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Karin Nilsson - 2C


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Presentation Karin Nilsson 'We are better together'

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Karin Nilsson - 2C

  1. 1. We are better together or “no matter who you are, most of the smartest people work for someone else” - Sun co-founder Bill Joy
  2. 2. Karin Nilsson Head of Department of Digital Resources The Royal Armoury Skokloster Castle The Hallwyl Museum Stockholm, Sweden
  3. 3. The Royal Armoury Founded in 1628, situated in the royal palace in Stockholm. Skokloster Castle A baroque castle in natural settings. The Hallwyl Museum A home untouched by time since the turn of the last century.
  4. 4. We are characterized by an openness to participation and co-creation We produce knowledge in collaboration Sharing is caring!
  5. 5. WHERE THE USERS ARE Web Libraries Europeana Linked Open Data Google Art Project
  6. 6. DIGITAL COLLECTIONS Open, accessible and usable
  7. 7. CO-CREATION WIKIMEDIA Write articles on Wikipedia Edit-a-thons QR-pedia Wiki Loves Public Art Photo safaris High resolution images on Wikimedia Commons
  8. 8. Edit-a-thon Sweden during the 17th century
  9. 9. Edit-a-thon Art&feminism CC by-sa Jens Mohr
  10. 10. QR-pedia in the Royal Armoury
  11. 11. Our cultural heritage belongs to all of us. Everyone has the right to use and re-use the knowledge about it.
  12. 12. When we work together we can offer better articles on Wikipedia, better context to our objects and reach the world…
  13. 13. We are better together!
  14. 14. Karin Nilsson @karin_nilsson Photographer: Erik Lernestål CC by-sa