Teak) onto concrete or stoneST-BondConstruction Primer non-porous materials such as tiles parquet or tile adhesives.8 | Innovative Competitive Bonding
  9. 9. Natural stone silicone OTTOSEAL® S 70 on natural stone non-corrosive stones, e. g. sandstone, quartzite, granite, gneiss, porphyr, etc. in interior and exterior areas on metal, e. g. stairs on a metal construction swimming pools, also underwater joints with natural stone (Testing for migratory staining of sealants on natural stone) ries, new york (Testing for migratory staning of sealants on natural stone) product” according to building material list (TOX PROOF) of the TUV Rheinland, germanyUgly “grease stains” on theedges caused by the wrongsealants which releaseplasticiser into the stoneA disadvantage of many traditional silicones is the proportion of oilyplasticisers which under heat or pressure can migrate into the outeredges of the stone, leaving ugly, undesirable stains. Steinert Technology | 9
  10. 10. Natural stone siliconeMigratory staining is a serious consequence of using sealants that arenot suitable for natural stone joints. Inappropriate smoothing andrinsing agents can also cause stains on natural stone during andafter application. After preparing the joint and grouting with S 70 the joint shouldalways be smoothed with undiluted OTTO marble silicone smooth-ing agent. This reduces the risk of smoothing agent stains to aminimum. Besides, the smoothing agent was tested at the Freseniusfurther advantage over washing up liquids that degrease the skin.Furthermore, by using OTTO marble silicone smoothing agent thecolour pigments and the lustre ofthe sealant surface are kept intact. steel” please be awarethat whenlayers of silicone are pushed on top of one another, e.g. inthe corners, dark, clearly visible dividing lines may show, whichcannot be eliminated by smoothing.10 | Innovative Competitive Bonding
  11. 11. Premium bathroom siliconeOTTOSEAL® S 100according to building material list (TOXPROOF) of theTÜV Rheinland, Germany Steinert Technology | 11
  12. 12. Premium Neutral siliconeOTTOSEAL® S 110 (not paintable) with primer metal and plastic concrete units and balconies tempered glass. Please contact our technical department for further information (ift Rosenheim, germany) sealants for window pane sealing of wooden windows) according to building material list (TOXPROOF) of the TÜV Rheinland, Germany12 | Innovative Competitive Bonding
  13. 13. OTTOSEAL® S 54such as glass, stainless steel, aluminium and some plasticstar, etc. Please contact our technical service departmentfor detailsOTTOSEAL® S 50ornaments, bonding of lattices, glass display construction,cabinets and shop windows construction Steinert Technology | 13
  14. 14. A221 OTTOSEAL® Parkett surface, e. g. when cleaning and other structural components to building material list (TOXPROOF) of the TÜV Rheinland, Germany adhesives and sealantsOTTOSEAL® S18 pool desinfection jointing on the pool edges14 | Innovative Competitive Bonding
  15. 15. X-PR1105OTTO Primer 1105 sealants on mineral materials (e. g. concrete, plaster, cellular con well as on untreated wood and scumbles, on metallic substrates (e. g. anodic oxidation) and some plastics (e. g. PVC) OTTOPUR OP 920 on heavily absorbent and silted up substratesSIENOTTOSEAL® SilOut porcelain, metal and plastics engineering and window construction as well as for sanitary areasBAB/AOTTO Window Tape exterior mounting regulationsSTEXOTTOSEAL® StainEx sealants have caused migratory staining around the edges of the joints Steinert Technology |
  16. 16. The premium set for intensive andgentle cleaning of plastics and aluminium16 | Innovative Competitive Bonding
  17. 17. Weiss | Special Cleaners COSMOFEN Cleaners with different concentrations/intensities for preparing bonding, removing marks and heavy stains non-dissolving for foiled decorative antistatic agent dissolving for white dissolving product for polishing and smoothing for white uPVC COSMOFEN 60 Special cleaner for powder-coated and anodised surfaces, quickly drying Removes fresh adhesive remaining from corner angle bonding, dust, remaining adhesive from the protection foils, wax pencil, rubber traces, fresh PUR foam and fresh remaining sealants as well as as tar and bitumen splashers COSMO Economy Dispenser For optimal and economic dosing of COSMOFEN and COSMOPLAST solvent-based cleaners Capacity 5l Safety container with ‘GS’ mark for tested safetyfor white uPVC surfaces and anodised aluminium Can Canister 2001 Steinert Technology | 17
  18. 18. Weiss | Products for PVC windowCOSMOPLAST1-part adhesives that cure within seconds forhandcraft and industrial applications in windowconstruction, particularly appropriate for bondingEPDM seals short setting times available with different viscosities Filler free, no whitening effectPackaging: 20g, 50g, 500g PE bottle, 5kg, 10kg PE canisterColour: transparentCOSMOFEN RMFor repairing cracks, wrong bore holes and other quick, easy, safe mini packaging for single use impact resistantPackaging: 19g mixing unitColour: whiteCOSMOFEN BF 780odourless and biodegradableCOSMOFEN PLUSand shutter bars good weather and uv resistance thixotropic (does not drop) quickly setting available with different viscositiesPackaging: 200g aluminium membrane tube, 180g aluminium tube with cannulaColour: white, opaque-transparent18 | Innovative Competitive Bonding
  19. 19. Weiss | Products for Alu windowCOSMOPUR 818 easy handling high bonding strength, resists aging and weather with test report of the ift institute in RosenheimPackaging: 310ml, 600ml tubular bagColour: white, on request also in grey and blackCOSMOFEN DUOFor constructive bonding of aluminium corner angles in anodised appropriate for the injection method controlled curing permits later powder-coating with test report of the ift RosenheimPackaging: 550g, 900g tandem cartridge + mixing tubeColour: beige, whiteCOSMOFEN AluProtektorSealing of mitre cuts and butt joints inaluminium window, doorand facade constructionCOSMOFEN Colour Pastesfor the dyeing of adhesives of the productgroups COSMOFEN, COSMOPUR and COSMOPLAST Steinert Technology | 19
  20. 20. Weiss | Construction adhesivesCOSMOHYBRID 4901-part STP adhesive for a variety of applications COSMOHYBRID 490achieves a high degree of adhesion on the subsequent materials: (coated, primed, galvanized or anodized) means of elastic joints 1-part moisture cross-linked STP-Polymer, solvent-free elastic low-viscosity - paste-like 290ml PE euro cartridge, 600ml aluminium / PE sausage, different packaging sizes are available on demand whiteCOSMOPURPUR glues for high strength bonding in handcraft and industry1-part PUR assembly adhesive, thixotropicPackaging: 470g (310ml) PE euro cartridge, 600ml tubular bagColour: beige,Packaging: 353g-(310ml) PE euro cartridgeColour: opaque-transparent20 | Innovative Competitive Bonding
  21. 21. Weiss | Construction adhesivesCOSMOPUR 890 / 805This adhesive is used for the bonding of PVC hard, pre-treated alu-types of insulating material to be used constructively, like Lolamat.steering wheel / wheelmark of the See-BG (Seamen’s AccidentPrevention and Insurance Association). steering wheel / wheel mark of the Dienststelle Schiffssicheheit, Hamburg cost-effective ratio of mixture of 100:15 (parts by weight) high heat resistance processing time 90 min high impact resistance good weather resistance impact sound dampening partition walls (e.g. construction of cabins)COSMOPUR 1811This 1-part surface adhesive with a tough-hard joint and a widecoat /core materials. It is particularly well suited for bonding PVChard, HPL, sheet steel, pre-treated aluminium (chromated, powder-of insulating material like mineral cotton, PS and PUR foam.COSMOPUR 1811 can be processed in paste rolls, bead castingplants, as well as manually by means of putty coating. Hamburg substrates Steinert Technology | 21
  22. 22. Weiss | Construction adhesivesCOSMOTECH Our materials are approved throughCOSMO®ENERGY In times of constantly fading energy resources and rising costs the subject of both construction and industry sector be- PVC PVC, HPL, Aluminium, comes more and more important. With our epoxy resin, FRP (GRP) different shades of white different shades of white of high-end panels with excellent thermal PVC-S and PVC-N with insulation properties as a tribute to rough texture or grooved PVC-S and PVC-N with sustainable energy saving efforts. surface rough texture or grooved surface PVC, HPL, Aluminium, Aluminium in different plywood alloys grooved surface anodised or powder according to design coated according to RAL overview surface22 | Innovative Competitive Bonding
  23. 23. Jowat | Water-based D3 / D4 adhesivesJowacoll® 103.30: EN204/205. durability class according DIN EN 204/205 requirements. Used for the assembly of windows, doors, staircases and for tongue and-groove bonds (parquet and partition walls (e.g. construction of cabins)Jowacoll®102.26 + 5%195.30 General-purpose 2 component D4 glue according DIN EN 204/205 wet environments, e.g. for out-doors, windows, sauna, stair cases Steinert Technology | 23
  24. 24. Jowat | PUR based adhesivesJowapur® 687.22 /687.40 moisture content. for outdoors use, wooden windows, garden furniture , pergolas, balcony, etc. -Jowapur® 686.60 / 686.20 general non load-bearing wood bonding for structural use24 | Innovative Competitive Bonding
  25. 25. Decorative materialsKlöckner Pentaplast Steinert Technology |
  26. 26. Decorative materialsRAPHA Stone - Description With our real RAPHA Stone exciting new design possibilities are available for architects and interior designers. Innovative lightweight core materials such as wood-composites or hon- eycomb panels are waiting for your imagination. Especially exciting is the natural combination of Stone and Wood.26 | Innovative Competitive Bonding
  27. 27. Equipment Equipment for the Construction / Building industry The compressed air pistol DLP 315 is used to sprinkle, to spray on 1-part adhesives from 310 ml PE-euro-cartridges – Only for professional use in specialised companies.Scraper Lage, Size approx 28 cm. Smoothing tool made of a special plastic for the pro-ScraperSmall, Size approx 25 cm. Steinert Technology | 27
  28. 28. www.steinerttechnology.comSteinert Co., Ltd. PT.ST-Group Indonesia123/6 Nonsee Rd. Chongnonsee, 272/19 Dinh Bo Linh Street, Ward 26 Jl. Agung Utara 1 Block A36D No.44Yannawa, 10120 Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City Sunter Agung, Jakarta 14350Bangkok Viet Nam IndonesiaTel : + 66 2 681 0370 Tel : + 84 8 3511 9800 Tel : + 62 21 6471 5085Fax: + 66 2 681 0372 Fax: + 84 8 3511 9813 Fax: + 62 21 6471 7095Email: Email: Email: Vietnam Laos Thailand Philipine Indonesia