Augmented reality marketing strategies: The how to guide for marketers (short)


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‘Augmented reality marketing strategies: the how to guide for marketers’ has been launched as a ‘how to guide’ is useful to all levels of marketers.

The first section covers the basics, such as what augmented reality is and how it can be used in marketing.

The second section looks into the commercial uses of AR and is a great place to discover world leading examples of the technology, statistics and other tips.

The third section takes a look into the future. In other words, how our lives may be shaped by AR.

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Augmented reality marketing strategies: The how to guide for marketers (short)

  1. 1. Augmented reality marketing strategies: the how to guide for marketers This is a shortened version of a full report which is available at: (0)161 236 8181 or visit
  2. 2. “ This technology is going to have a fundamental impact on our everyday lives. Management and ” digestion of information will change dramatically, in a very positive and far more immersive way Matt Trubow CEO, Hidden Creative+44 (0)161 236 8181 or visit
  3. 3. Augmented Reality (AR) OK, let’s get the definitions out of the way. The following is an adequate definition of augmented reality as intended for marketing purposes, simplified for the purposes of this guide. Augmented reality is a term for a live camera view of a physical real- world environment where computer generated content, such as digital objects, data or effects seem to interact or relate to real world elements.+44 (0)161 236 8181 or visit
  4. 4. Augmented reality is not just a novelty...+44 (0)161 236 8181 or visit
  5. 5. Augmented reality has a place in almost every business...+44 (0)161 236 8181 or visit
  6. 6. Augmented reality can demonstrate any product, no matter how BIG or small, in the palm of your hand...virtually+44 (0)161 236 8181 or visit
  7. 7. As a marketing and sales tool, the scope for augmented reality is endless...+44 (0)161 236 8181 or visit
  8. 8. ...Evidence shows by simply touching a product for a few seconds an attachment is created that often leads to buying, or even paying more for the item.+44 (0)161 236 8181 or visit
  9. 9. Use based on current adoption by major brands 8% 7% 3% 5% 16% 19% 2% 6% 16% 18% ers ale y s ure s res ls t gns ten Bu che nce nua d of S chu eis pai Con Ten You ere ear Ma &L am Bro nt onf sS s& line re uct Poi eC risn o se &C che Bef On d lin Ba Pro Tou Pit nts On Try tion Eve oca SL GP Source: Hidden Creative Research into the top 100 uses of augmented reality+44 (0)161 236 8181 or visit
  10. 10. What programmes or tools do I need? Standard computer / webcam Smart device, phone or tablet with camera Small download using web browser+44 (0)161 236 8181 or visit
  11. 11. Are there different types or levels of augmented reality? Natural Feature Tracking (NFT) Robust interaction features Portability and flexibility Business Intelligence+44 (0)161 236 8181 or visit
  12. 12. ‘Enterprise apps with AR elements are expected to account for the third-largest proportion of revenues by 2015’ Juniper Research, Mobile augmented reality+44 (0)161 236 8181 or visit
  13. 13. CASE STUDY Appeals to technical & non-technical audience Creates instant appreciation of sophisticated products Portable & immersive sales tool Clear communication of capabilities+44 (0)161 236 8181 or visit
  14. 14. So, with all this in mind what do you need to consider? • Forget about the technology... • Creativity counts... Let your agency worry about that... Focus Don’t restrict your options by basing the on strategy. Do you want to drive footfall, augmentation around a particular creative solution increase brand awareness, boost web traffic - state your campaign objectives and let your or accomplish something else? augmented reality expert guide you - they should know best, after all. • Consider the process... • Include evaluation metrics... What does your campaign require? Do What is your picture of success? Your AR resource you have 3D elements/reference material/ should provide you with the appropriate predefined brand guidelines... All this will be taken into mechanisms to measure your campaign performance. consideration when defining lead times.+44 (0)161 236 8181 or visit
  15. 15. What’s next for augmented reality? To find out what’s next for augmented reality why not read our full report: (0)161 236 8181 or visit