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Social marketing for CMC


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This slide gives you an overview of social marketing and its benefits for expanding business opportunities in general and for CMC as well.

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Social marketing for CMC

  1. 1. Social Marketing for CMC
  2. 2. Social Marketing Overview
  3. 3. Social Marketing is a process that uses marketing principles and techniques, mainly utilizes social networking websites as a marketing tool to influence target audience behaviors that will benefit society as well as the individual. CMCSOFT Social Marketing
  4. 4. • An easy way to learn about your audience • Target audiences more effectively • Find new customers and expand your audience • Receive instant feedback from your customers’ perspective • Improve market intelligence and get ahead of your competitors with social media • Increase website traffic and search ranking as well as brand recognition • Share content easier and faster with social media • Create meaningful relationships with customers • A recruitment methodology CMCSOFT Benefits
  5. 5. CMCSOFT Key Players Twitter LinkedInFacebook Google+
  6. 6. LinkedIn is a professional network used by workers, companies, even students and teachers on purpose for seeking job, recruitment and relating issues. Through LinkedIn, you can accelerate your business effectiveness and career success by leveraging the network you already have CMCSOFT LinkedIn
  7. 7. CMCSOFT LinkedIn Statistics 400 million users 4 million company pages 2 million groups 200 countries 1/3 professionals on the planet 2 new members/second
  8. 8. Target Audience s Professionals Employers EmployeesJob Seekers Students CMCSOFT LinkedIn Target Audiences
  9. 9. LinkedIn Members LinkedIn Groups LinkedIn Company Pages CMCSOFT Main values of LinkedIn
  10. 10. • Opportunities to find jobs, people, business opportunities • Identifying the right people as a customer or prospects. • Discovering information about prospects more easily. • Improving individual reputation. • Improving or sharing skills and experiences, and other issues by joining industry-related groups. • Staying in touch with friends and colleagues. • Finding experts and ideas and resolving a unique business challenge by asking professionals and following fresh topics on the unique professional groups. CMCSOFT Values for LinkedIn Members
  11. 11. • Groups can help members to find jobs easier, because many recruiters look for candidates in these groups. • Groups are the places to connect other people in your field together, then members can looking for some answers for their problems based on the group’s members experience. • Member can send a direct message to others people that they want to connect in a group. • When you join a group, there will be many other members want to connect with you, that will be opportunities to get more connections in the virtual world. CMCSOFT Values for LinkedIn Groups
  12. 12. • Company’s pages help LinkedIn members learn your business, brand, industry expertise and your opportunities. • A LinkedIn company page provides you free marketing opportunities and enhance the credibility of your company to your customers. • Creating shareable content that benefits your audience • Introducing new products or services you have developed • Finding job candidates who can make a significant contribution to your business success. • Improving your ranking in search engines CMCSOFT Values for LinkedIn Company Pages
  13. 13. A marketing technique with low cost Large amount of potential customers Keeping in touch with customers and other users easily Enhancing the credibility and reliability with customers Increase the ranking on the search engine CMCSOFT Benefits for CMC
  14. 14. is a social networking service owned and operated by Google Inc since 2011. Google+ offers a unique way of connecting with your various contacts, allowing you to send group messages to particular social circles you designate, such as family, coworkers and friends. CMCSOFT Google+
  15. 15. CMCSOFT Google+ Statistics 375 million active members 70% Business brands 33% Growth rate each year USA Top country using Google+ 950000 new accounts/day Top Occupation Engineer 55%
  16. 16. CMCSOFT Google+ Components Circles allow targeted groups to sort and manage friends along with specific circles Hangouts are features for group video chatting with up to 10 people Huddles allows for text chatting with a friend or group of friends via mobile or desktop Photos are shared libraries from those in your circles and those you post on them Posts are features for posting status updates Sparks for offering videos and articles others might like
  17. 17. Google+ Users Google+ Communities Google+ Business Pages CMCSOFT Main values of Google+
  18. 18. • Sharing other people’s posts and comment with various features. • Personalized “circles” let you direct specific content to different types of customers • “Hangout” can be used as video chat with customers and colleagues, get face-to-face feedback. • The 1+ button helps increase your Google search ranking. CMCSOFT Values for Google+ Users
  19. 19. • Identifying consumers who have a specific shared interest. • Gaining more followers for the company’s Google+ page • Communities allow consumers to connect, sharing content with others. • Using communities to get feedback on new product ideas. • Seeing new or changing trends within the community. CMCSOFT Values for Google+ Communities
  20. 20. • Let potential audiences understanding about the company business • Keep audience informed as to recent business activities • Google+ page offers a link to company’s website, and the location of company • Enhance credibility with clients • Increase ranking in search engines CMCSOFT Values for Google+ Business Pages
  21. 21. Keeping up with communications between company and customers as well as prospects Most Google+ users work in technology Industry Improving reputation and presence Optimizing result from search engines CMCSOFT Benefits for CMC
  22. 22. Facebook is the world's largest social networking website that allows registered users to create profiles, upload photos and video, send messages and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues. CMCSOFT Facebook
  23. 23. CMCSOFT Facebook Statistics 1.55 billion active users 40 million small business pages 1.5 million on revenue every hour 70 languages 1 billion mobile apps link on Facebook 5 new profiles/second
  24. 24. Facebook Users Facebook Groups Facebook Pages CMCSOFT Main values of Facebook
  25. 25. • Making friends with other users by sending friend request • Connect then sharing contents, pictures, and videos to friends • Chatting or video call with friends via Facebook Messenger • Many users using Facebook as a C2C marketing channel or direct selling. • Keeping in touch with friends, colleagues and partners. CMCSOFT Facebook Users
  26. 26. • Public Groups: Individuals can join any interested groups to connect and sharing with other unknown users • Closed Groups: Groups that anyone can search and ask to join, but need permission from admin to be a member and have more professional quality than public groups. • Secret Groups: Created between friends to share some secret things and users only become members when being invited. • Groups also can turn into a marketplace for trading in some cases. CMCSOFT Values for Facebook Groups
  27. 27. • There are 6 types of pages that using for different purpose such as local business, company, product, public figure, entertainment and community, all of them are supported by Facebook. • Marketing on Facebook are cheap. • There are huge amount of customers (mainly for B2C company). • Communicate with customers easily. • Enhancing the credibility of product or service • Increase ranking in search engines CMCSOFT Values for Facebook Pages
  28. 28. Free registration, cheaper than other social media on Ads price Effectiveness for mobile advertising, such as Cost per Click type Easy to interact, can be formed as customer service Enhancing the credibility with customers Increase website ranking on search engine CMCSOFT Benefits for CMC
  29. 29. Twitter is a free social networking micro blogging service that allows registered members to broadcast short posts called “tweets”. CMCSOFT Twitter
  30. 30. CMCSOFT Twitter Statistics 320 million monthly active users 65.8% U.S company use Twitter for marketing purposes 1.4 billion on revenue in 2014 80% Twitter active users are on mobile 7000+ “Tweets” sent per second 2 new profiles/second
  31. 31. Twitter Users Twitter Pages CMCSOFT Main values of Twitter
  32. 32. • Following other users by +Follow feature • “Tweets” are micro-blogs that can be use to describe every things in your life. • You can “Tweets” to your followers or whom you followed • Users can “Retweets” any things they like on news feed. CMCSOFT Values for Twitter Users
  33. 33. • Huge amount of customers, especially at U.S and Europe • Communicating with followers very easy • Following other business pages, may be a potential client, or knowing other competitors in the industry • Enhance credibility with clients • Increase ranking in search engines CMCSOFT Values for Twitter Pages
  34. 34. Free registration and low cost for using Ads Very effective for branding strategy Understand competitors or create alliance with clients Can be formed as customer service Increase ranking on search engine CMCSOFT Benefits for CMC